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tv   Gesunde Augen - klarer Blick  Deutsche Welle  April 7, 2021 6:15pm-7:01pm CEST

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and he needs to receive medical care yes i'm most kalamata from i missed international hundreds of hikers in iceland have been evacuated from the site of an erupting volcano after new fishes opened up on the mountain a throwing lava smoke and steam into the air it's been that provided a huge draw for tourists since the fall kind of rolled into life last that's it you're up to date. business update next good to. get right to the heart. good times are good for the be. done.
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well not yet. the industry is controlling your thoughts the great books of the 20th century. present a hoax is. treated no more. manufacturing ignorance starts may 3rd. the world's most widely distributed. vaccine is back in the spotlight the european medicines agency says there's a link between clotting and the astra zeneca job but it says the benefits still far outweighed the risks. also on the show we have more on vaccination challenges this time in and gone out and will speak to our correspondent on the ground in harare. and the german machinery industry has been called upon to help us speed up the
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feeling of their i'll close with 19 vaccine trials. this is the business i'm. in berlin happy you can join us. the european medicines watchdog has advisor's a possible link between astra zeneca scolded 19 vaccine and blood clots but that the shot is safe and can continue to be used in may said the blood clot should be listed as a rare astra zeneca side effect but the body said the benefits far outweigh the risks the director of the e m a said no link could be established between age or gender and increased risk of side effects european union health ministers will now meet to discuss how they will adjust their vaccine rollout. again it's worth noting that astra zeneca is the most widely distributed cove in $1000.00 vaccine in the world in part because of the kovacs scheme that helps developing countries gain access to the shots most
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countries in africa are part of the program but worries are mounting it will be an off the sex story takes us to ghana and zimbabwe. and that's our emergency war doctor a banner year has her hands full yet fears of getting infected with the coronavirus resonate with every patient but today there is a bit of hope the 1st vaccines have arrived in ghana i think it. through we feel like the nation because when you look at the parts in which people are. so we are. through this virus quietly being promised to all vaccines from the big pharmaceutical companies are one of the most sought after commodities in the world and every country wants them that's why the w. age helps launch the kovacs initiative it's designed to use money from richer countries to buy vaccines and distribute them to the poorest ones but because the
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kovacs initiative has been slow to get off the ground african governments are desperately seeking supplies they're already negotiating with russia and china you nor have i. remember. exactly some of the poorest countries in the world are going to manage to vaccinate sufficient. in their countries what has happened is that countries who are out of western vaccines really did have to take things into their own. zimbabwe for example has bought the chinese sino farm vaccine even though it has not yet been approved by the w h o and there are doubts that it protects against the mutated virus in neighboring south africa it's a bit of vaccine diplomacy china and russia may be using the vaccine to polish their image in the region a number of countries within reach of countries that is that she said and are increasingly concerned that russia and china are. vaccines to bolster their
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global influence by trying to step in and fill in the role that koufax should normally have because they will have essentially presented themselves as the savior of her population zimbabwe was hit hard by the 2nd wave and people are afraid that things could get that bad again at his clinic dr yohannes mari said has lost many patients and even friends and family members to the virus he says kovacs alone isn't enough as long as the vaccines are safe he's happy to get help from china and russia but not in britain present of the poor mrs do nothing we want to infuse into position over the population over to get so if you voted to imprisoned in through field reporter the inter-community think it means we are doing nothing just with. the willingness to share vaccines with the poorest countries could change the global power structure worldwide health is dependent on readily available vaccines
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and as long as new mutations continue to emerge even vaccinated populations will not be safe. our correspondent privilege joins us now from harare good to see you privileged now we heard from the doctor there and the report that vaccines are sorely needed in zimbabwe anyway they can be obtained tell us more about the situation on the ground. starting from the beginning of the year yes we have seen the vaccines beginning to come in the country highly on donations from china but recently in the past week we had 1000000 doses that we have pick chester by the zimbabwe government and from the beginning of the year you would see that people were quite hesitant to take the vaccine particularly the front line where cuz. because of so many conspiracy theories that had been spreading around in the past
