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it tends to reactivate a sense of hearing date back a long time in 79 t. any tell 1000000 scientists tried to stimulate his own auditory with electrical current and all the hurt of the sound of boiling water. nowadays hearing aids have greatly improved but they're of no help if the in the ear is not working right the so-called cochlea but there's help with cochlear implants. i was more or less deaf from birth but that disability hasn't prevented me from helping people in distress younger he has a hearing impairment but for the 24 year old that's no reason not to work as a volunteer firefighter since the age of 4 he's had a couple here in the plant and on the other side he was a hearing on. the hearing
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aid is more for the background and natural sound it makes music sound far more natural and nicer. whereas the cochlear implant is specialized in making voices understandable. at the same time though it worsens the quality of music for example but i'm sure it sounds all tinny or mechanical that's how people describe it in my case i have a combination of the to. be funded by and it works. young has been a member of the local volunteer fire brigade for 14 years now. despite the herring and i'm cocky a implant sometimes understanding people is difficult if not impossible but he has good work arounds. to get really loud out on the line with all the rotary pumps and machines running. so i need my colleagues to speak loudly and clearly and also raise their hand when calling for us to start the water. it's the same with other
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orders. so that i can at least see which direction they're coming from i'm going to determining direction is difficult with a hearing impairment. so how does the implant enable him to understand spoken language. as the name implies the implant takes on the function of the cochlea the spiral shape by when the tonight pulls us to hear it used as a sound processor that fits behind the air it transmits the sound it picks up to the implant. the implant is also behind but under the skin the internal device converts the sound into electrical signals which are transmitted to the called a tree none of the auditor enough then transmits the signals to the brain this enables the wearer to hear sounds even if they can't understand everything. mccoy to. it allows you to hear sound of voices. by the voice but that's not the same as understanding what you've heard. but with language
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we can tell it's words but we can't necessarily understand them. sometimes all we hear is that somebody is talking walk not exactly what they're saying and that's the difference between hearing and understanding. young makes no effort to hide his hearing impairment he used to feel embarrassed especially because the hearing it's a visible but he's learned to live life with confidence and he wants to help other people with disabilities do the same. young runs of talking community for young people with herring and ham and the participants can share their experiences online and they also organize regular meet ups. if you mention the program we want to raise people's awareness about hearing disability and show people that it's no reason to treat us any differently we. were just like everybody else except for our hearing impairment. a lot of young people. have
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a disability get marginalized or even bullied at school and don't have many friends . but in this community they do have friends here you're welcome and are accepted just the way you are up to it's. competitive racing is a challenge in itself and alex blind faces another hurdle without his cup player implant he can't hit a thing. he's studying mechanical engineering which like running requires discipline and insurance. as he toils away at the computer his racing game is already laid out for this often means meat. when it comes to preparing for a competition alex has a set routine his has to cooks for 9 and a half minutes and has to be on the table exactly 4 hours before his race.
