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tv   Das Geheimnis des letzten  Deutsche Welle  April 2, 2021 4:15pm-5:01pm CEST

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it's a big moment for the people. because i mean for so many independents this country has never had in a peaceful transition of power there have been cool guitars from government so forth defies time in their history they are going there just a moment ago reich a few hours ago they had one president handing over to d. the other president president mohamed. but also it's not only for the people of nigeria it's also for the people of west africa because the region has seen presidents who have been changing their constitution so that they can stay in power so to see president yusuf actually finishing his. 2 tongues and handing over to the next president it's quite historical in the region. fred just 2 days ago you were talking about 2 days ago there was an attempted coup how stable do you think
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presidency can be. tricky question because house. their entire contrie is secure. he doesn't have the roots support from the military which is they have a 70 terry has a say. he also he's facing challenge from the opposition and he's been challenged by former president. money so i mean how he's going to solve his 5 year term is quite. clear no one knows if he's going to stop by this so what are the major issues lying ahead for president. yeah 1st of war deja vu security across the country about 80 percent of the contrie is the secure. you can actually bury and shuffle outside the capital because of
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the inside g.'s in attacking just a few in the in just few weeks ago this nearly 300 people have been killed and this is the d.v.d. now and then there is an issue of i need pregnant for young people young people are not convinced this is the guy who is going to deliver so he has to convince them that he has to convince them that actually he can really do so does out of 2 main challenges he's going to face. always africa correspondent fred who knew that any lagos thank you for. thousands of germans have traveled to the spanish island of majorca for the easter holiday for many it's an annual tradition but german officials are warning against overseas vacations because of the danger of spreading infection all reports up john philip shots finds out from tourists and from locals whether all the fun is worth the risk.
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slowly but surely it's filling up with tourists again this is where most germans who book a trip to majorca choose to stay. restaurant on us up least every day more beach open up their outdoor terraces. but it's not just the beach that is popular activity has picked up at doctors' offices as well starting this week tourists must get tested for corona virus before returning to germany. one month you have ferry assumptions you can make an appointment to the airport then you don't have to wait at all but you pay more as far as i know there are also 2 other places near here where you can take a test so personally i don't think it's all that to be honest we won't be doing this again it was nice to get away for a few days but the hoops we have to jump through to return and the fear that comes with being tested is too much what if it comes back positive the whole thing is
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just exhausting. despite virus fears the island expects over 40000 german guests this is stuff about things locum pleat lee different in the city of new just a few kilometers away normally this location is firmly in the hands of british vacationers but unlike the germans they are not allowed to travel at the moment those who do face have the fines so the mood in town is. 50 to 60 percent of the businesses here will have to close completely. it's simply become impossible to pay rent without any revenue. right now the infection rate on my ankle remains low but it has been slowly rising some feel that the island will soon close again completely the fear of the virus in one place and the fear of complete economic ruin in the other no where in the world is the typical
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dynamic of the pandemic as obvious as in majorca where 80 percent of the people live directly or indirectly from tourism. power doubt that he gets comments on the back and forth between reopening tourist attractions and really imposing restrictions with his biting caricatures in majorca local newspapers for him the pandemic has shown that mass tourism on the island is a thing of the past it's like a medicine the right dose is great but too much is dangerous because it used to work well on the island but then suddenly 5 times as many tourists came many in the tourism industry are exploited in the eighty's it was better less tourism be to a better quality of life and it was in the community most of you know what in the meantime several hotels on the island have already been converted into quarantine accommodation this is where some german vacationers who tested positive for us today they are required to wait at least 2 weeks before they are allowed to return
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to germany. that's a look now at some of the other developments in the global pandemic india as reported the biggest daily rise in infections in 6 months officials blame a new variant on people ignoring safety measures chile has closed its borders for the whole of this month his numbers are still rising and hospitals are nearing capacity and several other south american nations are also tightening restrictions to combat a new brazilian variant among them ecuador peru and bolivia sports news now some of the organizers are billing this as and good new green form of off road racing 9 teams are competing in the 1st extreme grand prix in the east for electric drivers will test their s.u.v.s in the saudi desert after that championship will move on to some spectacular places which are especially at risk from climate change. electric race car speed through saudi arabia's
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desert where extreme drought has made life all but impossible the entourage then moves on to africa's flooded beaches and the amazons burnt rain forest racing against the backdrop of climate change. we decided to take the electric. to the most remote and the most damaged corners of the planet to highlight to showcase what's going on there i think motor sport needs to be closer to society motorsport motorsport need to reflect what society east that's why extreme will see some big changes each team will put a man and a woman behind the wheel before competing for a place in the finals. we're going to be making history and revolutionizing motor sports as it is today because we're going to have a male and a female driver competing on the same equal playing field and the setting will be fantastic for that for the sport and for the show also extremely evil be
