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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  January 23, 2021 2:03pm-2:31pm CET

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apparently the plan of protesters was to go towards the kremlin on to my new square but the police have now actually closed that square off you might be able to hear as well the cars that are driving along this street be thing in solidarity earlier on they were beeping in along in the rhythm of the chance that people on the streets were kind of shouting people here have been shouting the freedom to me people have been shouting who is a thief and it doesn't seem that people are willing to go home any time soon. and really we've been watching a lot of pitches showing a steady stream of people being taken away what is that that has motivated some many people to take the risk and come out onto the streets today. we also saw you know a steady stream of people being taken away earlier on the police were essentially just grabbing people out of the crowd and putting them into police cars i think
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everyone knew all the protesters here and in other cities across russia knew that these protests are not or thought authorized by the authorities here and they knew that it was a risk to go out some of the people that i've been speaking to said that no viney wasn't afraid to come back to russia where he faced arrest even though he was poisoned earlier this year as he says himself most likely by the f.s.b. the security services here and most likely on the orders as he insists of letting me or putin himself people here have been saying if i say now viney isn't afraid then we aren't afraid either and they've been coming out but i think the other thing that's worth pointing out is that people also said that really it's not only about me he and his arrest and the video that he published investigating the mir putin's a legit palace in the south of russia they say that. that is just the final
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straw as it were and they really have been saying they want a better life here in russia you have many factors at play but there is this figurehead how big a threat is alexei only to vladimir putin given that he's been able to dominate the navia from behind bars this week. well bloody near putin himself the russian president and also the kremlin spokespeople have always tried to downplay the significance of alex a not me they even don't refer to him by name they regularly call it saying of irony a blogger most recently while he was in hospital after being poisoned while he was in hospital in berlin they've been calling him the berlin patient rather than referring to him by name but i do think something has shifted ironically after alex and i needs poisoning this year he got this huge media attention outside of russia and also within russia and most recently his most recent investigation anti
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corruption investigation into vladimir putin himself which was published this week has gotten a record number of of views on you tube it's gotten over 50000000 views and i think that that has kind of made him in a way this whole arrest and also the poisoning has made him more of a significant figure here and russia and someone that is certainly an inconvenience for the kremlin really it's very interesting that the kremlin don't want to acknowledge the existence but you must ask the question given what we're seeing today is novelli winning than maybe a war. well i think the millions of views certainly point to that the fact that everyone here even the people who didn't take to the streets are beating in solidarity as you can hear and also those you know rat. there are violent. images that we've been seeing of
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arrests taking place here in moscow over $800.00 across the country as well huge police presence those will most likely be shared in the coming few days and also ahead of these protests it's been interesting to see that on tick talk a young a group of young people have been sharing videos calling for people to come out much to the kremlin's dismay who have been saying you know this is an unauthorized process of protests under-age people shouldn't be coming out onto the streets but that has been kind of a viral phenomenon in the younger generation this week as well that we've been seeing in the scene in central moscow really showing thanks so much. now for a look at some of the other stories making news this. hundreds of anti-government protesters have taken to the streets of chile's. riot police fired water cannon and used tear gas on demonstrate this protest as
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a calling for reforms to pension health care and education systems. for the impeachment trial against former u.s. president donald trump has been pushed back to the wake of the february senate majority leader chuck schumer announce the delay which will give the senate more time to focus on joe biden's legislative agenda trump is accused of inciting the insurrection at the capitol earlier this month. dramatic dramatic pictures show threatening storm clouds rolling over the province in northern spain lightning heavy rain and strong winds battered the catalonian region markets way in one town they suffered extensive extensive damage rather is the fast moving storm swept through no injuries have been reported. well hong kong has locked down i didn't sleep populated the area and ordered residents to want to go compulsory testing after a new outbreak of the corona virus some 10000 residents on the cow loon pub in
