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player. playing. this is deja vu news live from berlin india is hit by a 2nd wave of the corona virus as new cases soar to almost 100000 for a 2nd day in a row state leaders call on prime minister narendra modi to open up vaccinations to more people. also coming up a call for a tougher long term lockdown in germany ahead of ongoing markel c.d.u. party and would be chancellor says tougher restrictions would slow the 3rd wave of the pandemic. once they were loyal to the kremlin but now russia's communist party
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politicians are crying towel heads of the city of saratov to meet a local politician who is determined to have his voice heard a few months. and in sports store plans are ling call in the red hot striker sought after by several major clubs in europe including darkens opponents in the champions league tonight manchester city. that's good to have you with us. indian state leaders are calling for a wider vaccination rollout as the country faces a staggering surge in corona virus cases nearly 97000 new infections were reported on tuesday hovering near monday's record high many hospitals are now being overrun by patients for example in the worst affected state. it is india's richest state and host of the commercial capital of mumbai and it has imposed fresh restrictions
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through the end of april. let's go right to delhi for more we can speak to a public health expert dr joe she's the south asia head at the center for disease dynamics economics and policy thank you so much for joining us here on let's start 1st of all with this new surge in inspections how worried are you about this i thank you for having your quote this is definitely what is the speed of the rise of fictions it has been know something that is a concern. of driving this more than 91 percent of cases in dates in the country might ash up to this current job and the speed at which it eases that i think and in this case those are the mortality numbers that i think is something that if you look at and so that's interesting said 10 states are really driving this new search what is happening in the states that's leading to so many more
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infections. well it's a mix of a lot of factors but most importantly that behavior for pete which has stepped in and you know with the fall in the number of pieces and over the last 15 and chasing it was a sense of or the belief amongst the people that you know it's about to go over at 19 these but it's come back because it fits it being a vitus and it would always be patient so it's come back with a vengeance there's been pleased social interactions that because of the culture change of season and the waiting to be than coming in so all these factors which people not very musts but also interacting more freely has led to this rising number you mentioned pandemic fatigue that's something we're seeing really all over the world i mean he also mentioned wedding season what about larger gatherings is that really a big factor as well well yes definitely as we all know i mean the
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more the number of people the greater the interaction and the the chance of transmission not good or not like this and with the change and see that he had a lot of the cultural ties to his you know in the religious festivals for different religions within the country and are waiting to see the job usually that he launched in india even with the gaffes of not more than 50 or 60 individuals these were not very strictly and i think is known as the beginning to mean really lax behavior to vote not wearing the must send into meaning feely and even a small infection like a cold otoh you know of course that a change or a fever very likely is driving this surge to stand or as the previous one ok from your perspective what do you think needs to be done now do you need do does india need a tough new lockdown or should saxon nations as has been suggested been they open up to more people. well lockdown the normal solution for
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you know what the scene of. the scene we are tackling this disease because you have to see but definitely be have to have smartest rafiki's one which the country's already undertaking is opening up vaccination for more age groups to be have not been slow to be put in more than 45 years and above people going in for vaccination irrespective of any wal-mart would use but also a baby will be a need for smarter hasting increasing and many look down death even though it had 0 aims in india has said you know that you have to be very guarded strategy where the are finding more cases have very strict enforcement of the law going measures last vegas so beilin so do not make so if they can and let's track the exact widest screen going on in that it is important and how are hospitals how is the health system coping right now but it is definitely not the beds are getting opened up now very quickly and we must remember this is the next wave the girl being in assam
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cooking and it's taking me for india because now people have started this year we get going on called reasons so bad that being they cannot put those non-gold we've got business that's now the surgeon got it is so many governments have put in this fiction. at least 45 to 50 percent of beds for people with kids who have to live with their doctor just enjoy she joining us from delhi very good to have you with us thanks for. staying in india unemployment tests hit women the hardest during the pandemic the number of women in the workforce has fallen dramatically compared to men and the situation could worsen further as the country faces another spike and cope with 1000 cases as many that's how they take a closer look. it through has been out of work for more than a year. the 55 year old domestic worker used to cook at several homes in an upmarket neighborhood but the pandemic has turned her life upside down. the
