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tv   Nahaufnahme  Deutsche Welle  February 9, 2021 3:15pm-3:45pm CET

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would find patient 0 then they would have maybe the rare it really came from but they were not they were not expecting to find the answer in this they were trying to put together as much evidence as possible to identify further research pass they have said that they have succeeded in collecting a lot of material we don't of course know how much of it has been pre-selected of course everybody was carefully arranged in an office and mission so bravely our domestic oxford's that they viruses origins will eventually be identified. i don't think anybody would be ready to bet on anything. the thing is iffy if one can get back to the very early cases public probably patient 0 maybe then there would be a greater chance but everything depends on what people might find that has
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happened before the virus was officially identified before the airport epidemic was identified by the hospitals so it's very hard to say i think. how big the probability is thanks for joining us i'm a testament as bulling in beijing. china appears to have blocked the odio app clubhouse just days after it was introduced into the country post containing the trending hash tag clubhouse were also censored on social media several large chinese language chat rooms were set up on the invite only app over the weekend participants discussed topics like the ongoing crackdown against it we goes engine jan i democracy in hong kong and the sovereignty of taiwan by monday evening clubhouse users in mainland china reported that they could no longer log on to the app the chinese foreign ministry spokesperson described
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china's action on clubhouse as an issue of national sovereignty. firstly what china's internet is open the government money which is the internet in accordance with the law and regulations secondly and there china's position on the relevant issue has always been consistent and clear cut china has been on swerving determination to defend its national sovereignty security and development interests as well as to oppose interference by external forces well let's have a look at this revert they don't use correspondent in taipei that's william beyond welcome with him this is really about national about national sovereignty and security. from beijing zvi maybe but in fact this is yet another very typical example of beijing censorship that they are very skillfully expanding and deploying this censorship regime whenever they feel like they are ruling and control over the country is being challenge and like you
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briefly mentioned in the introduction some of the topics that were being discussed the persecution of the weaker state per pro-democracy movement in hong kong and taiwan sovereignty these are some of the set most sensitive topics in beijing's ice and having its citizens with no filter to interact with people outside of china and discuss about these issues and this is a big red flag in beijing's eyes and so they immediately act on it and closed off the app right i wanted these conversations on the op reveal so a lot of the exchanges result in fact is that there are in fact chinese people with more liberal minded manners and thinking in that they are going to in fact they are in support of the waiters i think pursuit of their like loved ones being detained and like they are also supporting hong kong people like
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pro-democracy pursuit and also they are supporting and not really opposed to time once a claim of its sovereignty so these are in fact a lot of the discussions opened up and allowed people to really even have some reconciliation in a way that because in real life meet the chinese people are often having to take the very opposite stance and perspective against these people from hong kong from taiwan and the leaders as well as this this actually from china begs the question about whether people who actually took part in these conversations should not worry about government reprisals. so in fact a lot of the users even after the with being blocked in china the use the v.p.n. to access these apps and then came up to. clubhouse to open up rooms to actually discuss about how they in fact have really been expecting the flock to calm and they are not really afraid of being asked to go to the police stations and being interrogated about it they even think that they are they just regret is that
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they're lending the last of the precious opportunity to really engage with the outside world in a way that they would have not been able to under the tight control of the chinese government so is it unlikely event that these conversations will migrate elsewhere . even on tone now tonight we are still seeing a lot of big chinese speaking rooms being opened up and people are still discussing some of the issues that some are even opening up the rooms that are mocking. his party leaders and also the chief editor of the global times the state run tabloid so we're not really seen this to die down anytime soon but in fact the languages and the i think pushback against the blog is even greater than yesterday thank you very much for that very interesting william young in taipei. thank you.
