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murdered by the nazis or meanwhile here in germany a massive effort is underway to preserve the victim's memory volunteers are digitizing millions of records of people imprisoned and slaved and murdered by the nazi regime and it's all happening in the tiny town of. yours more. tapped away in an industrial hall in western germany is an inconceivable room the arrows in archives the 17500000 names of people persecuted by the nazis the most extensive archive of its kind index cards from concentration camps deportation lest clothing remnants from exuma bodies. there are the names of jews forced laborers concentration camp prisoners an unprecedented memory of suffering. the goal is to make the archive available online for everyone to use taking part in
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the digital tagging of the millions of slips of paper is a new way of remembering the action hash tag every name counts is an invitation for everyone to participate. you just need access to the internet and you come to our website and from there you can access documents you can put the names and birthdates of nazi victims into our database and then these names will be published and will be accessible the world wide forever for everybody globally looking to find that fight. go to your show from both of them is one of 17000 fallen tears already digitizing documents often the records are handwritten in old fashioned script or with abbreviations were simply illegible no automatic machine can transfer these last biographies into current technology it must be done by hand . today on the one hand it of course benefits the people who are looking for. for
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someone in can't completely trace their history but it also helps us to be even more aware of what happened back then and to deal with the topic in a completely different way yes. i think guns under the guise of the shift. go to yosh works in city government she says that's further motivation to participate in this project because people like her used to fill out these cards and were part of the un just nazi state. the random generator shows go to yosh a document for a viennese man indicates how i feel it became a political prisoner in 1943 by simply reading a leaflet in the future everyone will be able to trace the story of if. he came to boston vide via oceans allied documents show that he survived the war by migrating biographies to the internet the arrows in archives are helping preserve memories and to prepare us for everyday life. charities and i think raising awareness of the
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historical depth of discrimination and patterns of discrimination anti semitism racism that's not history that's still happening today every day in europe and all over the world. 17.5000000 names and every single one counts. so far there are rules and our archives have digitized 3 and a half 1000000 documents and these days the art world is also going digital with investors spending enormous sums on artworks that exists only on computer networks until now digital art was so easy to copy that it didn't make much sense financially but now that's changed and the implications for the art market her huge . the magic word is n f t or non fungible token and it's revolutionizing the art market this. technology
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records the owner's identity in a blog change while the work itself remains publicly visible on the web for anyone to see. so and it is a technical spec there you need additional work of art where any did any. essence uni so you get it well to me that. was the artist's what was the nation size. and that you bought it and you are the rightful owner in this online gold rush a flying cap sold for $650000.00 a tweet for several 1000000. crypto cats or virtual basketball cards sold for millions. and now christie's has got on board auction ing every days from artist people as its 1st tokenized piece. the sale not only meant
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recognition for digital art but it's helped christie's reap millions in a win win situation. job or just get him of us but i think when there's money at stake people take things seriously so many people who used to not really take this art form seriously are now having a closer look and that's great and so and of course the artist who created this work will go down in art history on that site so it's a conspiracy so i'm actually. the buyer was a singapore based fund that had made a fortune with cryptocurrency 90 percent of the bidders at christie's were unknown is a new crypto elite divvying up the market. people they're all right now. that . onto the market forms with really open i do not have much knowledge of the art market and our enemy. and just really go by.
