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the lottery winners are going to. push for more unique starts feb 11th oh and b.t.w. . this is d w news live from berlin exit donald trump and her job by the u.s. prepares to usher in a fresh era with a new president in the white house biden pays tribute to the 400000 victims of covert 19 head of an al gratian ceremony that promises to be like no other. also coming up germany extends its lockdown until at least mid february there will be
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stricter rules on mask wearing as part of tougher controls to curb new variants of covert 19. it's being called the most lavish callus in the world the secret black sea getaway that could prove to be a pain for russian president vladimir putin. and 17 year old paul young vets scores the game winner against dortmund to lift leverkusen to 2nd place in the bundesliga just 4 points behind league leaders fine. i'm seeing so much going it's good to have you with us it is inauguration day in the united states a day that will see a ceremony muted by the pandemic and overshadowed by security fears the general public is barred from attending the swearing in making joe biden's inauguration a very different one now and his last hours in office stop. trump made
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a final farewell speech to the nation he wished the incoming administration luck but did not mention his successor by name trump did defend his america 1st legacy it's been the cornerstone of his turbulent 4 year term in office. it's been 4 turbulent he is but don't trump has said his final goodbyes to the presidency we embarked on a mission to make america great again for all americans as i could glued my term as the 45th president of the united states i stand before you truly proud of what we have achieved together we did what we came here to do and so much more i also want to thank for the rest a 4 percent approval rating be hard to find many that agree but trump assassin lee delivered on his pledge to shake up american politics. and opted.
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from leaves office a week after he was impeached for the 2nd time for his role in the us he's been charged with inciting an insurrection on the capital after his supporters stormed the building making him the only president in u.s. history to be impeached twice the top republican in congress mitch mcconnell turned his back on his longtime ally and on tuesday condemned trump's role in the capital c h. the mob was. they were provoked by the president and other powerful people. meanwhile security has been beefed up considerably in contrast to 2 weeks ago some national guard troops have even been removed from biden's inauguration after being vetted by the f.b.i. including 2 who posted extremist views. but all eyes now turn to incoming president
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joe biden who on arriving in washington d.c. on tuesday paid tribute to the u.s. as 400900 victims. to heal we must remember. it's hard sometimes to remember. but that's how we hear it's important to do that as a nation that's why we're here today. the pandemic and the threat of violence means biden will be inaugurated to little pomp and ceremony but certainly an overflowing in-tray. dollars following this story for us he joins us for more hi peter so we set it in our gratian day is going to be very different this time around tell us what we can expect. well for her not report there i mean this comes as washington is on very high alert some 25000 national guard tap in order to protect the capital limits
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threats of more violence from from supporters who continue to refuse to acknowledge trump or biden at the legitimately elected president asking her to not report also several members of the national guard to move because there are fears that there could also be you know efforts to stage an insider attack you know the famous mall in washington d.c. where you see the throngs of people with the knocker ations they completely closed off so most people will have to follow the inauguration virtually or in t.v. similar to the way that the national democratic convention. went last year so really just in every imaginable way in an operation unlike any other we've ever seen before if you're going to president elect biden he has a tall task ahead of them not a lot of time for ceremony what will his 1st day in office look like. well the bite
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is really coming to the white house facing multiple crises ass one once you know a pandemic an economic crisis and a political crisis because the nation is more divided than at any point really since the civil war you know also he will take office without a member of his cabinet confirmed because democrats don't take control of the senate until later today after the not graded and so you know biden will have to make a lot of these you know take swift action expected action ask president and he has already listed a number of things he wants to do you know on the demick he wants to push for a package passage of his nearly 2 trillion dollar relief package but he also wants to really just do a lot of the stuff that that president trump did such as you want to rejoin the world health organization he wants to rejoin the current climate agreement he wants to end the so-called muslim travel ban and a slew of other things a lot of think that biden can do but you know the big big meaningful things won't
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happen until the senate moves to confirm his cabinet and peter let's talk about the outgoing president donald trump tell us what he's been up to as he leaves the white house. yeah just a few hours ago trump flexed his presidential muscle maybe one last problem before leaving office dying's bathroom if you well he used his power to pardon more than 70 people some of them incredibly controversial such as warm a few straps then and who is charged with fraud in crime donors the most recently has been brought in connection with the generous a construction attempt. to stop short of preemptively part of himself and his family and on president in a highly controversial move he reportedly have been weighing what you know a final act of defiance or trump will not attend biden our gratian instead he will go to the joint base andrews where he's asked for a military style ceremony going to be a more solemn event and different more isolated not even the vice president himself