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alex has a cochlear implant when he was 11 months old he contract meningitis and lost his hearing. i only know the details from my parents' stories there were one or 2 very bad nights where it wasn't clear if i'd survive fortunately i only only lost my hearing. when he competes in races the hearing impaired athletes he's not permitted to use the implants taking him into what he calls the silent world he can't hear his own breathing or the noise in the stadium. this is. it's a different kind of runnels with especially when it comes to racing tactics say someone's trying to overtake you but you missed that split 2nd because you didn't hear them coming up behind you that can make the difference between winning and losing actually knew was he going to try. to make sure that doesn't happen alex
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prefers to start fast and hold the lead like in this 3000 meters steeplechase race he takes gold after the race he switches to sign language for the interview with an interpreter. there's the kilometer and it's real 5 was too fast it was like ok and i kept getting more and more tired the last 2 laps were tough i really had to dig him says she was to bison. but his next meet alex is competing against athletes without disabilities so this time he can weigh his cochlear implant it's harder to hold the pace today and he crosses the line in 8. i but he and his coach a happy with his time which is what counts most in pre-season training. and who alex checks in with his friends and supporters but he's already thinking ahead to his next big gold going for gold at the 2021 deafened picks in brazil to prevent
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injury he'll do a few cool down rounds then it will be time to rest and recuperate. alex ply wants to stay a front runner whether he can here or not. i. in good shape your weekly health show on d.w. covers many aspects of health care we look at what's new in medical treatment nutrition fitness and beauty. we talk about these topics in depth with experts and given. you have the chance to pose your own questions so do get in touch. some viewers have asked us to discuss the topic of this is and i'm the perfect guy for this because i love myself fairly much and this is
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a good thing because self-love and self-esteem is very important for a healthy life but an extreme form of self laugh is called pathological narcissism this is when people have an unfair to the image of themselves and they also like empathy and this is a big challenge for friends partners and colleagues and often it breeding ground for conflict. click post share and like. a way to becoming increasingly self obsessed and could social media share in the blame. back question 1st emerged around 15 years ago a social media use urged world wide psychologists began to ask if it was promoting a global epidemic of narcissism. a team of american researchers decided to study this seeming trend they analyzed surveys conducted on college students between 19792006. and found that narcissistic personality traits appeared to increase
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during those years. the youngest cohort born after $1080.00 seemed to be more self-absorbed these millennial zone generation y. as they're often called were the 1st to grow up with the internet. and inflated self image due to the internet with siri held instinctive appeal. soon enough generation y. had been dubbed generation me. the headlines left it up. but it turned out that research on narcissism wasn't all that watertight yet the questionnaires used to assess narcissistic traits had been constantly updated and changed. that made it difficult to compare the validity of the results over time but even tests asking the same questions in the same period of time to live it skewed results. traits are also connected to. younger people and especially teenagers.
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relationships heartbreaks raising children. the center of the universe 'd young people are still gaining that experience so their world is more likely to revolve around themselves. and study how to know the problem. statistical difference they detected was fairly small to begin with and the researchers had overlooked another factor it was the women who replied with more robust self-esteem so perhaps it was all down to girl power generation me. and the evidence that young people today are more narcissistic isn't conclusive either a long term study in germany found nothing of the salt it found that young adults some more committed to socialist years of the public good and they've taken their activism online like in the fridays for future campaign and hashtags urging young people to help quash the coronavirus. you want more news about health and medicine
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then write to us all watch next week's next edition in good shape see the for.
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me. good is my. state of. the dispute the country employs millions of tons of coal. but building train tracks to transfer the coal destroy the environment to deliver
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a speech and poison everything inside. global 3000. and 30 minutes on d w. it's no place for young women who want to break with tradition the pharaoh islands where men are men and women are meant to behave accordingly. so the true highlands and lonely hearts slowly things are starting to change. 60 minutes on t.w. . the fight against the corona virus pandemic. how has the rate of infection been developing. what measures are being taken. what
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does the latest research say. information and context. the coronavirus up to the job of special monday to friday on t.w. . letter we were. when we were. 80 percent of americans at some point in our law it will experience hardship to listen up. that matters to. the minds. frank food. international gateway to the best connections road and rail. located in the heart of europe you are connected to the own world. experience outstanding shopping and dining offers and trying our services. be allat gassed at
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frankfurt airport city managed by for bought. this is d w news line from berlin growing opposition to cope with 19 restrictions the 1st curfew in the netherlands since world war 2 is met with rioting governments say tighter curbs are needed to fight the new british fair. portugal's president gets a 2nd term in office to election was held under lockdown conditions as the
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government's battle spirits worst right of debts i've been factions. and in the fullness they get fired beach shell to extend their lead at the top of the table all the gold seems to be this one from robert. on public policy as welcome to the program the 1st nationwide curfew in the netherlands since world war 2 has sparked widespread rioting trouble flared in the capital amsterdam and the southern city. of eindhoven hundreds of demonstrators opposing tighter coronavirus restrictions were arrested thousands of rule breakers have also been fined. anger boils over against the night curfew the 1st in 75 years. on the streets of eindhoven
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protest to set a car on fire and then rampage through shops and the train station. this demonstration in amsterdam is illegal but residents of furious at the months long lockdown and now the new curfew. that live free. things you can think freely. they say their freedom and future are being sacrificed in the fight against the virus. even if the things in life did i don't agree with the restrictions on freedom. it's certainly true that elderly people of all know both but there are also so many young people involved and young people of the future. and it's all oh this is a voice that is saying no we're so afraid we're going in the wrong direction it may
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be understandable but it's still the wrong way that they are scared of. the government says the curfew is a preventative measure the number of new positive tests have been fooling but prime minister mark rota warned against a possible surge of infections from the british mutation of the virus. hours after the curfew came into force this is all that's left of a covert testing center on the coast and in amsterdam riot police break up a mostly peaceful demonstration with water cannons the netherlands was one of the last e.u. countries to begin immunizing health workers with production delays slowing vaccination programs across europe a return to freedom here and elsewhere still looks alone why of.