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lockdown was really bad for us. we survived on rations that we don't need to. high as. my employees told us not to come we might bring the wider us into the who we couldn't do much after that any. one of many women who lost their livelihoods overnight when the government imposed a lot down last year. according to multiple study them conducted recently women work with especially those who work in the informal or the ana when i have taken a much harder hit by the call than 1000 logged on that was implemented compared to men a large number of the women have either lost out on work entirely or have seen a shop fall in their in. the dry is a social worker who helps women working informally she says that while men can travel to find work family responsibilities mean women have to stay closer to home . in the unorganized women lost all her fabric. as
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domestic help into construction leiber treatment of the cases of us are still rising does not look like they will get their work. women's participation in the workforce who is already declining but the sudden shutdown caused by call that 19 was. india's economy shrank by nearly a quarter in the 1st few months of the pandemic. economists says the impact of the downturn has been disproportionately. who's tougher it's the women they are the more vulnerable in the labor force they're the border educated compounded to the did the poorest delude comparatively because i don't think the government has done enough in skilled india traction to provide for jobs both brown demi bulls who who who have jobs they're working less hours so if they're working there thousands are almost inevitable that the men are going to have whatever work there there is going
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to be and not women this is an extra financial burden for sure on top of caring for the sick husband and daughter her own health is deteriorating further limiting her options. and it's going to be difficult to get work. but i have a family to look into that i have been trying to get to work we keep doing so i'm sure but feels she cannot even go back to her village as there's nothing there for her life has become a daily struggle for survival. right let's get some the latest developments now in the pandemic new zealand has announced it will open a travel bubble with australia on april 19th it will allow corn 100 free travel between the neighboring nations starting next month singapore will accept visitors who use a mobile travel pass containing digital certificates for covered 1000 tests and vaccines it is one of the 1st countries to adopt the initiative and new data from
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israel suggests a vaccinated people are unlikely to pass the virus on to others who have not been vaccinated studies show that as the number of vaccinated adults went up infection rates among among unvaccinated people in the same community went down especially among children. here in germany calls are growing for a unified approach to tackling the coronavirus pandemic following mounting frustration and confusion over patchwork arrangements across the country now under the country's federal system each of the country's 16 states can decide its own rules some have decided against curfews and are going ahead with reopening measures the western state of the island is becoming the 1st state to exit and nation wide lockdown today the state primary says that a comparatively low infection rate and extensive testing justifies the move but it comes as scientists and several politicians call for a stricter lockdown one of them is the head of germany's most populous state north
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rhine-westphalia and the leader of a conservative party here's what he had to say yesterday. we decided to all be open the i mean that's why i think we need a bridge locked on your mission we have to build the bridge to the point in time where a lot of people are vaccinated i'm on the phone i know that a lot of people are tired of the pandemic. but also that a lot are ready to go a step further and then i may or june to enter a new phase. to move to my new me in a large majority of citizens are willing to take this step so that we have a better outlook and more planning security. hardtop and he's in st. who could see the bridge to a breakthrough success in testing our food means we need to double down on noise and a lot of very is freedom to move towards a lock down. let's bring in our political correspondent thomas sparrow for the
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latest on this story hi thomas so that was the head of the conservative city you party there are calling for a tougher lockdown here in germany how likely is it that he will get his way. lushes comments were met by criticism by other german federal states who believe that his comments for example were too imprecise or that he was adding to a general sense of confusion here in germany because of those patchwork measures that you mentioned swim in your introduction by presenting that idea of a breach lock down when already there are various terms here in germany to describe those different phases of lockdown which many has faced in the last few months so there's no such entity that germany will go to a tough lock down in the next few days but there are certainly calls not only by mr lasher but by others as well to try and make sure that germany adopts measures to try and curb the coronavirus pandemic in particular that very difficult 3rd wave of the coronavirus pandemic german chancellor angela merkel has also been reportedly
