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tv   Global 3000  Deutsche Welle  January 20, 2021 4:03pm-4:29pm CET

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i will always fight for you. i will be watching i will be listening and i will tell you that the future of this country has never been better i wish the new administration great luck and great success. i think they'll have great success they have the foundation to do something really spectacular and again we put it in a position like it's never been before despite the worst plague to hit. since i guess you'd say 1917 over 100 years ago and despite that. despite that things that we've done have been just incredible and i couldn't have done a done it without you so just. a goodbye we love you we will be back in some form. the
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parting at present a trump there addressing his supporters will head of his inauguration joe biden attended mass at st matthews cathedral in washington while on perhaps the most important day of his life joe biden and his family were joined by congressional leaders from both the democratic and republican parties a sign of the bipartisanship joe biden hopes to foster during his presidency. i can take you now to d c. salat is standing by all over outgoing president trump has left the white house give us a sense of the significance of this moment. it's a very significant moment the end of one of the most unusual and also divisive presidencies in the united states as you know leaves the country in a very dire condition and also a bit
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a very unusual feel well that we just heard him speak here they are at a joint base andrews near washington d.c. bragging about his successes claiming success for developing the vaccine for instance which of course is not true no word of all the 400000 killed is 9000 victims in the united states alone so a dire condition he of course sees it differently and he said also we will be back in some form and that will be the big question now what's going to happen next with regards to the donald trump and he has now left florida on his last day as president of the united states and all of this will be an inauguration like no other talk this through what we see today happening at the ceremony. well 1st of all the whole city and d'antoni areas on the lock down and that has also never happened before so there are some so if you were to concerned of course following the violent insurrection that was incited by donald trump so it's always worth to remember that this is how we got here this is how it all began 2 weeks ago
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on the day there were fears of an insider attack on joe biden so usually more than 1000000 visitors are cheering to their new president in the national mall that is all locked down this is as close as you can get as you can see roadblocks you are behind me and we are quite far away of the u.s. capitol so it will be a ceremony without the public it will be a speech where joe biden will try to unite the nation and that's exactly the kind of rhetoric and tone we will hear from him here today will still be a big celebration in spite of the circumstances in a very significant shift in american politics and of course when joe biden goes into office he faces a daunting task he'll have to get right down to work right away what will be his biggest priority and he has a very he has outlined and set a very ambitious agenda of course he will run start as you said right away issuing several executive orders for instance we entering the paris climate agreement out
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of which donald trump pulled out climate change being one of his top priorities cold with 19 addressing that is also a very important topic for him he will issue a master mandate for the 1st 100 days in office racial equality the economy that is reeling right now as a result of the cold 19th and so does joe biden inherits a several overlapping crises that will be very challenging very challenging star for him as u.s. president and he will also inherit a country to divide it as it hasn't been since the end of the civil war all right offer solid reporting from washington thank you. donald trump meanwhile has arguably been the most divisive president in living u.s. memory he leaves office as the only president to be impeached not once but twice and the up ended america's position in world politics breaking with longstanding alliances while building an unprecedented wave of support back home with his
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america 1st message so how will history remember mr trump we take a look at his legacy. i am officially running. for president of the united states was we are going to make our country great again the it was his campaign slogan and became his mantra but once in office did donald trump make america great again ask a trump supporter and they'll say yes and point above all to job creation and tax cuts as major achievements. ask an opponent and they'll disagree likely citing trump's handling of the corona virus pandemic as proof of his failure of the hospital for a thorough clear and unarguable search the birth of the world. after 4 years in the white house there's a range of issues that define trumps legacy and divide opinion some of them will
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continue to shape american society long after he's gone such as the new makeup of the u.s. supreme court his appointment of 3 new judges has ensured a conservative majority years to come. on the streets police brutality continues to enrage people and racial tensions are running high the recent study by the f.b.i. found that hate crime is at its highest level for more than a decade and critics say trump has done nothing to bring people together give me what is a progress and who i really can do out grow as a person right probably wouldn't stand back and stand by but i'll tell you what i'll tell you what somebody has got to do something about anti for and the left because this is not a right. trump also leaves the controversial legacy when it comes to the environment he's reversed more than $100.00 protective regulations and left the paris climate accord environmentalists say it's cause damage that will be difficult
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to reverse. as the sunsets honest time in the white house the united states is a deeply divided nation and donald trump stands accused of having undermined dialogue and democracy itself his distrust of science and journalism and his complicated relationship with the trees have not only polarized us society but been connected to the spread of conspiracy theories around the world. or look at look at all of the failed. and that may end up being donald trump's most profound and engineering legacy both in and outside of the united states. joining us now is jessica you know hacked she chairs the history department of free university good to have you with us growing up by these past 4 years of the trump administration what has been the lesson for germany. well the lesson for
