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tv   Nahaufnahme  Deutsche Welle  January 20, 2021 12:03pm-12:31pm CET

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on the capitol after his supporters stormed the building that made him the only president in u.s. history to be impeached twice. there are the top republican in congress mitch mcconnell has now turned his back on his longtime ally and condemned trump's role in the capital siege the mob was. there were provoked by the president and other powerful people. security has been increased considerably in contrast to 2 weeks ago some national guard troops have even been removed from biden's inauguration after being vetted by the f.b.i. including 2 who posted extremist views. but all eyes now turn to incoming president joe biden who want to rioting in washington d.c. on tuesday paid tribute to the u.s. 400000 covert 1000 victims. to heal we must
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remember it's hard sometimes to remember. but that's how we hear. it's important. to do that as a nation that's why we're here today. the pandemic and the threat of violence means biden will be inoculated with little pomp and circumstance but certainly with an overflowing into. davies peter villa doll is following the story for us hi peter as we heard inauguration day is going to be very different this time around very little pomp and circumstance tell us what we can expect. right i mean this really will be an operation unlike any other we've ever witnessed it was long clear that the penn demick was going to abandon preparations for the event but then the attacks on january 6th happened and that really quiet any remaining hopes of having me remotely traditional celebration washington d.c.
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actually known as the people's city has been all but closed to the public the national mall where tens of thousands of americans usually gather to welcome to new president has turned into a no go zone and you know the u.s. capitol really at this point more closely resembling a fortress we saw and heard in that report there some 25000 national guards have been deployed to protect against a threat of more violence from trump supporters refused to recognize by nasa legitimately elected president and really thing that may actually be the most important difference this time around as fighting this war in some 3 in 4 republicans according to polls say that they don't think you want legitimately so a shocking number of americans who don't consider a democratically elected president their rightful leader and as he's taking office is taking you facing huge challenges tell us what his 1st day in office will look like. right so biden is not just you know facing the
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endemic he's also facing an in a can economic crisis he says and as i said there a political crisis inheriting a nation that's more bitterly divided that at any point since the civil war you know he will take office also without a single member of his cabinet confirmed but he has said that that will not stop him from pressing ahead he plans to take 17 executive actions just in the 1st hours of his presidency alone from imposing a mask mandate on federal property but also really just reversing a lot of the policies that trump implemented such as rejoining the world health organization rejoin the pair's claiming agreement ending the so-called muslim travel ban and a slew of other things so i think by may actually be happy to not have to waste more time on the pomp and circumstance than absolutely necessary and what about president trying to tell us what he's been up to as he leaves the white house. you know well just a few hours ago we saw trump there flexing his presidential muscle maybe for the
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last time he used his power to grant clemency to nearly 150 people including some very controversial ones such as his former chief strategist steve bannon who was charged with the fraud in trump's donors but also most recently has been a run in connection with the general 6 inch ranch insurrection attempt you know trump did stop short of preemptively pardon himself and his family a move that have been widely criticized it will be very controversial completely unprecedented. trump has also said that he will not join the inauguration the 1st time a sitting president when outgoing president has not to successor in this way in 150 years instead trying to have as only a own private ceremony that's going to be more like a military style sendoff but he will do that in complete isolation not even his own vice president will attend because he will be abides in operation did have these pivotal adele thank you. now did julius how
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delhi talked to the german green party leader and in a babcock and asked her about hopes for this new era for transatlantic relations and that in a bad book co-leader of the green party and germany you have spoken of a new relationship between the u.s. and europe and germany now with joe biden's presidency what are your concrete expectations from the biden presidency. well it's a really really big challenge because we've seen over the last 4 years the big big deep divide within the united states of america so this is the biggest challenge to overcome step by step this divide and also fight this pandemic in this difficult situation you have spoken of a strategic repositioning of nato also to try to strengthen again the transatlantic relationship what should the alliance look like in your eyes this is really the