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months but of late in the past 2 weeks we have seen. it arise in numbers in people we're now taking the vaccine the government has opened up to everyone to go and get vaccinated. the number that we have had so far just for a day it's about 20 almost 217000 vaccinations. in a single day just on monday we had about 16000 vaccinations that happy and so people are beginning to warm up to the chinese vaccines and going forward the country the government is saying that it needs to be procuring about $1000000.00 doses a month to reach a target of about $10000000.00. by the end of the year. now bringing it to the news of today privilege here in europe there is
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a lot of discussion around the astra zeneca job at the european regulators from today about the risks of thrombosis now is that a discussion taking place where you are to have spoken of at least initial vaccine has a tendency in zimbabwe certainly. discussion that is going around because mind you you have people we have access to. information be it social media be in your you know televisions so people are discussing about the astra zeneca and some people have expressed that even if the government was going to be receiving astra zeneca through the city they were not going to take it people are now believing this and vaccines from china because so far in the country since the beginning of the vaccination program we have not had any official cases or any cases of. side effects
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privilege missionary there in harare forests talking about vaccine has a tendency in zimbabwe thank you very much now the aviation industry has taken a spectacular hit from the pandemic as lock downs and border closures made travel and tourism difficult and his 1st remarks the press since taking office the new director general of the international air transport association willie walsh had little optimism to offer he said he sees no light on the horizon for aviation at present. most aircraft worldwide are still grounded like here at london's heathrow airport compared with february 29th gene february 2021 was a crash landing according to eye on tuesday director general international passenger traffic was down almost 89 percent and is showing no signs of recovery in the current environment. a day earlier there was more pessimism from the c.e.o.
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of carter airways. based on i artist's latest book us global passenger traffic revenue passage a kilometer or i'd be kate will not return to preclude it 19 let us until 2024 years it up then previously projected weights i figured it would happen for months the global airline body has been pushing for the introduction of a digital vaccination passport on its website that might relieve air travelers fears of having to quarantine passengers can take a rapid test before boarding to have proof that they're not infected upon arrival so far 20 airlines have agreed to test the app. global business stories making news. hungary has begun a gradual opening of shops and services the country has provided one coronavirus
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vaccine dose to over a part of it of its population but its daily death toll climbed on a record to a record 311 on wednesday under the reopening shops limit numbers of customers and restaurants are only open for takeout and delivery. facebook says the data leak of more than half a 1000000000 of its users occurred during a breach in 2019 the social media giant says it fixed the breach more than a year ago users can use an online tool to check if their telephone number birth date and e-mail address are compromised. german machinery producers are leaders in the production of equipment used in the sterile filling of medicines such as fax scenes as vaccine makers race to meet demand bottling line manufacturers are seen very busy days to our correspondent visited them. one last chance this equipment used for the sterile filling of vaccine viles is running
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like clock work they're ready to be packed and shipped off to see what this machine feels 24000 miles per hour and can be operated around the clock will each file contains several vaccine doses the plant can fill up to $4000000.00 vaccine doses a day something rigidly needed during the pandemic german companies that build these plants for the pharmaceutical industry are among the most successful worldwide they export their equipment from southwestern germany to the entire world . and is one of them they boast annual sales of some 260000000 euros. the family business employs 1600 people. there but when we build the machinery for many components we take it completely on line until it works properly and then it's dismantled into parts. again and shipped to the customer site you know the order books are full on average it takes about a year to plan and build
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a filling plan for vaccine doses it will go faster if the pharmaceutical industry agreed on the uniform standards for plants but every customer wants something different. they've reached their capacity limits they can't do more than keep on building maybe prioritize a bit but you only see on their current priority is the construction of filling facilities for corona virus vaccine doses but trouble continues to supply pharmaceutical companies with a variety of machinery so that they can also fill doses to treat other diseases your mother course we have to make sure that other important areas of utilization are also being addressed for customers and you have to bear in mind that kobe it's not the only disease out there in the business mccovey could be the worldwide pharmaceutical industry is increasingly relying on domestic production to minimize the risks associated with international supply chains for german machinery manufacturers it means that demand for filling equipment mo continue to rise.
