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tv   Check-in  Deutsche Welle  January 17, 2021 9:00pm-9:30pm CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin russian opposition leader alexina vali is arrested in moscow the kremlin critic was detained upon landing at a moscow airport hours after he departed berlin where he was recovering from a nerve agent attack that almost killed him russian authorities allege she's wanted over a suspended sentence also coming up united states braces for more violent protests in the aftermath of the capital riots earlier this month all 50 us states are on high alert in the run up to president elect joe biden's inauguration this week
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25000 national guard troops are tasked with protecting the capital. into the program russian opposition leader alexei novelli has been arrested upon his return to moscow a kremlin critic was taken into custody shortly after landing russian authorities say he's wanted over multiple violations of an old suspended sentence for fraud charges of only flew to moscow from berlin where he had spent almost 5 months recuperating from a nerve agent attack that almost killed him several european union states have called for restrictive measures on russia until it releases no volley. now the opposition figure spoke at the airport in moscow moments before his or. rest here's
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a bit of what he had to say. this is the most beautiful day in 5 months. germany is a great country and i'm very grateful to germany for all that it has done for me. but this is my home my flown here and i'm not afraid yeah absolutely i will go through passport control like any other citizen because i have a clear conscience yeah. a correspondent emily sherwin joins us now from moscow emily what more do we know about of all these arrests. we know that he was arrested just around passport control as he was about to go through passport control and actually his flight was redirected he was supposed to land at one moscow airport and his flight was redirected to another one apparently because of the snow but it did certainly seem like a way to avoid not by any kind of being arrested in the public eye in front of his
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many supporters who had gathered at the airport where i was earlier we saw emotional pictures of viney hugging his wife you wouldn't. know who was with him on the flight good bye as he was taken off by police and he's been arrested. because the prison service here says that he violated the conditions of his parole on a kind of old embezzlement case and they want to they've asked for the court to change his conditional sentence to real jail time and ahead of his court case about that all the embezzlement case he's now been arrested so that's the justification that we've heard from the authorities it does seem however that the kremlin wanted at all costs to avoid him kind of coming out to a crowd of supporters that i saw gathered outside that airport today chanting his
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name chanting russia will be free and so on that would have been an absolute nightmare i think for the kremlin and why is that what makes no volley such a concern for vladimir putin member kremlin. well he's always been one of the most vocal critics of letting me akutan of his policies here in russia and i think in a way his the poisoning that we saw. a few months ago in siberia and everything that happened afterwards you know that he was taken to germany that he was in a coma and then also the videos that he's been publishing investigating essentially his own poisoning that has raised his profile here in russia as well as internationally and one of the last videos that was published on you tube for example got over 22000000 views i'm sure that the kremlin is aware of that and it's
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certainly an inconvenience that has returned now especially ahead of the upcoming duma elections election i mean has been advocating kind of the strategic voting the smart voting as he calls it at those elections where he's calling on his supporters to vote on to vote for the candidate that's most likely to beat united russia putin's party here so that's certainly a bit of a danger certainly an inconvenience to have him back in russia to have him around and to have him making noise with his anti corruption investigations of which he's promised that there are some some more coming up a danger to the kremlin of course but there's also dangers to himself as we've seen so this despite that obvious risk why did the volley want to go back. well we heard him saying today at the airport before he was arrested that he never wanted to leave that he always wanted to be in russia essentially he said you know
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i have before this as well that he actually only ended up in germany because he was poisoned it wasn't by his own free will that he ended up there at all he has always said that russia is his country that he wants to be here i think perhaps he's he's worried that if he had stayed in germany that he could have become irrelevant to the opposition here if he hadn't been here on the ground perhaps organizing protests in the future and so on which he's always said is an important part of his activity he could have kind of slipped as many other opposition politicians did into kind of irrelevance here in russia for the audience here in russia and i think that's something that he wants to avoid at all costs really sure when in moscow with the story thanks very much. in the u.s. all 50 states are on high alert this week for armed violence against the inauguration of joe biden as president 25000 national guard troops are part of
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a huge security presence in washington d.c. and of wednesday swearing in one man has already been arrested at a security checkpoint near the u.s. capitol he was tearing a handgun and 500 rounds of ammunition the f.b.i. is warning domestic extremists may target washington and elsewhere. let's get more from the situation elsewhere in the united states and for that we have correspondent stuff and simons joining us from lansing that's the state capital of michigan stuff and welcome what are authorities there in lansing michigan preparing for. well they're actually preparing for the worst now they don't have the deluxe version like washington d.c. has a 25000 national guard troops and a really sturdy fence what you have here is a few 100 national guard troops a lot of state police of course. a construction site little bit of a flimsy fence there glock ing off the capital right behind me but no doubt.
