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tv   Fit gesund  Deutsche Welle  March 8, 2021 6:03pm-6:30pm CET

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problems here in the talk here according to one rights groups was documenting the number of femicide here in the country more than 303 women were killed last year alone this year the number already stands at more than 65 they say so nearly one woman is being murdered here in turkey by men by husbands by brothers by siblings and that is a very high number so that is what you may be right to be. campaigning about. the government to tell to stop them and to do something to better protect them from violence. and how house upon me affected the life and women. that. many women tell me that deep in to make has actually made things worse for them and this is because the government here like many governments around the world has imposed look down and very strict curfews to stem the spread of the virus and
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that's essentially means that women are forced to stay at home their husbands their brothers male relatives was to say at home and that has had a negative impact that it would increase in violence against women that's what women's rights activists here tell me of course many women also have lost their jobs during the pandemic and they have to now manage a double burden not only taking care of the household work and the children but also trying to get along financially so for women here this is been a very tough year there is no end in sight to this pandemic and i think that's why so many men so many women are gathered here tonight to make their voices heard. thank you you in istanbul. well it's been 3 years since me 2 became a global movement but only a couple of months since a public outcry about sexual abuse and harassment of women in the balkans began the
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double it has been to the serbian capital belgrade to talk to women finding new ways to press for equality. so you see 9 is getting set to get pretty loud that's the name of the band she joined in 2015 i'm allowed i guess early marriages and i am allowed for women's rights pretty loud is an all roman girl band it wants to give women of the significant minority in subiaco voice. still be around messages to equality and justice on behalf of the woman and her community brought me i see our responsibility is that true our songs on the root lyrics about the right this woman who don't have support to feel the support from us and to stand up and to have. to have to have more self-confidence and to fight for what they want. in roma communities here
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getting married at 16 or even younger is considered normal not for sylvia and her band though. they are rehearsing new moves and new songs to perform life and help empower others as soon as depend is over their practice several times a week to get their message across singing for equal rights and against any form of abuse by man this roma band is striking a chord among so many women as the balkan region is currently experiencing its own hashtag me to moment women are very different backgrounds across to be coming forward now to speak up actress mila not a little of each is one of the faces of this movement front page is a fool for allegations that her former teacher. raped at a gay sions he denies it sparked a discussion of women's rights across the balkans the issue generates mixed
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reactions from men it's simple this is the ball can be a different from europeans. affect society and women need to talk about this a lot but you know country no matter how great something seems to be in reality women have less rights and it seems to me there's been a custodian lost among a brow if you want to go to each has been writing about women's rights long before the recent discussion began but it's different this time she says there is this little seed of universal female unity and female solidarity among women regardless of ethnicity class we had to hashtag you are not alone because none of those women or none of us is alone because you will hardly find a woman that has never been through some thorpe or are osment or abused for sylvie onto
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a group the current momentum is helping them raise awareness on mall. to prove fronts about being women and being roma in syria but it's not just up to them they want existing know since to be that support to be better in forced helping make their country a safer place to live. and a fish are a force that will take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world the trial of former us police officer derek chauvin over the killing of george floyd has been pushed back a day to tuesday as hundreds of protesters gathered outside the court the judge received a last minute order to reconsider adding an additional murder charge it may miss the show of a no thomas to floyd's neck as he pleaded that he couldn't breathe. syrian president bashar al assad and his wife asma have tested positive for cope with 19 are experiencing mild symptoms of the continued their work from home syria has officially recorded over 16000 coronavirus cases and just over
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a 1000 deaths but the actual number is estimated to be much higher. nicholas pope francis has ended his historic trip to iraq speaking to media on his flight back to rome he said his meeting with the iraqi grand ayatollah had been good for his soul and that he now wants to visit lebanon to show solidarity with people of all religions that. death toll after a series of powerful explosions in equitorial gailey has risen to $31.00 hundreds more were injured the blasts flattened the military camp and nearby neighborhoods in the largest city batter the president has blamed negligence by soldiers responsible for storing explosives 5th that's. britain's prince harry and his wife meghan have spoken on t.v. about the exit from royal life speaking with oprah winfrey meghan who has a white father and black mother revealed that while she was pregnant a member of the royal family voiced concerns over their son's skin color and that
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the intense pressure of living as a royal drove her to suicidal thoughts prince harry said the royal family had cut them off financially and that he feels let down by his father prince charles straight to london then we joined the w correspondent shallots chance of the welcome charlotte so i'm guessing the reaction there has been significant let's put it that way. phil yes every you can pick any cliche out of a hat head to describe this interview a bombshell. explosive people here shell shocked by some of those revelations i mean just to give you a sense just the fact that they disclosed the gender of that child the fact to go the fact that they said that they actually married 3 days ahead of the wedding that we all saw on television those revelations alone would have got a huge amount of attention here in the u.k. and around the world but no instead we just had a revelation after revelation this to our in-depth no holds barred interview
