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tv   Corona Spezial  Deutsche Welle  January 29, 2021 2:30am-3:01am CET

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the vast majority of people in germany are still willing to take and refugees and other vulnerable individuals but you have to go after them and i think that shows that a large percentage of the population does not consider this to be a disaster. but even back then merkel's decision evoked mixed emotions in europe. i really admired america by taking that initiative and making clear also to other member states we should do that we should offer protection to refugees and it's really to blame for the other member states to shy away and leave merkel alone with her attitude. many blamed brussels for not creating european consensus on how to deal with refugees but the root of the problem lies much deeper hungary took a different approach its government stated they would not tolerate the e.u.
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all fellow member states dictating terms to them and forcing them to take in refugees the. mass migration can change a country in a number of ways in a relatively short time it can changes socially it can change of culturally being with stickley etc you cannot force upon economic migration and mass on on countries countries and people have to have the liberty to say yes or no your question hungary respects other member states who may wish to live with mass migration and want to work hundreds of thousands millions of people coming here and it's that as their decision but we expect that they also respect our decision. in the german state of north rhine-westphalia thousands of refugees arrived in the fall of 2015 in the city of dortmund or the railway station it does hold off airport. people in just a little for so eager to help. at 1st we couldn't even engage all the people offering
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the help and i kept telling them to please bear in mind this was a marathon not a sprint and words on it most likely still need the help in a few years and it was challenging for all of us but we knew we were doing the right thing to get in. other european countries also opened their doors to refugees but most some 900000 came to germany but it needs germany's open arms other voices could also be heard the fear of the earth the loudest were right wing groups protesting predominantly against muslim refugees since then many european politicians have feared these movements could attract more followers the foreign policy spokes person of the c.d.u. c.s.u. parliamentarian group is you again hot he knows just how sensitive the subject of refugees is in his circles guestimate as yesterday someone turned to me and said that we really needed to be careful with how we dealt with refugees to make sure we
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didn't get into the same situation as last time he was scared of being branded as right wing simply for worrying about the refugee situation he doesn't sympathize with the rightwing and has no issues with foreigners or people in need he just wanted everything handled in an orderly fashion i think that's an opinion well worth being a hurry to. in order to reduce the number of migrants entering the e.u. several states took action bit by bit the so-called balkan route was closed making it harder to reach the e.u. via turkey on dry land. in september 25th dane hungary closed its border to serbia in march 26th again other countries including slovenia and croatia followed suit. maybe so-called hold spots had already been set up in italy and greece they were designed to identify and register refugees directly at
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the e.u. border where they could then proceed with their asylum hearing. morea on less boss was one such hot spot. for him and not let on for instance of it and retrospect a lot 20 fundamentally wrong in 2015 but the hot spots on the greek islands were supposed to act as distribution centers and in full they were meant to enable rapid processing newcomers were to be registered quickly and distributed within the new member states to teach baton. but this did not happen and in march 26th 18 to deter more new arrivals the e.u. struck a deal with turkey where several 1000000 refugees were stuck in transit the main idea was that turkey was to stop these people from finding their way into the e.u. . anyone who wrongfully entered greece from turkey would be sent back. for every refugee return to this way one syrian
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refugee living in turkey would be allowed to enter the e.u. . in return turkey was promised free visas for all its citizens and fresh association talks with the e.u. along with 6000000000 euros but the deal was only successful in parts as a venue in fact was going to land in us the if we ask ourselves what we can learn from the e.u. turkey declaration then i think the answer is supporting refugees and a 3rd country. the 6000000 out of paying out 6000000000 euros for syrians in turkey significantly lower the number of syrians trying to enter the e.u. irregularly defines that part worked. what didn't work has now become our main challenge and i did also for them although the numbers were low although one year after the deal in april 27th only 6000 people were waiting on the greek islands for
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a decision on their applications we still couldn't manage to process them quickly. and if i had this vision that was mostly a question of political will and a strategy of the greek authorities and. as your other guest editor died. this created dire conditions in the camps and international dilemma. in april 26th jane the pope visited less force to offer comfort to those stranded on the island back then many had already been waiting for months for a decision on their asylum application today waiting periods can extend to over a year is this line designed in these as you do in this case there's only one explanation for why people are still stuck on the island deterrence it is a legitimate illegal and immoral to instrumentalists human beings as a means to that end victor for in. the fire fight. we 1st this
