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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  January 18, 2021 9:45am-10:01am CET

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peter boy can loose with his parents in mebane north carolina but only temporarily he says whenever time allows one can find peter at the town center off neighboring graham making a stand for donald trump. we meet 43 year old boykin for the 1st time when generally 50 washington on the day before what president donald trump had promised to become a quote wild protest peter was to get a feel for things today while you roams the grounds of capitol hill he's keeping busy live streaming to his followers. so. they focus better boy for hash tag go right for hash tag and i'm here at the
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capitol building it's january 5th tensions are rising there's people everywhere there's different things going on the straps of quarters are where the camera fails every where everybody's looking for a special moment. peter is founder of a group called gays for trump and of the initiative go right he describes himself as a gay republican and staunch supporter of his main interest today meeting and listening to longtime trump ally roger stone in november 2900 stone was sentenced to 40 months in prison after jury convicted him of making false statements witness tampering and obstructing justice however president trump commuted stones for the sentence in july 2020 and pardoned him in december stone he's back on the scene now doing the president's bit. evidence of election fraud is not only growing it is overwhelming and it is compelling we've done all for the war and we dare not fail if we stay true victory well be. thank you
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got us surrounded and protected by members of the so called oath keepers one of the largest radical anti-government groups in the us stone disappears quickly however his blatant lies about winning the election and the existence of any evidence of might spread election fraud linger with the crowd and with peter boykin i've seen social media do social trends and statistics i don't see eat 1000000 votes 80000000 votes it just doesn't make it it doesn't make you sense it passes it doesn't pass all the smell tests people beliefs stones every word that the election was stolen and now he decides to call a day he has big plans for tomorrow i got a rally tomorrow at columbus circle at 9 am his self declared mission making everybody understand that an ominous left will be taking over america of republicans and trump supporters don't take the fight seriously it's a war we're fighting they're fighting a battle and we're faced with an at home plate that we trample on. wednesday the
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6th of january it's a cold and early morning for peter after spending last night sleeping in his car he setting up for his rally. a seemingly endless stream of determined trump supporters from all over the country soon flowing out of washington's iconic union stations none of them seem to really notice we're struggling for their attention with the pre recorded speech layering from 2 speakers. white. or. for peter and for hundreds of thousands of other trump followers evil equals the left only loosely defined on purpose the left is a mark that can be expanded and slept. done to anybody who dislikes or disagrees
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with donald trump with his policies and actions peter and other so-called truckers are convinced the left has it out for them therefore they see their cold war against evil simply as a matter of self-defense the problem is you find every single day you find the left doing all sorts of crazy nasty stuff screwing children do whatever and they find the evidence and they're not in jail they're not getting in trouble they don't get in trouble what's what's scary right now is you've got the senators and you've got the congress and you've got the president. well you know what they're going to do they're going to systematically like they said they're going to find out us strong supporters in there come and find us and they're going to start locking us up they're going to get a list of us and they're going to find us and they're going to do it you should know your from your from your you know you're from germany you know how it was in germany they came down and they pulled people out of their houses and took them to icann so that's what we're worried about you know you are hearing the potential
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democratic let go yeah you know you talk about real nazis they're not thinking this secret police to biggest yeah they're fascists look what they do on facebook and big and big tech so the democrats have yes they're the real fascist because they don't well you know you can't no one can go up and talk to a democrat when the democrat then i can talk to i don't know the minute i try to talk to him they're going to me that they're going to yell at me. after about 3 hours of waiting for somebody to attend his rally for even just a few minutes frustrated peter decides to pick up. around the same time he gives up president donald trump addressed thousands of save american rally attendees to the white house. the radical left those exactly what did doing they're ruthless and it's time that somebody did something about it and we're going to the capital and we're going to try and give. the democrats
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a hopeless that never voted for anything. not even one vote but we're going to try and give our republicans the weak ones because the strong ones don't need any of our help we're trying going to try and give them the kind of dry and boldness that they need to take back our country so let's walk down pennsylvania avenue i want to thank you oh god bless you and god bless america thank you also being received thank you very much after trump speech thousands steward's they were told and march to once congress peter boykin is now also on his way to the capital president and with new energy i know that i'm going to have to fight harder you know i think i give up maybe you know i want to fight harder to do everything i can in manpower to try to get the trust of course the people i whatever move and go right from will probably continue to have rally feel for him or else the next 4 years will continue
