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tv   Reporter - Vor Ort  Deutsche Welle  January 24, 2021 5:15am-5:31am CET

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and you mentioned being a lot of people think that word is ok but we find it extremely discriminatory it's outdated. as it implies we have no language where deaf and dumb and we can't hear or speaking but we have wonderful language sign language so we can talk to each other carry on conversations we have something to say comical to heighten the cannot. afford a lot you also train medical personnel on how to deal with patients who are what they need to be in the speech dish 1st of all medical staff need to receive training about the death of the people and their culture as well as sign language. they need to learn how to communicate with us. it is not a good sign language to be embedded in the health care. and the knowledge about
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a political high def should be a standard element in all health care and medical training and also no one. would give us a. very. high so much for that in liking conversation. or you could buy underlings here's your dog. it tends to reactivate a sense of hearing date back a long time in 1790 and you tell me and scientists tried to stimulate his own auditory with electrical current and all the hurt sound of boiling water. nowadays hearing aids have greatly improved but they're of no help if the in the year is not reckoned right the so-called cochlea but there's help with cochlear implants. i was more or less death from birth but that disability hasn't prevented me from helping people in distress younger he has
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a hearing impairment but for the 24 year old that's no reason not to work as a volunteer firefighter. since the age of 4 he's had a cup here in the plant and on the other side he was a hearing on. the hearing aid is more for the background and natural sound it makes music sound far more natural and nicer. whereas the cochlear implant is specialized in making voices understandable. at the same time though it worsens the quality of music for example but. it sounds all tinny or mechanical that's how people describe it in my case i have a combination of the 2 sort of his i should be funded by and it works. young has been a member of the local volunteer fire brigade 14 years now and. despite the herring age and cochlear implant sometimes understanding people is difficult if not
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impossible but he has good work arounds. i know they get really loud out on the line with all the rotary pumps and machines running. so i need my colleagues to speak loudly and clearly and also raise their hand when calling for us to start the water. it's the same with other orders. so that i can at least see which direction they're coming from i'm going to determining direction is difficult with a hearing impairment. so how does the implant enable him to understand spoken language as the one i'm implying the implant takes on the function of the cochlea the spiral shape by when the tonight pulls us to hear it use the sound processor that fits behind the air it transmits the sound it picks up to the implant. the implant is also behind but under the skin the internal device converts the sound into electrical signals which are transmitted to the order trina of the auditor enough then transmits the signals to the brain this enables the
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wearer to his sounds even if they can't understand everything. mccoy. man can do it allows you to hear sound. by the voice but that's not the same as understanding what you've heard. with language we can tell it's words but we can't necessarily understand them. sometimes all we hear is that somebody is talking was not exactly what they're saying and that's the difference between hearing and understanding among. young makes no effort to hide his hearing impairment he used to feel embarrassed especially because the hearing it's a visible but he's learned to live life with confidence and he wants to help other people with disabilities do the same. young runs of talking community for young people with herring impairments the participants can share their experiences online and they also organize regular meet ups. if you mention the
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program we want to raise people's awareness about hearing disability and show people that it's no reason to treat us any differently we. were just like everybody else except for our hearing impairment. a lot of young people. have a disability get marginalized or even bullied at school and don't have many friends . but in this community they do have friends here you're welcome and are accepted just the way you are up to it's. competitive racing is a challenge in itself and alex blind face is another hurdle without his cochlear implant he called him a saying he's studying mechanical engineering which like running requires discipline and insurance. as he toils away at the computer his racing
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game is already laid out for this afternoon's meet. when it comes to preparing for a competition alex has a set routine his has to cooks for 9 and a half minutes and has to be on the table exactly 4 hours before his race. alex has a cochlear implant when he was 11 months old he contract had meningitis and lost his hearing. i only know the details from my parents' stories there were one or 2 very bad nights where it wasn't clear if i survived fortunately i only only lost my hearing. when he competes in races for hearing impaired athletes he's not permitted to use the implant taking him into what he calls the silent world he can't hear his own breathing or the noise in the stadium. this is a little sloth as it's
