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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 18, 2021 9:00am-9:30am CET

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this is t.w. news coming to you live from berlin a wave of condemnation of a russian opposition leader alexei now is arrested in moscow the kremlin critic was detained at a moscow airport just hours after he departed berlin were recovering from a nerve agent attack but almost killed him dozens of his supporters were also arrested. also coming up they've seen their colleagues have covered 19 now opinion health workers are going on strike calling on the government to do more to protect them on the job. and with just days to go until joe biden's inauguration as
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president of the u.s. remains on high alert over the threat of right playing violent. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us the u.s. the e.u. and canada have called for the immediate release of kremlin critic alexa he was arrested after landing in a ball airport on his return from berlin and while he had been in germany recovering from a nerve agent attack last august which he blames on the kremlin russian authorities said they detained me for violating the terms of a suspended prison sentence. with. a kiss goodbye to his take it was. arrested at passport control just minutes after expressing hope he might go free by
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use i'm not afraid. to go through border control cross the border and go home i know i'm right. against me are fake. just minutes earlier the plane had landed unexpectedly at moscow's sheremetyevo airport it had been diverted from a different moscow airport where it had previously been expected to land. dramatic scenes unfolded police arrested dozens of supporters who wanted to greet the kremlin critic personally authorities had to clear their presence illegal and blocked access to the terminal with police vehicles kremlin observers say the response shows the russian government is afraid of. without food beat the said it could have on the is dangerous otherwise they wouldn't want to imprison or kill him but he was fearless and now he's also famous even outside of russia that is exactly what the kremlin doesn't want. who are recognized by 70 or 80 percent of the
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population and who cannot be controlled. august 20th last year was admitted to hospital in siberia after he lost consciousness on a flight. asked president vladimir putin permission to send her husband to germany for treatment surprisingly the kremlin allowed it. was treated for several weeks at the charity hospital in berlin during this time german army scientists found evidence that the russian had been poisoned with a nerve agent novacek other western experts came to the same conclusion. russia meanwhile dismissed the allegations as a political ploy by the west and has so far refused to investigate the attack when asked about. his annual press conference that when you thought of her putin responded with mockery. of his relation to it that he could become one who needs him if we had wanted to we would have finished him off with a gun to shoot and was responding to allegations that
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a so-called killer squad from the domestic intelligence agency the f.s.b. had poisoned him but instead of addressing these allegations moscow has now put me behind bars. and we have team coverage on this story emily sure when is our correspondent in moscow and jeffrey to set our parliamentary studios here in berlin emily volley barely survived the poisoning last august why did he decide to go back to russia where the same could happen again. well you know terry i think all opposition activists here in russia know that it's risky to be a kremlin critic and that's what they regularly tell me people regularly tell me that they would be even willing to die for their cause and i think that you can probably say the same about. we saw in that statement that he made at the airport upon his arrival that says he's not afraid he has said in the past that
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leaving russia was actually not his choice he was brought there in a coma and that's why coming back isn't a choice either he never questioned that choice that's what he said repeatedly since he woke up from that coma he knows i think though also that if he didn't come back to russia he could run the risk of potentially slipping into kind of irrelevance going forward political irrelevance by not being here in russia in the country especially ahead of parliamentary elections here duma elections in the country which are scheduled to take place later this year where alex in the vine plans to lead the charge on this kind of strategic voting strategy which he's been advocating where he wants people to vote for the candidate most likely to beat putin's united russia party. these arrests has drawn massive international
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condemnation u.s. secretary of state mike has called it the latest in a series of russian attempts to silence me and use foreign affairs chief use of called on russian authorities to respect the rights and release immediately jerk watch the german government saying about the bodies arrested in russia. well german foreign minister hiker mosse has called for an avowal nis immediate release he said that in a volley return to russia of his own free will and he described russia these postal and political harm and said it was incomprehensible that he had been arrested upon his arrival back in russia mass also repeated the german government's position that alexei know he was the victim of a crime last september. described it as an attempted murder with