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chance for a new chapter of transatlantic relations between europe and the u.s. and this means also on the european side not only waiting for proposals from the u.s. because obviously there's a lot to do with internal matters was in the u.s. was in the united states and especially on foreign policy and security issues already the obama administration called in the past for europe to engage and i think europe really has to face this challenge there are also a lot of expectations in terms of climate policy with a biden presidency or expectations maybe too high can he deliver well i cannot say this from the other side of the atlantic but it's very very important that he send the signals already before his new term of saying we return to the paris agreement we are ready to go really the part of climate neutrality and this is now the chance
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also for europe together with the united states. of america that we have for climate neutral a new coalition in the world. and a more personal question may be how did you experience the 4 years of the donald trump presidency. for the whole world but most importantly for the united states it was a really really hard time because like the attacks not only on institutions but on different parts of society especially the momentum when you separated families at the borders taking away children from their parents this is unbelievable and i think the big lesson lessons we all have to learn as democracy is that right during a populist and right during extremist they not only talk but when they are in power they really take to democracy and institutions from inside and this should not
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happen again. the green party co-leader and in a bear box there and we mentioned the inauguration is coming up today we will have live coverage of that right here on don't forget to tune in a little bit later in the day for now let's take a look at some other stories making news around the world italian prime minister do seppi conti has narrowly won a crucial confidence vote to stay in power it comes after former premier material renzi pulled his party out of the coalition government a country failed to secure an absolute majority meaning he now has a minority government that will struggle to implement its policies. ali baba founder jack ma has made his 1st public appearance since october china's most high profile tech billionaire hadn't been seen since he publicly criticized chinese regulators stoking speculation that he was missing chinese state media reported that the businessman met with 100 rural teachers via video meeting on wednesday.
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here in germany the government has extended the country's current coronavirus lock down to mid february although the country has been reporting a drop in new infections german leaders hope further restrictions can slow the spread of more transmissible coronavirus variants that of a march and other countries new rules will also come into effect including the wearing of higher quality masks and more people working from home. just as infection numbers were starting to decline in germany there in strains of covert 19 believed to be more contagious could undo all the hard work they've been isolated cases of some strains and all thora t's want to get on top of the threat. in the sense of those arguments that the scientists tell us that it's not yet dominant. there's still some time to contain the danger to them. of course it would be wrong to conclude from that that we still have all the time in the world to act. so just
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over a month into germany's latest lockdown the chancellor in the 16th state premiers agreed to extend existing measures until mid february large parts of public life will remain closed like schools and daycare centers but also shops museums theaters and restaurants. they'll be a lot more of these to be seen medical masks will be compulsory on public transport and in shops the so-called f f p 2 masks offer greater protection but common surgical masks will also be allowed. and there's to be much more working from home the government's imposing stricter rules to stop office workers from commuting as much reducing the infection risk on public transport. germany's late is i once again appealing for patience is the fault of what we are asking of people is hard. but the priority must be protection that is what we have to take into account and
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that is what we have taken into account today. for now the public is mostly on side recent polling shows 40 percent happy with stricter measures while just over 20 percent would prefer things to stay as they are but around a 3rd want restrictions to be eased or to end completely. before that happens there's likely to be some hard weeks ahead infection rates are still nearly 3 times the preferred level. but with patience persistence and sticking to the rules or thorough he's hope the pandemic will start to loosen its grip on germany. well the most controversial decision in yesterday's meeting with a chancer was that decision to keep schools close to here and we want to hear now from someone who has argued in favor of keeping schools open joins us he's the division had for education at the o.e.c.d.
