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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 12, 2021 10:00am-10:15am CET

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19th on d. w. . this is the news live from berlin prosecutors complete their case in the 2nd the pietschmann trial against donald trump they say senators should impeach trump all the violent scenes from the u.s. capitol could happen again. also coming up. ahead of tokyo's olympic organizing committee resigns his sexist remarks course of. the japan sluggish progress towards greater gender equality. football feat that's only been done once
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before by a munich claim 6 major titles in 12 months now well club championship. welcome to the program prosecutors have wrapped up their case in the 2nd trial against donald trump senators to convict the former president for inciting the violent mall that stole the comparable building on january 6th the prosecutors say convicted trump is necessary to ensure something similar can't happen again later today trump's defense team will present its side of the story. so the jurors a timely end to the day's hearings on the 3rd day of the impeachment trial of donald trump prosecutors made their closing pitch without using up their allotted
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speaking time of 16 hours. and i wanted to start simply by saying that in the history of humanity democracies an extremely rare and fragile and precarious and transitory thing this wasn't just an attack on the capitol building and the dedicated people inside it was an attack on what we were elected to preserve our democracy. for you. don't know what the prosecution made heavy use of video footage of the january 6th riots to prove that the former president had incited the violent insurrection. not impeachment is not to punish but to prevent we are naturally or to punish donald trump we're here to prevent the seeds of hatred that he planted from barry any more fruit republican lawmakers who are quick to dismiss the arguments but you
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think that the argument that. i thought they were awfully repetitive. trumps defense team will make its case on friday the way that a final vote is expected this week and the 2 thirds majority is needed to impeach a trumpery meaning 17 republican senators have to cross the aisle. in the. u.s. politics. william house prosecutors have wrapped up their case how exactly did they try to make that link between donald trump's was and the insurrection that followed . good morning right we saw that these last 3 days democratic prosecutors the house managers showing a litany of dollar terms tweets and his speeches not just from january 6th in the days around that not even really from the entire election period in which he he spent repeatedly doubt into the validity of an election everybody else was saying
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was perfectly fine but really his entire term in office the way he's treated unspoken about people he sees as the other violence that he suggests against other people or ways to just you know knock him down and when it comes to the january 6 riots telling his his supporters repeatedly to fight like hell that the january 6 rally at the capitol was going to be a while he said and then comparing that to how many of the rioters themselves said that they heard president trump's words as an invitation and that we saw 2 things together is how democrats over the last few days are trying to make their case today a lawyer this will have that in the trial what can we expect to hear from the defense . we can expect to hear what democrats were already trying to preempt in their final day of arguments yesterday so today we're going to hear basically a free speech rule that donald trump has the right to free speech that he wasn't given fair due process the impeachment was rushed rushed and also because out of
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office they're still going to try to push this unconstitutional aspect even though it has been made constitutional by the senate they voted for that our having this trial on constitutional scholars. many of them all around the united states of difference of size of the aisle are saying this is constitutional and there is historical precedent for trying a president after he's left office but much like the democrats wrapped up they are arguments fairly quickly today it seems like the trump defense would be fairly quick with its arguments yesterday would be quick with their arguments today. and what have you said this when we discussed this yesterday this is widely expect that trump will not be convicted in the end because not enough republican senators will vote against the current member of the parties so why go through this process and it's a question not only for this week but a question also that was asked in the 1st impeachment what's the point when we know what the conclusion is going to be democrats of course want to get this on the
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record just impeaching the president alone is already a statement is already something that will go down in history as a negative mark doll chump to remember him by and it forces republicans to go on the record on where they stand out against violence against the united states and against really themselves so while the ultimate victory for democrats might not happen the historical record is still some still has some kind of value it will improve thank you. well let's have a look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world this hour facebook says it will limit content posted by me a mass military social media company says the army has continued to spread misinformation hundreds of thousands of people have been protesting across myanmar since the military overthrew the civilian government and detained most top leaders . kremlin critic alexei navalny is back in court this time on charges of
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defaming a world war 2 veteran who appeared in a government video of ali was recently sentenced to nearly 3 years in jail for allegedly violating his probation as he recovered from a poisoning attack in germany. china's broadcasting regulator says it has banned b.b.c. world news it's a largely symbolic move 1st the channel was only freely accessible to foreigners the decision comes a week after britain revoked the u.k. broadcast license of china's c g t n it concluded the network was controlled by china's communist party. well states across europe us scrambling to contain new more infectious covert 19 variants germany supposing travel bans on the neighboring czech republic as well as role region starting on sunday german leaders have expressed particular concern about the latest outbreak state premier says tyrol is now is not taking the situation seriously it is funny for cha boards it seems like
