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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  January 19, 2021 3:45am-4:15am CET

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the 1st sealing his 1st full day deal with a guy. would leave about. this. it was a crappy goal but i'm just glad it went in through i picked us up so it's all good when i come in on the. mill. which is back in frankfurt after things didn't work out at real madrid. shall come are also looking to recruit some former favorites after say our last a notch perhaps also to lauren and trophy. but again shall come frankfurt didn't take the lead andre silva did just that in the 28th minute. the hosts responded posthaste over matthew copies squeezing in the coal mines are. no way content with the drop. brought on the prodigal son yo which.
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served did not disappoint leaving just 10 minutes to make his mark and put frankfurt back in friends. whose. news and he needed only another 10 minutes to make it 31. first target after the final was so was davida alcohol playing his final game for the club. they were all somehow skill or for the match whether you fish. felt was a mismatch in terms of playing styles. there's hoffenheim headed by sebastian honus. like to play the slick game.
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and hopefully gets a glass of gold in the process. so part of the back. to the noise house the strategy is more one of tighter the back and hopefully grabbing something up front providing 3 wins out of the last 6 games. and that almost paid off on saturday too when rich who double and came achingly close to the winner but still a decent result for baylor felt even if not for hoffenheim that's the situation we are for and it will come if we work hard to if we stay cool plus finally a clean sheet for the 1st time this season. it's all smiles when you're on berlin despite the odd misfortune. mid-air tussle left geraldo better having to leave the field prematurely. there was always substitute striker century twice out. as the game progressed it was looking
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like a new school were drawn. only my choice was to come up with the goods. and set up the statement and it's not fair. but he made no mistake with just 2 minutes left to go. if anyone see the front seat right now it has to be for space shot. one of the things that makes football the beautiful game the power of the unexpected take on young who is soaring above all expectations in just the 2nd season ever in the bundesliga. but it's no accident that with the campaign almost forced fisher's team are battling for a ticket to europe for sure is away from. cedrick choice yet as to when it set up
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the stuff. of such tricks. the city. should. think 28 points off to 16 games. that's a nice chunk but it. does mean that i think we put in a lot of effort for that and somehow we've got to go out for. indeed they have bob there's another team from berlin who would love to be in that situation right now. the. character. under a lot of pressure at the moment as is his counterpart on saturday colognes mark. the last time cologne wanted home they did so to a capacity crowd that's how long it's been last february before the pandemic shut
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down stadiums installed was a hero back then for taking his side out of the drop zone. latvia was also hailed the savior when she became a coach a couple of months later. but now that i'm armed bells are ringing. i have invested heavily in boosting their squad but their current points total does not tally with ambitions of making the europa league qualification. with both passes feeling the heat off the pitch neither could afford to feed on it. and those nerves were also evident among the players as the game got underway well rather different. it was a match with more ugly moments but i'm pretty ones. parroted said look the more adventurous outfit and at least conscious of this one chance in the for. star striker for stopping on tap was signed 12 months ago but has yet to
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hit the heights expected of him to. come onstage on the defensive hoping to earn just their 3rd point at home this season or could they actually win this one. and our you know they finally managed an effort on goal but marcus both shot went well why. cologne have mustered just 13 goals in 15 games there'll be more than mostly bielefeld in childcare for against all our frighteningly poor dividends character had the luxury of replacing 20000000 euro man dodie the back yoke with his team 1000000 euro teammate matteo scrutineer . but it was defender omar ultimate and went close but it's not close enough. to the on tech and other case of chance still no joy and it just wasn't happening
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for him a tale can do z. either. the question of mind over matter. was. laid on parents have had the superiority in numbers to make it count try to track the hours but the assaults immediately fizzled out it just wasn't here to stay with fear perhaps preventing them from putting their opponents to the sword. with the i think away with a better team we had the better chances and didn't allow cologne a single clear opportunity to score so all the more frustrating that we did not win the match. just times for love of dia and for good stall to come on having scored in 5 games now. just as she owns the that's our strategy we don't have a team this year that's going to score an incredible amount of goals we feel it but we need to make sure we take advantage of the top games you can pick. points all
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get the will and all the chances are there and we will continue to trade our chances even if not in a bundle it has to be done for the. bizarrely there were only 4 wins the whole weekend and it was a lot of scoring one of the last for the gold sally just 20. ever there was a fair share of sumptuous strikes he's also free. up at $11.00 he makes the list purely for setting a new record. of a 6. pm 2nd spot look you know but he scored on his return to frankfurt. 6.