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that could up end the traditional dominance of art galleries and museums when it comes to determining what art is valuable and important for crypto art could turn out to be an unprecedented speculation bubble but even if that bubble bursts it's still likely to shake up the art market. and let's talk a little more about how and the f t's are shaking up the art market i've got d.w. reporter michael kruger here with me so mike a lot of people are asking is this the new art market or is it just a bubble what do you think well 1st of all 2 words have met here on the one hand this young generation new it's with a pocket full of bitcoins cryptocurrency and on the other hand the very professional investors who are not really interested in art and yeah and this is maybe the reason why we have these incredible sums that being paid 5 now if the
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value of trip to really increase in the future is something we still don't know the excitement will go down i'm quite sure and the art will return at the center again but nevertheless people like me pull will be a chapter in the history of art where there's a lot of excitement now also though in the music industry some people are saying and if he's are going to shake up that world what's that about well they're really threatening the monopoly of streaming services right now with the subscription based economic models because after the streaming services the wreckage the labels the musicians seem to be at the end of the food chain and this could change with an f.t.c. they are back in the control them. music is back in their hands and they can decide the value of a song. so this is a really thrilling development and the list of musicians were experimenting with and of teas is growing longer and longer we have festival grimes we have shown man
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this and the king of limbs for example but everyone in the music world is that into n f t's there with the with the criticism well in the moment it's still a very exclusive sokol right now because if you buy in and the sea and if the music you you were by it all you woodstock and that means it's it works just for the musicians who are already very famous i mentioned grimes for example she's already rich hospital is one of the richest man in the world and another really big question is what happens when the own a dice is ownership often n.f.t. inherited and but one thing is quite clear once you own it and if t. it's really safe from being stolen well i'm going to leave it there for now my krueger thanks so much because speaking of theft and art theft dutch police have arrested a man they believe stole priceless paintings from 2 museums on the lockdown
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security footage shows a burglar smashing through reinforced class at the singer lara museum last year in march before taking this painting by vincent van gogh entitled the parsonage garden at noon and spring and 5 months later a 15000000 euro work by dutch master fronts holes went missing from another museum that's actually the 3rd time it's been stolen since 1988 police say they have yet to recover those 2 paintings. and if you're into art mysteries netflix has just put out a 4 part documentary about the world's biggest ever art heist the series this is a robbery examines how 2 thieves dressed as police officers ripped off 500 $1000000.00 worth of art from the isabella steward gardner museum in boston back in 1990 s. and clipping a painting i have
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a dutch master or rembrandt the works are still missing to this day. all over germany are red and white mannequins have been popping up on public squares a kind of monument to life put on hold of the coronavirus the traveling art installation that is stopping pedestrians in their tracks. at 11 am in front of cologne cathedral artist dennis hughes if message and his team set up 111 manager. he calls his installation it is like it is it's meant to symbolize the coronavirus pandemic and its social. and represents the movement restrictions that we have during these corona times we can't do what we'd like to do and move around the way that we're used to especially in times of crisis we see how our lives can change and things we have taken for granted can suddenly become a thing of the past. an area around cologne cathedral is just one of many places
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where the artist has staged his mannequins since the beginning of the pandemic last year they've already toured more than 30 german city. plays posed in front of the berlin stock. conquered pottstown. and occupied the bridge in limbo. the figures wrapped in red and white warning tape symbolize social distancing and the standstill of public life. even. on a ski slope. most i don't limit the mannequins come from different places for example from boutiques that have had to close their doors during the pandemic but also from a hobby hardware store that had to shut down so i was able to buy all the mannequins at a reasonable price. in may dennis yosef message will be awarded the credo creativity
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prize in zurich for this project and if conditions permit he plans to take his mannequins on to our 2 other countries. that's it for this edition of arts and culture for more stories though check us out any time at d.w. dot com slash culture see you next time.
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in to the conflict zone with jim sebastian for years now the government of bangladesh is being criticized around the world for its human rights record my guest this week from back eyes gallery's me foreign affairs advisor to the country's prime minister well real far and he stopped denying the truth about the repression babe inflicted and clean up their acts conflict so folks. even if it's. like we were. when we were. 80 percent of americans at some point in our lives will experience hardship listen. couple. times. as good times are good for the. warming doesn't.