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nerve agent there of course had been fears over finale safety upon his arrival in russia and last week a government spokesman was asked whether it had whether the government had tried to discourage alexina valmy from going back at all and what stiff inside that the government spokesman said was that the government was glad that alexei novelli had recovered enough to a point where he felt ready to return home some countries there are calling for sanctions to be imposed on russia in relation to this case doing you know if germany is likely to join those calls for sanctions. i think it's probably a little bit too early to say that yet but what german germany has repeated is that it wants russia to invest the energy that it is currently using in prosecuting alexei navalny and use that energy and actually investigating what happened to him
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what we found out over the weekend is that transcripts of interviews carried out by earlene prosecutors with alexei in a valley were given to russian prosecutors and what the german government said was that now it has these transcripts and it also has forensic evidence like blood tissue and clothing samples that all of these together is more than enough all that it needs to to carry out a thorough investigation into what happened to alexina valmy the government saying that any investigation should be carried out inside russia. alexei nobody is clearly a thorn in vladimir putin's side how is russia likely to deal with them though. well i think that for the kremlin certainly going forward having alex enough i mean back in russia is as you say
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a thorn in their side certainly an inconvenience as i said ahead of the elections which are coming up we don't of course know what will happen to alex in pretrial detention now and the prison service has recommended that his conditional service his conditional sentence rather on an old embezzlement conviction should be turned into real jail time it could mean that could mean that could be put behind bars for quite a long time we don't know we do know that if there are sanctions if there are words condemning russia from the e.u. as we've been seeing that kind of in a sense is old news for the kremlin and they'll probably just continue doing what they want. and really. jared here in berlin thank you very much to you both. it's catch up on some of the stories making headlines around the globe today in
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south korea the billionaire defacto head of samsung j.y. lead has been jailed for 2 and a half years on corruption charges this comes after the high court in seoul overturned pleas original suspended sentence he was convicted of bribing an associate of the former president park geun hye in 2017. clashes have broken out between police and protesters in cities across tunisia as the northern african nation faces an economic crisis authorities say they arrested more than $200.00 people after protests became increasingly violent tunisia's economic problems have worsened due to the coronavirus leaving the country on the verge of bankruptcy. urgent orbit says it has successfully launched a number of small satellites into space the companies won't share one rocket deployed from a boeing 707 off the coast of california and reached orbit a short time later the company is aiming at a market for launching small satellites from the size of
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a toaster 2 rows because the room which. now is europe the u.k. and the u.s. race to back snape their populations against coven 19 africa has so far secured only one 5th of of the vaccination doses that continent needs the african union says it has secured 270000000 code 900 vaccine doses which will be made available this year this will supplement the 600000000 doses obtained by the world health organization's kovacs alliance for africa but some african nations aren't willing to wait guinea is now testing the russian vaccines 5 and has ordered 2000000 doses south africa's order 20000000 doses of the astra zeneca vaccine and kenya has ordered 24000000 which should start arriving by the end of next month well that's not soon enough for many health workers though who feel they've been exploited they've gone on strike to demand better pay medical coverage and adequate
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protective gear that the government is playing down their concerns and threatening to fire those who strike the w.'s mario reports now from nairobi. loves her job as clinical officer a big part of that though was to work closely with covert 19 patients then one day she got sick herself i said i was called then i went through a lot of problems after i was infected i didn't have a medical problem i didn't and a good source i was supposed to go on also you're right both of my sons were infected too it was very traumatizing she survived 9 of her colleagues did not and then another shock she had to pay the expensive hospital bill from our own pocket for over a month now she's been on strike with her nurses and medical lab offices more than 30000 tough to work because according to the unions their demands include protective health insurance and compensation for families in case of death. if any
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of us is to die for another 8 hours today. we have fun live is going. on as if that is not enough then they tell you if you do not go back to that uncivil working environment we are going to say. indeed how to work across kenya have lost their jobs for participating in strikes the government says illegal we put the health care workers demands to the cabinet secretary of health. we have more than enough people in this country since october this year we have got the most generous. insurance package that has ever been given to the civil someone's they do have some energy to meet issues they have raised with us for example delays in the payments and so on the reason for those delays says the health minister is the current economic situation. nobody is denying that he should be getting your