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election. cycle. such a good deal which. they make his. top spot was never in doubt talk about letting loose tonight. music. that was good to 16 matches. the way. a great opportunity combines rivals to keep up the pace only for my sig leverkusen and to him and to drop points. by is laid at the top grubby while when you look to consolidate at the top 5 finish. there were precious few points collected in the book somehow only. braman managed to grab
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a whip next up midweek action and massive games football was in danger. there is no time for social media lay on the floor to sleep it has just a 2 day break before clicking back into action. the stakes will be high and drop in travel to labor crews and which team will get back to winning ways. by lace up their boots again for what should be a fairly easy trip to hold support. puppet banish their new year's blues. confidence is high only on berlin they've shown they can take on anyone but will their dream run continue against lots if you're from the front we're going to lots of full of confidence and we want to win the game. what's in store for the relegation candidates alone and shall have a massive clash with reports could prove invaluable in the race for safety. from
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top of the table tussles to bruising basement brawls seeming to kick off for all of the action with match day 70. 2 goals. move. move.
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they're called the closest to us currency. 1700 women in a prison in pakistan's largest psychiatric hospital not all of them suffer from mental illness they are sick of domestic violence discarded by society and forgotten. close up. in 30 minutes on t.w. . go to india. there's
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a big bias mom bees in the indian region a few mossad pradesh. kumar is a beekeeper here using traditional methods she wants to protect the native species they are endangered and of course so very important for the farmers chemical ecosystem to keep. the finance ministers on g.w. . the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing. measures are being taken. what does the latest research say. information and context. the coronavirus up to the big struggle monday to friday on w o. it's about billions.
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to talk about our. audience about the foundation of the world order and the silk road led to china wants to expand its influence with his trade network and so on conflicts are inevitable the consequences are unpredictable and look in his book of the shaking the chinese state has a lot of money that is disposal to push it and that's how it's expanding the kind of asserting its status and position in the world the futuristic above the elite player china is promising its partners rich profits but in europe theirs are the morning you can never accept money from the new superpower it will be coming to an undertone in. china's gateway to europa and start feb 19th on don't.
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blame. blame. this is g.w. news the live from berlin with less than 2 days left until president elect joe biden's inauguration the u.s. remains on high alert defense officials say they are worried about an insider attack from the troops meant to be protecting the capital of an update from our correspondent in washington also coming up on the shot. kremlin critic alexina vonnie calls for russians to take to the streets after his child upon his return to moscow he calls his treatment a mockery of justice in several countries now watching news. anxious to hold moscow
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to account but it has told them to mind their own business. and tougher coronavirus restrictions looking creasing likely for germany as concerns grow over new variants of the virus why people need to be more transmissible. hello i'm claire richardson welcome to the show we did in the united states where the f.b.i. is vetting all 25000 service personnel involved in security for president elect and joe biden's inauguration later this week defense officials say they are worried about an insider attack or other potential threats with less than 2 days until biden takes office washington d.c. has become a fortress city of roadblocks and barricades security concerns have gripped the city since riots at the capitol on january 6th because in the. running to safety
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into the capitol building these personnel were caught up in a lockdown during a rehearsal for the upcoming integration. yes we keep going right inside the cole is a false alarm the fire at a nearby farm listening chapman was late to do not a threat but the reaction from authorities perfectly encapsulates the current anxiety in washington i've never seen anything like this and i've been in d.c. a long time and it's terrifying just to see you know the the capital of our country and you know we stand on values like freedom and democracy and you see these these walls in these are stark and more than 20000 national guard troops have been deployed across the city buildings have been barricaded main streets and bridges blocked all because pro trumpet stray mists of the old pose a serious danger. the way in which donald. trump supporters are being