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chilla have been affected and thousands of police have been deployed to enforce the law down the government says the people have to stay at home until everyone has been tested. hong kong's 1st coronavirus lock down the territory had been largely able to keep case numbers low but a new stubborn wave of infections led authorities to take this unprecedented step. they hope to stamp out the covert 1000 cluster quickly. we are working hard to get this done within 48 hours our aim is to fight the virus together to achieve is 0 what he says in this area and the government has arranged sufficient testing equipment to test the people in this neighborhood as quickly as possible. a neighborhood that's poor and overcrowded people here live in cramped subdivided apartments with shared bathrooms outbreaks
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in buildings with inadequate ventilation and plumbing are on the rise in hong kong one of the world's richest cities. got what he walk and in this area that we've drawn up we noticed that sewage samples in some of the buildings show relatively high positive results compared to outside the area. residents will only be able to leave their homes with proof of a negative test authorities hope that people here will be able to return to work on monday. a strict measures have been imposed in many areas of the world and this is the challenge for many is a look at a few of the developments during this corona virus pandemic in belgium authorities of imposed a travel ban on non-essential jennings from next wednesday until the 1st of march as part of if it's to curb infections there is now international concern about the
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wearing of cloth face coverings in public with germany and france leading calls for citizens to upgrade to medical grade musts the netherlands is introducing a not time if you want to bid to halt the spread of the new variant the restriction will come into force throughout holland on saturday residents have to stay at home between no 1 pm and 4 30 am. well to talk more about lock downs and how they affect our mental health we're now joined by dr dominic peabody he's a psychologist that they share at a hospital here in berlin dr welcome how is it that lockdowns affect our mental health oh thank you so much for ishan so how about the long term effects i'm going to really question because we know that many to be step usually helps me. and those activities are not reduced or even for and people are increasingly stealing in patient restless actions and this is
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a large factor in our mental health even though there are several factors that contribute to halt all of all we might be 2 to psychological effects of the lockout for example a pupil who faced isolation loss loneliness financial problems along ormond orkut jute lou fall to the detriment of all the facts of a lockdown so what some of the things that we should all be doing can be old be doing at this time to protect our mental health. so there are several behavior that has been shown to improve our mental health. we should 1st find ways to connect with each other and to share experience so. call your friends and family send emails write or post them to grandparents and share your experiences talk about the experience of last year it remember all the things that you're looking for it's a joke and if possible it go outside of course it depends on the restrictions and
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explore nature and get some light which is working for are the regulation of our moods. it's also important that we look after our physical health so that should include maintaining a healthy diet and regular physical exercise we should also be careful math little about the news and social media we consume and if we'd heard only feel down depressed or anxious with and without health professional just quickly the most difficult question perhaps if there were any positive takeaways a lessons learned from this pandemic that we can take with us when hopefully we were to know more very soon. well that is a difficult question i do believe a study of difficult times demick there is something positive that can learn from all this. i think that we do or did learn how important it is to
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connect with each other. and times before the condemning a lot of people who are just living their own lives. being the center of often selves and i think that and i mean she has learned to look after each other and to check in. with each other in addition i also think that the bit i mean has learned us to be more present more mindful of how often have you been to this theater or when the. precious moments pass by without really getting the benefits so i think that it has made us more and more blacks all the silver lining dr domenech paper thank you so much thank you so much. and his reminder of the top story we're following for you this hour. police in russia have suffered at the time hundreds of people at nationwide anti pollution demonstrations the protest with cold watch out kremlin critic alexeyevna founding demonstrators marching against
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the rule of president vladimir putin and a calling for the valise released just estimated around 10000 people joined a rally in central moscow with offices with pretty interesting protesters before the mind event got on the why authorities in russia side protests illegal because they have not been properly authorized fumble phones and internet services across the country have been suffering outages. that's it from me and the nice thing here in berlin world stories awaking reports is up next after short break strikes you for the. life on earth missile coming to an end. a