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well journalist michel cavazos has been following the story in the netherlands we asked whether there is much support for the curfew well the demonstrations you see that's a marginal phenomenon although it has been the round ever since the beginning of the lockdown some of you seen riots and protests. since late spring early summer over all you know and there's quite a bit of support from most lock down measures it was 77 percent support by the end of the year and the situation now is that bit more complicated because we have to get bigger government and the political debate is heating up and go into elections in march so diverse more debates and maurice's of this and people are disappointed that things are taking very long and growth is not going away and the netherlands is doing very badly that exceeds. journalist michel cavernous in rotterdam there well the german government is warning that foreign intelligence
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agencies and conspiracy theorists have attempted to sabotage production of coronavirus vaccines according to newspaper reports the interior ministry says german manufacturers have been targeted on several occasions germany is also imposing tougher restrictions on travelers from high risk countries all passengers now need to show a negative coronavirus test taken less than 48 hours before arriving in the country and germany is to become the 1st country in the european union to use an experimental covert 19 antibody treatment therapy is credited with helping former u.s. president donald trump to recover. portuguese presidents marcello to the sosa has been reelected in a contest overshadowed by a devastating surge in covert 1000 cases exit polls showed a so-so one around 60 percent of the vote. enough to avoid
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a runoff the presidential post is largely ceremonial but still influential portugal is battling the world's highest rate of new daily infections and national lockdown has been in force for 10 days. when our correspondent john philip shots is in lisbon and we asked him earlier why the infection rate in portugal is now so high. that it's probably has several really one of the most important reason that new variance of coronavirus coming from the united kingdom is spreading very. well to probably some after effects from the relaxation of measures 3 christmas time but experts agree that it's mainly the new variants that it's much more contagious that is causing the problems at the moment and at the beginning the government was required relaxed with the measures that didn't take measures
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fast enough for. the lockdown just started about a week ago and new dates suggests it's already probably 30 to 40 percent of all new coronavirus states that. are. involved in you know variance from the u.k. what about. d.w. correspondent philip shell speaking there in lisbon let's take a look now at some more pandemic news from other parts of the world mexico's president on the west manuel lopez obrador is the latest world leader to test positive for covert 19 he's been widely criticized over the pandemic mexico has begun a limited vaccination rollout of the voter is to speak to russian leader vladimir putin about attaining sputnik the vaccine. a stoney a is to get its 1st woman prime minister after the 2 biggest political parties
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agree to form a new coalition 43 year old lawyer. leads the center right of reform party the 2 parties will share ministerial positions in a gender matched conflict. space x. has successfully launched a falcon 9 rocket into orbit from cape canaveral in florida it was the 1st mission of the private space contractors ride share program and carried 143 satellites a record number for a single rocket. a senior european union diplomat is warning bosnia and herzegovina it must do more to help hundreds of migrants stuck in freezing conditions the all star teams have been widely criticized for failing to provide shelter or heating the e.u. says bosnia has to play by the rules if it wants to become a member of the union. modest hocking would for a fire to help fight off the bitter cold he has traveled here from afghanistan and
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now occupies an abandoned house in the north of bosnia. for my daughter it's a big problem here because. they've been stranded here for 3 months to survive thanks to food donations from locals they want to join relatives in germany but when ahmad and his daughter try to move on the croatian border police on them back they don't want to go to a refugee camp over there. and room. 6 famously to get at. the leaper refugee camp is just a few kilometers away heating and electricity are supposed to be installed soon but progress is slow the conditions are deplorable some migrants have become ill the police won't allow us to film inside the camp. only some to enter heated food
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court where that mark now some 10. right now water and you guys. haven't taken a shower because i. saw men wash themselves in an ice cold pond and then warm up at a small campfire faruq from pakistan has been here for 7 months. and all. and i'm coming here with. the e.u. embassador recently visited the camp he called on bosnian authorities to finally improve the situation for the people here. this is an obligation for posner to convene a it is a signatory to the un convention if it wants to become a member of the europeans he has to abide by those rules brussels has been making threats like these for weeks people in the nearby town of be hard don't want the migrants. religion is not time to talk honestly this is not bosnia is problem this is an e.q. problem we have our own problems the e.u.
