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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  January 18, 2021 8:00pm-8:30pm CET

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made 4 minds. this is g.w. news live from berlin tonight rushes in the meat of the stink the kremlin's fiercest critics returns to moscow and is now behind bars a legacy of all he says that his treatment makes a mockery of justice in russia also coming up tonight tougher coronavirus restrictions are looking ever more likely for germany as concerns grow over new and more infectious streams of the virus and new video emerges approached from rioters
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inside the u.s. senate as the capitol building was being ransacked and it comes a day before the outgoing president prepares to unleash a wave of presidential pardon. i'm burnt off it's good to have you with us we begin tonight in russia where the kremlin is most vocal critic of all me has been jailed for 30 days at a hearing held at a makeshift court in a moscow police station and of all he was detained immediately on returning to russia yesterday he had been here in germany receiving treatment following a poison attack germany has joined many other countries in condemning the vault he's arrested a spokesman for german chancellor angela merkel calling it arbitrary. well for more now i'm joined by. raphael glick spun he is
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a member of the european parliament and a vice chairman of the parliament's human rights committee he is an alp spoken critic of the russian government mr goodman it's good to have you on the program what went through your mind when you learned about the like scene of all the being put behind bars well i mean it's that the grace of course i was expecting like he was expecting these are as i mean traditionally now and there are good scenes regime to open them be embassador all to kill them i mean. it's an absolute disgrace and. it has to be met by a very strong international reaction and especially your and reaction you mentioned there was problems by your and leaders there are very good then it's not we need action and good news making fun of all our principles oh wait too long what was that action going to look like mr goodman. what we are trying to call are following
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to your grandparents it's actually to implement web. and i mean sarah told us to do when he came to the european parliament right after committee he asked us to if we want to help the situation that nigeria decor and diplomatic adversary of the european union even want to have this regime we have to. touch the money and and to make a very kind of very strong scene on that we've got the rest europe women's like that's you cannot you throw your man right like that and at the same time send your ego and their holy days in could as you oh well there's blood in you you know if i could you know you're talking about putting sanctions on members of the russian government people that are close to surrounding vladimir putin i mean that has been done before and it still hasn't stopped president putin why would why do you think
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that it would work this time. because it was not done enough an issues issues drive. bureaucrats then it went well but with with who remember is that within the regime is another crappy end of kleptocracy and they're thieves they're robbed of their stores the money of the russian people and we need to strive their want it used to have the people would enjoy the benefits of the good things regime bending their money in our tongues in our pepto in our resorts and asked us if we want the regime to crumble beads then you need to make sure that people watch reporting it they or their strength and it's a bit of money people who are benefiting from it can not spend their money in our
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countries and then walk much better they don't censor again the russian people just what we have to understand that the situation has changed with mr no any it's not the usual d.c. does you know your weight had dissonance and generation consigner them but this time you are somebody will actually became very popular are you know we shouldn't do to let you know would soon and that's why 8 continues right then and i've ordered on a very brave path and when they're confronted with a strong one of them then they panic so we have to support him ok ravi able to swim with the european parliament mr grossman we appreciate your time and your insights tonight thank you thank you. all right let's get you up to speed now on some of the other stories coming from around the globe germany's foreign minister heiko moss was in the turkish capital ankara on monday he welcomed turkey's announcement that it will seek a diplomatic solution to its dispute with germany's fellow e.u. state greece tensions between greece and turkey almost boiled over into conflict
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last year in disagreements over gas exploration and maritime boundaries in the eastern mediterranean sea more than 20 sea food trucks have parked on roads of the u.k. parliament to protest problems in getting their produce to the european union many fishermen have been unable to export to the cost of the extra documentation required after breaks it the government has said post breaks it teething problems should be resolved shortly in south korea the billionaire defacto head of samsung j young lee has been jailed for 2 and a half years on corruption charges this comes after the high court in seoul overturned lee's original suspended sentence he was convicted of bribing an associate of the former president back in 27 seen. a south african variant of coke at 19 has been found to be more infectious than
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other strains of the virus that's according to one of the nation's top epidemiologists and scientists say the variant binds more readily and strongly to human cells but there is no evidence that it causes a more severe version of the disease variant is behind a recent surge in cases across south africa scientists are still trying to determine where their current vaccines are effective against the strain. we're german chancellor angela merkel she is due to meet with germany's state premiers on tuesday to discuss tightening coded 19 restrictions beyond january although infection rates have improved slightly they are not declining as quickly as hoped according to germany's robert clark institute december so a spike in coronavirus cases which peaked just before the holiday the numbers then went down going into the new year but around january 9th as you see they rose again