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germany is certainly has been that this has been quite a nightmare in terms so for lation ships it in terms of from mutual ackman de sion or lack there are there are but the lesson has also been germany is a democracy that very much came about inspired and flanked by the united states for a long time the united states was a model for germany and its recess the cetacean as a democracy after world war 2 there has been great doubts in the last 4 years how stable democracy is and i think what we see in the elections of 2020. is dead great democracy is being extremely resilient to even its its own enemies from within and i think that's a lesson to take very seriously when the new president president elected joe biden was asked what message he had for leaders he said america is back from the vantage
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point of germany will it be smooth sailing will all be forgotten now. you know of course an odd i mean there are and there are so many problems on the trade bill that even joe biden won't be able to solve it but what will be changing is of course 8 and a different culture of communication and we are in dire need of that i see that downplayed a lot of the media right now people say well you know economically or in terms of. military engagement in the nato and finger pointing not much will change but a change in communication will already help us a lot to grow closer together again right and words and emotions are so incredibly important in international relations they really make the fuel of any relationship not just between humans but between nations as well now a bilateral relations as you were referenced to have been 10 u.s. under the a trump administrator how can the incoming president buy and reassure his german
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counterpart that whatever he does another president will not undo. i think there's a disappoint quite honestly was donald trump departing and announcing that he's going to create a new party the patriot party which i have no doubts he will try to do and perhaps even be able to pull off the i don't think biden can do that at all biden just has to work for the next 4 years on the one hand on bringing it on country in by incidentally also his own party which is deeply divided something that we see very little there often reported in the media here in germany bring those together and at the same time reassure germans that whatever happens in the united states liberal democracy will at the end be resilient enough to always pull itself out of any qualifier there has asked the united states has just been doing all right in our remaining at 20 seconds what's the public mood here in this country germany towards the incoming biden and ministration. i think most of us are exhilarated was
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joy this is a great day for liberal democracy and you've got a new senate and i think ultraman to do just that again i have to chair of the history department at berlin's free university thank you for joining us thank you very much want to take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world. iranian president hassan rouhani has called on the u.s. president elect joe biden to return to the 2015 nuclear agreement and lift sanctions on tehran iran he said his country promises to fulfill its commitments under the deal if the united states does as well ronnie was quoted saying that the ball is now in the court of the u.s. . rescuers in china are redoubling efforts to communicate with a group of miners trapped underground for 10 days and you hand written notes sent up from the stricken miners requested they be given another phone 22 miners are
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trapped in the gold mine when an explosion sealed off the entrance to the site. here in germany the government has extended the current coronavirus law down to mid february although the country. they'll be a lot more of these to be seen medical masks will be compulsory on public transport and in shops the so-called f f p 2 masks off a greater protection but common surgical masks will also be allowed. and there's to be much more working from home the government's imposing strictly. before that happens there's likely to be some hard weeks ahead infection rates are still nearly 3 times the preferred level. but with patience persistence and sticking to the rules all-stars he's hope the pandemic will start to loosen its grip on germany.
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and i'm joined now by a political response and. why did the government decide on these measures. well there are 2 factors at play here on the one hand that we do see that to me the positive trend of infections going fly for you down but they do plateau way too high as of tuesday we have recorded here in germany attack us on the 148 desktops to way too much and on the other hand the nano factor is that there are new mutations of the virus this is a new known into a corner virus pandemic a question that we don't know if those mutations of the virus will spread more widely if them or infectious and if they deadlier as well so the autonomy tease by reconnecting their love it down and by also enforcing new measures are try trying to rein in not only the the current of our responding as we know we thought those
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so mutations of the virus and out the same time it is a race against time to isolate those mutations before this praed and others so to try and reach immunization by continuing the vaccination rollout this beat a lot of criticism for it's not being fast enough here in germany but do keep in mind out so far one point treat me then people have been vaccinated that's 1.5 percent of the top so german population this is happening of other countries in the world haven't even started their vaccination of all that yet and now i understand that it took to channel certain state leaders hours to reach agreement on these new rules what were the main stumbling blocks. well it is always up to the regional leaders to implement the measures decided as meetings and time and again and go america has been pushing for tougher restrictions she's facing as she she
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bases her stance on the what scientists tell her about regional leaders are divided for example on school closures should that continue should be a bit lighter should the school be able to reopen partially or totally that was one bone of contention another bone of contention in that discussion is the problem of working from home this is an issue for some people to implemented as a rule it was only a we come in they should so far i need hasn't been followed us turly it had been last march so now it's going to be make made more difficult for companies to shy away from it and we're in our remaining of 15 seconds how much support is there for these tougher and longer a lockdown. well generally the german population do support the does support those measures 40 percent of them want to strict a restriction on 20 percent of the with the lock down as it was so generally