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think that they need to be prepared for something in your career which is not going to be pleasant and remember that they have before here this building behind me was stormed by. mall of just a few months back in the height of the coronavirus crisis here in the spring and so this is of course what they don't want to have the problem is here michigan is a free carry state what does that mean is you can buy a gun you can get the gun you put it in your whole store wherever and you walk around you don't for a handgun not even need a license for anything beyond that yes you do but everybody gets one in about whatever a day and it costs $10.00 and run around with a gun guns a plenty in michigan as is the case in many parts of the united states why is the state of michigan so worried about threats of domestic terrorism. well good question the answer is that the f.b.i.
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just in october just in october a few months back arrested 13 people they are really they were uncovering a plots against those against the government and those 13 people arrested by the f.b.i. now are charged of course they planned to kidnap the governor and 2 with violence with guns overthrow the government so michigan has a history of being a state where a lot of militias are are around just you know they are they here they are all over the america of course but they're specifically in michigan that is a militia rich state so to speak and we have in the background here people who are carrying their their summary automatic rifles around. as if it was nothing like your lunch box and again if this if this escalates and this is what authorities want to of course not see then this goal really really bad really really fast because everybody's waiting on stuff and simon is there for us in lansing michigan
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thanks very much. the italian region of calabria has been hard hit by the corona virus its health system is under strain but not just because of the number of patients several hospitals are going on use due to mismanagement and mafia interference reporter max zander met doctors who are trying to reopen the closed clinics these are not your usual squatters the members of your mental i pad now are fighting for a basic need access to medical health care. the group formed by retired medical doctor 94 moto takes turns and occupying the wing of this closed down hospital in southern italy. it was absolutely unthinkable 10 years ago and after so many years that this hospital has been in operation after so many years of work and all these people who have worked here in this time that there would be a need to occupy. for a motto invites is to see 1st selves work is still ongoing at the vento constantino
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but was so few staff the hospital is no longer classified as such. this radiology unit used to do more than $20000.00 screenings per year now it's less than $300.00 . the victoria cross and tina was designed to serve a community of more than $80000.00 people but after decades of mismanagement and mafia meddling in the health care system it now finds itself unable to meet even basic requirements for treating patients and this in the middle of a global pandemic like the hospital and there are 17 others in the region that are out of service depend demi because it brought to light systemic mismanagement the infrastructure such as the oxygen ports at this hospital could be used to treat cope with 1000 patients but without doctors and sufficient funds they are useless. dr 4 model takes us into a separate wing built in the ninety's this part of the hospital was never properly put to use a well equipped hospital room for disabled patients now serves as
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a storage space leaving the 66 year old with a feeling of great bitterness. i have been a doctor in this facility for 40 years and to think that i can sister people that i can't give answers is absolutely frustrating. the health care situation the entire region of calabria is so dramatic that it was placed under the supervision of the national government 10 years ago causing even further cuts to the health budget battle. impact in the past hospitals were closed in order to pay off debts what we're working on now is to recover doctors nurses health personnel and above all facilities in emergencies me 80. mafia infiltration of the health care system is another issue a look at the hospital roof shows an elaborate solar panel an air conditioning
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system acquire through lucrative government contracts for a model says the mafia is behind it. that's what i thought i'd be able to lead an air conditioning system would be useful if it were accompanied by the fact that there are patients inpatients if there are no patients and the question arises why is this being done and why isn't the ultrasound machine for the cardiology ward. the people of the like many across the region suffer patients here currently need to travel more than an hour to get to a functioning emergency room which places a large burden especially on the elderly. the members of move you mental on top of that i want to continue their fight to the end until their hospital is reopened some of the watchful eye of come undone the ship at dock. and so they tell us in order to have your rights recognized you have to start a revolution. turning now to some dramatic footage from the world of sailing new
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york yacht clubs american magic team was about to secure its 1st points in the challenger series but got blown off course strong winds seen here caused american magic's boat called patriot to capsize during the race off auckland new zealand the crew was trying to turn the yacht but lost control and fortunately everyone on board escaped without injury can't say the same of course for the yacht which did sustain some damage. and a reminder of the top story we're following for you. russian opposition leader alexei no vallone has been arrested upon his return to moscow the kremlin critic today departed berlin where he was recovering from a nerve nerve agent attack he was taken into custody of paan arrival in a moscow airport allegedly for skipping it earlier suspended sentence. for
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watching t w news coming up next sports life where we follow a totally teenager hoping to become a professional footballer in germany stay tuned for that and i'll be back at the top of the hour till then stay have today with our web site you know if you dot com twitter and instagram to give you news in a way look for us thanks for watching. and i'm game did you know that 17000000 lend themselves to world war i so that we can include but it's not just the animals at all suffering it's the environment we went on a journey to find ways out of the question if you want to know how one cliff to the priest i'm conscious. change to meetings this listen to our podcast are in the green.