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gigantic coincidence. that 10 previously the earth was just in a messy chemistry lab i thought mission cut. to where the improbable but. the truth rudolph the creation of our solar system with our planet is a bit like winning the lottery there was a good. one from birth. starts feb 11th on t w. this week on world stories. spreads it complicates fishing in scotland. digital nomads enjoy the sun in portugal but meet again in bosnia and herzegovina where migrants who flee to europe must endure great hardship hundreds have left refugee
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camp to live in the forest despite the freezing weather. for the past 3 months this makeshift camp near boston u.s. border with russia has been home for he'll suffer the young pakistani shar says shelter in the woods with 5 others there is rising up and that. is what that bill to. put on your news my pool to have enough to eat suffer says but other than that but have practically nothing all this time of year temperatures often drop well below 0 suffer has to collect goods from the far east to keep the rule that's only one reason the men endure these conditions they want to get your gracious and into the european union thrive in a fun quick and timely little park police catch. their beard while you're gone and
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of course you know you. don't have nothing left for you coming across the border. don't much try but then i wonder if it's the thing if. so for once to find work in germany in his hometown of karachi pakistan he says he had to struggle day in day out just to make ends meet and while living in the woods is hard he says it's still better than life in deepa the leaper refugee camp made headlines in recent weeks 1st it was cleared and burnt down the migrants and refugees have now been moved into tents but many here say nobody should live like this in winter it's pictures like these but half attracted unwanted attention to how boston authorities have handled the situation but the region's prime minister says the e.u. and the boston government share the blame. so there are solutions for the migration
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situation in bosnia the highest officials in this country reaches so political will to stop and regulate illegal migration in the country and to control how the money is spent you know. of all of the people we spoke to here nandan want to stay in bosnia but rather to continue their journey into the e.u. for many the chances of being granted asylum in the year are slim but that doesn't deter soffer who says going back to pakistan is not an option europe have everything. before it is go to school or everything. that's why we wanted to put. your burden. on as soon as it gets a bit warmer for his sufferable try to cross the border again but for now he has no choice but to wait here a life in march rain and severe cold. as
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of january the u.k. no longer belongs to the e.u. complicating trade with mainland europe fishers in scotland are experiencing these difficulties firsthand. new mcqueen would much rather be out on the water right now but what would be the use the lender steams usually catches a lot reaching the continent this year he's only been out twice off the island of living on the west coast of scotland the forced d. the catch never go any farther. because the paperwork wasn't. shipped it was written off it never made it never made the journey to the court in the life you know in the queen's langoustines usually end up exclusively at fish markets in the e.u. like here and there in france but at the moment hardly any cargo comes through from
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scotland since spreads it and there are a of additional paperwork is required including you had certificates for life catch certificate has to then correspond with the order of travel. going on the correct glory or the plane. and if there is a slightest if the paperwork doesn't match up in the slightest way then it's rejected. many fishermen on the west coast of scotland feel the same way as mcqueen in the scottish town of open there are a few traps waiting for fish crabs or mussels for the continent but. many fishermen like mcqueen want to wait and see if the problems can be sold before they send that specialist cargo into the unknown. and entire region has come to a standstill many people here are angry i think it should not be absolutely the start of the end of the mine that they have just had no help whatsoever prevented
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in all weathers just from listening and trying and a lesson in the country can learn to fish because show can bear in mind 62 percent of the scottish football lieschen want it to mean what breaks it and this is exactly because the lead not just for the shellfish but for a lot of the projects from scotland was going to your. new mcqueen is convinced there's no easy fix additional bureaucracy is a new problem that comes with drags it for him and many other fishermen in scotland this evolving office business is at stake. now to afghanistan according to reporters without borders it's one of the most dangerous countries for journalists in the world critical reporting and bring prison terms or even death. this is the 3rd pino of a journalist in afghanistan in 2 months the t.v.