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the organization for economic cooperation and development mr good to have you with us what do you think of the germans government's decision to keep schools shut is this a mistake so is it difficult balancing act and countries do very differently in a kind of similar inflection environment you know countries like france italy spain are deliberately you know keeping schools open as long as long as possible you know they have made many impose many restrictions on society like germany does strict curfew since on but i mean schools are open and. to prevent it it's their children who pay the largest price for this and i think in the long run ok well let's let's listen 1st of all to what the chance or herself has had to say on this question we have a clip from that meeting with angela merkel yesterday here this. there are serious indications that the mutation is spreading more among children and adolescents than the previous variant. and we have to take these indications seriously that's why
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schools will remain closed and mandatory attendance will also remain suspended his influence because it's so mr slack that we heard there that i'm going to thinks that these new virus variants really are a game changer and he said children are paying a big price here a schools are are closed do you share her concern that schools could themselves become a driver of the pandemic if these variants are far more transmissible. well you know this is always a difficult balancing act is clearly a risk but i do think you know why not neglecting the short term risks i think we have to be aware and conscious of the risks that you know we impose on children in the long run you know of course you know young people who have learned how to learn we have a very supportive environment at home access to great technology they can cope this this that and many other children not have those conditions i think they are
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seriously left behind was long term consequences sent let's remember school is not just a place for the transmission of knowledge to sort of very important place of social interaction the learning is not just transactional phenomena it's always has social relational phenomena and for many young children that is a very important part of their life and again you know it's clear that you know our circumstances school closures are warranted i will absolutely not says anything against that but i do think we just need to be aware that this decision should not be taken lightly and i think a country that you know keeps businesses open and you know shopping centers on them but close calls i think doesn't get its power it is right. are you concerned about the other staff in schools because it's not just the children obviously who are involved when it comes to a classroom their teachers their administrator school staff how do you deal with the risk that they face. yeah absolutely i think schools need to be run safely i
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think in all countries that is a big concern i think clearly you can go back to business as usual it means you know changing to kind of classroom environment means you can paint particularly attention to focusing on subjects learning is quite safe it means funeral smaller classes i think also seems have to be good in operation i also think it's about priorities you know clearly the youngest children primary schools need that social attention most in the older yes you know distance learning and digital learning can play a big part of their oldest future will be this hybrid learning well beyond pandemic absolutely i think schools need to be managed in a safe way i think when they will and i think that's very clear and if we just take a look at a number that talks about the impact here of closing schools around the world not just in germany back in december the u.n. said that 320000000 children one in 5 were locked out of their schools because of the pandemic mr just quickly if you can what do you think is the biggest long term
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impact of kids missing out on school well you know i was schools today our economy our society tomorrow you know we expect in a lifetime earnings are going to be deeply dented particularly again father socially most disadvantaged on the kind of equity got that is you know created to be very very serious he wants again you know learning today is going to be our kind of success tomorrow employing us you know we'll have a harder time finding skilled people and i think those consequences are quite serious and division head for education at the o.e.c.d. thank you so much for joining us here and it happy. we had to the black sea now into a sprawling palace complex with its own ampitheater tea house and how a pad who owns it well one critical exit of ali has released a 2 hour video investigation into the complex saying the palace was built for russian president vladimir putin using taxpayer money the kremlin has denied those
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allegations the video was posted by an of all these teen 2 days after who was jailed upon returning to russia. they calling it's the new best i see in the 2 hour video only explains how his anticorruption foundation had been able to film the property from above for the 1st time using a drone he says is nothing like it anywhere in the country. without exaggeration it is the most secretive unguarded facility in russia it isn't a country house or a residence it's an entire city or rather a kingdom it has impregnable fences its own harbor guards churches and checkpoints no fly zone and even its own border point it is a separate state inside russia. details of the past were leaked by construction workers said to be shocked at its opulence among its many features this greenmount is reported to house an underground ice hockey rink. this is an m.p. theatre. never only points out the exits of
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a tunnel used by putin to access the beach. it also emphasizes not just the size of the palace but also the vastness of the area its occupies which is 3 and a half times the size of the nearest city. the kremlin denies the allegations spokesman dmitri peskov saying i'm not familiar with this investigation however i can immediately say that this is an old record we explain many years ago that putin does not have any palace in glen chick in southern russia. has been a valley insists that not only does this property belong to putin group but that it was financed through corruption and the misuse of public funds at least calling it the biggest bribe in history to which the russian president must be held to account for both. our correspondent yury richelle is standing by for us in moscow hi yuri what about the timing of this why did alexina they decide to release this film now
