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tv   Reporter - On Location  Deutsche Welle  January 31, 2021 7:15am-7:31am CET

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1st. succumbing to. the bug.
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coincidence sabbat previously the earth was just a messy chemistry lab i thought mission. where the improbable. come up. the creation of our solar system with our planet is a bit like the winning the lottery the 1st. one from birth. starts feb 11th on t w. there was see all told you i've also heard you're lucky to be alive so keep quiet. lest we forget a project by luigi toscana. born we were brought to bear can now get you to die and
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they're going to. luigi toscano travels around the world photographing contemporary witnesses of the holocaust. now he's on his way to paris for his largest exhibition to date. the project is a race against time. to see that there won't be any survivors left. because it's all the picture that i take around or that much of on behalf of fidel to go up there soon his portrait of 95 year old jeanette will be joining them she survived the auschwitz be a canal concentration camp suits here. i am.
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as you not calling go was lucky upon arrival at the camp her father brother and nephew were all sent straight to the gas chamber she met was 19 at the time of the . call so maybe the bright light remind some of the survivors of the interrogations by the guest apo. is nervous but a staff member of a jewish organization reassures her the woman knows the survivors she translates and helps the photographer establish a sense of trust. ok can you open guys please little bit more and you know we're going to release you don't i don't know. if. it will get you killed my eyes are burning ok so so hard to.
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shake up right away because you know. she stared at the picture was pretty after the photo session calling because story is written down. like many jews in france she kept it to herself for years not even telling her husband for a long time thanks zain. made up richard no we i'm a little embarrassed about being famous for my story. yet they're not they're going so many people dying in europe during that time in your book and me because of that period i'm considered a celebrity. when i think about it i feel ashamed seizure of if. you know me much else each of these encounters is difficult for luigi toskala know he has to maintain an emotional distance as a means of self protection.
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as a threat to me i'm pretty sure that if it were allowed we would embrace one another . and of course there's a sense of powerlessness knowing the people who've been through such horrible suffering. it really gets to. unesco headquarters in paris luigi toscano as exhibition will soon be on display in and around the building. decorations down this is just like the fence of the united nations in new york. researchers i wish i could set up straight away but unfortunately that's not possible the pictures on here yet i'm feeling antsy. if you have security here we must speak about what's going on when something happens you know what we were doing together and they start to mate. so you know we we must of course when there is. what we call sensible
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exhibitions and it's these one unfortunately we check every day. we live with little security you know tunisia was always the fear in the back of my mind that something might happen to me like you know time might be made the target of an attack but we expected it to happen eventually and yet. in 2900 it did while on display in vienna several portraits were vandalized the incident made headlines around the world the shops i'm going to target the gun i just couldn't bear it. those pictures destroyed the swastikas of the f.a. says that was really tough it tony out survivors cooled me and of course they are pulled by what happened about the force but they said luigi what younger they don't give up we didn't he the boy. beyond us all an issue must the
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real. pleasure for we're about to meet another wonderful person i don't know much about your busy. morning and. i'm gravy if you like a friend who sits here. was no priest coverup. mc battle soul. my parents were picked up and sent to auschwitz. he said i lost 17 family members in paris alone in a poland all of them are killed assess. him so i fled from
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a detention center with my sister because my mother wanted us to escape us. may have a vertical says shop. and i didn't want to leave her i was scared oh so she slapped match my mother slapped me. it was the 1st love of my life and i later realized the slap saved me. i left through the fire as it puts the policeman on duty and let my sister and me leave they simply look the other way. some are. called cold when you're 8 years old and they take your mother your father practically your whole family away and you grow up quickly you're no longer a child reason they'll feel. mannheim germany a week before the opening. this
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is one of the few places where i can really relax and unwind this for the coffee and taking the photographs is not a less spectacular in itself it's in countering the people i'm more interested in their stories i can get them out of my head and. it's affected me so deeply there were times where i couldn't sleep for days on end and i suffered a sudden hearing loss it's something that i really needed time to get used to or i had to get used to because otherwise it's impossible to come to terms with all that insanity. but the whole of course is something i've always grappled with. i'm nuts why i developed this concept of displaying portraits in public spaces just to
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intentionally provoke to say hey there are still people around people who survived that madness. and yet in some places in communities around the world we act as though the whole thing never happened. tired of the. final preparations are made in a warehouse on the outskirts of paris. the latest photos have just come back from the printers. on one hand you look at the details to make sure everything's alright on the other when your stand. in here face to face so to speak you have flashbacks of the true encounter. 4 days later installation begins portraits from the igi toscano was lest we forget series have already been
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exhibited in new york berlin and washington d.c. . it's pretty impressive i have to say this is the biggest exhibition i've had up to now so it's a whole new dimension in itself. we're presenting over 200 photos here and people are starting to come and look at them and read the stories and that's just what i had hoped to achieve so i used this was a shot i should wish to. the exhibition inside the unesco building includes a portrait of 86 year old russian d.d. knock to date toscano has photographed some 400 people for his series he doesn't have a favorite what matters to him are the people they represent he knows all of them by name. susan who was actually the 1st woman i was able to photograph and she made a last thing impression on me. she said something very profound for those who
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forget the past but to repeat it. and she entrusted me with this saying and said take it and internalize it and keep this saying in mind when you need it most. when people start to relativize or even to noir the holocaust it's a fine line and. it's the day of the opening all the portraits are in place and the photographer is feeling a bit nervous gets called for survive as a coming of course a nervous because we're talking about survivors who allowed me to take that poor traits and now that we seeing the pictures for the 1st time. hope everything goes well that all school. he's worried about the reaction of one man in particular his own father of on yes who's all former health minister of france. so
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was the. circuits really exciting. as it drove through i guess this is the reality because i can't stand to see such a sad old my soul. food too. good to be here but the. truth of the exact. moment. is a shunt she seems to like it a lot that's a nice feeling that i've slipped past so moment it's not just my fortress because it represents so much more all those deaths to see the entire show i feel it's important what is exhibition to exist and to travel around the world it could shift your butt to.
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the world filled with beautiful images talk to friends have to work hard to stand out. to find the special place this. night. to the perfect moment. or just have some pretty crazy ideas by the way this camera was made out of cheese. next to. people looking for coverage. there are many answers.
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please there are many reasons. there are many alternatives. to move to make up your own mind to play. made for minds. egg yolk as a substitute for nail polish find out how that works and later on in the show.
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hello and welcome to the special edition of your remarks with me your host meghan lee today.


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