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is morning in october 2019 the camp director really alone journalists to see how the refugees were living so we filmed with a hidden camera to see for ourselves what the situation was really like. i was. we met 5 you get a mohammad by chance they had just arrived 3 days ago and was still new to it all shocked and sad yes and yesterday was very cold and we didn't have any blankets that night we switched locations. there after to head out or not so we spent the night by the wayside then it started to rain so we moved to the larger camp where the african stay confident that if we didn't want to come here our parents did for us. this is where they slipped the past nights right next to the entrance there's a sleeping hierarchy at the camp newcomers have to make do with mats then they can
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graduate to a tent with often 4 families in one finally they can move up to a container with 15 people together. i this is where they are. not for food they have to wait 3 times a day many go hungry the new arrivals don't receive any cash for the 1st 6 months so they have no choice but to line up you know the. financial this is the smelly toilets. this is the state of our hygiene and if we see a doctor because we have a cold he tells us to drink water. but i mean i mean this have that's why we don't want to come piano buttons and they say the clean one is a very far away and it's my parents' accompany me to the toilet and but it's still dangerous. because we see how these children we see how these children their mental condition deteriorates. and they
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attempt suicide if they have self harming tendencies. on talking to so on them and they completely stop relating to each other. you know each other their childhood is taken away from them and we see their parents as well they have lost hope completely. they have an incredible sense of guilt for having brought their children to europe. as good as they had hoped this would be a safe place that would provide education. and then they have to cope with the reality of the morea candidate where none of this is available for them. and they fall into a total depressive state of the person parents and children and she didn't across the valley last the small village of borneo some 1000 people live here alongside their new neighbors what used to be empty streets and now live play. opinions in
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the morning a polarized few can still agree. the election goes wrong but yesterday they took our cable right out of the ground they stole my animals and slaughtered them and they've ruined everything i suppose we're expected to leave to make room for them i doubt there's any other way that's the problem we can't stand it here anymore should i or myself and take to the streets and they've taken everything from a. few young to the one because these people have rights even mention how they're in pain they've lost their homes i'm on the side if this isn't their fault there are others who are to blame. to make it to europe many willing to risk their lives in passion they say we're playing the game it's like the hunger games if they lose the game they lose their lives. some new refugees have just arrived. they played the game and made it this far and enterprise us to be in
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turkey we were crammed in a delivery van and they didn't fit in my music just this time they played the game and now they're in the us. i want to do this for them. below failed in westphalia in 2015 some 6000 refugees were taken in here. their fun was just 12 when he made his way to germany from afghanistan through turkey and greece he traveled alone without any relatives he was born in iran he hasn't seen his mother in 5 years she too is on the run and has been trapped on less boss for about a year with her 2 small daughters he looks at their pictures every day says we're still grounds with long she didn't know how long it would take. us to
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but he thought she'd be able to continue on to germany so she thought it'd take about a month maybe 5. she also witnessed the fire in moria on the 8th of september. this was a sham it was awful she grabbed my 2 sisters and ran out of everything else all their clothes and belongings and it all burned so but and. kristin naaman from the aid organization by its cries helps reunite families but it's not easy to feel thirty's examine each case very carefully some parents deliberately send their children ahead to germany alone in the hopes of being allowed to follow in heir funds case greece has now issued a takeover request. of the german government the federal office for migration and refugees has rejected greece's request they argue that this is not a case of hardship and separation from your family apparently does not constitute
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dot chip case. we definitely want to challenge this decision before court and we've already requested an injunction with our local court of claims we want the court to rule that the oath or it is responsible for reuniting the family must do so. we hope it will. push through into this issue i want to be able to help my mother's best and when i want some time. and us them i can't i don't know what i'll do is for sure in a minute i just want to help my mother this and i hope her application is processed faster and that she'll be allowed to come to germany. and indeed the oath or t's do give their consent 3 days after speaking with their phone we received word that his mother and sisters have been allowed to come to germany.