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also in their own experience right at the beginning go through video why he's only coming out with this now he says he didn't want to be accused of taking a shot at the putin from abroad where he was safe the petition clearly wants to go on the offensive he wants to show that he is not afraid of anything he already showed that by coming back to russia of course he didn't know for sure he would be arrested the but if the deed seem likely he has been accused in the past to me by the kremlin of being an instrument of the west and secret service which has always denied by releasing this video while he is in a russian prison now he is presenting himself as a russian politician with no plans of leaving the country someone who is prepared to go through thick and thin with people here but we saw in the report that the kremlin says this is an old record and tell us more about the reactions from authorities. well the official reaction is of course in all surprise mentioned the press secretary off but in a putin image of his cough sads and of
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a blade records something that not only has been saying over and over again the hat of the duma the russian parliament gets just laughable audion insisted on these being used as a tool by the western secret services and the us to state department all that not only das usat is backed by foreign states and russia would be to prevent such foreign interference as what people's reactions here as in a volley investigation is the top video on russian youtube it has gotten nearly $20000000.00 views since it was published last night and it's a hot topic on social media of course as well enough ali people have even created a filter on instagram with which you can use or you can see yourself in a 3 d. model in the rooms of the palace and take a selfie so it's getting a lot of attention what impact do you think this is going to actually have for the kremlin. well it may sound very strange to western ears but the answer is nothing annoying packed probably
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a western politician would to resign immediately and any case it would be a political earthquake but not here soon not in russia we have to keep in mind that although it's the most spectacular video by not only or if not only so far it's not the 1st mine one this is a typical video one of only in 2017 he published a similar investigation about the then prime minister dmitry of the idea which prompted the protests here in the country but the didn't change anything everyone here already knew that putin was ritual is rich and despite social media discussions right now state backed made the media will of course not accuse putin but rather present novelli as someone who has betrayed his country and wants to weaken russia yuri rachet a reporting for us in moscow thank you. football now buyer leverkusen defeated darkman in the big midweek to sink a showdown sorry i'm firth's was the man of the hour he helped leverkusen notch an
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important 3 points and keep their shot at the league title alive after not winning since mid december. both laver couzin and door man wanted to get back to winning ways even midweek action. laver because in fired the 1st warning shot in just the 2nd minute. 17 year old thought he inverts launched a rocket that was almost too hot for roman burkey and his defense to handle. 12 minutes later bailey sent a beautiful long pass to most d.m.p. who coolly slotted it into the net nice job controlling the ball before taking his shots. dortmund equalized midway through the 2nd half thanks to you leon brunt. a powerful effort from long range for his 1st goal of the season. labor cozen had the last word late teenage of vets hitting the target this time
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with a shock that was faster than burkey 21 the final score. only refusing to get their 1st win since mid december and remain very much in the title race. we're hoping to get back to winning ways after their draw on saturday but they 1st have to get past a stubborn fairer brain that they call a venti broke the deadlock around the one hour mark the clock defender used his head to lock on to latch on to an incoming freekick for his 1st bonus a goal season gladbach take away an important 3 points in their quest for a top 4 finish. let's go quick reminder of our top story on g.w. with the u.s. is gearing up for knock aeration ceremony muted by the pandemic and overshadowed by security concerns aides to president elect joe biden saying he will sign off on a number of measures undoing trump policies immediately after taking office including an executive order to rejoin the powers climate accord and an action plan
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to tackle the cup the crisis coming up on d w our show made in germany looks at how some people are trying to turn the coronavirus crisis into an opportunity and don't forget you can always go to our web site he'd have you dot com for all the latest news and information around the clock for all of us here in berlin thank you for watching.
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to iowa. or not to well oh. what about assuring economists. that change in thinking
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is changing the economy to create something new. economic magazine in germany. next. take a look for ta. dress suit instead of rainy season in rwanda climate change is threatening harvest a startup is now increasingly yields it's out in forms farmers about the plants water needs. are energy and sure is chiefly rikki. klieman smoked. for go. in 60 minutes on d. w. .
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is quite as simple as it sings. to understand the world better we need to take a closer. experience not to borrow today. the case for innovation couldn't be clearer up the world become a very different place and the pandemic is forcing companies to change the way they do business history shows firms that invest in innovation through
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a crisis outperform the competition in a recovery if they survive that is it's a balancing act the challenge is seizing the.


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