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and that's it for me and the business team for more you can always go to our web site that is d w dot com slash business for also on facebook and twitter thank you so much for watching. people in trucks injured when trying to flee the city center more and more refugees are being turned away more. than a taxi to syria. are going to leave the demonstrators. to sleep extreme dreams. going to be. followed by more than 300 people are seeking.
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yesterday morning because no one should have to sleep. make up their own mind. w.'s. made for mines. if. you're watching the news in asia coming up today whatever happened to the protests in thailand last summer activists took to the streets day in and day out and their fight continues now in the courts as the government targets pro-democracy leaders in an attempt to slow the movement. plus pakistan's courts the authorities and even the prime minister have attacked activist in the women's rights with it.
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i'm melissa chan thank you for joining us we want to take a closer look at thailand today the ongoing civil unrest in the country has not gone away and in fact many of the leaders of the pro-democracy demonstrations throughout 2020 are now in court facing years in prison in amnesty international's big annual report out today on the state of human rights around the world the entry for thailand talks about widespread repression and the use of enforced disappearances this includes the case of one chalet on socks it who disappeared while living in exile last year he is yet another suspected victim of the thai authorities assault on dissent. save one charlie on the demand this was june 2020 days after one chilly arms not socks it approved democracy blogger was abducted in cambodia. c.c.t.v.
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footage captured 2 men stopped in their tracks as they reportedly watch one chilly arm being bundled into an issue. he was targeted one day after uploading this video mocking thailand's. prime minister. he has not been seen since his the 9th such case of a thai exile disappearing since 2060 but this song. if one charlie arm is dead we want his body brought back to thailand. my young but there. in the past year thailand's military has reacted with an iron fist to a growing movement calling for democratic reforms rounding up dozens of activists under strict laws that forbid any criticism of the mourners. last month the architects of the uprising began filling up courts their resolve undiminished.
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thorough. they can lock me up but they cannot lock up the truth the truth is always the truth whether in prison under torture or awaiting execution the truth is the truth. other organizers face 15 years in prison if found guilty of sedition and insulting the monarchy but protest leaders say the campaign cannot be crushed. yet. in the end no matter how many of us go to jail there will still be people outside that are still fighting. and. in the meantime the families carry the burden either of not knowing where their loved ones are are facing years of separation. joining us has rights activists. in bangkok she's been the subject of an ongoing investigation connected
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to her participation in a protest last summer and she faces possible jail time for that history where do things stand in thailand's democracy movement. right now it's kind of difficult because i mean. i mean of course because of the 900 situation as well. an outbreak happened last year in december and after that it cost pretty difficult for the movement to gain momentum the way it's had and mentally disturbed in detention in pretrial detention in relation to the protests last year so i mean is it time for everyone but we cannot do much just that we just have to keep fighting their way through and then maybe thinking about different wears off protests instead of going out and then taking this what we did
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here because it's now almost impossible. i want to talk about your case what are you being accused of and what did you do that you believe was within your rights. basically i. talking about the less much as there was the heaviest charge that i mean i'm facing so i gave the speech in the protest last year in so there are no wimber in front of 11 minute tweet in fan tree so basically i just call for the reform or do we if you are off the list much as the law which is the law in saudi monarchy and i actually didn't talk about defeat good himself or anyone in his family so basically i just core that what your farmer you and base your reporter on freedom is praise and then we talk about the law into a total of 70 and so you talk about the cases in thailand and then he said that's
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no. or less much as they endure more cryptic countries so i quote it that. and that appeared in my complaint paper that the police told me on. 21st of december when i replied it myself so in this part i think it's basically because i didn't talk about securing the queen or the air or the region them so so is just calling for the repeal you already have many men on the bar. and just quoting someone else now you talked about the pandemic slowing things down a bit and the fact that leaders have also been arrested the government has been in moveable in the face of mass demonstrations in your country what do you think it will take for the political system to change. i mean 1st of all. it's important for the we ok last year i mean