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will attend that event because he will be a fight and an operation. pito going to dial thank you very much and integration coming up later today you will be carrying live coverage of that make sure to join us for that. now to germany where the government has extended the country's current coronavirus lock down to mid february although the country has been reporting a drop in new infections german leaders hope further restrictions can slow the spread of more transmissible coronavirus variants that have emerged in other countries new rules will also come into effect including the wearing of higher quality masks and more people working from home. just as infection numbers was starting to decline in germany there ian strains of covert 19 believed to be more contagious could undo all the hard work they have been isolated cases of some strains and authorities want to get on top of the threat. it isn't so if those are
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the ones that the scientists tell us that it's not yet dominant. there's still some time to contain the danger. of course it would be wrong to conclude from that that we still have all the time in the world to act. so just over a month into germany's latest lockdown the chancellor in the 16th state premiers agreed to extend existing measures until mid february large parts of public life will remain closed like schools and daycare centers but also shops museums theaters and restaurants. they'll be a lot more of these to be seen medical masks will be compulsory on public transport and in shops the so-called f p 2 masks offer greater protection but common surgical masks will also be allowed. and there's to be much more working from home the
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government's imposing stricter rules to stop office workers from commuting as much reducing the infection risk on public transport. germany's leaders are once again appealing for patients if the shelves what we are asking of people is hard. but the priority must be protection that is what we have to take into account and that is what we have taken into account today. for now the public is mostly on side recent polling shows 40 percent happy with stricter measures while just over 20 percent would prefer things to stay as they are but around a 3rd want restrictions to be eased or to end completely before that happens there's likely to be some hard weeks ahead infection rates are still nearly 3 times the preferred level. but with patience persistence and sticking to the rules. the pandemic will start to loosen its grip on germany. let's get some
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perspective on the story now we have enter all none with us he's a physician and a member of the german parliament for the business friendly f.t.p. party mr allman good to have you back on the show 1st of all the chance i'm going back on set that these stricter lockdown measures because of the new virus variants there believed to be more transmissible are you as worried about these variants as the chancellor is actually more worried about that we are not actually screening for mutations of the virus in germany so far as much to my knowledge going on what you have in germany who's testing for mutations no things are changing. the minister sean. rule yesterday into effect. sequencing positive. probes of patients who have to will be sequenced to detect mutations however i think these measures are coming
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a little bit late and are not really targeted well enough i would actually prefer that all patients who are in hospitals or had received a vaccination or already had infection with coke to should be tested if the company you taste because that's clinically relevant and done just a widespread and targeted testing why do you think there is a lag on testing these new variants because we have for some days now been talking about how they are more trans transmissible and perhaps more dangerous. i think there was a lack of this could happen here in our country and there was nobody really considering testing for mutations except. now we realize that we patients are of a bigger concern and it's hardly better transmissible we do not know anything about the feelings of this virus and it's better now that we change gears anticipator
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because one concern like you have so far the information tells us that the vaccine still works against mutated virus especially british or so african nations but we do not really know what the scientific basis with mutations could escape the immune response after vaccination and then we're back to square one in this pandemic crisis well certainly vaccination would help in stemming the pandemic but the rollout has been very slow here why do you think that is. again there are 2 reasons that could explain it 1st of all we were just there collecting that mutations can happen and secondly the capacities of testing is always limited all the tory testing that we're doing in germany are out there on their edge of testing possibilities that they have and we just cannot invent more labs and more personal more staff that could do the test so we have to be more targeted in order. to
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identify those mutations which is very important to detect because otherwise we could read and it's crisis what about the balance between lock down and opening up the society again opening up the economy and you said it is too early for example to think about allowing people who've been vaccinated to have certain privileges to go out again and that the restrictions are easy for them wouldn't that maybe increase acceptance among people to go out and get the vaccine when it's available . well there are different views on my statement 1st of all we do not really know if the vaccine protects from infection it protects takes from disease which means if you're a vaccine you could still be infectious and you could still be infected by the virus we do not really know the answer as of yet and therefore giving back our basic rights and this is a privilege these are basic rights of freedom of course then we could discuss those issues right now i think it's too early and the other side i am very much in favor