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it's about a 6 months of passed since i country's presidential election triggered the biggest protests in the history of alexander the 26 year rule unprecedented demonstrations continued for weeks despite government crackdowns thousands were jailed and hundreds claim to have been tortured in custody since then the crackdown has continued intensified the w. correspondent nick conley has been speaking with young brother who seems to find out how the events of last year of change their lives. asked. no. we don't. have much more to trace. this way what my brother had to get to know
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was that of course no problems for my family then indeed for me. my mother was forced to resign from the government job she had loved their part and yes. we can be. anxious and. people have to deal with a lot of problems. but we know. how do we. not shastri to question is. what brother was still provoking a debate and outrage here in germany this weekend to german chancellor angela
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merkel this message from president. hu pointing to calling on the political leadership in minsk to immediately end their repressive acts and to release a political prisoner and see all thing we call on you to respect the rights of your citizens is a free expression of opinion in germany and the european union will continue to hold accountable all those who are responsible for the ongoing human rights violations in belarus as we've demonstrated with the round of e.u. sanctions. well the chancellor also announced the details of the german government's action plan for civil society in belarus aimed at providing active support for the opposition this will include offering refuge to persecuted opposition activists are easier visa access and offering treatment to traumatized torture victims is also a plan for scholarship programs for young professionals and independent journalists . now here are some more of the stories making headlines around the world german
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exports tumbled 9.3 percent in 2 of the 20 because of coronavirus trade disruptions according to new government data when while new lockdown measures have hampered the trade recovery that began in the 2nd half of last year in december german exports edged up just north point one percent. the same winter weather in germany is persisting overnight icy roads course traffic disruptions in many places in the western town of beautiful cars and trucks got stuck and drivers had to spend the night in their vehicles governments urging people not to make unnecessary journeys . we'll take a trip to space now where not one but 3 nations are currently and a race to reach mars nasser's perseverance rover well i arrive on the red planet in just over a week i chimed this mission to mars arise tomorrow and today well today is the day that they al i'm prob sent by the united arab emirates enters mars orbit it
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represents a giant leap for that country. the u.a.e. probe is called or hope it's been traveling between earth and mars for the past 6 months it enters mars orbit on tuesday. this is either going to work or it's not going to work there's nothing in between it's not a spectrum of success now they could only wait and see if the mission goes according to plan so. leads the u.a.e. mars mission the 34 year old is one of 70 women on the emirates team that developed the probe the u.a.e. government which provided $200000000.00 to launch the project wants to inspire more women to go into science. we need to have a greater risk appetite to be able to work in areas that is considered quite challenging specially when it's the transformation of your economy to be based on science and technology the emirates oil reserves are dwindling with only enough oil
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left for a few decades so the u.a.e. are no developing their image in the fields of science and technology this has allowed our researchers and our huge scientists to get to a point where they are able to work with the global mars science community in a short amount of time since we started this mission about 7 years ago it's a short amount of time for any nation to enter into any scientific community and this is one of the main proponents all of our space exploration the probe will monitor weather patterns on mars and it will also help the u.a.e. establish itself as a technology hub of the future. now in the tokyo time he tried to news nearly 400 volunteers from the summer games have resigned following sexist remarks by tokyo 2020 president yoshiro mori some already covered the fall for disparaging remarks he made about female board members last week the international olympic
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committee said it has accepted the 83 year old's apology to consider the matter closed the following the exodus of hundreds of volunteers think a little bit older guys this now plan to meet this week to discuss them on some sort of. a search in your updates more of the top of the hour i'm going to.
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call. norman winning issue. for defeating. the competitors. the fight for the top spot is in full. 60. percent
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drama competition for the marketing numbers here by the time and traditional. money 1000000 fans primed for spam and. because we put. 2 calls on you tube. my 1st vice like most sewing machine. where i come from women are balanced by the social influence something as simple as learning how to write them by cycles isn't. since i was a little girl i wanted to have a bicycle off my home and it took me miss them until. finally the game bob invention by me on bicycles but returned because sewing machine sewing i suppose was more apt procreates for girls than writing advice and now i want to meet shall
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from those women back home put downs by them to me and social rules and inform them of oded basic rights my name is dave out of the home and i work at z. to. this is g.w. is a shark coming up today of boy cold cold for next year's beijing winter olympics. rights groups want to come for us to boycott the games over china's coach reprehensible human rights abuses so why isn't any country full of it we. asked one of those making the point and in japan sexism control the sea and uncertainty around the talk your summer olympics leaves fans disappointed.