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speaking the support for the government's measures to lose in russia has thank you . let's take a look now at other developments in the coronavirus pendennis zimbabwe's foreign minister has died a day after testing positive for covert 19 is the 3rd government minister to succumb to the disease since the pandemic his involve way last march and authorities in beijing have imposed a log down on 5 neighborhoods after the city reported a handful of new cases reported 103 new cases countrywide and the number of cases linked to the australian open tennis tournament in australia has risen to 10 after 2 players and a support person tested positive for the virus a total of $72.00 players remain under strict quarantine and the world health organization says the more contagious you kill variant has now been detected in at
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least 60 countries 10 more than a week ago. well with a covert pen devon dominated headlines over the past year there hasn't been there has been rather much less reporting on war torn yemen images of malnourished children rarely make it to the top of the news but the suffering continues in the meanwhile 5000000 people in yemen are threatened with starvation and the u.n. says almost half of the population will go hungry this year every day from 7 in the morning until one in the afternoon isa and moosa collect plastic bottles on the streets of sanaa to bring to a recycling company. it's a tough job for 2 children aged $9.12 it earns them about one euro 50 a day which is just enough to bring home a small amount of food and they have to skip school having only our father is sick we have to look after him there's not enough money for
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a school back or notebooks. alone below most of. the crisis in yemen has hit children particularly hard the result of 5 years of civil war a naval blockade and economic decline and the situation could worsen dramatically this winter with more and more undernourished children being brought to the country's hospitals this clinic alone sees nearly 100 every day in many cases doctors are unable to help there are shortages of almost everything. right now we're not even getting paid we have no medicine for sick children and also nothing for them to eat even though they're undernourished i feel terribly sorry for some of the mothers they are unable to breastfeed because they themselves are malnourished. less than me and of and as. many children who can go to school go there hungry their teachers say some of them even have collapsed in class. many
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pupils are in a pitiful situation they often don't even have a piece of bread sometimes they leave home without breakfast the un's world food program has asked for one and a half 1000000000 euros in immediate aid to get the children through the winter. the current means at its disposal just isn't enough in 2020 the w f p received only 50 percent of what it had the previous year food ration had to be halved the situation in yemen is very serious we are very close to the stage of the clearing a famine in yemen because of the deteriorating food security situation for millions of people across the country hard times for isa and most are just 2 of the 5000000 children in yemen going hungry. harrowing images there from yemen well we're going to head out to the black sea and to a sprawling palace complex where this own and see theater a tea house and
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a healthy pad who are said welcome one critic alex involve the israelis say 2 hour long video investigation into the complex saying the palace was built for russian president vladimir putin using taxpayer money the kremlin has denied the allegations. are they calling it's the new vest i see in the 2 hour video only explains how his anticorruption foundation had been able to film the property from above for the 1st time using a drone he says is nothing like it anywhere in the country. without exaggeration it is the most secretive unguarded facility in russia it isn't a country house or a residence it's an entire city or rather a kingdom it has impregnable fences its own harbor guards churches and checkpoints no fries on and even its own border point it is a separate state inside russia. details of the past were leaked by construction workers said to be shocked at its opulence among its many features this green
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mountain's reported to house an underground ice hockey rink. this is an m.p. theatre. novelli points out the exits of a tunnel used by putin to access the beach. he also emphasizes not just the size of the palace but also the vastness of the area its occupies which is 3 and a half times the size of the nearest city. the kremlin rejects all the claims calling them nonsensical. these are ground us allegations they are nonsense and a compilation of complications and nothing else that's a pretty simple goal of such documents such pseudo investigations it's a scam we want all the people taken into account the big number of. been a valiant sis the not only does this property belong to putin which but that it was
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financed through corruption and the misuse of public funds at least calling it the biggest bribe in history to which the russian president must be held to account. for all you go to remind you of our top story ahead of his inauguration joe biden has attended mass. in washington. d.c. remains under tight security lockdown for the event. stick around we'll have a special live coverage of the inauguration. to
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own. or not to own. what about assuring economy instead. of a change in thinking is changing the economy to create something new.
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economics magazine made in germany. next d.w. . meal and i'm game did you notice that 17 trillion land on the moves are killed worldwide issue so that we can get into but it's not just the animals of all suffering it's the environment we went on a journey to find ways out of the meat machine if you want to know how one click to the priest and the whole just changed the thesis listen to our podcast on the green comes. to life on earth one of the kind and. gigantic
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coincidence. that santa previously the earth was just in a messy chemistry lab i thought mission. where the improbable but. also the creation of our solar system with our planet is a bit like winning the lottery there is a look into. what if earth. starts feb 11th on t.w. . the case for innovation couldn't be clearer the world become a very different place and the pandemic is forcing companies to change the way they do business history shows firms that invest in innovation through
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a crisis outperform the competition in a recovery if they survive that is it's a balancing act the challenge is see.


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