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gives us money but why don't they come here personally to help us solve this problem but winning the blame game won't ward off the cold that task is left to the generosity of locals from behind their ensuring that migrants like mine and his daughter don't freeze this winter. moving to sports now and in the bundesliga league leaders byron munich have improved their title hopes with a win against chelsea the 2 sides placed at opposite ends of the table faced off on sunday. it's lonely at the bottom of the table where shall kiss it stuck and at the top where by and have the chance to extend their lead after their 2 closest rivals both lost on saturday. shall care held the fort for 33 minutes when by and broke the deadlock. hosts 1st left us were commish and then thomas miller completely on mocked. after the break the defending did not improve and
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by and got their 2nd robert levin dusky bumbling in his 23rd goal of the season already one small commish was the provider this time with a long range pass to find the league's leading scorer. commish then made it a hat trick of assists teeing up thomas miller for his 2nd and byron's 3rd. the reigning champions now have a comfortable 7 point cushion in 1st place while shell could only have 7 points in total and look ever more likely to go down. let's take a look now at the results from this weekend's games in the bundesliga there's confirmation of byron's win against chelsea the 2nd place team didn't fare as well leipsic losing to minds 3rd place leverkusen last evolves frankfurt beat. berlin fell to bremen and on friday beat dortmund in a 6 goals for in sunday's like game hoffenheim beat cologne. one of germany's most
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controversial footballers mesut ozil has signed with a turkish club fenerbahce israel helped germany win the world cup in 2014 book quit the team in 2018 over claims of racism now he hopes to boost his career after being effectively exiled from his previous club arsenal of the english premier league a site many in turkey for they would never see mesut ozil is a fenerbahce a player. i'm very excited i've always supported fenerbahce. the move follows a turbulent few years for the 32 year old born in germany with turkish roots the 2014 world cup winner quit the gym need team after alleging racism when he was criticized for posing for a picture with turkish president lets you have. one was even the best manage those wedding opponents the earlier one is an affair of terry and leader but isil
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who stood up for human rights in other parts of the world having called out the chinese government for their treatment of the we go muslims club level isil was gradually frozen out by asshole after the departure of coach us inventor in 2018 he's not played for the london and since march after the premier league club decided he was not enough of a team player despite paying him 400000 euros a week now and about should have given him the chance to restart his career. here you have been a dream is coming true for me as well not just to find a bunch of i'm so excited to wear the jersey and hope that i will succeed with all my teammates little's. after all the controversy those will now once he's feet to do the talking the details of his deal with fenerbahce are on clear but for the 1st time he is now playing in his spiritual home to keep our eye what
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you're up to date now with all the latest news coming up next world stories the week in reports we travel to bosnia to witness the miserable conditions being insured by migrants there that's coming up after a short break and don't forget you can always stay up to date on our website at www dot com or you can follow us on twitter and instagram for me and the entire news team here in berlin take care it seems. why are people forced to hide in trucks. there are many reasons. there are many answers.
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