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welcome to the news a shock that you could join us with one year to go to the start of the winter olympics in beijing human rights organizations are calling for a diplomatic boycott of the games over china's human rights record 188 rights groups are asking world leaders to take this action on the games to court ensure they are not used to embolden the chinese government's upholding rights abuses and crackdowns on dissent so far though that call has had little impact. beijing. the aesthetic winners of the 2022 winter olympics for china another chance to showcase itself to the world after the 2008 summit games those prestige venues are now being repurposed in a slew of new winter sport facilities a skating arena. downhill skiing runs the world's longest bobsled and lose track
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and a state of the national ski jumping center despite the pandemic preparations are surging ahead in what the i.o.c. describes as almost a miracle but china's human rights record is casting a shadow over the major event activists groups are calling for a boycott. if china does not stop human rights what is something to back and they're not going. to not should not be able to cost these 2022 winter olympics. the chinese government has drawn international condemnation for its repression of minorities in particular the mass detention of shin johns week is in so-called reeducation camps. and this past year has seen a massive crackdown on political freedoms in hong kong. but while the i.o.c. claims to be paying heed to human rights activists say it's only paying lip service
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. to the commitments that the chinese government made to the r.c. and the other 2 members of the i.o.c. made itself human rights are clearly not worth the paper they were written on. china dismisses calls to boycott beijing 2022 as political gamesmanship to return to the. any attempt to interfere with and disrupt the normal preparation and holding of the olympics out of political motives is highly irresponsible. feet before they're in this war. meanwhile olympic athletes a lift to walk a fine diplomatic line we haven't been talking about anything we have seen ourselves like that neither situation china usa usually we don't talk that much about. but politics will be hard to escape as china counts down the days
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to its 1st winter olympics. and insistent on keeping china's human rights record in the spotlight is the wild we go to congress and international organization defending the rights of people it's dubbed next year's winter olympics the genocide games tweeting this there are bits of always been deplete that fasts and the upcoming winter games could be another the 1st to lympics to be held in a country accused of committing genocide. don't call me sir is president of the world we are congress and he's one of those calling for a boycott of the winter olympics a mistake he saw a welcome now it's been dubbed the genocide games by activists yet your call to boycott them has found virtually no takers amongst countries why do you think that is while the call actually not at the moment this equal it gives the market by port beijing will begin there
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a little bit because the host the winter games have begun is it get the ball is it jump from the international olympic committee because it will be taking place in the country committing genocide began told the beijing that there will be given that the journalists i. can say because you know is that olympic committee had very bad experience in history it is the unfortunate history repeating again of that then 82 years ago or this isn't nasty a little bitch 1936 same thing as was is it have been or that we were today and china's government state is going to the party commits genocide against the we were it is that you have so many if it is over and also so many national media or this also was the chinese government. committed genocide then this was shut and continual all the big rubber dinghies of
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beijing it is a wrong decision yet right now but despite all these proofs if i can call them them being in the public eye of a quite some time your call for a diplomatic boycott is not receiving enough support and the question remains why do you think that is. well you not as the most of the other fortunately it is the most of the country most of them people you'll and that even older you know site and the but it is the general type as they think that open. ended complements the rest all are by the it better than people suffered and even chinese people suffered but unfortunately a lot of the country and the sport meant just the seeking both economic basis of it mostly and the trends and even some country and. create the good
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the like the chinese government it intimate sense yes that country is so and that even though it is shades to shent but it is a reality it thought so many countries in the know just as you will but because of the risk is that the because the mother like and the life force of the men is the sick and the poor are the economic unfortunately right we leave it there with the timing but thank you so much for joining us don't can ease our president of the world we go to congress i think you. and while many athletes are treating china's human rights record as a norbu they have certainly spoken up over the sexism controversy in the upcoming tokyo summer olympic games last week tokyo 2020 president former prime minister yoshiro mori said that women talk for too long in meetings mores comments set off a social media frenzy nearly 400 in the big volunteers have resigned and the 83