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looked at and talked about i want force is exactly the way that we look at it and talk about al qaeda and isis we're talking about online shatter we're talking about the dark wet we're talking about efforts to commit violence against the united states and its institutions into assassinate members of the government and they are not going to hang up their guns in their ammo vests on january 20th with security high and coronavirus concerns limiting crowds joe biden swearing in will be unlike any previous immigration flags will replace supporters in front of the u.s. capitol and the outgoing president will not be present to symbolize the peaceful transfer of power let's cross to washington d.c. and our correspondent all over salat all over you at the u.s. capitol today tell us what the situation is like now less than 2 days before joe biden takes office. you know we filmed inside the militarized zone and that's
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really what it is no it does not feel like a city anymore but rather like some kind of a militarized zone and that perimeter in which the u.s. capitol is was under a complete lockdown today because of a fire there are some thousands some 25000 soldiers in fact patrolling inside and outside the capitol we witnessed an arrest yesterday but there's also some normalcy coming back to the capital there were rehearsal is under way a marching band practice and also the sound check exactly where joe biden is going to be sworn in in less than 48 hours or so and that certainly will be a ceremony unlike any other because he will be sworn in in front of hardly any guests here describing a city clearly on high alert and u.s. defense officials have said they are worried about an insider attack from the very troops meant to keep the inauguration safe what is law enforcement doing to make sure that service members assigned to provide security don't in fact themselves
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pose a threat the f.b.i. is currently vetting their 25000 national guardsmen for that very full those very reasons of course those are the ones that are able to get close to joe biden and they are heavily armed i spoke to one national guardsman today and he said of course yes there are both sides of the political aisle representatives within the national guard and there are certainly trying supporters some that are very frustrated of old joe biden selection victory many that don't believe that victory of course and again they are armed so it's a big challenge certainly but the f.b.i. also remains optimistic that they have the situation under control that's now been nearly 2 weeks since extremists stormed the u.s. capital what is the state of the investigation into that. so several hundreds have been arrested so far 2 in washington d.c. over the last days i witnessed one the other one have been earlier in the in the
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last week where an armed individual with 500 rounds of ammunition was cause she was trying to get inside the capitol perimeter with fake id credentials so really tensions are running high here what also became clear in the investigation is that lawmakers were involved in planning the attack on the capitol some 3 republican lawmakers were actively involved other active and former lawmakers were in the crowd and conservative insiders as well and that really shows that this was the storming of the cabin was not only inside the by president trauma are also 1 1 organized and orchestrated by some of his very own party members of his talent in washington d.c. thank you very much. and guatemalan security forces have broken up a new caravan of migrants from honduras as close to 8000 people attempted to make their way north they're trying to reach the united states on foot a dangerous journey of thousands of kilometers across central america and mexico
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a foreign minister has said allowing them to cross throughout amala and reach a potentially close border with mexico could create a humanitarian crisis he's asking honduras to help organize for their return. started as a deterrent soon turned into a real use of force on monday guatemalan security forces despairs thousands of 100 migrants there stranded in the department of cheeky but want to continue their journey towards the united states is the 3rd time in recent days that soldiers have clashed with the caravan of migrants which includes women and children guatemala's government accuses the caravan of being infiltrated by criminal gangs and says most of the migrants did not have the negative coronavirus tests required to enter the country now they're being sent back to honduras even though they insist there is no home for them to return to. europe. i don't want to go back i
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lost everything in that country. the clashes with guatemalan troops have started a new tensions between the 2 central american neighbors hundreds this human rights commissioner urged gratin myler to treat the migrants on their soil with respect. now all eyes are on mexico and how the government they are will react if the caravan manages to cross guatemala and reach its border. but. we should have a dialogue with the migrants. this. destroying. so that they can be looked after. and so they don't entertain any country by force . the migrants are not expected to give up their mission after all it is the incoming us administration that is fueling there who
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joe biden has juice to take office on wednesday promised during his campaign to reform the strict migration pull the seeds imposed by his predecessor donald trump . let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world italian prime minister. has won a confidence vote in italy's lower house of parliament she'll likely remain in power should he win another such a vote in the senate on tuesday. government was plunged into crisis last week after losing the support of a junior coalition partner. for more than 20 c. food trucks have parked on roads near the u.k. parliament to protest problems in getting their produce to the european union many fishermen have been unable to export to the e.u. because of the extra documentation required after breck's it the government has said opposed to bret's it teething problems should be resolved shortly. and deloris
