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christian to be used to i wish to sell. both religious and secular leaders or to display their power. to drakes began. clearing the tallest biggest and the most beautiful structures. these homes massive churches or creative. cultures this is the drills starts april 12th on d. w. . this is news and these are our top stories german leaders are calling for a return to a harder lockdown as corona virus cases remain high and the vaccine roll out remains the head of uncle americal c.d.u. party says tougher restrictions are needed until the inoculation campaign reaches critical mass the german health ministry says the vaccination program will pick up
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pace in april. ukraine has expressed alarm over a large russian military build up near the country's eastern border calling it a serious challenge to security the kremlin has denied its troop movements near the frontier pose a threat the u.s. has asked moscow to explain what it's calling provocations on the border. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has appeared in court for the opening of his corruption trial he faces multiple charges including a bribery and fraud because the case in which honors israeli politics is in chaos following another inconclusive election president writes in a rivlin is holding talks with political parties to work out who will form a new government. is the news coming to you from berlin you can follow us on twitter and facebook or you can go to our web site that's g.w. dot com.
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on both sides of the atlantic in the u.s. and the u.k. the speed of corona virus vaccinations is going from fast to faster there are so many vaccinated people that the centers for disease control has issued new travel guidelines in america if you've had the shot you can fly again the british were hoping to hear something similar today when the prime minister announced an easing of lockdown restrictions nonessential stores and restaurants will soon reopen but will there be summer holidays tonight the official line is yes but best not to book anything just yet i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day. we don't want to see the virus being reimported into this country. i think it's
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going to take a while for the whole world know what we're going to do that this group will travel to us forces going to school later on this week for them to fully vaccinated people can not be. asked but i want to be able to be able to do more than i used to do before it's fully vaccinated grandparents can fight it in their house big. time to have my grandchildren i have grandchildren and i think that. also coming up for practically the entire 20th century polls showed that most americans belong to a church in the 21st century a dramatic departure an exodus from religion. i grew up with race something that my whole life it was my world to me not something that the 3 more. were to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and to all. you around the world welcome we begin the day with
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britain reopening with baby steps today british prime minister boris johnson announced plans to ease the coronavirus walk down restrictions with the country's vaccination drive the best in europe and with summer quickly approaching there was much anticipation ahead of today's news and there was a good dose of disappointment to the good news is that non-essential restaurants pubs and shops will begin reopening next week but nonessential travel outside of the country that will remain a no go the earliest date for resuming international travel is mid may but even that could be delayed have surges in new infections continue elsewhere now this all means for now going out to dinner yes going on vacation not yet here is prime minister boris johnson i can today confirm that from monday the 12th of april we will move to step 2 of our road map there is absolutely no question of people
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being offered to produce certificate a snow cave and status report when they go to the to the shop so to the pub. or to the head dresses or whatever obviously we're hopeful that we can get going but only from may the 17th well hopeful but i do not wish to give hostages to fortune or to estimate the difficulties it was seeing in some of the destination countries people won't want to go to we don't want to see the virus being reimported into this country from abroad. all right let's go now to our london correspondent charles until she is covering these walk down easy for is tonight good evening to you charlotte sim let's start with the positives here you will soon be able to go out to dinner again you can get a haircut even if you're boris johnson and you can go to the zoo that's all good
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right. right and well you really have to bear in mind here is just some of the background the context of this is well how it's now which is has a huge bearing on how it's being viewed hey in the u.k. i mean they've been months of a very very strict lockdown to say as recently as last month it was only possible to meet one person else sign for exercise now we're hearing you can meet in groups of up to 6 in pubs now outside it's all cause of boris johnson and late especially what he's calling his roadmap to freedom and he indeed says that he asked me was going to be celebrating this latest step saying that he is cautiously but if they be in the pub on monday next monday when they play sister stiction 7 and i wouldn't be drinking a pint to celebrate i mean it is u.k. has that was the highest death toll in europe and in fact it was just a day year ago when this farce johnson himself was admitted to hospital weeks kobus