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they now appear to be on a downward trend but the country is not breathing a sigh of relief just yet there are concerns that new coke in 1000 baryons or more transmissible in germany southern state very get certified and 95 masks are now mandatory on public transportation germany hopes that a new round of even stricter measures will bring down the stubborn spread of infections for. another bleak and wintry we can believe in the streets a mostly empty and many who do need to go out where a mosque seems to be helping there's been a slight drop in coated 19 infections but it's not enough the government is preparing to tighten restrictions and berlin is saying that's a good thing. nobody's business i think being strict to make sense and i'm hoping this will finally bring it all to an end. but honestly it'd be great if people just realize that it's not getting any better and that they should stay at home. i really hope that we realize that we'll have to put up with these restrictions until
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at least the summer. the government he said to want to stop office workers from commuting and push them into working from home more that's partly because travelling on public transport poses a particularly high in fiction risk politicians and health authorities are also extremely warm read about the threat posed by covert 19 mutations which has led to a steep rise in infections in some countries so. highly infectious variants of the corona virus have been detected in germany one very into sprayed 3 great britain the other through south africa and at the moment we have further watering reports from brazil. right now the pandemic has a firm hold on germany even though the situation in hospitals and intensive care units is showing signs of easing. us president donald trump is preparing to issue more
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than 100 pardons on tuesday his last full day in office the list of clemencies include some white collar criminals and high profile convicts but reportedly will not include truong himself meanwhile video footage has emerged from the new yorker magazine showing rioters inside the senate chamber as the capitol was being ransacked last week. i want to go here is that. what airline had raised the jets and then an auction is going to sell us out all over the last couple of jets to go to the u.s. and there. are we know that some back on. the flight that. we. don't know.
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what add up all over. her. home. yet. as troubling video there showing that the trump supporters were not even aware of which senators they were supposed to be for and against let's talk about this and a lot more i'm joined now by cynthia miller idriss she's a professor at the school of public affairs and school of education at the american university in washington d.c. she researches extremism it's good to have you on the program we are learning a lot about what went hat what happened inside the capitol on january 6th but what have we learned though about the political beliefs of these people who stormed the capitol. well thank you for having me i mean what we see here is that there is
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a toxic mix of groups from across the far right spectrum who combined in the day in a sort of spontaneous and planned violence so we have white supremacist in your nazi groups we also have anti-government militia groups there why brave curan and supporters and pro trump voters as well as groups like the proud boys so what brought them together was a fervent belief in the dissin from ation around the election the idea that it was illegitimate that there is government tyranny and that they were called upon to rise up against it so they really do think they're being her roic here we know there have been allegations that some republican lawmakers cooperated with some of the protesters by taking them on guided tours of the capitol just a day before it was stormed i mean do you think that there are direct links between members of congress and the extreme right wing. so there are
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a lot of troubling allegations and information coming out that still has to be investigated and i think that what we don't yet know is how how much people knew about the groups that they were giving tours to how transparent the reasoning was did they think they were doing favors for for people who are within their district but didn't actually have an understanding or is there something more nefarious at work and i think that's where we just don't know the answers to this in the investigations are going to have to unravel in the coming weeks and require a tremendous amount of resources we know that the f.b.i. is investigating current and former members of the u.s. military and law enforcements you were allegedly among the the people who stormed the capitol we understand also the f.b.i. is vetting all 25000 members of the national guard who are now in washington d.c. does this tell us that there is a link between security the military and the extreme right. i
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think for a long time we've had anecdote after anecdote revealing that there are problems with then law enforcement within the military the intelligence community security services and veterans where we repeatedly see one when their arrests for violent action often in particular veterans are involved or that they're made that their anecdotes about law enforcement involvement in white supremacist or neo nazi groups what we don't have is evidence or data that tells us how big the scope of the problem is and in germany in fact where there had also been scandal after scandal there now have finally been national investigations and i think that this is something the invited administration cannot push off any longer is. a real mandate to ask department of defense and department justice to create reporting mechanisms that require public accountability for these situations ok cynthia miller interesting is tonight from american university in washington d.c.