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has been stripped of co-hosting the ice hockey world championship in may the move comes amid growing pressure following president alexander lukashenko is brutal crackdown against opposition protests just last week luka shango met with the international hockey federation chief rene fossil who had hoped that the tournaments when he unify rather than divide but now i say hockey is world governing body says quote it's currently impossible to ensure the welfare of the teams and spectators in belarus. and the kremlin's most vocal critic alexei navalny has been jailed for 30 days he was detained. immediately upon his return to russia on sunday after recovering from poisoning by a nerve agent last summer russian prosecutors say he violated the parole terms of a suspended sentence for embezzlement and all and his supporters say the charges are politically motivated now germany has joined many other countries in calling for his immediate release. was. let him go
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chanting of all my supporters outside the police station in him the facility holding a volley doubles as a makeshift courthouse in order to quickly process his case after learning he'd soon be jailed of all he took aim at vladimir putin and urged his backers to rise up. what is the most afraid of what are these thieves hiding in a bunker most afraid of you know what perfectly good people taking to the streets because this is the political factor they can't ignore it's the most important thing is the essence of politics don't be afraid to take the streets not for me but for yourselves and your future. you thought you would. never was arrested on sunday as he returned to russia from berlin authorities claim he was violating the terms of a suspended prison sentence. he had spent months recovering in germany from a near fatal poisoning he blames on the russian government germany and other western governments denounced his arrest. to mislead the german government condemns
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the arrest of mr laval me immediately after his voluntary return to his russian homeland. to charge mr. lay should have his probation after an arbitrary verdict that is against any principle of the rule of law. the kremlin has denied any involvement in of all these poisoning on monday the russian foreign minister dismissed criticism over his recent arrest she was through so you can feel the joy of their carbon copy comment joy because navarro knew returning a partly helps the western politicians to think they can know destruct their citizens from the deep crisis the liberal system has found themselves in this. several countries have called on the e.u. to consider imposing sanctions on moscow for throwing of all me in jail he will remain in prison pending a trial. and chancellor angela merkel is due to meet with the germany state
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premiers to discuss tightening lockdown restrictions beyond january although infection rates have improved slightly they're not declining as quickly as was hoped and that's paired with worries over new variants of covert 19 scientists believed to be more transmissible in germany hopes that imposing even stricter measures will bring down the spread of infections. and other bleak and wintry week in berlin the streets are mostly empty and many who do need to go out where a mosque seems to be helping there's been a slight drop in coated 19 infections but it's not enough the government is preparing to tighten restrictions and berlin is saying that's a good thing. i think being strict to make sense and i'm hoping this will finally bring it all to an end. it be great if people just realize that it's not getting any better and that they should stay at home. i really hope that we realize that
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we'll have to put up with these restrictions until at least the summer. the government who said to want to stop office workers from commuting and push them into working from home more that's partly because travelling on public transport poses a particularly high in fiction risk politicians and health authorities are also extremely worried about the threat posed by covert 19 mutations which has led to a steep rise in infections in some countries so. highly infectious variants of the corona virus have been detected in germany one very into spray 3 great britain the other through south africa and at the moment we have further warring reports from brazil. right now the pandemic has a firm hold on germany even though the situation in hospitals and intensive care units is showing signs of easing. that is your news update at this hour don't
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forget you can always get the latest around the clock on our web site that's a d w dot com or you can follow us on social media twitter and instagram at g.w. news i'm claire edgerton in berlin for me in the entire news team thanks so much for watching. the fight against the coronavirus tend to have a. hole has the rate of infection in developing what does the latest research say. information and context the coronavirus update. on t w.


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