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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 23, 2021 9:00am-9:15am CET

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this is day to day news live from the u.k. sounds the alarm of the new coronavirus variant prime minister boris johnson says there's now evidence to suggest as well as more contagious the new mutation may also be deadly. also on the program supporters of jailed kremlin critic alexina valmy take to the streets at rallies across russia that's despite police warning tell break up any protests as a 1st of instructions to developing return to russia last weekend. and it was goals galore as gladbach put a dent in dortmund's bundesliga time to hopes in
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a thrilling battle of the us yes. i'm a backer it is welcome to the program it's the news we were hoping not to hear british prime minister barak johnson says there's now evidence to suggest the new coronavirus variant 1st detected in the u.k. is not only more contagious but more deadly as well i mean tension has now spread to more than 60 countries and britain itself is struggling to bring infections under control. it's a relentless nightmare for health care workers across the u.k. the ships are physically and emotionally grueling campus lives cannot be saved many more people have been hospitalized bunching the 1st peak last april and the coronavirus ferry and known as b 117 is playing
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a significant role in the suffering scientists say it's almost certainly more infectious and now government health advisers believe it could be more deadly though they caution the assessments based on sparse data we've been informed today that in addition to spreading more quickly it also appears there is some evidence that the new variant the very that was 1st identified in london in the scythe east may be associated with a higher degree of mortality the u.k. has one of the highest death rates from covert in the world almost 100000 people have lost their lives with ethnic minorities disproportionately affected those groups are also more likely to refuse vaccinations when offered them so authorities are trying to tackle mistrust bondeson from ation must have joined the campaign to
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persuade skeptical muslims that the key message is that the vaccination is a vaccination is effective and the vaccination is hollow in the miscible and under all sort of routines of the religion in the u.k. he's been making good progress with inoculation administering jobs to a larger percentage of its population than any other european country but the government says restrictions won't be eased until infections have dropped and it's sure the vaccination program is working. our correspondent being that monster is standing by for us in london big if these new findings likely to change the u.k.'s response to the pandemic this is the question being asked rebecca but for the moment the answer from the prime minister is no because the u.k. is already in the pretty strict lockdown i live in central london the streets here are really mostly empty because people are not coming into offices to work they are
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staying at home they're working from home if they can the schools are closed sencha workers can send their children to school so they say it is already pretty strict however also we know from from data that the mobility is still a little bit higher than it used to be in the fast locked and so so questions keep being also exactly who is more mobile and is that really is that really necessary and for example finds. should there be more fines almost straight to enforcement of the lockdown rules what about travel restrictions could this these findings lead to tougher border restrictions both in both directions. definitely that's. very much being had of the moment not only in the u.k. but also in the us some countries have already banned flights and ferries from the u.k. like to another lens for example so this is countries trying to protect themselves
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against new variants or this new variant is now dominant in the u.k. and other european countries are hoping that they can keep it at bay because it is transmissible and now it seems also possibly more deadly the u.k. itself they'll also once a protect itself because the inoculation program is pretty successful here so far over 7 percent of the population have already received. experts medical experts are hoping that this would have an effect and the u.k. does also debate whether there should be border closures in order to protect the u.k. from other variants across the world indeed will be a you would be right to be concerned because europe's coronavirus vaccination rollout is facing a bit of a setback with drug maker astra zeneca telling the commission it won't be able to deliver the agreed volumes of its coded 19 vaccine within the agreed time frame
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astra zeneca which developed its vaccine would university said it would have to cut initial deliveries to the e.u. by 60 percent the company was expected to supply our around $80000000.00 doses by the end of march it's blaming the reduction on production problems at a factory in belgium. big hasn't even approved the vaccine yet and the company says the delay will be temporary how much of a setback is this. well across the u.k. and also across across the e.u. there is an absolute race against time because we know that obviously vaccination the the the availability of all these vaccine is is for the moment is the problem really across the world say so countries are basically scrambling for $44.00 vaccines we know that in the u.k. there is a target to until mid february to not kill aged at least was one dose the
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most vulnerable groups of the population but also government ministers admit it's pretty tight and this is. a situation that's replicated across the e.u. really when i'm being asked being has from london thanks very much. on kong has ordered thousands of residents to undergo compulsory testing for covert 19 around 70 buildings or in the densely populated restricted area on county and peninsula poor plumbing and ventilation may be partly to blame a lock downs in place affecting some 10000 residents in the government says people have to stay at home until everyone has been tested on floridians have been battling a fresh wave of infections since november. u.s. president joe biden is warning that the economic crisis in the united states is deepening he says device decisive and bold action is needed to help struggling families biden made the comments as he signed an economic relief program at the