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19 so desperately needed news here in the u.k. that restrictions are now being eased now we know that this being is being fueled by the u.k. very successful back same program in fact the hoff of adults now in the u.k. have received a festus of the vaccine that's 1000000 people live 5000000 have received a 2nd dose and we had just today that that effort is going to be boosted by 3 testing recognize that testing twice a week for everybody in the u.k. so it really is full steam ahead here at the moment but what we don't know as you alluded to just now is exactly when we'll be able to travel to for the holidays. through airport today issued a statement saying that they were disappointed in the lack of clear of the coming from the prime minister this means simply put they want people to fly again yesterday. well of course and i'm sure you can understand it is the same everywhere
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in the wild west that been restrictions on travel so a good deal of disappointment not just from the the aviation industry which was hoping for more clarity but also of course from countries which benefit from tourism taking from british tourists given the speed of the vaccine program the way 6 many countries for example here what do you think that the british tourism british tourists would be as sort of a shining lights in what could potentially be quite a docks on the given the but the good wave that's sweeping across other parts of europe now instead of giving it dates on the on when international travel would regime move orus jonas and says the prime minister said that it was too soon to say at the moment non-essential travel is illegal now because british tourists and the reason that he gave is just too much concern at the moment about the risk of new variants potentially squandering all the banking efforts that have been taking
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place in the u.k. undermining the vaccine program now the one bit of clarity that we did get was it's been confirmed that there will be a traffic light system introduced when travel regimes that will be sort of a red amber or green system whereby though be different rules for different countries based on their own vaccine programs and there have been a seafood because he's been genome sequencing testing for a new battery and so potentially countries like the us israel could be on not reenlist making travel and little bit easier as you say at the moment for us here in the u.k. of being told not to because holidays you know we've got a list of told to me a bell the plane. is there already opposition in parliament. yeah about 6 training a controversial issue of domestic violence and possible internationally it's generally accepted that there might have to be some sort of quite a criteria went by people have to be vaccinated travel but the big question is do
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you need to be vaccinated when to pop in the office about is if currently 'd on clay but the opposition from across the us a full spectrum of civil rights groups as well is based on the idea that it could be discriminatory how can you not allow people who are contracting with the medical reasons to access the same things that people who are vaccinated offer that clearly is going to be something that continues for 3 years to be controversial and in the weeks ahead all right a very own show but still some people with the latest tonight from london and charlie as always thank you. which we can say with certainty that germany would willingly trade positions with the u.k. when it comes to corona virus lockdowns vaccinations remain slow here the number of new infections continues to rise and now there is talk of a tougher and longer walk down today the head of germany's conservatives and a possible candidate to be the next chancellor proposed what he calls
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a bridge to carry the country until most people are vaccinated this could mean a lockdown for all of may and june with nightly curfew. not shoot your give visit to a vaccination center last week the approach of him and other state premiers to the demick took a broadside from the chancellor he salva would return a call for more talks until the measure is. and that's why i think we need to bridge lock down work we have to build to preach to the point in time where a lot of people of vaccinated our own eyes and know that a lot of people are tired of the pandemic but also because a lot are ready to go a step further i mean shit so in. that it wants more people working from home and stricter curfews produce fewer restrictions as possible for schools and kindergartens he says he has allies including the chancellor but not everyone is on
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board. a lot of what mr lasher says he's unclear on that bridge lockdown this temporary with what measures are not supposed to go on until many people have been faxon ated what does all that mean i don't think lisa russia has thought things through so i can't see any point in calling the state premiers back for talks earlier than planned so i mean this to put it in confidence as a. problem is simply the time we've lost one for a month we've known that the numbers are going up so it's clear that we need decisive measures now as is clark and shouldn't. the man next to lash it is a leading german intensive care doctor and he warns. the measles where for the next fortnight or so we expect the number of infections will continue to grow we'll have 5 or more 1000 cope with 1000 patients in intensive care the situation really is very dramatic you know august as a. partisan with my dog and the health minister says vaccinations will not break
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the 3rd wave only about 10000000 germans have had their 1st job so far. i my next guest is dr eric dane he's an epidemiologist and senior fellow at the federation of american scientists he joins me from washington d.c. tonight it is good to see you again german leaders are as you heard there calling for a harder lockdown calling it a bridge to carry the country until enough people have been vaccinated i mean what's your take do you think a bridge too late or is a bridge to nowhere well certain things are water under the bridge but right now we do definitely need to lock down because you know germany is a possible rises soon you know its neighbors are having huge huge rises just east of it in for example in hungary in oman and also in france so i think right now stopping the transmission before this gets out of control is so critical especially
