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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 23, 2021 8:00am-8:16am CET

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e.w. dot com slash water. this is day 8 of any news live from berlin and the u.k. sounds the alarm over the new coronavirus variant prime minister virus johnson says there's now evidence to suggest as well as more contagious mutation may also be deadly also coming up it's a year since the world's 1st coronavirus locked down a blue pen china we'll take a look back at how the city at the epicenter of the pandemic card with the costs. and it was goals galore is glad to put
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a dent in gloom and doom this latest title hopes in a really back into the proceedings. i'm rebecca riches welcome to the program well it's the news we were hoping not to hear british prime minister barak johnson says there's now evidence to suggest the new coronavirus variant 1st detected in the u.k. is not only contagious but more deadly as well the mutation has now spread to more than 60 countries and britain itself is struggling to bring infections under control. it's a relentless nightmare for health care workers across the u.k. the shifts are physically and emotionally grueling campus lives cannot be saved many more people have been hospitalized than chairing the 1st peak last april and
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a coronavirus ferry and known as b 117 is playing a significant role in the suffering scientists say it's almost certainly more infectious and now government health advisers believe it could be more deadly though they caution the assessments based on sparse data we've been informed today that in addition to spreading more quickly it also appears there is some evidence the new variant the very that was 1st identified in london in the scythe east may be associated with a higher degree of mortality the u.k. has one of the highest death rates from covert in the world almost 100000 people have lost their lives with ethnic minorities disproportionately affected those groups are also more likely to refuse vaccinations when offered them so authorities are trying to tackle mistrust bondeson from ation massive join the campaign to
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persuade skeptical muslims think that the key message is the vaccination this vaccination is effective and the vaccination is. missable under under all sort of routines of the religion. the u.k. has been making good progress with inoculation administering jabs to a larger percentage of its population than any other european country but the government says restrictions won't be ease until infections have dropped and it's sure the vaccination program is working. not only will restrictions not be as big of a man is looking at whether they need to be even further tightened correspondent being announced has the latest from london the prime minister says that already we are in quite a severe lockdown only essential travel is allowed schools are closed however we know from data that there is actually more mobility people are travelling more
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around who are then in the fast lock down so i think this debate as to whether they need to be more restrictions or whether the need to be tough and forstmann by the police for example more fines tougher fines whether this has to be the case i think these questions will continue to be asked also here there is a debate as to how britain can protect itself from other new variants for example from south africa where there is a debate that very and there might be less acceptable to the vaccine so this debate is taking place all all over europe and the u.k. position is also that here we have quite a successful vaccination program of over over 7 percent of the population have already been vaccinated so that the u.k. is also looking to the future and is hoping that this will be successful and i think people are already quite worried because not only is there now the possibility that this virus is more deadly but we know for sure that it's more
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easily transmissible if you would call round where i am and london the streets are pretty empty so people are taking this seriously and particularly vulnerable people i have a friend for example who used to be quite pragmatic about it but now she's shielding completely so so i think people are definitely worried about this this is the state of the affairs and especially when you also look at the hospitals that are at capacity or maybe even overwhelmed and in parts of london the south east so yes it's a severe situation in the u.k. at the moment. meanwhile europe's coronavirus vaccination rollout is facing a major setback drug maker astra zeneca has told the european commission it won't be able to deliver the agreed volumes of its coded 19 vaccine within the a great time frame astra zeneca which developed as vaccine with oxford university said it would have to cut initial deliveries to be used by 60 percent the company
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was expected to supply more than $80000000.00 doses by the end of notch it's blaming the reduction on production problems that a factory in belgium vaccine has yet to be approved for use in the european union. hong kong has ordered thousands of residents to undergo compulsory testing for covert 9 taking around 70 buildings are in the densely populated restricted area on kalman peninsula for plumbing and ventilation may be partly to blame a lockdown is in place affecting some 10000 residents and government says people must stay at home until everyone has been tested already is have a battling a fresh wave of infections since november. and it comes as china marks one year since it went into the world's 1st coronavirus lockdown with origins there imposed strict measures in the city of hand on the surrounding here by province where the virus is thought to have originated as the death toll there skyrocketed
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about 11000000 people went into complete lockdown for nearly 11 weeks and it worked a number of cases it dropped significantly and since then china has experienced some outbreaks where mass testing and localized lock downs have prevented further spread has more on how will hand cut. a city of more than 10000000 people locked down main thoroughfares shut traffic diverted except for bare essentials nothing and no one allowed out for. the market believed to be ground 0 for more of the virus spread was closed to customers testing samples taken then fenced off. to homes hospitals became swamped with patients people began seeing the images of sickness and mortality the death toll climbing from single to double to triple digits and higher people on the street teeter between optimism and fatalism. cut us i'm not too worried i take