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and it's just so different to what we're used to hearing from the royal family then mantra for so long has been don't complain don't don't explain well the suffixes howry and meghan did post there and of course as you might expect it's gripped people were gone this of whether or not that poor against the the institution of the monarchy now their detractors have been out in force they say that this interview the timing was very insensitive given her grandfather prince philip is in hospital at the moment they also have accused for a long time who are in negative essentially trading on their oil names and saying that they want to step back to avoid publicity but here they are in one of the most publicized interviews in decades their supporters though and we've seen a lot of that particularly coming out of the united states where this interview has been ed there's been a lot of sympathy for the couple american in particular specially the revelations about her mental health and fears that history could be repeating itself we will
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remember what happened with with his father princess mother rather princess diana so huge reaction here in the u.k. ok so you mentioned the mental health comment that let's start with with that what did she say about the state of the mental health. yes she felt that at times she wasn't getting any support she said she felt very lonely she described being stream really isolated and she said at times that she did consider taking her own life now of course that is extremely upsetting for meghan herself but it really does paint a picture of the pants and now coming from the royal family in the way that women who marry into the royal family are treated and of course they're very damaging allegations for. the royal family given that harry when he was active is part of the world family and will they've built their brand on tackling mental health
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issues this now is essentially said even the world family the world household has not is not able to support one of its own even when she clearly as she says was suffering and the allegation of racist behavior directed as an unnamed member of the royal family. correct me to harry or meghan disclosed who they were talking about but in the interview. said that concerns were raised conversations one had about how dark the color of her unborn child archie's skin would be clearly extremely damning revelations for the world family oprah winfrey who conducted the interview since said that that's the person in question was neither the queen nor her husband prince philip but now as the remainder of the world household will be tarnished by this allegation no one knows a lot of speculation as to who this comment in particular was referring to. and what is buckingham palace say. well it was expected that this interview would be
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explosive few people expected it to be quite this explosive ahead of the interview the world family had suggested in newspaper articles that they going to get drawn into making any comments we think these allegations now that have emerged it does appear that they are likely to have to have to say something whether or not telling gage in a in a real hit for tat there now in the public sphere remains unclear shot themselves in pearl in london thank you. and the president of african football's governing body has had his chance of re-election dashed after his ban for corruption was upheld. he's been cut from 5 to 2 years by the court of arbitration for sport but the ruling still means he won't be able to repeat his election success of 2817 that paves the way for south african billionaire patrice 2 to replace him as his expected to win friday's
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election after a deal was brokered by fee for president infantino last week. more world news of. the coronavirus pandemic in $1000.00 special. the coronavirus pandemic. has the rate of infection in developing. the latest research. information and contacts. on t.w. . is a master of the art of confrontation this is wrong. come back.
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to spew to champion a political talk to try to frighten people you know everybody on the side there is that you enter the conflict zone and join tim sebastian as he holds the powerful to account this is a big failure whichever way you like to spin it conflicts. with. the coronavirus has put inequality in the spotlight women misrepresented in many industries and the pandemics made that worse. consultancy mckinsey says women are almost twice as likely as men to lose their job due to cohabit from fewer women work in science despite girls outpacing boys in school. women and needed like never before as the kofa death toll continues to rise. well a crisis has wrecked relationships families and lives it's put back progress on
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many social fronts including women's rights we sent out our reporters to find out how some women around the world view covert 90. to be surely saturdays at. the march numinous league so we should front you put on the view to see most of what you know is honest do you think you could write to any of you for me you see me as he pushes them but i do so it was artistic where i don't think he molecules would suck would you do what i eat the musician is for a witness or do we know who is moving to my place and i must i knew about home a building there or not planned for. this time with and there with the abbey and though they said we feel he plays you know if he hung on for the latest to the. bass but i fear for myself it. may be tempered a forte my forte you have become every. morning you don't pull no bob on the whole
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not all go to see him on boards again like opinions on little gets upset he demands all the robot see you nobody's come up don't take up the log a single one of us will all people muslim all b.s. again. oh no point 0. women provide the bulk of work as caregivers looking after the young the old and the sick in germany most nurses are women and they often are in significantly less than their male colleagues. here in the hospital there is a strict protocol when it comes to putting on your protective clothing but for cuts been baca it has become a routine she is one of the many female nurses who have been pushing their limits day and night for year now taking care of corona virus patients. there's a secret knowledge about the physical strain is enormous working in this kind of
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gear is exhausting but the psychological component plays a big role too we always have to take care of critically ill patients that's part of our job but now we have seriously ill patients can also endanger us and it's really stressful and. stressful is also how to describe her last year she it works as a nurse in an old people's home and burn in a pandemic made her job even harder and again the burden of carrying for society's elderly falls mainly on women. luckily men i increasingly interested in being and my husband does also but otherwise it's mainly women probably because of the pay if it were a male domain then women would also a very different set of aries on guns and ask for. more than 90 percent of the people fighting the daily battles on the nursing front are women and they are up to