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this is the new year's line from the e.u.'s medicines watchdog says there is a possible link between astra zeneca corona virus vaccine and blood clot the head of the european medicines agency says clotting should be listed as a potential side effects but they're still battling fish out. also on the program potent accused of turning its back on victims of domestic violence along grows as lawmakers propose scruff international convention aimed at protecting women from abuse. and in sports fire munich returned to the champions league tonight without
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their top offensive weapon. in the premier geoff last year's final against perry sound. i'm phil gallo welcome to the program. european medicines agency has announced that there is a possible link between the astra zeneca corona virus vaccine and blood clotting of the drugs regulated described the condition is a very rare side effect and said that the adverse reactions will be for investigated further but they had this message for people thinking about refusing an astra zeneca shot the benefits of the astra zeneca vaccine in preventing qubit 19 overall outweigh the risks of trying to fix this vaccine has proven to be highly effective if it prevents if severe disease and hospitalized patients and it is
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saving lives vaccination is extremely important in helping us in the fight against cope at 19 and we need to use the doxies we have to protect us from the devastating effects well i would say our european medicines agency in the u.k. of the medicines regulators have that has also changed its guidance on the astra zeneca vaccine that now advising people under 30 to use a different drug but the country's prime minister said the vaccination program would continue i think the crucial thing on this is to listen to what the scientists and the doctors medical experts experts have to say the the m h r a s e's is meeting the c.v.r. the drunk with your vaccination immunization is meeting that will be. the position we will get told with rolling out the vaccine people who follow very catholic what they have to say i think everybody should listen
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a catholic to what they have to say so we will get on with rolling out the vaccine program and to answer your question directly i don't think that anything i have seen leads me to suppose that we will have to change the road map deviate from the road map in any way. look at the science behind this if we can lawrence as young as if they're all adjusted. faster molecular on college and one university so medical school is talking to us from near the 2nd biggest city and welcome to the w. so what we've heard from the air may is a possible link between the astra zeneca drug and these rare blood clotting disorders we kind of knew that because that's where we were before we thought there was a link and now they're saying there's a possible link can you explain to us how we have moved closer to knowing that there is a link between taking this and potentially getting this condition you know this is just mounting evidence really that there is an increased. association.
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an association between. us was a nickelback seen in these rare blood clots what we don't know for sure all is whether that is calls also you just have to get more data and what you've got is a very very rarely very very rare side effect but evidence is slowly but surely firming up across europe and the u.k. and the possibility is becoming stronger all the while that there is an association albeit very very rare. they theorize that this could be an immune response of vaccination could you explain that to us please. yeah because of this is a very strange form and that's what form of clusium that's what makes it a bit old because what you're seeing is increased blood clotting but the cells are actually responsible for supporting blood. alone so you've got this low platelet count and that's sometimes associated with an immune response so sometimes the body
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your body can mount a bizarre very rare immune response against the platelets themselves your own blood cells and this is what makes this a bit peculiar and a bit suspicious because it looks like there is an immune response going on in a few individuals that precipitates and leads to this rare form of clotting and what we don't know he's are there any other risk factors associated with that but i think it's because the rarity of these very specific form of blood clotting that makes us really suspicious and says and that that is something to do with an abnormal response to the vaccine or possibly to people who've been vaccinated who then go on very soon after vaccination to get kovan has you know coded itself is associated with blood clotting and this is a type of thing you can only sort out when you've got larger numbers and the numbers of cases at the moment are far too small so what this is all about is just be recourses. today we also heard from the u.k.'s vaccine advisory body and they
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have their medical regulators they've seemed to have got a step further by saying it's preferable for people under 30 to have an alternative to the astra zeneca vaccine what's behind that. if you look very carefully at the data and the balance of risk so what you look at it looked at for every age group is the balance of risk of getting this very rare form of blood clotting against the risk of getting severe disease and hospitalization and what you find is the balance of risk is more favorable for older people because we know older people are much more susceptible to the severe consequences of kovi it and younger people actually this is you know are relatively protected and when they get they don't tend to get as sick and certainly you know the death rate younger people is much lower so they've made a cut they've come to a conclusion because of that risk benefit analysis if you like that it's probably
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a for to protect the under thirty's from the possible consequences of this astra zeneca vaccine and provide them when we come around to vaccinating that group with an alternative vaccine thank you so much for that explanation i have professor lawrence as young from the university why. well take a look at stories making headlines around the world will start in miramar where local media are reporting that at least 11 civilians have been killed in the northwestern town of color that's where some residents have been using a homemade hunting rifles and in their attempts to visit the military if the deaths are confirmed it will be one of the highest single day death tolls aside the country's 2 largest cities young girl and the like. jordan's king abdullah has broken his silence public rift in the royal family and told the country that the worst political crisis in decades is now over it was sparked by an alleged plot