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of a voluntary vaccination and not a mandatory vaccination and bringing in those. basic rights to preach reproves mission to receive freedom again would be directly a mandatory vaccination act which i'm not again not a favor of which we should be very careful about but nevertheless of course we have to discuss to receive that our freedom rise once people are backs in it and protect from infectious will be even infectious and roman from the business friendly f.d.p. party thanks so much for joining us. thanks for having me. with corona virus cases on the rise pakistan has just approved china's sino farm vaccine for emergency use the approval comes just days after authorities greenlighted the oxford astra zeneca x.e. pakistan is also hosting mass trials for another chinese made back scene the
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testing requires thousands of willing volunteers but they're tough to find in a country where anti-vaccination sentiment runs deep the distrust is due in part to a fake vaccination program that the united states organized in pakistan in 2011 as part of their hunt for al qaeda leader osama bin laden after that violence against health care workers increased. vaccination teams going door to door in pakistan they part of an immunization drive against polio but these health workers also need protection over the past decade more than 100 vaccinators have been killed in targeted attacks fueled by conspiracy theories and misinformation hostile anti facts as a republic health threat in pakistan in need of an antidote especially as the country prepares for mass immunizations against covert 19 phase 3 trials are underway here for chinese vaccine developer can see no boy logics but researchers
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are still in countering mistrust and fia with this kind of. misconception in fact anything you would do for the 1st time you wouldn't come across people who have this fear factor part of the problem is. fundamentalists people who are trying . superstitions and myths into this. vaccine might. it is. and then maybe that's the reason why i'm still struggling with that scene when it comes to the coronavirus pakistani authorities are also struggling to communicate the dangers and the urgent need to stamp it out in a recent poll more than a 3rd of pakistanis said they refuse any covert vaccine that became available. let's check in now and some other stories from around the world italian prime minister do sepic kaante has narrowly won a crucial confidence vote to stay in power that comes after former prime minister
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matteo renzi pulled his party out of the coalition government a country failed to secure an absolute majority meaning he now has a minority government that will struggle to implement its policies. and ali baba founder jack ma has made his 1st public appearance since october china's most high profile tech billionaire hadn't been seen since he publicly criticized chinese regulators stoking speculation that he was missing chinese state media reported that the business of businessmen met with 100 rural teachers via video meeting on wednesday. but we head to the black sea now into a sprawling seaside palace complex with its own app a theater a teahouse and a hello pad who wouldn't want to own it while russian president vladimir putin is denying that he already owns such a property kremlin critic alexina bali has released a 2 hour video of the complex he says the president partly finance with taxpayer money. they calling it's the new best i in the 2 hour video
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only explains how his anticorruption foundation had been able to film the property from above for the 1st time using a drug he says is nothing like it anywhere in the country. without exaggeration it is the most secretive unguarded facility in russia it isn't a country house or a residence it's an entire city or other kingdom it has impregnable funds as its own harbor guards or churches and checkpoints are no frys zone and even its own border point it is a separate state inside russia. details of the past were leaked by construction workers said to be shocked at its opulence among its many features this green mountain reported to house an underground ice hockey rink. this is an m.p. theatre. never only points out the exits of a tunnel used by putin to access the beach. he also emphasizes not just the size of the palace but also the vastness of the area its
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occupies which is 3 and a half times the size of the nearest city. the kremlin denies the allegations spokesman dmitri peskov saying i'm not familiar with this investigation however i can immediately say that this is an old record we explained many years ago that putin does not have any palace in glen chick in southern russia. very. benevolent insist that not only does this property belong to putin but that it was financed through corruption and the misuse of public funds at least calling it the biggest bribe in history to which the russian president must be held to account. our correspondent yury rich shadow is standing by for us in moscow hi yuri what about the timing of this why did alexa yvonne they decide to release this film now also in their own experience right at the beginning go through video why he's only
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coming out with this now he says he didn't want to be accused of taking a shot at the putin from abroad where he was safe the petition clearly wants to go on the offensive he wants to show that he is not afraid of anything he already showed that by coming back to russia of course he didn't know for sure he would be arrested the but if the deed seem likely he has been accused in the past to me by the kremlin of being an instrument of the west and secret service which has always denied by releasing this video while he is in a russian prison now he is presenting himself as a russian politician with no plans of leaving the country someone who is prepared to go through thick and thin with people here but we saw in the report that the kremlin says this is an old record tell us more about the reactions from authorities. well the official reaction is of course no surprise years of mention the press secretary off but in a putin a bit of his cough sat it's and of a blade record something that not only has been a saying over and over again that half of the duma the russian parliament gets just laughable audion insistent on these being used as