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a huge spectacle to find the right background for the events a $100.00 a god has traveled around the world one race will be held in greenland and the glaciers are melting and we will have the race cars we think we racing in front of the wall of the north for the. big game of thrones being. an old cargo ship has been modernized with green technology to ferry the cars to the races ex formula one star nico rosberg and world champion lewis hamilton will both be in the mix. we're going to have the opportunity to raise awareness of some of the most critical environmental issues facing our planet none of us once again thank you but the more intense our butts gets the more we will be able to contribute for the greater good because the more visibility we will create also the championship for the issues that you're facing in those locations extreme. i. an ambitious attempt to combine
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racing with environmental awareness. looks good but does it work and tell us more about the new extremely serious we're welcoming form of paris to the car only when a utah kleinschmidt who is a consultant for that series you tell you were the 1st female winner of the paris the rally now in this year's heart of the drivers are women can this be a turning point for women in motor sports. yeah i think absolutely you know it's such a great challenge should you be year and 1st of all to use this new technology this green technologies and then on top of it being the 1st siri where we have the same amount of women and men racing to get their teams and this is a huge opportunity also for all this young women to show their potential and young have a future motor sport so that aside what's in this series you think really achieve in terms of climate change. yeah i think so because there's
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a lot of projects around this erie to help them buy him and also i think what it's very good to be show that it's possible to raise this electric cars and have still a lot of fun which some people maybe don't believe and i think what a sport it's important at a motor sport is always a showcase for new technology to make that possible and. this this new technology if you have the chance to talk to find us bonds us new supporters and make severne is for the sport. of combining motor sports and environmentalism but it does come help myself it does taste a bit of greenwashing what do you say to that. you know for sure you could say that but on the other side you know we know that new technologies need a start in all my career motor sport was always the development for new technologies and now we are at the same point again we have new technologies for
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sure to be here we have to shorten the distance for the moment and not like a car but i knew still but it's a start and i seeing people develop this technology and if you really hope that this shows that you can drive green. clean in the future and have also a lot of fun is it coming back to the mixed team there is motor sport motors ford motor sport ideal took to promote equality between men and women because it's more it's not about not so much about physical power is it. absolutely and i think one of what is one of the best sports fair women can also race this men and show that they can be on the same level i did that when career and only problem is to come to this forward is very difficult and no business new c.e.o. it how few of the women and for sure it's young women who have the potential now
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and the help of more experience may have tried it was new and they have the chance to show their potential and. you have to leave it here because our time is running out thank you very much with a glance from. and that's it for me thanks for watching.
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thoughts the great books of the 20th century. to the present day hoaxes. recently. true new shorts may food. you're watching news asia coming up today the tremendous challenge of vaccinating as many people as possible in a country the size of india vaccine has again seen means many clinics are left with empty appointments to take a closer look at why people are skeptical and what that means for the country's battle. plus taking on tesla to meet a south korean scientists who says he must go to the world's 1st driving car by decades why then did it not hit the road.
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i'm melissa chana thank you for joining us india has expanded its covert 1000 vaccination drive to include everyone over the age of 45 that's in part because not enough people are showing up to get their jabs they're skeptical and wary and other words they have vaccine hesitancy and for a country of 1300000000 the fact just one percent of the population has been fully vaccinated means it could be a long time before the coronavirus is under control their mission gys wall has more . running this electrical supply shop in delhi once took up all of the time. now he spent some of it on the wall until book helping those affected by the pandemic while me bush drink away from corporate 19 cases are always keeps
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a protective gear handy in his car in case a patient needs to be dashed to the hospital. he believes his destiny is in god's hands and his fear of the quran of virus shouldn't keep him from helping those in need but so far his fear of infection has not managed to overcome his doubts about the vaccine or have simply see the real people who have been virtually after going through the required. that's really important they were not. part of its initial the march of corporate. person but then the exhibition and corporate seditionist drink why were the 1st or no i don't know isn't there the vaccine development typically takes us. and he does not feel comfortable getting a vaccine that is michelle so quickly he believes many others in india also prefer to wait and watch. and the low turnouts and lack of long queues attacks in mission
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centers seem to be proving him. india is lagging behind its next emission targets which could be riots the country has now made the vaccine available to everyone above the age of 45 another reason could be to counter vaccine vistage in a meeting with state leaders as prime minister in a range of more the emphasized the need to stop the least of vaccine doses. we must take the problem of blacks in the stooge very seriously. every back seem to be stupid it's also a waste of someone's right to vaccination we cannot destroy someone's rights. needing to predation the high rates of vaccines being based part of the problem lies in the parish ability of the vaccines each vaccine vial has 10 doses and once opened they must be used up within 4 hours if 10 people do not show up within that period. the demeaning doses must be started. on.