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money you should. it's not a judgment right but we also see that when there is this situation in the country let's also visit to get them you know and don't make it look like you're blackmailing the government but does weakest point i as door because doesn't feel protected by her employer she's awaiting the covert 19 vaccine kenya expects to receive the vaccine through the kovacs facility among other sources but experts say a 60 percent vaccination target is needed to achieve herd immunity on the african continent meanwhile wealthy nations have reserved more than half of the vaccines even though the home to only 14 percent of the world's population so they kind of some selfishness to say live a fuss resign it now for people i think the issue here is that global responsibility should sue countries of as many as you want for your country but what is your responsibility to ensuring there while he says i to be safe that's
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also doctors wish for herself and her colleagues how do you feel about their opinion of a half a can countries get the vaccination later yeah. we feel like we are not going to see that letter anywhere but a little never at least a year hopefully we are going to give them a new. kenya as 1st tranche of 24000000 vaccine doses is expected to arrive next month door because now hopes the vaccine will finally ensure her safety let's bring in dr jani here she's a global health expert and joins us from the u.k. dr jani you've been campaigning for a more equitable distribution of covert vaccines among rich and poor countries how do you think that can be achieved. ok so it's can be achieved if the talk about global solidarity goes to a practice to be practical. steps to ensure that everybody has vaccines
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saying is that there will it show the world health organization identified is a key people all the key groups that are at risk more at risk than houses so it's health workers for starters and people over 60 and people under 60 who have chronic conditions so the idea is that you folks in the east these groups 1st across the whole world so all helps one of because everywhere it doesn't matter where they live they should be really a priority for vaccination but what happened was this nationalism instead of solidarity so yeah as you said the rich countries have secured millions and millions of doses now use millions of doses or any millions of doses are not going to be produced yesterday or tomorrow so we have shortage even you know you could see that even in europe the vaccination is happening you know gradually and in america and the u.k. it's happening gradually because we have shortage but that is
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a solution so instead of guinea and africa fighting in the u.s. and they will pay and europe are having that line share it's like they fighting on a tiny piece of a tiny party basically right pizza and fighting over. their share of the toby or so that tells you so the idea is increasing the production oh and maximize capacity of production and that's what pharmaceutical companies come just on not doing this is the problem we don't have enough doors it's ok can you tell us how dangerous vaccine nationalism is in your view. well the thing is even from so fish point of view you can keep the vaccine the war the story you can keep divide us at the border so you can be safe in a country by vaccinating your people while everybody else is not vaccinated and
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also they call him he's not going to go back to normal because well who are you going to trade with you going to you know we are in global economies that is so interconnected that you can g 5 you are national economy when that is still the countries don't don't have that the same safety that you have so in public health grounds it doesn't work and as you could see now that would have invited us to meet ations so the more we leave the highest kind of running around in the midst of the well the morning mutations where we don't know that these vaccines that we have might not be effective in the future so it is dangerous from public health grounds on public comes down it's dangerous for a good moment ground and it's morally wrong. jani global health expert joining us there from the u.k. thank you so much thank you so you look some further developments in the
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current virus pandemic worldwide the u.k. is ready to launch the next phase of inspection the vaccination program offering shots to the over seventy's and those seen as plainly clee extremely vulnerable or the 3800000 people have already been vaccinated in the u.k. authorities in brazil have granted emergency approval to 2 coronavirus vaccines they are shot manufactured by chinese perm sue nowak and the facts seen from the british partners seneca and oxford more than 70 tennis players headed for the australian open are open have been quarantined for 2 weeks in melbourne after several positive tests from other passengers on board their flight to australia. you're watching b.w. news still to come we'll find out if byron munich managed to get back to their winning ways after 2 straight defeats they faced a tricky because they get encounter against a famous lead all of the 4 times. the