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to that. their fury is freezing cold so too in moria i agree i'm mohamed have been in the camp for 5 months now i'm fine did you sleep all right the ship was cold last night. what did you do when you said are you sure i used several blankets or otherwise it's too cold and the. fake his father comes to greet us. how was your no and. there was a commotion at 4 in the morning that woke us up it was and somebody had cut the front flap of a neighbour's tent open and was trying to get in. that they were in the hospital. tents being slit open muggings robberies the desperate stealing from the destitute it happens almost every night in
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a camp where 40 percent of the inhabitants a children decide security hygiene is another issue. they don't leave and the parents don't leave the tents at night not even for the toilet. because they're scared of being assaulted by gangs and this is the life that people are living instead of going to a toilet using diapers or using a plastic bottle a lot of people instead of going to authority using diapers or using a plastic bottle german doctor since is from sun and is a voluntary an aid worker he tends to find a family medical treatment is an exception to the rule here but does the government have any doctors here in these enlarger you know it is not in this camp you know it is the center for disease prevention sends doctors to give new arrivals preliminary checkouts. but it's basically to make sure they still have. this kind of tortoise.
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but even if their bodies survive the ordeal it's nearly impossible not to succumb to the psychological strain that with adults and children alike. the children argue a lot. that means. they yell. so the grown ups are frustrated and the children get into fights. exactly. even before the fun there were plans for a new camp out in the middle of nowhere. to house 78000 people and to replace moria many locals wouldn't have it then if you like just our islands are not some prison for lost souls there are people who want to live their lives the refugees will destroy everything here. it's going to be a long battle but i think we will win it.
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shortly after the battle over the new camp again some locals tried stopping refugees from even reaching the island of los boss they confronted aid organizations blocked the streets to moria when u.n.h.c.r. camp went up in flames and amid all the chaos thousands of children including 5 a mohammed is there anything good here. and you know seen do you see anything good here. i don't think the party in iceland they saw vacations on these islands. or fed oh you might like it but we don't you can come and go as you please we have to stay and. think i wanted to go to athens. but on and what's there and things are good there they say no fighting. it's been 5
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months since the nosedive family has arrived and they still haven't been heard athens is like a faraway dream meanwhile the new government there has tightened asylum regulations anyone arriving after january 2020 receives a decision within one month one half of 2 applications from afghanistan are approved but anyone who finally makes their way from his boss to athens will most likely end up here in victoria park many sleepier according to the new asylum nor approved asylum seekers are provided food and shelter for 30 days after that they're on their own how can you survive with a newborn baby in a public park had only been here for over a month now it's a broken life in this heat we can't find an apartment it's too expensive that are not on a. priest as government seems to be operating under the assumption
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the recognized refugees will continue further north even though that would be illegal hardly any want to stay in greece anyway and the poor conditions in the islands are meant to deter others too in the living in moria makes you depressed absolutely. what does that mean depressed. you lose your mind. in late february 2020 tensions at the turkish greek border mounted and turkish president into one opened the border. that's just forthcoming the need that completely backfired the greek government responded with an iron fist you know it suspended the right to seek asylum which is a basic human right for several weeks and it violently forced people back over the border it gives to be granted sort of by. greece
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sealed off the border and left thousands of migrants stranded on the other side. just inch out of that region that you don't want from this you at the beginning of this year the greek government decided to close the border despite the fact that everyone was using the thousands of people as a bargaining chip is it that shows that we need to demonstrate strength that the external border keeping the aspect of human rights in the back of our minds we need to show that we won't let air go on black males as well as even the from the other on a place in the us and. then some 6 months later on september 8th morea went up in flames. throughout germany people took to the streets to demand more refute g.'s be taken in including in cologne dusseldorf bielefeld and other cities in north rhine-westphalia. i don't think we are treating them fairly we are so
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privileged and we have the means to help but we don't. really need to make clear that we are ready to take in refugees via this plenty of room hand well off. of course we need a european solution but if germany doesn't lead the way who will follow there is no doubt the government. the city of cologne office to take in 150 p. . bill other cities and towns also offer help. is also willing to take another 150 people. they've had time to gather experience with helping refugees since 2015 of them in the community accommodation facilities currently have several 100 spots available now on a completely empty but all of them can make room for several more we can take an individual list as well as families of the uns are but if i were to be told that we had to take in several 100 people today we could mobilize enough resources at short