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people think then you want a lot of huge following probably have a news network that will never actually write right present again. but as peter rice at the capital and just minutes after he gained spec his determination to unify hard core trump erst with republicans things escalate rapidly trumps safe america really turns into a right. we voted but slump and his elections a fraud and we all know it i want my country back i hate me i want my country back i made. i go eliminate i need a society that's what they take and if we the people are taken it over because we've been lied to this should be a good signs of american people and the supreme court and all them that we're not stupid here in america we're not stupid we know there was a lesson fraud. it
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was i. think. what many say was an insurrection incited by the president a coup attempt by radicalized supporters and the moment peter boy can watch us what ensues from a distance. right christine is it is ok 4th all the people who break down the rule. i don't know the constitution states that we feel like they're steering we take over what do we know since this this country left brit britain because we felt like we were getting treated. the ram have a revolution because we felt like we were again represented by you know her being away for the last 4 years these people don't believe they were set yet when we were
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out of power for 8 years by a person who probably was the real citizen. not come with the group to stop the hand of god. it is sunday generally temp peter meets us in graham a small town neighboring map and where he lives peter doesn't want to talk about his private life smothers a very sick mean internet troll so everywhere he says things at home are complicated and making ends meet driving for over is a challenge he's had 3 days to digest and think about what he experienced in washington for peter one thing is crystal clear. shot then nothing wrong nothing on what all wednesday he spoke to his people as people already going to march in the capital and they were going to watch the gavel because there was a protest already set up he didn't say destroy the capital into the capital anything like that and he found out he immediately immediately said. stop don't do
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that peter's point of view has nothing to do with what really happened president trump was silent for hours before reacting to the wren sucking off the capital p. just next observation the analysis is also a blatant lie peter blames anti franked of his for storming the capitol not trump supporters they were there. i saw all that regardless and c.n.n. all they were in disguise there was plenty of state and we always knew that they were going to be in disguise they had no problem getting his guys that's the problem with the left the left are no problem no different than the radical muslims who basically say they have no problem they have no problem hiding themselves and lying to get what they need to get done so they hid themselves they lie i saw plenty of weird extremists that don't don't fit that was yelling at us telling us the storm the capital and stuff i'd highly doubt that they were regular trump supporters peter's rationalized narrative of the events in washington is utter
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nonsense by reciting these trumped talking points he exposes himself as part of one of the biggest problems this country congolese faces and the worst the worst separation at this moment and there's no way that's wrong you know it's just a cloud over this whole election biden will never be a legitimate president and now it's our turn 4 years later so i may say and not my president. because by the votes both. the whole process of. the american flags peter carries and has attached to his car are flying upside down his message this country is in distress if perhaps not with anything else he says with that peter is actually right the united states of america seem to be and may remain in distress for some time to come.
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the funny. thing.
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is when shopping a symbol of the ocean floor in. the country southernmost may not be a. joyous for a johnny from tough. town or mom sitting. in church each in the customs. of. southern japan or the fine print. in 15 minutes w. o. m a skill that's why we're not hard and in the end it's i mean you're not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you back. are you familiar with this. the smugglers would lie and sets up the what's your story 'd.
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i'm one of them was a women especially in victims of violence in. part and send us your story we are trying always to understand this new culture. not to visit or nothing you want to become a citizen. in for migrants your platform for reliable information. the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. how has the rate of infection been developing. measures are being taken. what does the latest research say. information and context. the coronavirus up to the code of special monday to friday on.
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the state of the news coming to you live from berlin a wave of condemnation after a russian opposition leader alexina is arrested in volts go kremlin critic was detained at a moscow airport just our separate he departed for lent or been recovering from a nerve agent attack that almost killed him dozens of sporters were arrested as well also coming up they've seen their colleagues a bit 19 kenyan health workers are going on strike calling on the government to do more to protect them on the job. and.


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