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with the more transmissible be 117 is surging in numbers and replacing the old strain and also p one strain that's now circulating through many go corners of the world not not just in brazil is series a critical critical time in germany is not one of the top vaccine. nation countries . in many other countries are actually ahead of germany so germany has to be very careful at this stage and since let me ask you about the united states over the easter weekend the number of passengers flying hit a new pandemic high there are still areas in the u.s. with surges in new infections of well what are you expecting to see in about 2 weeks' time from now. you know every month predicting that there will be some kind of increase because more dramatic in the coming weeks and us we're already seeing the majority of states 2 thirds of states are actually seeing increases last week
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or 2 week before and i think this is just the tip of the iceberg u.s. is definitely not out of this but hopefully with the vaccines being so fast and so high us can get ahead of it and hopefully temper whatever small surge it will be us is actually at well over $3000003.00 and a half 1000000 people a day now that piece us could be catching up with ultimately by this summer potentially on earth immunity but we're not there yet and herd immunity only guarantees that you can slow and surging epidemic from peak it does not mean that you can stop it right away and that's what we have to really mitigate before we get to that vaccination in a speaking of airplanes and air travel the c.d.c. the centers for disease control has issued new guidelines for vaccinated people who want to travel is this
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a green light to go. i think don't mess to travel is still tricky i would encourage people to watch how hard. is the case is surging and where you want to go and if you are also in one of those places with number of cases a caution that is very risky i still think that it's best precaution is to stay home as the as close to where you are as possible c.b.c. they are encouraging obviously you know especially people who are vaccinated there are relaxing lot of measures but in certain ways are these measures are misunderstood when they say that's and you can't be to your hurt now elderly people who are vaccinated now going to bars and i don't think that's really a good idea especially when you know. protects you from illness but he still has a small chance that you can still be transmitted transmitting it and carry especially do those who are not facts yet when you start be very careful is there
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a communication problem there erica be that what you're saying you know you and i know that but there's the public know that all of these nuances that come attached to this vaccine. yeah the nuances are cause somewhat lost like for transmission we know we know that you will stop about 75 to 95 percent of all transmission depending on america scene but it's got its last minute you will think oh vaccine you're protected now you're protected message is completely lost and also just so you know the one segment in some studies. it's the protection against some of these other variants is not nearly as high as we hope it is and so we have to be extra extra vigilant especially since we don't have enough sequencing people just don't understand people here message whatever usual amount of you don't want or driving down the road at high speed but you don't pick up the new ones in the
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nuances you're still potentially trans many sins please stay home or we are not asked $35.00 the thing is always they're going to get it out with you we appreciate your time and your insights tonight thank you hungary has one of europe's highest per capita covert 19 death rates and that despite being one of the european countries with a relatively high vaccination rate something somewhere is not working but leaders in budapest apparently don't want the media to report it that way hungary's government is clamping down on independent reporting connected to the country's vaccination campaign and the number of hospitalisations e.w. correspondent funny the char spoke with one doctor who told her it is clear there are 2 stories being told here the government's and then there's the reality soldiers money for people checking into this hospital treating call the patients
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when we start to film the building go there and do you know 20 thing over there they ask us to film the parking lot according to staff inside the hospital is that capacity. one doctor has to take care of 10 patients at all is in short supply these are just some of the claims to be hearing from inside the hospital from a doctor but we cannot verify these claims as a board independent media from entering that doctor is. we need him after his shift 120 hour working weeks on the average now he says but the hungary and government says everything is under control. every effort a lot from the prime minister for those who get sick you shouldn't worry they will be cured that we have strong medical staff are there with them every day we are left wondering why did we not have time for today. that most of his colleagues
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don't want to talk in public because they are worried about repercussions we need to reach the people and tell them about this illness not to create panic but you see this is what this is about all and this is why. i wrote in an open letter to the government a large number of journalists requested access to hospitals. prime minister viktor orban responded in a televised interview. this is not the time to go inside hospitals and produce bogus videos and fake news. is a photojournalist he too would like to show what's happening in hungary right now stop filming the hospital this is a public space or it's a very common situation says martin was a sign not a share after he asked this of facts to people who want to know the real situation inside the hospitals we know that more than 300 people died today it's our job to tell the story behind those numbers. as