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and i'm as it were lost my name is in a los angeles town i came to germany when i was 7 i think i started playing soccer when i was 8 or 9 on the screen a. lot with the mother my motto is always to be the best i always choose my own challenges to take on and in the end i always manage to meet my god's. sims which was you know the truth. still must.
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excuse. me. so i got. a load yeah. you know you really. don't know what i've always been feel as if you know how i think snow and i can't believe it's all stock will shut up on you off of your hat. yeah but i want to talk about my that on this one which out of here that's on my face but i looked up.
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the. oh it was really the. first it. wasn't my time i got my number. because. these 2 suspects get to go. to. collect the reprogram. one get on the road somebody. would come watch and michael michael michael michael and. that. while. i was if you stick what's very important is that he wins all of his duels he's fast and great at headers i just hope he stays fit he's very important part of the team looks like because.
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i came to germany when i was 7 i think i started playing soccer when i was 8 or 9. you know. from then on i liked it and i noticed that i was always getting bigger and i was always the best i could really achieve something so that became my goal is the it's my seed. i. cannot control. you know and can i am of luck. but the problem is unknown to me get. me some video. this year b.c.'s above plug and that's it i'm. i'm. like i said it was.
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wrong. well there it is a lot more. money bennett rather clever. to play with climate. ok. so press which is in full conflict with the stuff in the. book i just hope that it will be like a leading player was with these are stated to you know is being. played to the problem is only when you use the ball that you please it's safe to team it with a position position where you please. but the position we mustn't make a lot of mistakes it was a mistake to make when his position in. chances were open and. the milan case here is a great spot. plaintiff and i as
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a small club we can only compete by using the physical strength we have tools and willingness to run today i had the impression that some of us will and if you've already made it. don't be surprised if you're not on the team sheet on sunday. the most was. that we can only take 15 players and only the 15 who also give their all in these exercises without the war by their bodies gave it. he's willing to live in and. i spoke to him on a personal because. he's good at the same situation as it is if you. recall and. it's a big opportunity for you. through food you can change your life you can change
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your life and remove many youngsters you know to go but they do know how to do it but years to see that he is doubly bitter the europeans. on. why do i play football well enough my father was a professional soccer player in africa. after he made to germany he continued playing football then he stopped playing because of work and so on. mobile which. is our business so i asked him why he didn't carry on playing like he was really good he also had a strong body like me he was strong even broader than that he told me why he quit
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football then i said i will become a footballer for you and here i am. but i've worked where i'm going to have a lot with him. ok well what about you one of the model is that you now bond with that low. i don't have it down to. playing and loamy was very different from what i see here in germany i love soccer i started playing at small clubs. when i was about it was age i had already played for a bigger club i even had the chance to play for the national team but without the warrior national dish without it could pass and i will see. the law. so. when i think. i'm going to think i thought i don't need medical when i'm what i want i think if
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you want to be done it enough yeah. for our. board set up a festival put them on top of was not easy for us even if you didn't think i came in 2005 because of the ongoing political tension in my country. then i might have arrangements with the embassy so that my family could join me. in 2012 my family arrived here that got the whole family because it was 6 or 77 years old says obvious that. i don't i do that it is when edele came he was already a stronger force he could run. with the ball. still had to learn how to handle that i used to play with him and he is a fast learner. that
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was yellow you was able to do this enough so you know. if. you have a good show you the way and it was you know. that's. the solution. is here with ok guys i've been thinking a lot about the previous friendlies. what's clear is that we've always conceded a goal. in the league our opponents will be even stronger than in the friendlies we've had in the past weeks. our opponents today are technically very good. which is good it will be difficult to keep a clean sheet but that's the most important thing today. this means that the
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defensive partnership has to work properly and i think you understand that this go i did us west end in it at all 80 leon fabby the untold and we are cut it to the goals we conceded especially in the last game against born. it was always the same thing you were not there but later on they go you were there does not sit well and we have to correct that ok this is very important. so it's something you know you have to work together when the letter arrives i know someone might do something different but you 2 are not allowed to separate you have to stick together. i forgot. to
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list. all the bios. was most unhealthy you know because i still have to do a lot more to improve i have to move fast out i've seen that many times already of this disease after this season my goal is to. try to manage to do and well off as a lot of things which i will charge of its mouth. and behave like a plan date well i've already thought about it but even if i don't make it i will still stick to soak up. rubbish was my 1st one i have no plan b. a complete live live live life.
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