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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  January 30, 2021 3:00pm-3:16pm CET

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time to turn in. china's gateway to europe. starts feb 19th. this is deja news live from berlin a new warning against vaccine nationalism the world health organization satin steel arm after the european union says it could block exports of coronavirus vaccines also coming up to germany bonds travel from countries hardest hit by new variants of the corona virus the government says it has no other choice to prevent a surge in new infections. plus
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a special kind of baby boom we've got the story on what is behind the turtle catching boom on kenyans to be. on public us welcome to the program the world health organization is warning against water colds vaccine nationalism this after the european union launched a scheme that could block exports of coronavirus vaccines it's the latest development in a row between the e.u. and drug maker astra zeneca european union of health officials on tells authorities approves the company's job on friday but brussels says it has failed to supply the vaccine in the quantities promised and says the controls are needed to ensure export orders are aren't fulfilled 1st. it was
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a dramatic decision borne out of desperation faced with diminished deliveries of the $1000.00 vaccine the e.u. on friday an ounce controls on vaccine exports this threaten controls at the border between the republic of ireland and northern ireland keeping the border open was a key demand in the drawn out brags that negotiations and the news was greeted with disbelief in the k. you know i think it's quite incredible that it's an act of aggression actually less than a month into a sleeve in the european union we see them act in this you know lateral way. the move came as the world health organization expressed concern over results nationalism it's not helpful to have in the country at this stage which in export bins are barriers did not allow for the free. movement of the necessary ingredients that will make vaccines diagnostics and other medical
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since available to all the world the e.u. swiftly wrote back making clear that that island u.k. border would remain open but control of the vaccine exports will remain in place the measure was prompted by drug maker astra zeneca which plans to delay deliveries of its vaccine to the e.u. while maintaining full deliveries to the u.k. . this is a race against the clock we kind of storm because of what seems not being delivered on. choose this we need to ensure that all advanced purchase agreements for vaccines made by. the route has not stopped the e.u. 0 pm medicines agency from approving astra zeneca vaccine for use within the union but with the producers unwilling to significantly ramp up the block delivery if the approval is unlikely to boost an immunization campaign that is struggling to get
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off the ground. well for more on this we're joined now by rasmus hanson he's the c.e.o. of air finity a science information and analytics company welcome to the program. mr johnson why is the european union struggling to secure its vaccines. well will the e.u. has made some wrong bets early on in independent make they haven't scaled up production at the same speed as other countries have been laid out to make the deals and therefore they are having more supply issues to and then the u.k. and also the u.s. at the moment. and will these export controls affect the use vaccine supply. well i think the problem is that in the d.'s controlled everyone loses out right because you have to look at the broader than just x. part of a few if finished vaccine right that goes
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a lot of ingredients into the vaccines in the 1st place the come from all over the world you need syringe is unique while vials and also you need feel and finish in other places so the moment we don't have a free flow of medicine across borders the whole production will actually eat it is at risk of being being hold it so i think it won't benefit the e.u. a lot you know you would get maybe a little bit more of the vice of axioms if it stopped a 1000000000 plant folks exporting that to the u.k. but we're talking 30000000 and you know with the with the u.k. . population that's not going to make a huge difference now w.h.o. is also worried about the effects that this will have on vaccine production at not just in europe of course globally and how will the rest of the world be affected by these vaccine acts for controls. well so so so short term i think you know there isn't
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a lot of exports going on yet at the moment most countries actually tend to to to to use their own domestic production but longer term this is incredibly dangerous to take a country like india india is said to produce civil billions of vaccines of india start saying we're not going to export any of that then the whole kovacs many low and middle income countries will be schuessler brisk and also going back to the e.u. if you look at her cabbage chip perspective the e.u. doesn't actually have a lot of production inside the e.u. for approved vaccines u.s. has many more u.k. has more and also a country like switzerland the e.u. might be dependent on already is for that madonna import so evil is also longer term actually risking having some of its own issues so so short term it won't make a big difference and long term it really puts puts the whole world at risk. rasmus hansen of analytics company air finity thank you
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germany is imposing a travel ban on countries most affected by new coronavirus variance the measure came into effect just hours ago and will remain until at least 717th brylin says the restrictions are necessary to prevent a surge in you infections the fear of new coronavirus mutations israel in germany it's also one of the main concerns for german authorities to prevent them from spreading fast in the country but government has now announced a new travel restrictions the interior ministry has imposed an entry ban until the 17th of february for travelers from countries that are particularly affected by them brazil learned portugal south africa the u.k. listened to and a swat team. mutations have not hit germany as hard as other countries but already a hospital in berlin was forced to halt admissions after several cases were fond of the mutation 1st discovered in britain and health officials are stressing that the