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a different kind of running those who are specially when it comes to racing tactics say someone is trying to overtake you but you missed that split 2nd because you didn't hear them coming up behind you that can make the difference between winning and losing actual and it was you going your shot thank you to make sure that doesn't happen alex prefers to start fast and hold the lead like in this 3000 meters steeplechase race he takes gold after the race he switches to sign language for the interview with an interpreter. but 1st a kilometer of his real 5 was too fast it was like ok and i kept getting more and more tired the last 2 laps were tough i really had to dig him says she was to buy something like. that his next mate alex is competing against athletes without disabilities so this time he can wear his cochlear implant it's harder to hold the pace today and he crosses the line in 8. i
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but he and his coach are happy with his time which is what counts most in pre-season training. and i think i likes checks in with his friends and supporters but he's already thinking ahead to his next big gold going for gold at the 2021 definite picks in brazil to prevent injury he'll do a few cool down rounds then it will be time to rest and recuperate. alex ply wants to stay a front runner whether he can here or not. thanks. in good shape your weekly health show on d w covers many aspects of health care we look at what's new in medical treatment nutrition fitness and beauty. we talk about these topics in
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depth with experts and give. you the chance to pose your own questions so do get in touch. some viewers have asked us to discuss the topic of this is and i'm the perfect guy for this because i love myself fairly much and this is a good thing because self-love and self esteem is very important for a healthy life but an extreme form of self-love is called pathological narcissism this is when people have an unfair lated image of themself and they also like embassy and this is a big challenge for friends partners and colleagues and often it breeding ground for conflict. click post share and like. i went becoming increasingly self obsessed and could social media share in the blame. that question 1st emerged around 15 years ago the social media you searched worldwide
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psychologists began to ask if it was promoting a global epidemic of narcissism. a team of american researchers decided to study this seeming trend they analyzed surveys conducted on college students between 19792006. and found that narcissistic personality traits appeared to increase during those years. the youngest cohort born after $1080.00 seemed to be more self-absorbed these millennial zone generation y. as they're often called were the 1st to grow up with the internet. an inflated self image due to the internet with siri held instinctive appeal. soon enough generation y. had been dubbed generation me. the headlines left it up but it turned out that research on narcissism wasn't all that watertight yet the questionnaires used to assess narcissistic traits have been constantly updated and changed. that
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made it difficult to compare the validity of the results over time. even tests asking the same questions in the same period of time delivered skewed results. traits are also connected to. people and especially. relationships. raising children. not the center of the universe. 'd still gaining that experience so their world is more likely to revolve around themselves. american study had another problem. difference they detected was fairly small to begin with and the researchers had overlooked another factor it was the women who replied with more robust self-esteem so perhaps it was all down to girl power generation. and the evidence that
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young people today are more narcissistic isn't conclusive either a long term study in germany found nothing of the sort it found that young adults are more committed to social issues and the public good and they've taken their activism online like in the fridays for future campaign and hashtags urging young people to help quash the coronavirus. you want more news about health and medicine write to us all watch next week's next edition in good shape see it also for.
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everyone who wants to travel to look at the picture ask city on the day. care of the. world heritage site. which takes a look around and marvel at the sights and getting. 2000. chickens.
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it's no place for young women who want to break with tradition the faro islands where men no men and women are meant to behave accordingly. loved so much realities and lonely hearts slowly things are starting to change. 60 minutes on d. w. . my. life on earth one of the coming to an end. a gigantic coincidence the best salmon previously the earth was just a messy chemistry lab i thought mission was. clearly improbable but.
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some of those was the creation of our solar system with our planet is a bit like winning the lottery the day i saw the. moon 1st. starts feb 11th on d w. i'm standing above the danny over on the shore you can see the.


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