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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 30, 2021 10:00am-10:16am CET

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this is d.w. news live from berlin germany bans travel from countries hardest hit by new variants of the corona virus the government says it has no other choice to prevent a surge in new infections also on the program italy's president gives the country's squabbling parties 4 days to form a new coalition for those all parliaments will have the latest from rome. and we need germany's the new soccer star reed lovebox who is helping kids bomb sports side to soar he tells detail to you how racism spurred him on to become
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a buddhist leader regular. america evans team thanks for joining me germany is imposing a travel ban on countries most affected by new coronavirus varian's the measure came into effect just hours ago and will remain until at least the 17th of february berlin says the restrictions are necessary to prevent a surge in new infections. the fear of new coronavirus mutations is real in germany it's also one of the main concerns for german authorities to prevent them from spreading fast in the country the government has now announced new travel restrictions the interior ministry has imposed an entry ban until the 17th of february for travelers from countries that are particularly affected by them brazil
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arland portugal south africa the u.k. listen to and it's one teeny mutations have not hit germany as hard as other countries but already a hospital in berlin was forced to halt admissions after several cases were fond of the mutation 1st discovered in britain and health officials are stressing that the situation could deteriorate the muson of a different also we have to assume that if the more contagious variants continue to break in this country they will lead to even more cases and the near future and the situation will probably get worse we must work together to prevent. doesn't come to us mistaken modes of thinking that the travel ban are seen as a step in that direction but it is still unclear how effective it could be for more let's bring in d.w. political correspondent hans franz hans hello to you so we've been hearing the last couple of days that the incidence of coronavirus in germany has in fact now fallen
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below 100 per 100000 residents that's in a 7 day period for the 1st time in months so why is the government imposing this travel ban now. well the answer is fear fear of these new mutations of the virus that were discovered in brazil and south africa and in great britain we've just heard how effective hotel infectious these these variants are they are said to cause explosions of infections for instance in portugal before that in ireland but also in great britain and germany is very very scared that the success that it has had in the last few weeks with bringing down the infection read is endangered by these new variants that's why these travel restrictions have been imposed now but we have to say this is in addition to travel restrictions that have
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been in place for weeks already everyone knows how difficult international travel has been in the last couple of months and that is also the case for travels between germany and the rest of the world so these restrictions simply are on top of the restrictions that have been in existence already but they are the most severe that are possible preventing or prohibiting travel between these 2 countries between germany and these in fact 7 countries at the moment all right hands but what does this mean for people who in fact have to travel on a regular basis between germany and one of the affected countries either to do business or to visit their family members or are they barred as well. yes indeed they are very very few exceptions to this people of german origin or of a german citizens and people who are resident in germany are a lot of travel into germany about reasons such as regular travel between countries that have been prohibited and germany are not allowed. exceptions called certain
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medical emergencies and emergencies in the family such as it such as a death in the family exceptions they are all for. commercial travel for people who organize transport in other words a road transports and those kind of things to keep the supply chains going but regular travel for personal or business reasons is prohibited delhi is political correspondent hans franz thank you so much well here's a look at some other developments in the pandemic taiwan has reported its 1st death from cove in 1000 since may the case is linked to a small and unusual local outbreak in a hospital mexico's president said in a video message that he is recovering from coven 1000 andres manuel lopez obrador has been isolating since he tested positive for the virus last weekend and up to
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30000 people per day will be allowed to attend the australian open tennis tournament as the state of victoria records its 24th day without locally transmitted kovan $1000.00 cases. the european union is pressing ahead with export controls to stem the flow of corona virus vaccines leaving the blog. said it had no choice following a dispute with astra zeneca which cut deliveries to member countries in the 1st quarter of this year russell says the pharmaceutical company is violating its contract well meanwhile the european medical agency has given approval to astra zeneca coronavirus vaccine is home to 3rd child will boost sluggish vaccination efforts across the walk. it was a dramatic decision borne out of desperation faced with diminished deliveries of the $1000.00 vaccine the e.u.
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on friday an ounce controls on vaccine exports this threaten controls at the border between the republic of ireland and northern ireland keeping the border open was a key demand in the drawn out brags that negotiations on the news was greeted with disbelief in the. you know i think it's quite incredible that it's an act of aggression actually less than a month into a sleeve in the european union we see them in this you know after the way. the move came as the world health organization expressed concern over results nationalism it's not helpful to have in the country at this stage which in export bins or barriers did not allow for to free. movement of the necessary ingredients that will make vaccines diagnostics in other medical since the lable to all the world the e.u. swiftly wrote back making clear that that island u.k.