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situation could deteriorate the move would have and also we have to assume that if the more contagious variants continue to break in this country they will lead to even more cases and then your future and the situation will probably get worse we must work together to prevent that doesn't downturn this music of mine something that. the trouble is seen as a step in that direction but there's still unclear how effective it could be. but one of the countries affected by germany's travel ban is portugal it's the world's worst rate for both deaths under new inspections in recent days and new variants of that virus are spreading rapidly with its health care system operating at its limits portugal is now looking to other countries for assistance. at this hospital only patients with severe symptoms are allowed inside a measurement to provide relief to doctors and nurses were on the verge of being
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overwhelmed and working under brutal conditions. you know it's just not getting better every day there are more infections more ambulances it's all getting worse and worse. we should ask for help and doctors and nurses working abroad should come back. porch iggy's authorities are considering requesting help from abroad the government is in talks with germany about sending army medics to help in overburdened hospitals here. in america we have an enormous need for nurses and doctors but we just don't have the people that's our biggest challenge and where we have the biggest bottleneck. good terms with. portugal risks losing control and so it's placing new restrictions on public life on top of a tough lockdown a travel ban is being introduced this weekend portuguese nationals are only allowed
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to leave the country in exceptional cases. lewis. we are now experiencing the most difficult phase in the pandemic since it began 11 months ago . we have the highest infection numbers in all of europe. this new explosion in cases is. likely linked to family gatherings and people returning from abroad many of them from britain causing the number of infections to rise so much the loosening of coronavirus restrictions over christmas gave the impression that the crisis was over but the pen demick has returned with full force long lines for met testing centers in the lisbon area where half of all infections are due to the british virus variant. i think we didn't take the measures seriously enough during christmas. and today we are paying for it that's when things are not much and i'm worried more and more people are getting infected and dying. because of his muslim
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faith how this portugal's health care system is reaching its limits the country got through the 1st wave of the pandemic relatively well now it seems only help from abroad can help the country cope. now take a look at some other news from around the world german chancellor angela merkel has appealed to the public for patience as her country braces for a potential extension of its coronavirus lockdown in her weekly video podcast nichols said schools and daycare centers would stay closed and urged people to follow the rules health ministers are to discuss the country's vaccination campaign later today. the younger brother of from critic alexina valmy has been put under house arrest for allegedly violating coronavirus restrictions authorities say broke the law when he called people to join anti-government protests this sunday is one
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of several opposition figures to be detained ahead of the planned demonstrations. italy's president is trying to resolve disputes between party leaders following the collapse of the government earlier this month he's given the squabbling factions 4 days to form a new coalition prime minister giuseppe content resigned this week. sports news and in tennis the australian open has gotten a boost up to $30000.00 fans will be allowed to attend per day making it one of the largest gatherings at a sporting event since the start of the kovac 19 pandemic ahead of the australian open local authorities required players to undergo quarantine on their arrival in a strange and it's been 24 days since the state of victoria reported a locally acquired infection so organizers decided to allow up to 50 percent capacity which means a total of up to $300.00 i'm $90000.00 people will attend the tournament this
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friday and open starts on february 8th. we go to kenya now which is seeing more green turtles hatch on its southern shores it's welcome news because the green turtle is listed as endangered on the red list of threatened species a local conservation group is one of many trying to protect turtles and their hutchings from a wave of threats. making a break for the ocean in newly hatched green turtle leaves its nest on t.v. beach on kenya south coast its journey monitored by fishermen from a local organization to t.v. turtle police they're happy that the green turtle numbers are bouncing back what. with what humans were the biggest threat the turtles faced because people used to eat them. but we mobilised ourselves here in t. we and turtles and total eggs are no longer being eaten.
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before. the t.v. turned up police monitor and protect eggs that are laid here now more eggs are hatching them before the fisherman also received training on turtle ecology and they pass this knowledge on to their communities. you know a lot of benefits for the turtles because since 29000 we haven't heard any reports of anyone eating turtles or killing them injuring them so the number of titles that are dying has gone. and people have begun to learn about them. outside. the fisherman also benefit from the conservation project. turtle program is helping us. and we're getting some income. even if we go out to sea for 2 days. we know we'll receive some income later if we
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can then at least use that to take care of our children. the baby turtles still face multiple dangers when they make it from the beach. into the ocean. threats range from plastic rubbish to industrial fishing but with green turtle numbers on the rise the fishermen hope to see some of the hatchlings return to this stretch of the coastline to lay their own eggs when they reach maturity. you're watching did you see you at the top the next our. children to come to this. one giant problem. if you god. how will climate change affect us and our children.
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