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10 percent less than their male counterparts according to the german federation of trade unions the chances of promotion are slim and they often are white nights hammon says she appreciated the gesture when people around germany stood at their windows at the beginning of the pandemic and applaud at the nation's nasa's and carers but it was no more than a gesture now she says women also need to play a role in changing how society treats them it would mean for the fallen branch and doesn't my wish for women in this profession is that they stop putting themselves down and that people are aware of their contribution people need to understand that we're not just not as clean as the kitchen wife is that the world only goes around when we all work together as a team for that one of us can't get by without the other doesn't i now for one and in an amish. the time bagenal is that too after what she likes to go for a walk in the woods to switch off to that is important to support people who work
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in foreign i would dump them on and on top of 1000. maybe here to stay and we need to develop strategies we need enough stuff and i think whitman and whatever else it takes to help us do our jobs and as i had to stand on buffett's was on his heels on wolf i told. both nurses i agreed these improvements have to come and they have to come soon. i spoke to to attend a ph d. candidate at the united nations university merits and must treat university and asked what the world is missing out on if women's voices in science and. yes that matter of life and death and that not only is this quote 90 affect people from their racial standpoint but also from a gender standpoint and there is research that shows that quote 19 may actually affect women's bodies differently and also on their social effects that related to
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the disease than we actually impact women more than for women are the primary caregivers of their households so having to work from home and take care of their children may actually affect women who are going to dozen men tell me more about which will cooperation and teamwork when it comes to men and women working together in science to work on not only beating this crisis but also equality within the business. i'll give my example for of my collaborators i worked with john france wind officer again you know on a paper regarding the special effects of covert 19 in africa and i think that their collaboration in treating me as an equal i was allowed me to air my views as a woman and also to highlight the gender aspect of covert 19 particularly on women in business and their careers and this actually helps out also to take on some emotional turmoil that's associated with sexism within science and with good
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academic profession as well so i commend collaborators who treat women as equals mainly because they are actually doing the work related to combating sexism within science and in the academic field overall what else did you find. in how code nineteen's affecting the economy and female entrepreneurs in guyana. we found that cover 90 we found that in general women have less stable than men and they fact of their previous sales on their future sales affects men women more than men and so we find that because we mean right now 3 of the condemned make have to stand home and take care of their children their sales for the products that is selling are really low and so this will then obviously impact their future business prospects and these are things that we need to look at to in terms of the condemned make in that there's not only the health effects this is also the social effects that mean
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necessarily disadvantage female entrepreneurs compared to men to male entrepreneurialism this is not only the particularly in the ghana case or to entrepreneurship this also translates to just women who are working from home and who was a careers have been affected by the pandemic. so a to know what advice would you give to young women who aspire to pursuing a career in science say. i would say that align yourself with people who want you to do well if you're in a situation where this tumour sexism and your voice is not heard and people don't want you to succeed i don't buy is you to find ways of getting out of a situation if you can always find. your success find mentors who want you to do well work in the labs with people who want well i know that it's not easy because this is a male dominated field and they are some women and men as well who actually want to help women do well in their careers you know from time to go. thank you very much
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for being on the show today thank you very much over now to our science correspondent derrick williams he's been looking into your questions on the corona virus this one coming from an anonymous he or. does the vaccine make you in for a tall. since the start of the pandemic we've seen one corona virus meth after another so it's no wonder that back seems have spawned many more this one of those bet that m.r.i. in a vaccines cause infertility in women is especially worrisome i think because it appears to be having a real impact on vaccine uptake among younger women. like a lot of fake news that gains traction the infertility myth uses science to
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distort rather than to clarify in this case it twists the scientific fact that m.r. and a vaccine strain the immune system to recognize a structure on the outer surface of the corona virus called the spike protein this information campaigns build on that with the claim that despite protein resembles a protein found in the placenta that protects and nurtures a developing fetus that means the claim continues that an immune system primed to detect spike proteins in order to attack and destroy the corona virus can also mistakenly attack and destroy a placenta causing women to either be infertile or to miscarry this is not true for a couple of fundamental reasons 1st the defense in the immune system react in a highly specific way to the proteins that they've been programmed to detect they
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have to because proteins are only made up of 20 different molecular building blocks called amino acids but our bodies can produce at least 20000 different proteins from them and possibly a whole lot more so of course there can be structural molecular overlap in many different proteins which is why. the immune system has to be so specific and 2nd is the fact that the placenta protein in question turns out not even to be very similar and molecular terms to the viruses by protein so short and sweet there is 0 evidence that being vaccinated against cove at 19 affects a woman's fertility in any way and actually a growing mound of evidence that it doesn't.
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and we leave you with protest pictures from book arrest around 3000 demonstrators of mots stone parliament in the romanian capital against the code the back seat they held up bad as declaring freedom and down with the mosques restrictions are in place for the next 2 weeks to 2 high daily case numbers. thanks for watching join us next time here on the tell me.
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why are people forced to hide in trucks. but. there are limits. there are many answers. the but the folks and their arms. many stories.
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make up your. claim. made for minds. this is v.w. news africa coming up on the program women in conflict zones we visit rebel territory in the democratic republic of congo well one woman is fighting driven by a desire for justice. since they killed my father they killed everyone in my family so that's the only reason i became a fighter. and we meet.


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