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vaccination centers like this one c. there are simple b.'s to counter based we only open the bio when we have them because we're going to be vaccinated as some people call their friends so we call those who did just that but couldn't get a vaccine that we would make sure we have enough. people under $45.00 and not officially eligible for inoculation opinions are divided. on whether they would take the job vendetta and come midis people might each can't keep waiting for the vaccine so we can also get covered we should all get vaccinated as soon as possible but. we are younger a dog and i'm going 5 unfit so there's no uneven we got over to one side is comes into that because there are different every going and has read for now the government is hoping for a big surge in the number of vaccinations and has put its exports on hold
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a stop raise in daily infections me just cause a shift in gear in india's vaccines. joining us is joe t. joshi from the center for disease dynamics economics and policy in delhi as a report shows there's a growing hesitancy to decode vaccines in india and i'm wondering is the government at the several and state levels doing and the public campaigning to encourage people to get vaccinated hi thank you for that question that feels good to the fifty's and it is definitely a problem but more so in the open areas only media i think it is the lack of bad news about the vaccine and the benefits that it gets is the key issue so the government is ramping up their communication can be that has to be beat you know beaten you see if my media like it was done for social distancing and that would be helpful as the vaccine coverage has been expanded to those over 45 years of age now
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. this is fast becoming a problem in many countries and i'm curious do people have a preference over a one vaccine over another in india. well again you know vaccine of badness is more so in albany now and any information or transparency on the data for the vaccine is that he had for the least a doubt one of the vaccines has been you know i've given x. but i did a google image and see all today the nation so you know that they don't on the old vaccine if it is released and it is good data coming out now will help to build a vaccine confidence so all that although availability of the vaccine is limited in the country and as these data become available the vaccine confidence of the community on these 1000000 cleans and i'm sure more and more people become forward to take a vaccine. to give us the latest on the pandemics their cases are going up our the
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hospitals coping. well anybody and make you know is known to have more than a single wave and the subsequent waves their effect depends on the changes in the vaccine that we had in that are coming as well as you know logically strained off the coast population the addition of the vaccine to those who are response has definitely been slow but with the social cultural practices during this change of season you know that isn't morning demeaning and the behavior for eat that said india are seeing the rise and unfortunately the vaccines all thought has been available only to those with golmaal but it is dated march up to 45 years of age as the vaccine got it expanded the age group did actually in domingo's and leads to transmission of the vitus we will put it be covered and this how this week should come down but i know the hospitals all over the country are seeing a surge and that's something the government all over the country in different
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states is you're not full i want to pivot to talking about vaccine manufacturing india is one of the world's powerhouses despite some vaccine has a tendency that we've talked about are we also hearing calls for some taxi nationalism and for the country to try to many satcher more for its own citizens. i think i should not be the case should be discussing this question because india has donated almost extinct 5000000 doses to the kodak the city now we've given speaking up in the country it's also do you know provided to a logical ward off the population because in a globalised won't india as an emerging economy and as a supplier and user of the human capital that it has if it if it predicts its population and addresses go to now 'd wide if pandemic in the country to do so i think we have so far with the kind of limitation on that nation group i did what
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what is best possible to the world and that's sure to stop soon as vaccine supplies many vaccines that life developing to the manufacturers some of them money good from the us and the country that i'm set up its production capacity does have to apply not just the country itself but also the global member states off the wound. thank you so much for joining us thank you measure to be. a fully self driving cars still a dream for car makers and consumers alike tech giants are spending billions of dollars to be the 1st to bring out a commercially viable one last year tesla said it was coming close but now a south korean scientist has said that he invented the 1st autonomous vehicle back in the 1990 s. almost 3 decades later old footage of the road tests has emerged on you tube and it's gone viral. the driver of this vehicle
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isn't even in it professor one min hong showcased his new invention at de john expo 1993 that's a decade before musk founded tesla. 2 years later a car using hands technology barreled 300 kilometers down one of south korea's busiest highways its triumphant inventor in the back since february this year one and a half 1000000 people have watched the footage on you tube han now 79 says development was hard work but it was worth it. my students and i had enormous passion as it was something no one else had done yet something that hadn't come out in the world. apart and was so convinced of his car safety that he didn't take out life insurance or even wear a seat belt but the professor was
