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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  March 6, 2021 10:30am-11:00am CET

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got some tips for your bucket list. manticora. person. and some great country more years to boot. we. find out why click divers don't go in head 1st that's coming up later on in the show. everyone is welcome to a special edition of your own max with a focus on the ocean i'm your host megan leigh is that look at what we've got in store for you today. how
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a freediver explores the deep blue sea. ant a dutch form a shop that brings the taste of the ocean to the table. how long can you hold your breath. well on average most people only manage one or 2 minutes but with the right training you can increase that quite a bit the current record is over 24 minutes held by a free diver now they explore the oceans without using oxygen tanks and fun but it sure did didn't start free diving until she was 37 years old but she's still among the world's best while we met up with her to find out more. not fun but the deep blue sea isn't in chanted world where she feels absolutely free. she's
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a free diet fox that means she died without oxygen tanks and she's one of the world's best. both belong to what's unique about freediving is that you're completely on your own the guns of the it's just you against nature and yourself. think maybe even in the ultimate sense in the final consequence the consequence. of. free divers have to master a special breathing technique which allows them to dive deep on a single breath. and are caught up on that your body realizes oh you're under water coming at you you can't breathe so you have to conserve oxygen if you're going to survive this 1st your pulse drops your heart rate slows down have and your metabolism slows radically and less energy is used when you're and everything is
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geared towards saving oxygen and keeping you alive as long as possible. before diving and i concentrates on storing up as much oxygen in her lungs as possible but . some freezer i just push themselves beyond their limits and risk physical harm freediving is an extreme sport and not to be taken lightly. locals music or our greatest risk is losing consciousness when you hold your breath you can always lose consciousness as well and then if you're in the water and that happens and nobody is there to pull you out. you drown so we keep an eye on each other. and i was already an experienced diver when she took a course in free diving in 2007 within just 6 months but she said 3 german records the same year she brought home grown loose from the world championships in egypt
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and. back home in berlin she trains 3 or 4 times a week many free divers take up yogurt and various meditation techniques but anna prefers crossfire's a grueling food body training program that pushes her to her limits. on up north. i'm a free diver so i've only got one breath and i need muscle condition that can work without using a lot of oxygen and i'm making very good progress with cross from cos with soap and water. for approach to life is to take the i'm beaten path she briefly tried her neoprene diving suit for a laptop. in may 2019 and i published her 1st book it's an athlete's biography but also much more besides knows what i need to ante up with whole i'm
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actually quite the opposite of a free diver and i have one line that is too small of the thing and i'm not an especially good swimmer i've got so many things that should stop me but i'm still quite a success at it and i've been one of the world's best for over 10 years now that's a story that should encourage everyone to approach life with an open mind to be able to blog. in cyprus now she has to concentrate. on. the week you should go to the best is the plan for me is retiring with a mano fan and i dived 81 metres deep with one in 2013 through i'd like to try again and see if i can make it down just one more metre that would be really really great session. with the she succeeds or not and the fun but it sure has found
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her own happiness in the ocean depths. most people prefer to go to the beach for sunshine blue skies and a pleasant temperatures but others love the turbulence see after a storm when the tide is why old for the british or french are for rachel tell apart it can't get stormy enough and thanks to her photos even those at home can enjoy the drama of the ocean. when the sea churns in wales when the tides come in and gales with the water that's when british way photographer rachel taleb art springs into action. i'm just going to
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watch the way stressed i'm a shill. on the beaches of england south east coast she takes spectacular photos of the sea as if she were out in the midst of it. but she says out there she get seasick. a lot of people often say to me oh you must been in a boat you look as if you're at sea and that is the look i want to get you and i remember how it feels to be right house sea with no land in sight and just waves around here and i think that's what i'm trying to illustrate in a lot of my photographs but from the shore. photographing waves means dealing with a constantly changing subject. that if you could see that if you get one really big right the next to me to be after it at this beach and many beaches will force
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a big. sale you get people who see the 1st before i take a picture and then they're looking at the camera there's 2 more comic. rachel town of a true international attention with her photo series sirens she took the pictures during especially intense storms involving winds up to 150 kilometers per hour and waves as high as 15 meters it was the 8th of february 26th the which was storm and i spent the day here exactly where we are now and it was 6 hours of actually exhausting it's really pretty and photographer. she gave every wave she photographed for the series a name taken from the. luminous poseidon making the giant waves seem like raging gods or demons. if you freeze the