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in favor of stricter measures to deal with the pandemic in particular a unified measures because as you alter as you have mentioned yourself some of the measures have been adopted specifically by different states which has created as i said a lot of confusion among the german population the question is who will go along with it so how did germans feel about the idea of a tougher and longer lock down. well actually sumi there was a poll earlier this month which revealed that a majority of germans were in favor of stricter measures so from that perspective german officials will certainly be pleased if they do go that way that many people in germany are actually supporting that idea by doctors not mean that germans in general are actually in favor of the way the government has been handling the coronavirus pandemic in fact there's growing skepticism there's a growing confusion a majority of people saying that they don't know they've lost track of what measures are in place where and when and also a lot of criticism towards the way and that confusion among german federal and
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regional authorities is essentially means to me that the pressure is growing on officials both at the federal law not a regional level to implement measures so that germany cunt finally deal with the coronavirus pandemic on that very difficult 3rd wave our political correspondent thomas spare reporting for us there it's good to talk to you now a senior figure at the european medicines agency has said there is a link between the astra zeneca kovan 1000 vaccine and blood clots last week germany suspended routine use of the vaccine in people under 60 years of age that was after 9 people who had received the vaccine died from rare blood clotting the a.m.a. official said the vaccine regulator is expected to issue an update to its advice later today. all right let's take a look now at some other headlines from around the world israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been nominated by the country's president to form a new
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a coalition after a 4th inconclusive election that yahoo now has $28.00 days to break an unprecedented political stalemate and cobble together a governing majority and consultations held by president reagan rivlin on monday that yahoo received the most indorsements from parliamentary fractions. the death toll from a ferry accident in bangladesh has risen to 34 rescue efforts had been halted on monday but were resumed after pressure from the relatives of people still missing leading to the recovery of further bodies the ferry carrying more than 50 passengers sank on sunday evening after being hit by a cargo vessel. rescuers are searching for dozens of people still missing after floods and landslides swept away villages in indonesia and east timor of the weekend indonesia's disaster agency says at least 86 people have died that is a lower death toll than previously reported authorities say a miscommunication with local agencies was to pull. that diplomats from
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the world's most powerful countries are meeting in austria capital vienna today for talks to try and salvage the iran nuclear deal u.s. president joe biden said ministration wants to revive the accord after negotiations iran is refusing direct talks calling for sanctions to be lifted 1st european nations will mediate between the 2 sides a 2015 agreement to limit iran's nuclear program collapsed after dead president donald trump withdrew and reinstated sanctions on the country u.s. and iranian officials laid out there and ahead of today's talks our overarching goal is to ensure that iran's nuclear program is permanently and verifiably constrained and that on a permanent and verifiable basis iran will not be able to obtain a nuclear weapon. does who to call it whether the joint commissions agenda produces a result or not depends on the europeans and reminding the us of its obligations
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and the americans acting on their commitments will go to. let's bring in correspondent teri schultz who's following the story from brussels hi terry it's good to see you we've heard this being referred to as indirect talks so can you tell us what that means and what is actually going to happen today hi sue me we're not exactly sure of all the logistics yet but as we understand it the talks this afternoon will take place in 2 different locations because iran refuses to meet face to face with the united states and what the goal is to come up with basically 2 to do list one for iran one for the u.s. one to bring iran back into compliance with the deal to reverse the nuclear activities that has that it has undertaken over the last year and for the u.s. to rejoin the deal now those things will not take place with the 2 parties face to face but the but the 3 the france britain and germany and china and russia will go between the 2 sides and hopefully at the end of this session of talks they may have
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you know an agreement to move forward and have another round ok is there a realistic prospect that both sides could simply sign up to the original treaty again well technically iran didn't quit the deal it just quit abiding by it and that's of real concern because of course the deal itself was to stop iran from getting a nuclear weapon and the fears are that it has moved quite quickly in the direction of possibly getting one but the u.s. has not agreeing to president trump's assessment that this was the worst deal ever does have some issues with it and as you heard state department spokesman ed pricey there they would like this deal to be permanent to put permanent restrictions on iran and the original agreement didn't do that so the u.s. has some issues with the original agreement at the same time everyone agrees that getting both sides back into compliance with this deal would be a really important 1st step we're not exactly sure what we'll see in the talks today but terry what do you think success could look like at the end of today.