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he's religious we appreciate your time your insights tonight thank you thank you for having me. you're watching the news live from berlin i'll be back at the top of the hour with more news followed by the day to see you then. the function of the coronavirus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing what does the latest research say. information and context the coronavirus update 19 special. on t w. w's crime fighters are back africa's most successful radio drama series continue. this season the stories focus on hate
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speech color of the engine and sustainable charcoal production all of the soda are available online and of course you can share and discuss on africa's facebook page and other social media platforms. hard fighters to now. the to. the race for a vaccine the rollout of mass inoculation programs the world's never seen so many funds flowing to the prevention of a disease. but while everyone's focused on back scenes what about a cure or treatment for those infected old those of us who could still catch the coronavirus especially as a 2nd or 3rd wave crests in many countries. it is near and we need
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a 3 month lockdown or not 3 weeks there's no way the treatment and we still have problems. many miles. tens of millions of people around the world are still fighting for them ives. hospitals only have a small loss in all of treatments against covered 19 and health authorities have their reservations about some of them the other catch is that all of the treatments have to be given early in the course of the disease otherwise they can be counterproductive. seriously ill covert 1000 patients can expect to get much more effective treatment nowadays doctors are no longer fighting an unknown cunning and dizzy as they were in the initial stages of the. they know much more about the coronavirus its effects on the medication which can help in an emergency oh i don't mind listen this is often go to the one we know the role depends on pro-active treatment of symptoms consistently reducing fever pain relief antibiotics if needed additional oxygen and if necessary prompt ventilation. and we
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also have 2 treatments strategies now which target the disease more accurately in digging the economy. it's and. doctors treating serious cases of covert 19 now rely primarily on those medications disappear is used to restrict viral record auction. but it needs to be administered in the early stages of treatment however a recent study by the world health organization calls a stir when it said rendel severe only has a minimal or even no influence on mortality or the length of hospital stays. with 900 specialists of how overs university hospital say they've had different results with us. have high quality studies which show rendez of fear has a measurable effect on the course of the disease often especially of administered promptly and the patient is not seriously ill that's the window of opportunity with badly ill patients like those in intensive care who've been symptomatic for longer
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than rem disappear probably won't work and the studies also clear about the. doctors have also discovered that administering cortisone to severely ilk over 1000 patients can be quite effective we now know the coronavirus provokes life threatening immune system reactions involving drastic inflammation of organs and blood vessels cortisone reduce the swelling and that can save lives especially. those patients who need ventilating. the complexity of the disease makes finding a targeted therapy a serious challenge in later stages patients are at risk of developing issues such as thrombosis in their lungs and organs some patients can suffer long term effects while great progress has been made on finding a vaccine for covert 19 the wait for a cure continues. if the rx is by a pharmaceutical company that develops treatments see the need a month joins us so scientists have found several vaccines all of record time but
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where does that leave people like you doctors researchers who are looking for treatments. yes for someone thanks for having me on the show much appreciated yet treatments are different animals are to speak and i think there are clearly important with respect to covert 1000 you know the lot of people don't not really aware that this this disease has many different facets and many different faces yes there is a healthy population that needs to be protected vaccines are at most important and then there's those that get sick and get well soon and then there's those that get very sick and they need treatment and they may have problems and even diane it as we know that's that's why we are all afraid about this disease and i think treatments are important there are companies like ours that have studied and worked in the field of fire all information and viral sepsis for many many years trying to prevent our immune response causing damage to tissues and organs and leading to
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more job failure and death and saw i think if this works and if we if we you can make an impact of course that's great news for the people that are greatly affected and there are really a severely critically ill but it also is our i think it is a great great thing to have for a new pandemics or for you taking viruses because your response patterns there are similar between viruses and if we were to be successful with a treatment that could be of great protection also in the long run just have affectively can drugs and therapies help sufferers cope with covered 90. we do believe they can i mean this the bar is selectively hot you need to show it in well controlled nickel studies so you can't just have good early results and say i'm going to run for an authorization approval you have to really statistically plan a trial treating not the sions and prove that you would rock and in our case try to
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prevent mortality prevent death or another case prevent the patients gets more severely sick get into baby get dependent on life or an organ support so we believe that there are drugs in the early stages of the disease that may prevent the virus causing the strong immune response and causing look through replication and then there are folks like ours when you have a strong immune response trying to model it that response and trying to prevent that union system causes damage to your organs so we have seen interesting early stage face to data that point to a potential mechanism we've published this in the lancet rheumatology and we believe we can help patients that's why we went to face 3 and we're eager to see data this year but is there the money the need the funds to you to to to produce these drugs and that funding gap seems to be quite big between what's going into