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and radio presenter my lai my wife and her driver were killed by gunmen in early december. and i'm so hot i'm gay but i wouldn't and i don't want to know you won't grow coming down richard she was on her way to work and we had planned to do a show together i was on air when i got the news we had to stop the shows here but what about in the uk but i want to go to one of those who knew pretty much forgot to order for a journalist and a woman in the spotlight 25 year old with a symbol of the new afghanistan a threat to fundamentalists and goes she criticized. i have 10 more daughters like milo who could give their lives for a cause but i want the killers apprehended back in the know why it was not targeted killings of journalists like my one by gunmen or car bombs have become all too common in afghanistan despite the ongoing peace talks between the government and the taliban the country is still rated as one of the world 5 most dangerous places
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for journalists and with weekly reports of new attacks threats and intimidation local journalist groups are rating the alarm another member of the afghan journalist safety committee wrote a letter to the un security council urging it to help reduce the violence. i don't think it's ever been as. scary as it is right now. because it seems that all journalists are threats. well in only 6 weeks we have lost jobs for jobs them all the. jokes you know are. targeted killings. so on. and that's has created extensive fury american journalist all over the country. just days after my one's death and almost 300 kilometers away another journalist from our to learn next hour was killed. shot close to his home but i know gunmen next head of the local journalists union and
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reporter for outlets like a.p. and al-jazeera according to his click here to see threats and inform the authorities about them but got little help. an attack on journalists is an act of oppression in our society no one is more pressed than journalists i have to say let's question ourselves and let's get united let's ask our leaders to explain why this cruelty happens and how long it's going to continue whether it is the taliban i-s. local strongman or government affiliates the question of who is behind these attacks often remains unanswered good for those who continue to do their work as journalists one thing is clear they should not have to risk their lives to do their jobs. our last stop is portugal a popular destination for digital known that to prefer opening their laptops on a sunny beach in an office it's no problem in the age of corona.
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lisbon portugal speak to risk capital is a favorite destination for digital nomads among them it's up to 28 year old those 2 and has previously lived in canada and sweden a year ago she began a new adventure in part you girl. when i came here i was like what am i doing here i didn't know a single person i didn't know a single word portuguese i didn't even know how to say thank you. but this is not need to come here for me it was one of my best decisions in the world and. melissa agassi employer is based in canada who work is digital and flexible leaving her free to live where she pleases and lispund really appeals to her with its mild climate and beatrice on her doorstep. but agger says it's a misconception that digital nomads always work on the beach or in their pajamas in
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bet she regularly rents a flexible work space in the city center for a few people can work here for a day or a whole month making houston the office facilities being removed from your team from your family from anybody else you want to connect at somewhere and i think having a place like co-working space which is. your base is very important. melissa agger organizers online events are the appearances for organizations of doctors and midwives but it's funny anyways it's one of us and anything for it would be contracted to get most of her customers are located in north america and the difference time zone that can mean working long hours melissa egger is home after a long day she too sometimes experiences doubts loneliness and the longing for her family. get that and. especially during their
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pandemic she calls her sister and mother as often as she can. yeah come along and it mean that the 20 year old returned to europe so she could reach her family more quickly. it's evening in a bar in central lisbon despite the pandemic places that surf rude are allowed to stay open melissa regularly meet her friends here some of them are locals and some are experts like her who loft in a madigan existence i want to see more before i'm able to help me to try my parents' house. oh through a is in the will remain her home but at 28 she still finds its true parochial bear right now giving up her live with a digital nomad is out of the question. magical
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world and their snow proof. world famous souvenirs were created by the family in vienna. they only use the best materials for their snow globes. craftsmanship and some well kept family secrets. the room. the 77 percent. fencing in kenya the tools for every way anyone can. kick boxing in uganda and the jews. and soccer culture in south africa you know in . this episode it's all about school let's fight the
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77 percent. in 60 minutes on t w. they want to know what makes the devil. that's the love and bonding thing and the way from now on i'm living up to both my own good and everyone was lead a holes in everything. getting you ready to meet the defense and joining me right just do it under. these pretty seals might look adorable but they can be quite dangerous we will show you where you can observe germany's biggest predator in the wild.
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i want to welcome to a new edition of your own max with me your host meghan lee here's a look at what else.


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