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if you followed to the most recent demands or to criticize demands that 3 things so the 1st thing is resubmission of the problem is the the 2nd thing is we drop off the constitution and the 3rd thing is we fall off the monarchy and of course these 3 things have to go along together and but what to take for this change in the political this is the we drop off the constitution at this point because it's a clue the country cannot really move forward with the constitution we are using right now. too many laws in the constitution and the upper house would i mean i'm sure you know about it already but this is the main thing that the house that has meet elected or not are appointed by the little rico commission would have difficulty the right to vote
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a prime minister so it means you can recollect as many times you want but the upper house you share in the result of the elections anyway so this is the saying election reform tents are a patch not rob thank you so much for joining us. in pakistan women are facing death threats following their participation in a march for equal rights on international women's day the taliban has threatened activists and 2 courts have even ordered investigations into whether women committed blasphemy that they spoke ill of the prophet muhammad based on clearly doctored video clips prime minister imran khan was then asked in a question and answer session with the public about the rising incidence of rape in the country to which he responded by blaming the victims he said it has to do with what women wear the response at least on social media has been fierce by the study
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human rights lawyer remember omar called khan's comments ignorant dangerous and condemn nable another woman deal obeid posted it's hard enough being a woman in this country we honestly deserve better than this and in my own zeinab my theory has here tweeted the only place where blame rests is with the rapist and the system that enables him. we have. joining us to talk more about this penis we just saw some of the tweets in response to the prime minister's comments can you tell us a little bit more about how people have reacted. hi melissa so pakistanis are angry they're frustrated that their leader prime minister of pakistan harbors such problematic view was that links women's clothing to sick should while in a game style and you know what that research has rejected these kind of few was across the board my twitter timeline was filled with angry tweets actually
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schooling the prime minister dead rape is a much more complicated crime and the crime and it's not only did it did do sexual frustration there actually they were actually schooling that minister that it's a more of a rape it's more of a show of what authority does she and woman and her family they were also women activists 3 thing and asking a prime minister to actually apologize on his statement prime minister of pakistan said in his statement i did all these people in this society who have low we have no bill dick i'm going to adhere to that dish and so he was actually implying that if the women covered their bodies they were not beauty and this kind of women rights activists say that this kind of statement is problematic and they actually us for him to apologize to public on the statement. has quite a few opinions about women in their place and role as a society and for a former cricketer who traveled the world he's quite disparaging of what he calls
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western values tell me a little bit more about that. ok rob has studied it and when he was an interest national celebrity and he had an image of playboy there were articles published about to scandals his affair but yet. as soon as he joined politics and bought this done he started he became more religious and guns over defend his views and he portrays the west as a society that is immortal that has no family values and he kind of still has this a fear among pakistanis it if they follow western values and he says id the family system in black is a nice idea but this rocked divorce rate a 1000000000 trees he says has been a divorce stories so he has he his personality is on the sea a lot of contradiction gone flicked when he is giving a martyr lecture. a lot of he would only say to arkansas news and you were at the
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women's rights protest last month what did you see and what do women of pakistan want yeah so i was at the march it's a nascent movement but it's very provocative and bold a woman's right movement has a history in pakistan but this movement recently started back as any woman in one street i was there on an 8 march international mainstay the use slogans that you sports does duns and other form of art to express that anger against government against religious scholars who have not been able to give rights to the woman they deserve and this kind of bored ness is not really well accepted by the conservative segments of the society it's a grassroots movement but because of of the openness and the born ness and anger these women show on the streets. it's not really accepted by the kinds of it gives and unfortunately these women are fighting the fight alone without any backing of
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the government. you know it's always fantastic to speak to you thank you so much thank you very much that's it for today you can find more on our web site d w dot com forward slash asia check out our facebook and twitter as well we're back tomorrow see you then good bye. it's quite as simple as it seems. to understand the world. we need to take a closer. experience not.