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vaccines and what's going to treatments like yours. yes and thank you for bringing that up and as you know if we found an initiative in germany called bin cost and i know a lot of my colleagues at the same topic we've seen phenomenal and great fast funding for axioms and in fact in europe and specifically in germany we have not seen tired of funding for the late stage projects that are would be equivalent to vaccines so while there were very early programs for preclinical research which won't see the patient in the in the years to come and now those 1st programs for early stage clinical research that is of course size wise a multiple or with $4050000000.00 all together for multiple tasks we need a funding that is equivalent and that is that is a real funding for late stage projects meaning that you can produce material for the market for the patients fast that you can prepare for the market and if you can run the expensive face to these studies this is largely completely lacking here and
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that's why we found it because we really want to make it create awareness that this may be a fabulous importance also in the mid term we may have. therapeutics available already during this year and we want to get them to the patients very briefly tell me more about your drug and if it will actually get to the market. well i'm not i'm a c.e.o. of a public company i'm not supposed to make our forward looking statements predicting the future i talk a little bit about our conviction about the mechanism that we are after and there we are the founders of this company and one of them we have 20 years in this title research so we do believe there's a chance that we can make it to the market otherwise we would have not started 3 street and you know it's a similar thing with vaccines there is always a risk that it doesn't work long term there's always a risk that's not what we've taken the risk and we've seen phenomenal responses 1st once you're with
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a german company by on tech together with pfizer then what they're not in the us so why not also invest in therapeutics i mean if we have progress there it will make a whole lot of difference for effective patients and potentially also for future pandemics that's why i'm really advocating to put more funds to help therapeutics new therapeutics start a player or ticks to also make it into the clinic in florida played about thank you very much thank you very much for having. time for your questions on the coronavirus over to our science correspondent derrick williams. should the drug ivermectin been used to treat patients this medication has been widely used in some parts of the world especially south america as a treatment for coated 19 despite the fact that evidence that it works is still not convincing the bolivian government actually authorized it as
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a therapy back in may after a very theoretical and controversial study in april indicated that ivermectin might help against sars cove to the compound which is made by microorganisms that break down organic matter in the soil is a powerful tool in our pharmacological tool box for getting rid of a wide range of nasty parasites among them headline and intestinal pen more in fact the researchers who discovered the class of substances that belongs to one of the nobel prize for their work a few years ago there are dozens of ongoing trials looking at whether or not ivermectin could also be used to treat covert 19 but so far none of them have provided the kind of clear cut evidence that national or international health
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authorities would require to recommend it published studies are at odds with some showing no benefits or or even the covert 1000 patients who took the anti parasitic drug got worse while others reported improvements or or positive results like lower mortality rates in patients that took it the thing is for basically all of the studies published so far x. spurts have complained about flaws in methodology so at the moment at least. i would continue to ignore any sensationalist online claims that ivermectin can cure or help cure a coded 19 and wait for more data from larger scale trials to come in and pretty much all the threads are still issuing warnings not to take the compound for anything except what it's meant for to treat an infestation with parasites and and also to stick to the prescribed doses for that if their advice changes i'll let you
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know here. just briefly officials are deploying dogs to sniff out code infections in some schools in italy the company the trains them says it was able to get their canine companions up to speed in a few weeks hundreds of students and teachers at this high school headed over mosques for testing adults managed to signal 5 out of 260 texts. thanks for watching. their. currency. 1720 imprisoned in pakistan's largest psychiatric hospital not only suffering from mental illness. and domestic violence disregarded by society in forgotten. you saw. next on
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w. turned he said thing that's like a budget that clearly because i want to be a gemini with the making the last few years have been quite. friendly and that we've. already done my homework when it comes to general b.s. and of course i always look right in the eyes for a chance perhaps i think about the new line i'm going down the road for it i'd love to be in the news there a prison there a comfort when you feel i'm not the getting there realize it comes with another way of living you ready to be the dad and then join me right. life. is a coming to an end. a gigantic coincidence. that previously the earth was just
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a messy chemistry lab of the mission. where the improbable but. also the creation of our solar system with our planet is a bit like winning the lottery to. disperse. starts feb 11th on t w.


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