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border would remain open but control of the vaccine exports will remain in place. the measure was prompted by drug maker astra zeneca which plans to delay deliveries of its vaccine to the e.u. while maintaining full deliveries to the u.k. . this is a race against the clock the kind of flu storm because of. being delivered on. choose this we need to ensure that all advanced purchase agreements for vaccines made by. the rally has not stopped the medicines agency from approving astra zeneca has vaccine for use within the union but with the producer unwilling to significantly ramp up the blocks delivery the approval is unlikely to boost an immunization campaign but is struggling to get off the ground . let's get a quick check now of some other stories making the news this hour the world health
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organization team investigating the origins of the corona virus has visited the hospital in the city of where the 1st coated 19 patients were treated as the pandemic began the mission has become politically charged as china seeks to avoid blame for alleged missteps in handling the early days of the outbreak. the brother and several allies of kremlin critic alexei navalny have been put under house arrest for allegedly violating corona virus restrictions by calling for people to join protests the court decision comes ahead of new rallies planned for sunday authorities have warned protesters they could face charges of mass unrest. portugal's parliament has voted to legalize euthanasia the bill passed by a large majority allows assisted suicide for terminally ill patients the bill still requires the approval of the conservative president if he signs it into law
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portugal will become the 4th e.u. country to permit the practice of poland has seen 3 nights of protest over a near total ban on abortion terminations are now for big except in cases of rape and incest or where the mother's life is at risk holden's constitutional court has backed the legislation. to italy now where president sergio might that i learn has tasks of parliamentary leader to carry out further talks to try to form a new government that will better though fico leader of the parliament floor house has until tuesday to determine whether the parties that formed the previous ruling coalition are willing to come together again in a new government the political crisis was triggered this month when a small coalition partner withdrew its support of the government of prime minister just to pick on to. speak to journalists seem
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a goof to who joins us from rome hello to you seem a so how likely is it that we will see a quick formation of a governing coalition that the president is of course hoping for can we be hopeful . well that's what my to read that is clearly hopeful for me he believes this collapse coalition can actually be reviewed and revived which is why he's given this mandate to or a better fico the speaker of the lower house to try and mediate between these parties it's going to be interesting to see how fico is going to media in his own 5 star movement because a faction within the party has already said they're open to the idea of working with matteo renzi he's the leader of that small party that supports while faction within the party has said they want nothing to do with renzi so he's going to have to mediate his own party but at the same time talking to the center left democratic party and so lots of negotiation a lot so of horse trading perhaps in
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a lot of discussion until tuesday when he will report that but for now much to relish at least seeing skin binsted it is a possibility all right and what if he's wrong what if these talks do not work out as planned or what would happen next well at the moment a lot of issues still to be resolved who could be a possible prime minister perhaps giuseppe conti again perhaps mr fieger himself perhaps another think a technocrat but yes if they do not come up with a solution the president will then possibly go back to consultations once again to try and find some kind of new coalition and if that doesn't work all together there's the last possible option which is really the option of last resort and that is to dissolve parliament and go towards elections and of course most don't want that to happen because of course it's he is very much dealing with a pandemic right now just as other countries in the world are seeing them go to in her own way appreciate your reporting. 2 german soccer now and
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a stretch guard host of mines in the bundesliga friday night match the home team wore rainbow strain jerseys in support of diversity on and off the pitch it took stood guard 55 minutes to get on the scoreboard sasha a line church took the centering past 2 headed in jakarta went on to win it to nail . and votes for it are the surprise team this season and could even move into 2nd place this weekend if results go their way one of their key players is germany international. he told d.w. that dealing with a lifetime of prejudice has made him a better player. vosburgh swede live back who is in the form of his life he scored the winner in last weekend's one no with it by a level that sent the wolves to fall from the bond as leader. i was
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the right wing back also made his 1st germany appearance in november the 22 year old is of congolese descent and says proving racist wrong helped drive him as a young player. my father told me all the time you have to do more than the white plans you have to work more you have to perform better than the other players this is always so my hats since i'm young kid being like make itself on the present. back he was nicknamed the live in young a misspelling of the surname of former germany and bruce you don't and star. in 2018 he made it official. my father was a big fan. from collins who led also for the national team is german and my friends call me needless since i'm a young kid and so i said to myself weakness my name in the good it also in my possible so it's no 100 percent clear that i'm german and speech if. he has
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certainly made a name for himself in german football another strong showing against fraud but this weekend could see both back you and his voice backside reaching new heights. there watching the deadly news coming to you from far away and i'll have another update for you at the top of the hour i'm there in evanston thanks for watching. why are people forced to hide in trucks. there are many reasons. there are many cancers. and there are many.


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