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a genius ahead of his time in the 1990 s. south korea was not yet a tech powerhouse it was less interested in innovation the government wasn't convinced of the ca's potential and it withdrew funding for his research. fast forward and today elan musk selectric car is worth over $500000000000.00. while 100 velux fear call warning systems that is to person felony a soul the professor isn't bitter. in fact he has enormous admiration for musk's vision but he thinks his own 1990 s. technology is comparable to what tesla is doing today of course it was supposed create to create the future. of course tesla invested a lot of money in testing so it might be much better when it comes to sophistication but there shouldn't be much difference when it comes down to basic
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functionality. you know as tesla is regarded as the best car in the world if possible i'd like to compare our technology today as well so he's challenge the company to a jew on the roads one of his 990 s. vehicles against a tesla prototype in real world conditions despite his admiration for today's context giants professor hahnemann hong admits he does regret one thing though with enough investment his invention could have paved the way for south korea to dominate the autonomous car industry. that's it for today we leave you with pictures from japan where the cherry blossoms have earlier than usual this year thank you for watching have a good weekend and that by.
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the fall against the corona virus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing. the latest. information and contacts. on a virus update. on w. . the company pushed. us right out of the break no climb a tree different top story. this is why closely when for just one.
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comment. and i really doubt. we still have time to work i'm going. to set. up subscribe on morning news like. going to school every morning spending your day together with other kids in classrooms none of this can be taken for granted anymore education in times of the pandemic our topic today. welcome to or 900 special on this good friday a public holiday in many parts of the world but soon the struggle starts again trying to keep up with the curriculum despite lockdown. every morning the via
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family has to decide which of their 4 children gets to do online schooling that day the family in the bolivian capital apos only has one smartphone just like many other families in the country. but then there are also problems with the internet connection. there are so many different apps classroom soon and so on. and most of them only work with the high end phone and decent internet when i go to work at 10 am there's only one suitable phone left here and so 3 children are left with nothing. like the platform for virtual school lessons was set up by the bolivian education ministry the government insists the system has been set up in a way that ensures everyone can access the online classes. we
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set up a timetable that regulates who can use the platform when each day is allocated for a different school so it's not like all the children have to use it every day. but obviously the system still needs further optimization. yes you. are using the school platform is free of charge but accessing the internet is very expensive in bolivia a problem that christiane leone has long been urging the government to address. he set up an advocacy group to draw attention to the problem. to bolivia only got fiberoptic internet in 2018. network does down cover most of the country but almost households that still are not connected to it. believe he is dashing
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telecommunications. bernie states that one gigabyte of data costs $5.00 a price not every family can afford the camera. so let me get of can only those with more money in your afford internet access to education is no longer free in bolivia because right now the more money you have the more likely mern be any good math the education ministry has promised to provide $30000.00 computers to at least to prove the hardware problem but that won't be enough for all many families like the vo as it will have to continue finding their own solutions to ensure their children can take part in online schooling until the vaccine rolled out advances enough for children to return to the classroom. yet should schools remain open or should they be closed to stop the spread of the virus let's bring in jonathan silk principal expert in emergency
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preparedness at the european center for disease prevention and control in stockholm good to have you with us and i know that you conducted a study and to quote 900 schools. when it comes to keeping schools open or not what are you finding. thank you very much for having us 1st of all we're constantly updating the literature on their viewing of the studies on this we're finding that of course like any what we call pharmaceutical interventions if you close something in society that leads to less social mixing so will have an impact on the overall transmission of youtube so that's a potentially important measure of what we're seeing and what the most recent literature shows is that on the 2nd wave and more recent closures of schools have less of an impact and they did in the 1st wave and this has to do with. schools have adopted in the way that they've been practicing they're not operating as they did i'm prepared to make love holes but they're doing more measures internally it's
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here to save to keep students safe to try to keep teachers there and those measures have an impact and so we think it's it may be necessary to close schools there's no question about that with the new parents circulate in but the general concessions that show you in the southeast d.c. have relates to trying to keep schools open and close in the money as a last resort i mean would you 1st of all were could you define that last i mean who or what determines what this. would be that has to be decision makers in the local context to understand the transmission levels understand the burden on the health care system of the current levels of i.c.u. and so on and to really do a proper assessment of what measures are place in schools if everything has been tried within the schools to really keep transmission or not and then what sorts of levels of schools that's also not make it a binary thing schools do not need to be just fully open or whole they closed the hybrid models there are different age groups that are important to consider so it's