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nobody has very high hopes for any substantive breakthroughs at the same time everyone's very optimistic about even having iran and the u.s. in the same city and both iran and the u.s. have called this a good step forward iran says it's neither optimistic or pessimistic about the outcome and the u.s. called it a healthy step so i think that given given the rhetoric that we've seen between these 2 parties over the last couple of years over the last 4 years of the trumpet ministration i think everyone agrees this is moving in the right direction. terry szell's reporting there in brussels thank you so much now russia is vestey a newspaper is reporting that jailed opposition politician election involved he has been moved to a sick ward the kremlin critic was jailed in february and has been on a hunger strike since last wednesday to protest the lack of medical care with
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parliamentary elections less than 6 months away authorities are cracking down on kremlin critics but they could be facing new threats including from within the traditionally loyal communist party. and travel to the southwestern city of saratov where she met a local politician who is determined not to be silenced. in the footsteps of language. that anka sees himself as a politician of the people just like his communist forefathers but he has a huge social media presence. because you tube channel has over a 1000000 subscribers fight for your rights is the motto here. his social media accounts show him fighting against corruption and for more equality including as a representative in the regional south of parliament and vanderbank a doesn't shy away from criticizing the kremlin and the ruling united russia party . it's your actions the actions of the russian government of your president of your
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united russia party you gave our national riches away to oligarchs. and now bundling is facing what he says is a political campaign against him local politicians have accused him of corruption for monetizing his social media accounts he could face a criminal case that could prevent him from running in the upcoming dumas elections . the government is afraid of people uniting uniting around the concrete political program which provides an alternative to the course they have taken. throughout my whole career during the many hours of live streams online or in my videos i never asked people to follow nicholai blundering co. i'm just asking people to be political if you don't like what i say follow your own line. the main thing is to not give up. in russia there are traces of the soviet past everywhere including in south of the communist party is still popular here and
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across the country even though critics say the party ultimately follows the kremlin line but even russia's so-called systemic opposition parties have recently become an outlet for people's anger at the government. last year the arrest of a popular governor from the right wing liberal democratic party led to weeks of protests in russia's far eastern city of god. every monday. has his office hours the 35 year old spends most of the day with constituents people stand in line for support with issues from benefit applications to problems with corruption. i've placed my hopes and think oh i heard how he talks to people and i've heard his speeches. in russia they don't like people who tell the truth it's always been that way so if he's trying to get the truth out to people naturally he becomes undesirable to the government if you can see how he acts at
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all as parliamentary session c.i.'s uncomfortable questions the authorities don't like that but. experts agree that the kremlin might try to keep people like john that anchor out of federal politics. ahead of the duma elections the kremlin makes clear arrangements with the main opposition parties about which candidates can run and what results they should get they don't want to let anyone in who will rock the boat. but despite attempts to intimidate him isn't ready to give up. people today are hungry for justice and for truth they don't trust the authorities on the whole. i went into politics to prove to citizens that lawmakers can work honestly. that ankara is already preparing his campaign for the duma elections and he hopes he will be allowed a fair fight. more headlines are making the news now jordan's state news agency says that the country's public prosecutor has banned
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media coverage of a dispute between king abdullah and as half brother prince hamza had been under house arrest for allegedly plotting to destabilize the country earlier homes are pledged allegiance to the king after mediation by the royal family. mozambique's military says it has regained full control of the coastal town of homa jihadists from a group linked to al qaeda attacked at least late last month palma is located near a natural gas projects worth some 60000000000 dollars aid groups say tens of thousands fled the fighting. the chief of minneapolis police has testified that the former police officer charged in george floyd's death by later the department's policy on use of force the police chief said the way derrick charged in restrained floyd was not in line with training choppiness facing charges of 2nd degree murder and other counties under control and north korea has become the 1st country to drop out of this year's tokyo olympics authorities say they made the decision to protect
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athletes from covert 19 south korea has expressed regret over the decision saying it had hoped that the games would provide an opportunity to improve relations. football now manchester city manager pep guardiola says he thinks it is possible his club could mount a bid to sign dortmund superstar erling holland his comments came as a surprise as he previously said the club could not meet the enormous asking price the timing was also interesting ordeal as team played dortmund in the 1st leg of a champions league quarter final on tuesday. we already knew to be all of want to the champions league title as much as anyone but we didn't know it was that beyond victory against dortmund on tuesday night he also like so many others wants the german sides most prized position being whole and if he's trained seriously goal of the season. that they just called his amount of what is not easy to find in the past honestly so i think 20 years old with the numbers of speak for speak for
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himself yeah it's a fantastic strike and everybody knows it so a blank guy who will realise that with a striker. that's why some say the price could be as high as 150000000 euros and maybe that's why pick guardiola was not just papering price on holland but trying to gently persuade the club's inheriting ownership to spend like they've never spent before so far the club have decided not to spend. not close 100000000 or more than 100000000 for a play maybe in the future is going to happen when the club decide it's necessary for improve the team the club the team for the next 510 years for many reasons. 2 months left to run on the current season pair and every of a suitor will have to white but now it seems not so much if he will leave brasier dortmund but rather from where exactly he will real knowledge.
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coming up next a minimum corporate tax rate across the globe that is what the u.s. treasury secretary is calling for is it realistic monica jones we'll have details on d w business coming up next they to. kick
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a. girl. oh i. couldn't stand. the killers. the u.s. wants to take back economic leadership u.s. treasury secretary janet yellen has called for more global cooperation and a holman eyes to minimum corporate tax rate across the world's major economies also coming up a major blockage off of one of the world's most crucial shipping routes is forcing logistics companies to rethink their strategy. and how lockdowns in the philippines have given rise to a growing poor make coffee sector.


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