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a deja vu we're driving through to rule the very same state you know that was a major sport in europe when the pandemic began is making headlines by becoming a hot spot again this time with a new variant from south africa and most cases stem from here shots a district interior 60 percent of at least 400 cases this makes austria the 2nd most infected country after south africa with a coronavirus mutation. but with carnival season in full swing the people here don't seem to be worried much maybe only met up for a little north and will be again in our midst of it at the house of us beat the kite this is a says. it is the same thing that happened in ishqiya last year there is a concentrated move to look for someone to blame myself for i know. this but
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it's always to blame anyway people's behavior politics my opinions are split over this question here and i hate this one feels reality. should have had buddha checks much. better he could also have been prepared much earlier last year when the coronal are strange orange yellow now red of. the restaurants and hotels remain closed and foreign tourists away there's plenty of domestic tourism austrians with holiday homes or even day trippers and when they leave to roll in many cases the virus leaves. with them starting today people leaving to roll to other parts of austria must present a negative call the test pharmacies like this one have set up testing facilities the demand but the south african very end has already spread beyond the state borders have to rule the measures to set up what if one falls now too little too late. as you say it is just one measure out of so many i believe measures like
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these cannot be put in place from one hour to the next because such a logistic challenge. and a political one to austria is a federal state both the central government and the state governments need to coordinate how to respond to a crisis which takes time exactly what does not happen. the president of the tokyo 2020 olympics organizing committee has resigned 83 year old you sure are maureen course a firestorm for sexist remarks he made a recent japanese olympic committee meeting or he is also a former prime minister the outrage over his comments shows that japanese society is slowly changing. your mori wanted to guide the coronavirus delayed tokyo summer games all the way through a closing ceremony but his tenure ended in controversy. the important thing is for
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the olympic games to be held in july and in order to hold the olympics if my presence is a hindrance to the preparations this cannot be allowed to nominate weeps mori was leading an olympic board meeting last week when he was quoted as saying women talk too much something he called annoying the former japanese prime minister later apologized but it was too late his comments true sharp criticism in the parliament and on social media. and some $400.00 would be volunteers for the summer games quit in protest. they asked and i think more he should have resigned when he apologized but he didn't crit so i thought he was tone deaf he should have thought about the impact of his comments being reported overseas i know people in other countries have a stricter view on issues of equality then the japanese. mores strongly supported the effort to bring the 2020 olympics to tokyo and some officials fear that his
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resignation could spell doom for the games now set for this july still his downfall to some represents an opportunity. put him live in the i think this is a good chance to change japan's current mindset about gender equality as it marked a kind of milestone since a person who made such remarks has to resign so i think this has great significance . meaning. after the 83 year old mori the 84 year old former head of japanese football. is considered likely to take over the japanese olympic committee. and european football there's more cause for celebration for germany's byan munich they got champions edged mexico's team to win the fi far club world cup taking all 6 major trophies they could win in
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a 12 month period us alone was the only other club to do that and that was back in 2009. out of the starting blocks to show they had every intention of battling man well neuer put a stop to this attack. but it remained a physical affair throughout neither team giving ground easily. biron appeared to go up in the 18th minute. i only to have the goal disallowed by video assistant referee for offside. leroy sign a had a great chance but rattled the crossbar and the 1st half and it scoreless but biron got on the right side of the v.a.r. in the 2nd half benjamin kovach banging the ball and an assistant referee immediately called it offside but with the match on the line video replay over ruled the goal was good off the usa were commish cross one nil byron and that's how it staged by iron our club world champions and winners of an historic sex couple.
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china has rung in the lunar new year kicking off a week long festival cross the country colorful illuminations and red lanterns symbol of good luck welcome to in the year of the ox it's the 2nd year in a row that covert 19th asa shadow of the celebrations normally lunar new year holiday sees the world's largest annual migration as people across china to visit their families but this year the government people who want to stay put. a loaf. good deal that will eventually tell. you what you need. from me and the news stream. for you in. coming up 1st is the dr phil asking the question. is unique in that you can
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also get all the news and information on a website. as in berlin. in mexico many pushed home loves us right now in the uk climb a tree curtain call the story this is my plan for when photos. can really get. we still have time to. i'm going.


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