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1st u.s. president is preparing to issue more than $100.00 pardons and commutations on tuesday the list of clemencies reportedly included some white collar criminals and high profile convicts but will not include trump himself the latest wave of pardons on trump's last full day in office meanwhile all fifty's u.s. states are on high alert ahead of wednesday's inauguration of president elect joe biden which trail will not attend some 25000 national guard troops have been deployed in washington d.c. fears on wrist from right wing protesters proved unfounded at the weekend but after january 6th law enforcement agents won't be letting their guard down. ahmed vehicles protect the state capital in georgia national guard troops what allen to enforce across the u.s. after warnings that trump supporters would gather from all violent protests over
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the weekend but they had little on their hands. protesters failed to show in large numbers in utah only a handful of heavily armed demonstrators gathered outside the state house. in michigan to the mood was a far cry from the scenes america witnessed an 11 days ago when a riot a small but stolen and the u.s. capitol. and. more from our top story restored us here were. remarkable. for. thought my one protest said that right wing social media platforms had discouraged trump supporters from turning up. and a lot of people on their off especially on the right were saying you know not to go
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because they believe that there could be violent attacks left for me you know that after the capitol right it want to be seen as violent that's why a lot of them are out to. the real test of how far trump supposes that willing to go will come on wednesday when the eyes of the world will be on washington d.c. for the inauguration of joe biden. well joe biden has promised to undo many of president trump's policies from his very 1st day at the white house and has fired up any less americans who are hoping the incoming administration will be less tough on migration thousands of migrants from central america are already gathering in guatemala for a push towards the united states mexican border forces are on alert for their rights. that's what tomorrow's border guard stood little chance against this current of humanity. until they fired their tear gas.
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7 work even then resistance was futile as the crowds breached their lines i think i. love you we were informed just last night that elements of the 100 s. criminal gangs and organized crime had infiltrated the crowds. in a little this group of several 1200 migrants are determined to reach the us now in guatemala they've been walking for weeks escaping an economy battered by the pandemic gang violence and hurricane they're seeking a better life in the north i was. going after the american dream because in our country there's no jobs there's a lot of crime and you cannot make a living in our house was swept away by hurricanes.
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but. with a new u.s. administration being sworn in this week and joe biden promising a more humane approach to immigration these travelers are hopeful. first the whole find a job in the u.s. we think about our families and want to help those who helped us. as families we up there next move mexican authorities have begun deploying reinforcements to their border an agreement with the u.s. stops them letting my current through but like so many before them the people here see no alternative but to keep going. sports now after unexpectedly being kicked out of the german cup last week by munich have boosted their buttons league title ambitions with a tight win over fribourg after the close why bulls were all helped to draw as the
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reigning champions curative when to extend their lead at the top of the table. a cold and wet often noon in munich was the setting as the reigning champions hosted a fly back side on a hot streak coming off a stretch of 5 straight wins in which they've averaged 3 goals per game. but by and have the league's leading goalscorer and they got off the mark off the 7 minutes robert live in dusty setting a new record for the most goals scored in the 1st half of the season 21 to his name already. the hosts have the better chances but 5 equalized just after the hour mark as striken eels pietersen extended his record hole of going to sneak a goal scored as a substitute a stooping head to his 28 coming off the bench bought by an have the last laugh this goal didn't set any records but was remarkable old the same i see roy sunday
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using a rather unconventional technique to set up. he tucked away the winner in a 21 victory that ended fly boggs impressive run and gives byan a 4 point gap at the top of the disabled. in football trends for news germany's most controversial player is on the move arsenal's mezzo it is joining turkish club and shape. the german world cup winner is of turkish descent and has already arrived in this awful to wrap up the transfer he quit the german team in 28 team ozil has not played for arsenal since last march after being frozen out by the premier league club and despite picking up reported wages of almost 400000 euros a week. and just reminded the top story we're following for you here today i mean as the united states the e.u. and canada have called for the immediate release of kremlin critic elects in
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a bunny who was detained shortly after landing back in. all scopes get returned from germany where he had been treated after being poisoned with the nerve agent last year. this is the w. news from berlin business is up next with. the full.
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the make up your own mind. w. made for mines. it is china's slowest expansion of more than 4 decades but it is economic growth most of mr product increased by 2.3 percent last year that as all other major economies are expected to have contracted amid the coronavirus fandom also coming what's next after america 1st just.


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