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what secrets lie behind things one. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore an aging world heritage site. w world heritage 368 get the maps now. coming up on arts and culture the art world's digital revolution how belloc chain encryption technology is reshaping the art market and possibly even the music industry. and later on the show a monument to life on hold one artists take on pandemic luck to its. but 1st many jews in israel and around the world are marking young hotshoe are or holocaust remembrance day commemorating the 6000000 jews murdered by the nazis or
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meanwhile here in germany a massive effort is under way to preserve the victims memory volunteers are digitizing millions of records of people imprisoned and slaved and murdered by the nazi regime and it's all happening in the tiny town of. here's more. tucked away in an industrial hall in western germany isn't inconceivable room the hour olsen archives with 17500000 names of people persecuted by the nazis the most extensive archive of its kind index cards from concentration camps deportation lest clothing remnants from exuma bodies. there are the names of jews forced laborers concentration camp prisoners an unprecedented memory of suffering. the goal is to make the archive available online for everyone to use taking part in
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the digital tagging of the millions of slips of paper is a new way of remembering the action hash tag every name counts is an invitation for everyone to participate. you just need access to the internet and you come to our website and from there you can access documents you can put the names and birthdates of nazi victims into our database and then these names will be published and will be accessible worldwide forever for everybody globally who can just sign that fight. go to your show from both of them is one of 17000 fallen tears already digitizing documents and the records are handwritten in old fashioned script or with abbreviations were simply illegible no automatic machine can transfer these last biographies into. current technology it must be done by hand. and that's really the on the one hand it of course benefits the people who are looking for someone and can't completely trace their history but it also helps us
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to be even more aware of what happened back then and to deal with the topic in a completely different way yes i'm often against under the guise of the chef to. go to yosh works in city government she says that's further motivation to participate in this project because people like her used to fill out these cards and were part of the un just nazi state. the random generator shows you go to yosh a document for a viennese man indicates how i fled years back became a political prisoner in 1943 by simply reading a leaflet in the future everyone will be able to trace the story of. he came to boston vida via oceans allied documents show that he survived the war by migrating biographies to the internet the arrows in archives are helping preserve memories and to prepare us for everyday life. charities and i think raising awareness of the
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historical depth of discrimination and patterns of discrimination anti semitism racism that's not history that's still happening today every day in europe and all over the world. 17.5000000 names and every single one counts. so far they are as an archives have digitized 3 and a half 1000000 documents and these days the art world is also going to digital with investors spending enormous sums on artworks that exists only on computer networks until now digital art was so easy to copy that it didn't make much sense financially but now that's changed and the implications for the art market her huge . the magic word is n f t or non fungible token and it's revolutionizing the art market this technology
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records the owner's identity in a blog change while the work itself remains publicly visible on the web for anyone to see. so and it is a technical stand there to me additional work of art were any dish that any i. guess it was unique so you get. me. was the artist what was the edition size and that you bought it and if you are the rightful owner in this online gold rush a flying cap sold for $650000.00 but 21st several 1000000. crypto cats are virtual basketball cards sold for millions. and now christie's has got on board auction ing every days from artist people as its 1st tokenized piece. the sale not only meant recognition for digital art but
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it's helped christie's reap millions in a win win situation. job or just get him of us but i think when there is money at stake people take things seriously so many people who used to not really take this art form seriously are now having a closer look and that's great and then of course the artist who created this work will go down in art history on that site so it's not a conspiracy timestream. the buyer was a singapore based fund that had made a fortune with crypto currency 90 percent of the bidders at christie's were unknown is a new crypto elite divvying up the market. people they're all right now. they're . come to the market forms with really open i don't have much knowledge of the art market and our enemy. and just really go by.