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year old has apologized but the issue hasn't died down. i think that someone that makes comments like they need to be. or they need to have more knowledge on the things that they're talking about. so i feel like those are really ignorant statement to me this sort of attitude and so the caller says the one before him since all years he's gone through it is not right for him to make such sexist remarks and for everyone to let it go by saying oh well he's a grandpa. not a more controlled whistle to experience the excitement i felt for japan's last olympics but now i wouldn't be proud to work as a volunteer. now that outrage is the latest in a series of growing problems for ghanaians as of the summer olympics the organizing committee insists the games we'll go ahead despite public support and the
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continuing pandemic questions also remain over whether spectators might be limited or barred altogether a mix of uncertainties affecting enthusiasm for the games themselves. the tokyo impacts may not a karate instructor a chrono. tokyo will be the 1st games to include karate in the competition and although he can't compete i kind of still wants to participate. more than get there will. i be happy even if there were no spectators to be a torch relay runner for an olympics in japan or is a once in a lifetime chance. if it's possible i do want to do it by the. more than that he says for many athletes these games will be their last. call going on and we're going to sign a lease i think there are many athletes who plan to retire after the tokyo games
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when i think about that i want to see the event take place as they will see this. for 56 year old you sheiko tanika everything hinges on whether spectators will be allowed in she and her family won tickets for the judo and hoping to attend to knacker has been in or of the game since she saw her 1st live event in 1998 at the winter olympics in the garner. they had tomorrow they're going to she's i guess i thought i was struck by how many people there were saying the no i was surprised by how quiet everyone was when the races started then the noise when the race as well one was something i remember to this day what it was amazing was i was struck by how different it was when you watch it live long gone are the ones that she doesn't expect tokyo to live up to those memories. there that won't be lost all of the tokyo olympics held with no fans. i have no idea what it will be like an animal
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gone are they will have to see how it goes. it's not just boarding fans who are disappointed organizers had recruited some 80000 volunteers for the original dates but the delay now means many are unable to take part might a roomie is one who still intends to join in but she says she'd prefer the games to be postponed another year if possible but that's here are. my opinion it will be difficult to hold the games in july this year we received only a bit. bossy from the save we have the option of postponing it again i think we should increase the regular they will she'd understand she says there's just too much at stake. we don't i don't need a month or even languish i on hold in the kind of situation we're in now where tens of thousands of people are still infected with the virus in so many countries and i
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think the world will look at us with disdain thinking we're selfish to enjoy it just by ourselves i would feel bad about it. on the same day benefit of the settlement that you. but with the games having already been delayed once organizers still insist that this summer the show must go on. and the deal to get underway on the 23rd of july that's a full day there's more to website it up. now while talk show doubles down to open its olympics breaching is on course preparations for its winter olympics next year however real snow in the city means. feature after official we leave you with images of some of those venues we're back tomorrow.
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against the corona virus pandemic. the rate of infection been developing. the latest. information and contacts. around a virus. w. is a master of the art of confrontation this is room full of full combat you're going to exploit the disputed champion of tofu with trying to frighten people.
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into the conflict zone. as jim says he holds the powerful to account this is a fix for you whichever way you like to spin conflict. d.w. . vaccines have saved millions of lives in the past century. but now they are the best way out of this crisis but there are exciting new prospects waiting in the wings. the practice of backs and aging dates back thousands of years through private spines touted cowpox and feel are scientists today. and are in a technology have been instrumental in finding covert 19 and another technique could give. d.n.a.
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based vaccines the beauty is that scientists can design them on a computer in a matter of hours but people are worried about their own d.n.a. being altered italy is said to stop trials of a vaccine based on a d.n.a. fragment next month its drug regulator having approved the coated evacuees in occupation more on the safety issue when a bit 1st a little history lesson. as early as the 10th century in china secretions from smallpox past tools were dried and rubbed into superficial scratches in the skin inhaled this is considered the 1st inoculation using attenuated pathogens to cause a reaction by the immune system. in the 770 s. english physician edward.


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