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sea at a really fast shutter speed a 1000th of a 2nd or thereabouts there are amazing shapes and this is an example this one's called loki the norse trickster god looks like is happening good laugh. if she's out during a real storm she lies right on the sand to achieve greater stability then she can use her telephoto zoom lens to capture waves of 200 meters away. you have to adopt really uncomfortable poses like this lying on a shingle for a long time getting as low down as possible makes the razor bigger because the horizon goes down the wave stands up above the horizon and so really makes all the difference in the world. rachel tyler bartz black and white photos have won her many awards but she doesn't always dispense with color. i just thought it was so
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simple it was just about like catching that wave in that moment i didn't want the distraction of color color for this one because the green in that way if i just thought it was so lovely and i didn't find this way scary it was more beautiful and that's probably because it's actually moving across the frame so it's not threatening me in any way. the photographer has always loved to see these mysterious and and earthly qualities but she also senses that now it poses an entirely new kind of menace i've spent a lifetime looking at sea i look at this coast and i'm not a scientist but it is. failed to mate at the end of a severe storms on this case has grown which from a graphic perspective based quite exciting is obviously also has other ramifications to tell more. but when the sea becomes smooth and trying
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and time it's time for rachel towing the party to head home again. seaweed on the beach is seen as a nuisance by most people especially if you're on vacation but for dutch chef edwin vega it serves as colon area gold in fact he collects it for his main dishes now seaweed in asian cuisine has long been commonplace now it's also popular in european kitchens thanks to its nutritional value and its diversity and once you see how uses it for his were made creations well you might become inspired to. the taste of the sea fleet adorned with algae and mussels edwin vink is cuisine is based on local maritime ingredients. a life without the sea
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a lot. of the project is one picked by thinking. today i think in his friend john cranston a visiting to north sea coast in the netherlands. drink is the only person in this region who holds an official permit to harvest the algae. think assumptions everything immediately. this is japanese. barrier so we will dry it i want is the right even more intense with even more. testing like like the sea. so this is really this is not my favorite but this is really great the great if we think it puts his creative skills to good use of his restaurant the crumb of the guy located right near the shore so we started this with all the different kinds of seaweed. this is the rolls royce between august this is. when you make like something like oil or something from less
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there's like white for. you know your struggles in the kitchen with this a microphone. all the food that think it prepares is cooked with salt water from the sea filtered and boiled of course to kill a funny bacteria. to see what happens if there's. water reduced the salt in the water is on the potato and then you have this salty potato. and so simple. the menu features mostly fish and shellfish and think you use a c.v. consider chefs would use vegetables. much easier is the sea the sea water so people come here to taste the sea to experience the sea when you walk around here you smell the sea i want to have this on your plate. mussels are a favorite item on the menu exhibit 20 different varieties depending seems.
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willful thing about it is they all have their own taste one of them sweet one of them has been a bit sour so i would have all those different kinds of taste that we have that is bringing another extra dimension on the shelves. or like on the shelf see weights but you have to taste them all before you know what which one are the best and then you have to test them out so if the called them you have to make them you have to make over they have to eat at the raw if you want so long. think it has finally developed the sweet and salty desserts. roast. and combines it with the big chocolate mousse red bean paste and. this is remind you of the wrong north sea coast this is. just one block from your pond george smith's japanese.
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very important that people come in here one day leave the table you have to be fit you have to be tired and we tried to do to make it as clear as possible that's healthy as possible so we don't you're sure winner in our dishes also like japanese they were sure what we was honey we have our own bees in the garden so i would try to make our kitchen as light as possible and as healthy as possible because it's very important. when fink it has made a name for himself as a chef he prepares fresh snored seem greedy and served in innovative combinations. professional cliff diver and has been hearing herself off rugged ledges for almost 15 years well sometimes from a height of up to 20 metres and through these daring feeds she's become one of europe's most successful cliff divers we met up with her in switzerland on the edge
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of a cliff. 3 seconds that's all she's got then on a platter hits the water at a speed of about 85 kilometers an hour. cliff diving its cliff diving gives me this great sense of freedom up there i'm on my own a sort of untouchable me and when i take off and i'm in the advantage that is a moment of weightlessness that's what freedom feels like to me yes it's nothing i hate i'm. one of europe's most popular cliff diving locations is near this was philip ponta brother. telling off his vital since cliff divers cannot afford to slip to hit the water at such high speeds that the water surface can act like concrete that's why they
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always into the water feature 1st. hitting the surface at a bad angle after a 20 meter drop is like being in a fairly serious traffic accident resulting in broken bones sprains and dislocated joints but this mainly happens to novice divers injury rates for professionals are fairly though. the old and say here's essential it helps us to a focused and avoid becoming reckless. so if you're is generally a good thing for us then we need to prepare ourselves mentally before the dive and then vision the jump in our minds. for them in the end i also do breathing exercises that were really centered when we go. in one with us. cliff diving is an adrenaline rush on about our practices yoga during training and at competitions to stay calm and focused.