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involving he's a half brother making statements that recent events that caused him shock pain and anger. in turkey dozens of people including former soldiers or received life sentences for their involvement in a failed coup against president wants government in 2016 almost 500 different it's been on trial since 2017 for attempting to seize control of military headquarters. greenland's main opposition parties won an early parliamentary election the left wing community of the people secured more than a 3rd of the vote victory will probably mean the end of an international mining project the uptick island has substantial deposits of rare earths and uranium. i'm mr international has told the w. news that it is reviewing its controversial decision to strip jailed russian activist i was in the valley of his president of conscience status designation was removed in february amid accusations that rest in the valley had advocated hatred
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in the past activists accused amnesty of falling for a kremlin squeeze smear campaign review was announced as a human rights group said that the activists incarceration may be slowly killing him despite this review the organization secretary general agnes sat cowed a continuing to call for his immediate release amnesty international has initiated as has been make political process of review of the decisions he tweel be made that did the outcome of that process really are being made public when they're when it's finished which should be anytime soon but the key is a penis is yet is independent of the idiosyncrasies of an organisation such as on this international it's the fact is as an organisation we can been equally so alexai at the moment as we we would allow 2 months ago even needs to be freed even needs to be freed immediately
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a needs to be protected against told and he needs to receive medical care. now you know i thought i was the international secretary general agnes there cal about well the rights group has also released its annual report detailing how the pandemic has worsened inequality and rights abuses activists in poland the raising the arm of the erosion of women's rights lawmakers approved a draft withdrawal from the european treaty that seeks to end violence against women known as the istanbul convention the measure could open the way to a total ban on abortion. when polish doctors told polina that her unborn child had no kidneys and would die upon birth she had few. options as of january new legislation has come into effect allowing abortions only in cases of incest rape or a threat to a mother's life. paulina is one of the very few
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women in poland who has since found a team of doctors willing to attest that giving birth was a threat to her health and her abortion went ahead. but the. these people are heroes that they are afraid of the consequences of the sick country that they live in. their brave. and they're here to help people and not to serve politicians. and women's rights are under even further threat in poland lawmakers have approved a draft law ordering the country to withdraw from the istanbul convention on combat in violence against women paving the way for an alternative treaty that would ban abortion and gay marriage critics say the move would legalize domestic violence does not affect its options. what you decided just a moment ago is home violence permission this is
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a green light for torturers so this is a permission to terminate an international agreement which protects the victims of violence you say to the good of us the u.n. you see adama you give us. one in 3 women has been a victim of physical or sexual violence a recent study finds the istanbul conventions primary task is to prevent violence against women but although the text of the convention has never changed populists in countries like poland turkey and hungry have been politicizing the convention for their own political agenda. in poland last year hundreds of thousands of women took to the streets against the new abortion and the curtailment of their rights those protests have continued despite the threat of covert and a heavy police presence. i went to the protest together with all my friends because we knew we had to show we did not agree with what's going on. but
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none of us ever thought that just a few months later i will be in the situation. yep and if techie semi's. as long as the situation for women in poland continues to deteriorate polina will not stop fighting which she sees as restrictions on your basic rights. well quite a lot of sports and one of tonight's champions league quarter final seems by a new to coast party sanctioned man the team they defeated in last season's final by and looking to successfully defend the title but they suffered a major blood going into the match a top striker robert levin dusky has been sidelined because of injury and he's not the only byron player who missed the action. a career season in the making for robert leventhal ski has been put on hold. after the striker got injured during the international break with poland. robert is
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a very important player for us so we approach this in a positive way yes it's a challenge but we'll face it. and say it's going to abby will miss the p.s.g. match after testing positive for kovan 19 but bahrain have plenty of depth on their side to help pick up the slack from thomas merely the bonus league is a system leader to midfielder leon gorecki who's been key in recent weeks. or striker eric tang could be the byron player to fill the void opponents' p.s.g. believe they know where byron strange lives. the social foot by image has in his qualities is effective and i think when you were on. the champions league on the. moon del of the club i think it's because you have a squad that this is very very strong byron say they're confident and comb ahead of
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the rematch of last year's final while p.s.g. with their stars in the lineup will be looking for their 1st victory over byron since 2017. more world news of the top of the hour with friend of golf today i'll do a business update in just a moment i mean. come on. people have to say matters to us. that's why this into their stories. reporter every weekend on t w. and you hear me yes we can hear you and how often you.


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