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not just a whole either or situation in most cases either as there are lots of options there for as far as you make is this isn't necessarily make it more easy to come to the right conclusion. do we actually know where children catch the virus in the 1st place is that happening at school do they get from teachers from all the children or do they bring the virus into the school because they catch it at home. that's a fantastic question and we've been trying to understand that better in terms of the school settings themselves and what we've actually found is that there are very few documented instances where you see large breaks in school starting so transitions certainly happens in schools but the literature from many different countries and in europe and globally so just there's not necessarily the need for lots of the breaks and in school settings what we wonder and what we need to know the more about of course are what happens to children not just in the school itself but after school extracurricular activities on the way to school on the way home
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from school and of course as you mentioned in household settings there's also the possibility of transmission so you don't have precise numbers on that but the information on the schools is that they can actually be operated safely without too many instances of large operators i mean these these these still quite trying a very confusing time so a lot of parents feel safer having their kids around and some in some countries reopen decided to not send to their kids back to school because they don't trust the situation do they have a point. it's really hard to assess that without knowing the specific details of the context in which they have made those decisions like certainly understand why people are worried there's a lot of research also from from germany a large study just from scotland recently that shows at least for the parents of younger children there does not appear to be an increased risk to the parents catching the virus from from their children even when they've been some back to school we also know that by and large the number of severe outcomes in children is
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very very low we're not seen any change in that even with the new variants we've been following very closely and in millions of cases and children particularly younger children follow the same age gradient so we know how do you continue to be the most risk all the. older adults but children really have very very rare instances of severe outcomes such as possible is. right but we do know the children can carry that and they can spread the virus so what do you make of the concept of home schooling wouldn't that in this moment in time make most sense. you know it's true that children can and can transmit the virus and as i mentioned it appears to be the case that they transmit it somewhat less than an adults do and they are also to be less susceptible to the virus than the novels do i am i by no means an expert in education and homeschooling but i have understood from the vast
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amount of literature that exists that it is very difficult for children to to be home and we understand as well that there is a gradient so those of learning loss from children is less in children from well off backgrounds but from deprived backgrounds vulnerable backgrounds this can be really detrimental submitted to the education and even the health and well being of children so all these things have to be taken into account there is no easy answer for the push it up a but these are the things that decision makers do need to consider indeed a lot of food for thought there for decision makers join us and from the european center for disease prevention and control in stockholm thank you so much for your time as he steps thank you very much thank you well and time for your questions now over to derek. how long can vaccine side effects last conforte indicate it's working. i want to leave all the
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speculation about blood clotting and the astra zeneca vaccine behind for a minute and focus on what we know for certain about common minor side the facts reported in connection with covert vaccines pretty much all of the ones approved so far in various parts of the world appear to be pretty react to janick which means they regularly cause mild side effects like like pain and swelling at the injection site as well as things like like fatigue headache fever chills or aching joints the single shot johnson and johnson back seen appears to cause those effects somewhat less often in 2 dose m.r.i. they vaccines they seem to occur more commonly after the 2nd dose while the opposite seems to hold true for the astra zeneca vaccine. another point worth
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mentioning is that younger people seem to react more often and more powerfully than the elderly it's thought that's because they have more responsive immune systems authorities say the symptoms can last a few days but in most of the firsthand reports that i read they subsided within 36 hours the good news is that side effects while unpleasant are actually a sign that the vaccine is doing what it's supposed to do which is laying the groundwork for an immune response so that if you are infected with the virus your body can get to work straight away wiping it out personally and more than happy to experience a day or 2 of discomfort if i know that i'll be protected afterwards from a potentially life threatening case of tobit 19 that sounds like
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a really great deal to me. and finally shopping malls are closed amid not condemning lockdowns a school in the u.s. state of vermont to decided to make use of the empty space students can now take lessons and this from a macy's mall why not well that's all for now thanks for watching.
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this is the the view news live from berlin taiwan's deadliest train disaster in. the park train derailed inside of a colliding with a truck at least 51 people have been killed dozens injured also coming up. remember the. united nations condemns the killing of protesters but the regime shows no sign of ending its deadly crackdown. and historic handover of power. both an alleged cooler temps.


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