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her partner for school on. this is also a professional cliff diver together they have 2 children to keep fitness and family life in balance they often train together but being a parent and an extreme athlete is not always easy. so i'm more was more worried about myself like when i'm performing also like when she is. i'm worried about her because you know before if you're single you're responsible if you're so but you know ever think what you do. that really now that i have a family i have less time to train and prepare for competition and. that's why i decided to slow down a little and do easy a jump after the split. even in 2017 i achieved better results than ever before
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because. as a child and i did gymnastics springboard diving and later platform diving but that all changed one day mom she was on vacation. and sick then bad when i was 17 i was on vacation in jamaica and there were these locals time to go off the cliff by rick's cafe if that's rick's cafe and there was a platform for tourists to jump from and so it did that's one thing we don't have you know and a local said you have that all your professional me lady to come over and dive with us and that was my cliff diving debut. here in front of rolla on a batter's cliff diving career took off in 2005 for many years she was the only woman in the sport and had to compete against men no provisions had ever been made for female contenders. demand there are plenty of
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a high level competition that's what many more opportunities to train and die. and that's especially great for us women and it was always my dream even when i just started out that that eventually the real competitions to take part in it gave. her dream has come true but on a founder's not diminished yet when faced with a challenge she was always ready to take the plunge. about 20 years ago bad advice from munich who was looking for an outdoor sport that suited him but he had no luck so he decided to create one for himself he called it c trekking and he combined his love for the ocean travel and adventure in a unique way will see truckers rely on their own physical endurance while exploring the coasts rejoined him at one of his workshops in croatia.
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she trackers get to enjoy a deserted beach is breathtaking days and stunning underwater landscapes. they explore gorgeous coastline spiked i think hiking and swimming. you meet the needs of me personally the ocean is a sheer bend less expanse. it's a space you can never conquer and it's this intangibility the draws me out there again and again. that's absolute freedom. absolutely. very hard is a sea trekking pioneer 20 years ago he was the 1st to swim from one tiny island to the next these days he offers workshops where he teaches others about the sport today he's on the croatian island of trash giving a sea trekking course with free diver nikolai linder most participants are familiar
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with water sports which helps. the y. in the uk so the. workshops like these highlight different aspects of sea trekking. you know the group such as planning your routes the equipment needed and of course the way you move underwater. i did think. it's not a lot like swimming in open waters or free diving who. would see trekking your movements a result of the expanse of the sea. one of the most important pieces of kit is a kind of waterproof backpack it was developed by bernhard himself see truckers use it to transport everything they need drinking water clothing food a sleeping mat and sleeping back. to me with finish up or taking. about 10 liters of drinking water. though i'll have to rearrange it in my packs so it won't get in
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my way when i'm swimming later on. once everything is packed the backpack is inflated now it has a streamlined shape and can be pulled behind the sea checkers without much effort. this 3 day workshop only features a short trip to a nearby bay further down the coast all participants sleep out in the open. and we're not really all that nervous i just hope i won't be cold because we'll probably be going for 23 hours. but if i don't mind the weather because we'll be in the water or diving most of the time i hope. the weather and underwater currents are important factors to consider. sometimes swim several kilometers per day and occasionally put in free diving stops. you can go see trekking pretty much anywhere of course we had to wild coastal
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regions because there's such an incredible gift and experience of nature. lonely islands where no one else ever goes. you spend the night in the jungle and the next day you dive right back in to the coral reefs. in the cooler in. the workshop participants swim about 2 kilometers to a bank that can only be reached by water. during a sudden rain shower they set up their camp and make a fire. if they can see trekking is all about being in nature the boat giving something back it's such a gift to be able to carry it through but also. unfortunately the next day the weather has worsened and swimming back through the choppy waves he's hard work.
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but once they've made it everyone's really happy. hearted guy this was a great tour even though the sea was a bit rough i have to say this was a great trip. go we learned a lot they showed us a lot of things i often find similar to see checking is an exceptional way of getting around i definitely do it again but it's a bit of a. and after this nature trip most participants are also happy to return to civilization. you heard. and with that we wrap up this special edition of euro max now don't forget to follow us on facebook or go to our own website to see the reports again as always thanks for tuning in ends there.
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the 2nd. meeting after one of the.


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