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a form to fill out and for them again but. meanwhile many young people in hungary are starting to shed their masks without knowing what's really going on in hungary hospitals to them it might seem as if the pandemic is already over. i think your scriptures were called to be. the people of community. and many would argue. with all of the electronics we can have communities separate and we've done very well as a society doing that over the past year but it's being together where we can hear and see and smell each other where we can commune together we haven't had communion for over a year. well that was craig foster the deacon of the trinity episcopal church in columbus ohio speaking about easter sunday services that was that church is 1st in person service in more than a year ok but 19 is of course a challenge to congregations of any creed but it's not the only challenge for
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people who consider themselves religious for the 1st time in more than a century the number of people in the united states who think of themselves as members of a church a synagogue or mosque it's fallen below 50 percent and a new gallup poll shows a dramatic drop since this century began 20 years ago 70 percent of people belong to a house of worship a number that remained unchanged for decades but by last year membership had dropped to just 47 percent and that's also roughly the same percentage of people who say they consider religion to be important. and my next guest has dedicated her career to studying america's religious congregations and she says the growth in religious lee and affiliated people is no surprise nancy ammerman is an award winning author of numerous books including her 2013 book sacred stories spiritual tribes finding religion in everyday life is a mormon was also
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a sociology professor and recently retired from boston university. and she joins me tonight from the great city of boston and it's a moment it's good to have you on the program gallup says church member church membership. numbers were constant for 80 years and around 2000 the numbers began dropping do you know why. well i think there are 2 primary things driving that particular trend one is actually a basic a background context is that membership in form organizations has really begun began to decline in the seventy's and eighty's the sort of don't trust institutions attitude of the vietnam war era years and the years after that have seeped into american culture so that people simply aren't joining anything as much as they
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used to but driving the 'd particular religious aspect of this are 2 important trends 0 one is simply what we call a cult or replacement that is older people who are much more attached to being members of congregations or of any kind of organization or timing off and younger people who have been much less attached are coming into the population in greater numbers so you get an overall decline but the really interesting thing about this trend i think is the link between that decline and the kind of public perception that religion equals conservative politics and that really became very strong by the next 190 days people began to see even you know i don't want to be religious because that would align me with these people who don't
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believe in 1st control or don't believe in same sex marriage were don't believe in lots of things that i think are important so is the politics that in the country that you're saying it has maybe turned people off 'd to being members of a church or synagogue or mosque. we actually have really good research that that backs that up a number of studies have shown that there is this link between seeing religionist wanted to conservative politics and. ceasing to be affiliated with a religious tradition i know that you are the daughter of a baptist preacher and so there are some of the southern baptists they remain what is it the the largest protestant denomination in the united states 2nd largest christian denomination after roman catholicism have the preachers have they led
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their congregations to the future or have they led them to nowhere i would say that those eventually go preachers like the southern baptists certainly are have led their congregations into what a no win position they're defending aspects of culture in that the vast majority and certainly the increasing number of younger people are not aligned with and in spite of the fact that you're so visible and maybe even because they're such as. they are. turning people off from you know religious membership you know yeah it is that is why i just yeah i'm a southern baptist ok ok good i would be that in your bio that you were not but but you were a preacher's daughter i said i had to bring people would love that they had their
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man we appreciate your time and we appreciate your sharing your thoughts with us tonight please come back when we have more time we'd definitely like to talk with you again sure happy to do it thank you well the day is almost done but the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter news or you can follow me at brett go off t.v. and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody. boy.
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kickoff. ghost town atmosphere means listless play stuff from. lots of guns and the mentalist fights an assessment. non-stop excitement of the final match.
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on d w. t l break a little civil war hundreds of thousands of syrian christians. more want to live here is. one of the oldest religious communities in the world is on the verge of extinction. christians around the world are intrinsically watching the development . in despair help for serious christian. 060 minutes d.w. .
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post does times are good for the be. more meaningful doesn't do very. gentle does well like yes. the industry is controlling your thoughts the great books of the 20th century. present a hoax is. showing ignorance starts may 3rd double.


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