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a tool by the western secret services and the us to state department all that not only das usat is backed by foreign states and russia would be to prevent such foreign interference as what people's reactions here as in a volley investigation is the top video on russian you tube it has gotten nearly $20000000.00 views since it was published last night and it's a hot topic on social media of course as well enough ali people have even created a filter on instagram with which you can use or you can see yourself in a 3 d. model in the rooms of the palace and take a selfie so it's getting a lot of attention what impact do you think this is going to actually have for the kremlin. while that may sound very strange to western ears but the answer is nothing annoying packed probably a western politician would to resign immediately and any case it would be a political earthquake but not here soon not in russia we have to keep in mind that although it's the most spectacular video by not only or if not only so far it's not
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the 1st mine one this is a typical video one of only in 2017 he published a similar investigation about of the then prime minister the interview they give which prompted the protests here in the country but the didn't change anything everyone here already knew that putin was rich oil is rich and despite social media discussions from now state backed media media will of course not accuse putin but rather present novelli as someone who has betrayed his country and wants to weaken russia yuri rachet a reporting for us in moscow thank you. to sports now and in football byron leverkusen defeated bursey at dortmund in the big midweek but is that the showdown story inverts was the man of the hour he helped leverkusen notch in important 3 points and keep their shot at the league title alive after not winning since mid december. both leverkusen and dortmund wanted to
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get back to winning ways even midweek action. laver because in fired the 1st warning shot in just the 2nd minute. 17 year old thought he invests launched a rocket that was almost too hot for roman burkey and his defense to handle. 12 minutes later bailey sent a beautiful long pass to mossad d.m.p. who coolly slotted into the next nice job controlling the ball before taking his shots. dortmund equalized midway through the 2nd half thanks to you leon brunt a powerful effort from long range for his 1st goal of the season. that laver couzin had the last word late teenager vets hitting the target this time with a shot that was faster than burkey 21 the final score. recusing get their 1st win since mid december and remain very much in the title race.
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bloodsucker hoping to get back to their winning ways after their draw on saturday but they 1st have to get past the stubborn vetter braman nico of 8 he broke the deadlock around the one hour mark the club back to fender used his head to latch on to an incoming free kick for his 1st bundesliga goal of the season by taking away an important 3 points in their quest for a top 4 finish. now a new sumo wrestler is emerging on the scene at the tender age of 10 japan's guy is already a world champion for his age range some parents might question the wisdom of making their son put on so much weight but his father is determined to make him a star. is no ordinary 10 year old. he trains 6 days a week in his bid for sumo stardom here he is already the under 10 world
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champion with kids he's own age just too much of a pushover. he weighs 85 kilograms and consumes up to 4 fires and calories a day. bulky no means he has been able to take on and win against competitors who are 5 and 6 years older. it's fun to beat people older than me. his father moved the family to a district of tokyo famous for sumo the training there is expensive but he hopes it pays dividends. a lot of money time. but i think it's worth investing. then the other half will be i don't gamble. but instead i'm rightly betting everything on this is a bit of credit the. kid is otherwise
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a normal 10 year old boy who plays with his friends. and attend school like everyone else. that is in the ring where he really stands out is even started wrestling with adults. coming up a look at joe biden's economic agenda chris culliver on to any business in a minute statement.
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to iowa. or not to well. what about assuring. that change in thinking is changing the economy to create something new.
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economics magazine. in germany. in 60 minutes w. 2 children to come to terms. one giant problem and when you're a kid going on the pursuit of just your you. know the changing mood larry freak out leaving. how will climate change affect us and our children. e.w. dot com slash water. i'm scared that my work that hard and in the end this for me you're not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers we're alliance and. what's your story.
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on what numbers and women especially in victims of violence. take part and send us your story we are trying in all with to understand this new culture. another visitor another guest you want to become sitting. in for migrants your platform for reliable information. as joe biden prepares to take office seems planning on a huge stimulus package sure rescued the u.s. economy from the effects of the pen demick we'll see what he has in store also coming up angle americal says germany's lockdown will continue till the middle of february as worries mounts over new corona virus strains. i'm chris colfer welcome
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to the program and there is no doubt that expectations are high when joe biden takes the oath to become the.


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