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white house is now looking for support for his 2 trillion dollar plan from both liberal and conservative economic economists by and maintains the package will strengthen an economy battered by the pandemic. we're going to finish the job of getting a total of $2000.00 in direct payments to folks $600.00 which has already passed is simply not enough if you still have to choose between paying your rent putting food on the table will extend unemployment insurance benefits for millions of workers beyond the deadline that's now set it means that 16000000 americans who are currently reliant on employment benefits while they look for work can count on these checks continuing to be there in the middle of this crisis. i washington correspondent karen is following biden's 1st days in office early and she told us a little more about his plans to help boost the economy he signed this 2 executive orders and he also sent a bill to congress requesting a $1.00
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a last 2 trillion dollars economic rescue plan and this includes increasing the amount of food stamps for example for americans that cannot put any food on their table to give you a bit of context the current statistics show that one in 7 families don't have enough food in this country and this is the case specially among the black community are also the latino community and this also includes a financial relief of $2000.00 for each american citizen we already heard president biden saying that but we should say that a financial relief of $600.00 per person has already been passed by congress last year so this would be the 'd remaining amount to complete those 2000 this is specially meant for the families that can't pay their rents anymore or the americans who have lost their job due to the pandemic these are the executive orders bad we don't know if the bill is going to pass the congress returning to russia now an old fart who's there crackdown on protests by supporters of jailed
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opposition figure next in a valley rallies have been planned in dozens of cities across the country despite police warnings several of the valley's associates have things and timed in recent days for calling for an all for us protest the rally was sentenced to 30 days in jail upon his return to russia from germany on sunday. while police may be able to comb the demonstrations on the streets it's a different ballgame for them online social media is one of the volleys most powerful tools in his fight against the kremlin but will that on one support translate into real change for the movement. to record this rap songs text says to be against the leader does not mean you're against your country this song plays under a student stick talk radio as she takes down a photo of putin and another student replaces the putin picture with one of the phony. tick-tock is russia's most downloaded app more than 100000000 people have watched the videos they're calling on people to demonstrate here this woman packs
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a backpack preparing to head out to the streets to protest. me these people are looking for like minded people for the demonstration they discuss what you should bring and what precautions to take some. short video clips of putin and of only our trending. no only is behind bars since his return to russia and has several charges against him fellow supporters of novelli have been arrested and the prosecutor's office has issued a warning to those supporters attending the demonstration on saturday if those who participate in the un authorized protests will be brought to justice. the kremlin is using tic toc to try to influence not only supporters. i received a request yesterday from an advertising agency asking whether one of our bloggers
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could publicly call for people not to go to the demo we declined of course because i was tick-tock is hard for the kremlin to control try as they may it's unclear how many people will take to the streets authorities say any unsanctioned protests will be immediately suppressed. as 10 out of the other stories making headlines the start date for the impatient trial against former u.s. president on will trump has been pushed back to the week of the 8th of february senate majority leader chuck schumer announced the delay which will give the senate war time to focus on joe biden's legislative agenda trump is accused of inciting the insurrection at the capitol earlier this month. dramatic pictures show threatening storm clouds rolling in of a native province in moments spain lightning heavy rain and strong winds battered the catalonian region the market square in one town suffered extensive damage as the fast moving storm swept through no injuries have yet been reported. a rare
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for trip by the renascence old masters sundra but a chile is that a fish as much as $100000000.00 at auction the work dated to $1480.00 is titled young man holding around all the painting is the star attraction at an auction in new york next week. in the bundesliga the battle of the bras is so dortmund arrive in mention glad back desperate for a win to get their title bid back on track but the visitors defense was once again in a generous mood took full advantage. there was a hug beforehand between and in tears each and the man many took to succeed him. both sides have been scoring for fun this season well neither defense is exactly being watertight the video got this latest call fest under way on a live in minutes and left him in splendid isolation from eunice hoffman's free kick the live in minutes later dortmund were level predictably through eleanor hall
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and he dictated after jade and such was delightful 3 ball. more quick feet from sun she was 6 minutes later led to hold in 2nd to one dortmund. but that lead lasted just 4 minutes again though phoebe was given the freedom of the penalty area to top $22.00 at the break. a i clawed back when back in front 4 minutes into the 2nd half 1000000 punk showed why he's not noted for his defensive progress as rummy been said by any skip past him on cold home. 12 minutes from the end black box under the dortmund death knell almost inevitably the goal came from a sick play marcus 2 was the money left on mark this time. for to the final score a result that leaves the visitors title hopes in tatters and shows dortmund's powers that be just what marco can do. that's it for
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me and the news team states denounce the ducks film coming up after a short break for headlines at the top of the al until then you can always stay up to date on our web site at state uppity dot com don't forget to follow us on social media f.t.w. news and find me at rebecca riches thanks for watching. life on earth one of the coming and. coincidences. we're culpable happened. is a bit like winning the lottery. for a short. story.


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