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that could up end the traditional dominance of art galleries and museums when it comes to determining what art is valuable and important for crypto art could turn out to be an unprecedented speculation bubble but even if that bubble bursts it's still likely to shake up the art market. and let's talk a little more about how and the f t's are shaking out the art market i've got d.w. reporter michael kruger here with me so mike a lot of people are asking is this the new art market or is it just a bubble what do you think well 1st of all 2 words have met here on the one hand this young man a generation newts with a pocket full of bitcoins cryptocurrency and on the other hand the very professional investors who are not really interested in art. yeah and this is maybe the reason why we have these incredible sums that being paid right now if the value
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of trip to really increase in the future is something we still don't know the excitement will go down i'm quite sure and the odds will return at the sunset again but nevertheless people like me pull will be a chapter in the history of art where there's a lot of excitement now also though in the music industry some people are saying and if these are going to shake up that world what's that about. well they're really threatening the monopoly of streaming services right now with the subscription based economic models because after the streaming services the record labels the musicians seem to be at the end of the food chain and this could change with an f.t.c. they are back in the control the music is back in their hands and they can decide the value of a song. so this is a really thrilling development and the list of musicians were experimenting with and of teas is growing longer and longer we have festival grimes we have show man
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this and the king of limbs for example but everyone in the music world is that into n f t's there with the with the criticism well in the moment it's still a very exclusive circle right now because if you buy in and see and if the music you you were by it or you woodstock and that means it's it works just for the musicians who are already very famous i mentioned grimes for example and she's already rich hospital is one of the richest man in the world and another really big question is what happens when the own a dice is ownership of an n.f.t. inherited and but one thing is quite clear once you own it and if t. it's really safe from being stolen well i'm going to leave it there for now my krueger thanks so much because speaking of theft and art theft dutch police have arrested
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a man they believe stole priceless paintings from 2 museums on lockdown security footage shows a burglar smashing through reinforced glass at the singer lauren museum last year in march before taking this painting by vincent van gogh entitled the parsonage garden at noon and spring and 5 months later if 15000000 euro work by dutch master fronts holes went missing from another museum that's actually the 3rd time it's been stolen since 1988 police say they have yet to recover those 2 paintings. and if you're into art mysteries netflix has just put out a 4 part documentary about the world's biggest ever art heist the series this is a robbery examines how 2 thieves dressed as police officers. $500000000.00 worth of art from the isabella steward gardner museum in boston back in 1990 including a painting at the dutch master or rembrandt the works are still missing to this day
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. all over germany are red and white mannequins have been popping up on public squares a kind of monument to life put on hold to the coronavirus the traveling art installation that is stopping pedestrians in their tracks. at 11 am in front of cologne cathedral artist dennis hughes if measured against his team set up 111 manager. he calls his installation it is like it is it's meant to symbolize the coronavirus pandemic and its social. represents the movement restrictions that we have during these corona times we can't do what we'd like to do and move around the way that we're used to especially in times of crisis we see how our lives can change and things we have taken for granted and suddenly become a thing of a past. history an area around cologne cathedral is just one of many places where
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the artist has staged his mannequins since the beginning of the pandemic last year they've already toured more than 30 german city. please post in front of the berlin stock. conquered pottstown. and occupied the old bridge in limbo. the figures wrapped in red and white warning tape symbolize social distancing and the standstill of public life. even. on a ski slope. most i don't limit switch the mannequins come from different places for example from boutiques that have had to close their doors during the pandemic but also from a hobby hardware store that had to shut down so i was able to buy all the mannequins at a reasonable price. in may dennis yosef message will be awarded the crayola creativity prize insert for this project and if conditions permit he plans to take
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his mannequins on tour to other countries. that's it for this edition of arts and culture for more stories though check us out any time at d.w. dot com slash culture scene outside. the.
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house in a drama competition rival marketing numbers atmosphere by that's time and tradition . money millionaires fans friends find us and in fact. because we love football. to golf on you tube joining us. the fight against the corona virus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing. the measures are being taken. what does the latest research say. information and context. the coronavirus up to the code of special monday to friday.
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more than a 1000 years ago europe witnesses a huge construction boom. christianity from east. so. who can create the tallest. structure. with each other. this is how massive churches create a. contest of the.
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