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precautions when i go out anyway masks and so on must be worn out the other way you know you fiona's finds us there's just nothing we can do. as officials work to contain the virus they also worked to contain information about it this will harm dr lee well yang was reprimanded by police for sounding the alarm about a vern unknown disease he died weeks later from the virus but his whistleblowing forced more transparency about china's efforts to contain the outbreak will homes lockdown lasted $76.00 days. well that was a year ago and since then countries all over the world have gone through lock downs in various forms joining me now to talk about the effect of lock downs on us all is power she has a doctorate in education and is the c.e.o. of create positive and a learning platform with a focus on mental health of the powell thanks for joining me so you work with
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schools all around the world how has the pandemic affected education. effected education i would actually say in a positive way because the system was sort of broken and needed to be changed and now it's on the table and people get quite innovative and to move forward with that . well then talk to them about some of that technology how has working from home and zoom for months affected our wellbeing. i know that we sort of have assumed fatigue but on the other hand we see that soon actually it can help to create belonging and that's what we need at the moment listening to the news we find a lot of negativity and we have a tendency to look towards negativity but if we focus on cultivating our friendships and cultivating on what's good in our day and soon is one of the things where we actually can make contact with people we love that's a positive effect that it had for us ok so connecting with paypal saying connected
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via so but what are some of the other things we should all be or should be doing during the lockdown to protect our mental health. when i was just listening to the news they sound effect negative and they are negative and that brings us into a worrying state but we can also look into what's already good in my day and that might be simple things but we have now created tendencies and little victuals to help us carry through and having one of those is a good thing and the other thing mood and fenton has is actually contagious so if you focus on being friendly for example to the person that sits at the cashier you will get a smile back and that increases your happiness for months so being friendly and keeping the solidarity up will really help yourselves most if you do that well my next question was going to be about what we've learned during a pandemic maybe that's one example but what else have we learned that we could take with us when we hopefully soon return to some sort of normalcy. yeah so the
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new normal will be different let's face that and i think that's a positive thing i've seen tremendous amount of solidarity of people getting out of their way to get credits to cope with something that doesn't work for example going back to education teachers really took their bike and delivered worksheets to kids that they couldn't reach and so we have a sense of the of of pulling together and i'm sure we get out of this that we will see it as a strength that we can cultivate that we actually have been brazilian and we can use that red to bitchy to create a norm and a menorah a new normal sort of for all of us all right dr elke a policy of create positive thanks very much for helping us try and stay positive thank you so much let's take a look at some other stories making headlines today authorities in russia have crackdown on protests by supporters of jailed opposition figure alexina valley rallies have been planned in some 16 russian cities several of an invalid and his
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associates have been detained in recent days for calling for an authorised protest novelli was sentenced to 30 days jail upon his return to russia last sunday. but about it pictures showing threatening storm clouds rolling in overnight a province in more than spain lightning heavy rain and strong winds battered the catalonian region a market square in one town suffered extensive damage as the fast moving storm swept through no injuries have so far been reported. a rare portrait by renascence old master sun robot a chile is said to fetch as much as $100000000.00 at auction the work dated to $1480.00 is titled a young man holding a roundel the painting is the star attraction at an art auction in new york next week. when the when this leg at the battle of the brissie is dortmund arriving much in blood desperate for a wind to get their title babe back on track but the visit his defense was once
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again in a generous mood and glad took full advantage. there was a hug beforehand between end in tears each and the man many to to succeed him. both sides have been scoring for fun this season well neither defense has exactly been watertight the cool video got this latest call fest underway on 11 minutes and left him in splendid isolation from eunice hoffman's free kick 11 minutes later were level predictably through eleanor hall and he didn't attend after jade and such was delightful through bowl. more quick feet from sun she was 6 minutes later lets a hole in 2nd to one dog moment. but that lead lasted just 4 minutes again l.v. he was given the freedom of the penalty area to top home to 2 at the break. club but went back in front 4 minutes into the 2nd half 1000000 but showed why he's not noted for his defensive progress as rummy bends about any skip past him and
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curled home. 12 minutes from the end gladbach sound of the dortmund death now almost inevitably the goal came from the sec play marcus 2 was the man left a mark this time. for to the final score a result that leaves the visitors title hopes in tatters and shows dortmund's powers that be just what marco can do. defending a straining open champion know that joke of it was disappointed recently when his request for a more lenient lockdown ahead of the tournament was denied but the smile was back on his face again as he serenaded by fans gathered on the me his hotel balcony. members of an alleged. in community turned out to sing and downs to traditional music in a bid to inspired a hero to retain his title show conventions quarantining for 14 days ahead of the
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open which begins on favorite. and that's it for me and the news team stay change for our ups and culture program coming up after a short break time to get you can always a up to date on our web site that's the dummy's dot com you can follow us on twitter and instagram the date of these i'm rebecca riches thanks for joining us. why are people forced to hide in trucks. there are such. there are many cancers.
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and there are many.


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