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notice to actually fit them all in one as long as there isn't a european wide solution and i don't think there's any insight then each municipality should be allowed to decide how many they take we have been saying for a year is that we can handle more refugees like the fish that are but municipalities aren't allowed to make that decision without approval from germany's interior minister and he doesn't want germany going it alone. if we do that then you can say goodbye to a european solution to. this new on the past years i kept hearing the same remark in brussels from other member states they say this is our problem and we shouldn't be bothering them with our problems or in 3 months. one day after the fire 400 miners are flown from les paul's to the greek mainland 10 european countries have announced that they're willing to take them in germany will take in
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150 but this had already been agreed upon before the fire. meanwhile the endless arguing between member states continues. hungary and austria and north inspired when germany announces it will take in some $400.00 refugee families from less boss once again there is some chinese any humanitarian aid will simply create new incentives for more people to come to europe. and video if we really did work together with the greek government to get people off the greek islands and bring them into europe i'm sure the camps would fill right back up again. that would create a so-called pull of electric and send the wrong message to other refugees that. basically we'd be telling them that if they ever managed to reach a greek island it would only be a matter of time before they'd be in hamburg or united at cyprus and i would have mentioned that as of india and packing the last bill so if we just take
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a few kids out of lesbos then some european governments think that each single child could be the incentive for another 1000000 people to come on. that's ridiculous. the only thing you're a pig rezone is that rejected asylum seekers should be deported. the up to those who have been rejected must leave that's the vast majority of people arriving at our accidental borders. then the citizens of europe will be happy to welcome those in need mention in that way we can stand up to right wing populism secondly if we can assure citizens that the people coming in are true refugee community 50 years. but many attempts at repatriation fail because the countries of origin not willing to take these people back. to the past years have taught us that europe can only manage to deport those
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obliged to leave the country in large numbers when the countries we depend on for cooperation are made an attractive offer was attractive is becoming. with the e.u. will manage to pass the new pact on migration and asylum will depend on its member states but they are as far away from reaching a consensus as they were 5 years ago. in the southeast when it comes to migration 5 years of agonizing debate have shown that there's nothing left to say all that's left now to be honest is different sides insisting they were right who made the right call in 2015 those who wanted to close the borders or those who wanted to show humanity simply i hope we will manage to cut through this gordian knot and admit that both sides have valid points and we were in a situation where this migration policy has been blocked for several years and that in my view means that those that have the lowest ambition on migration has actually
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been able to set a standard and we are paying a price for the trust between member states who are paying a price when it comes to solidarity between member states and migrants are paying a price for the idea behind moria has failed but what will happen with the hotspots if the e.u. migration pact is passed i'm afraid we will be faced with more years even more rios in other places maybe even other border area. of the european union as long as this solidarity principle is not really sorted our a-t. and i think therefore we will be stuck in this situation of in human situations and very long and insecure waiting periods. is there any way to solve this how. poor and under very convincing hungary poland and other governments that have no interest in finding
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a solution isn't going to help you got the news and not only will it serve germany's interests. indeed dacha to see if the german government were to say now that irregular migration has slowed more than it has in many years i feel we could build a coalition with other countries to show us how it's done. and we could implement our goals quite quickly. it would inspire others to join and that would be a truly european approach and for that's how the shang in zone or the euro came about this was that that's how the european community came to be in 1950 it was founded by a group of countries that got together to solve a common problem. but until we reach that point it seems there's still a long way ahead of us meanwhile the catastrophe in moria continues despite fires despite pacts and that's migration policy made in europe.
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he says he's in jail. he was everywhere. alex where you know following the russian opposition leader is mobilizing mass protests. despite shocking police violence young people especially on protesting corruption and state despotism they are now taking to the streets everywhere across russia person consuming your. $13.00. many places not moving mine since
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apparently hydrogen is being sold. it's a clean all round. the energy source of the future many industries are very interested in the sealed to neutral field. but what potential does it really carry . made in germany. in 90 minutes on d w. going up today don't miss our highlights w. program online w dark come highlights. i value meal and i'm game did you know that 17 trillion land animals are killed worldwide sure so that
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we can. but it's not just the animals at all suffering it's the environment we went on a journey to find ways around immigration if you want to know how a weightlifter the priests and the cultures changed anything to listen to our podcast on the green comes. out of the. this is news and these are our top stories. drug manufacturer astra zeneca and british prime minister boris johnson say the company's covert 19 vaccine is effective in older people they were responding to news that experts in germany had recommended that the u.k. swedish vaccine should not be offered to me over 60 five's the countries vaccine committee said there was insufficient test data for this age group.


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