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tv   Made in Germany  Deutsche Welle  April 8, 2021 5:03pm-5:31pm CEST

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for this reason at this moment we are ashamed not about people but about government especially both scenario. without measures in place to control the spread many health experts fear brazil will hold back global efforts to contain the virus brazil lags behind much of the world in buying up vaccine doses and the rollout has certified failed to significantly slower the spread of the virus with no lockdown in sight brazil will continue to vary thousands every day. all countries around the world are ramping up their covert vaccination programs using a variety of drugs north america and europe have a number of options to choose from while russia and china have each developed their own but the kovacs distribution program which is backed by the world health organization relies heavily on the easily transported and stored austria oxford astra zeneca vaccine 92 of the world's poorest countries rely on kovacs to supply
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and help coordinate the drugs distribution much of africa including nigeria kenya and rwanda as well as asian countries like india afghanistan and bangladesh are using kovacs and the astra zeneca vaccine the ongoing dispute over possible side effects of the astra zeneca jab have prompted more and more european countries to place restrictions on its use indonesia is the biggest kovacs country to have suspended it so far at least one province is now using it again but more countries may follow potentially leading to major delays in vaccinations in some of the world's hardest hit areas. so let's get more on this from my doctor richard may he go he coordinates the w h o's immunization and vaccines program for africa and joins us from brazzaville in the republic of congo welcome to day doubly let's start with these concerns over astra zeneca our they affecting the vaccine programs there on the continent
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ok good afternoon and thank you for your dition yeah i think we have seen a lot of news. to trust the people who are on the ground the vaccine we need to understand when meat war if not most of africa a country. that. unites the british so eats their requests for us. to live off us that's now pretty. countries hasn't been alleged to any decisions about whether or not to prescribe the job as in some european countries there are some countries that will only use it for the for the over 60 years for instance some have suspended it altogether. no no i think we we have seen now when the 1st news came out saw the
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boat some of these. side effects a few countries that don't hold. a lot of the vaccine most of them very soon so far the vaccination but i think the good news is or so that's how we need to head. negus is to help countries to try to put in place from a regional system that's kind of the are some of these rare events so so far most of the country have continued to use diversity in line and there are many issues that we have given. at the same time the effort of the justice right i know you have can complain that africa has and i'm quoting you here received limited a doses and much later than the rest of the world what do you think the problem is . what i think this is this salary and see if you look today on close to
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$700000000.00 is has been administered across the world in africa we have only received that $32000000.00 it's less than 2 percent of the doors that they've been distributed you already saw that there is a multiple i think the 1st one is that the vaccine those is actually it's not available for those with we know that it won't be enough. or. in use in higher income countries i've seen it in some time people who are not in this already high risk of getting the disease so i think we think the. story of that we use at the beginning in terms of global security studies stunt appt. and the like to see is this what you need to really to again or for a country that's how to access number of those is planning to immunize village and what not that's heris if the gun at least share some of these those is we've gone
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trees in africa so that they can also carve out. from playing workers people with high risk and we can minimize the death and those devices that weak system that we countries which countries which are poor into. well i think we can through which are very much related country like nigeria democratic republic of korea with the technology it stopped it works nations of. south africa has been very much he did by. me can't we see the up variant of course certain that dick did there so those are the countries that where we need to really need to write off their books and quickly but also on the other hand we do have country 1st smaller population but without the dark roots of the virus is going to very high
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and these country deserve as well some attention. the kind of protect that you dish thanks so much for joining us doctor dr richard me to go from there your world health organization thank you. germany's health minister has announced that the government is planning direct talks with russia about purchasing its sputnik v. vaccine such bilateral talks would mark a break with the european union strategy of negotiating with drugs makers as a bloc several german states say they have signed agreements to purchase millions of doses of sputnik v. though it won't be used until it's been approved by the european medicines agency germany would follow austrian slovakia's in ordering the russian drug hungry is already using. but here's a look at some more stories making headlines around the world european court of human rights has ruled in favor of government mandated vaccinations for children it rejected a case by czech parents who were fined for failing to inoculate their children
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against various diseases this is the 1st time the court has ruled on compulsory vaccinations protesters in northern ireland have heard explosives across a so-called peace schools in class with police in belfast a bus was hijacked and set on fire violence has flared over the past 2 weeks fuelled by the pandemic and anger opposed trade barriers with the rest of the u.k. . alexina valley has been diagnosed with 2 spinal discourteous according to his lawyer imprisoned russian opposition leader is said to have lost sensation in his legs and hands just in the valley is on hunger strike in a penal colony. to a chair or the lack of one which is dashed hopes of a smooth meeting to reset relations between the e.u. and turkey to the european union's top leaders russian a fog the line on shall be a show about visiting the turkish president reggie on tuesday but as they gathered
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for talks a problem with the seating and diplomatic protocol soon became apparent what happened next viral. it was a meeting that said hopes for reengagement between the e.u. and turkey but spending time has got off to a rocky start. one of the e.u.'s most powerful female executives was left without some way to sit instead of being placed in equal rank according to diplomatic protocol arcilla funds in lyon the european commission president was placed on a sofa while the men took center stage it draws stock comparison to previous years where e.u. and turkish leaders were seated in equal standing whether the optics were intentional or not it may have added further strain to their relationship but the spokesman for the european commission says she wanted to focus on the issues at hand. shows that marriage ties substance of the questions of form or per typical and that's certainly what european citizens would have expected of her it is not my job to
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judge what was behind the fact that we offered one type of seat over another a key focal point for the e.u. was for turkey to improve its human rights record. on car recently withdrew from a treaty that protects women against violence and discrimination the country has seen nationwide protests against femicide domestic violence and murders of women are on the rise and the diplomatic focus has sparked outrage on mine. some calls out the political strains between the e.u. and turkey others say it reflects how women are treated in the country and took aim at the european council president for not playing his part in standing beside the european commission president turkish officials are pointing blame at the e.u. . leaders rather than join russia and i wasn't there across of the e.u. are met and the problem parts of coles applied in the scope of this high level
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meeting that took place in our presidency the seating arrangements were made in line with the e.u. suggestion because for now it may be a long road ahead to establish better time between the 2 sides. as more national not d.w. brussels correspondent bob out there is a welcome barbara so a mistake or an insult what do you think. now that depends on whether believe we believe in coincidence and father christmas are not really this really does look as if the turkish side used this occasion to upstaged. the council president michel michel vs the president of the european commission the executive branch of the e.u. funded line and then they also might of course just might have been a touch of the good old fashioned old fashioned misogyny at play here all this we
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do not exactly know but the optics we had devastating diplomatically speaking so this isn't on the samples because the fallout on social media was just devastating . hashtags sprang up get her a chair and one of the members of the european parliament from the pena tweeted if i invited president gun to my house i would have offered to chair in spite the fact he's a man so yes there is of course lasted but there is also to court to this that once again the e.u. to be looked really to look really bad on the international stage so how has the european commission reacted to this. you could really for the last 2 days sort of literally hear them grit their teeth when they were on something hundreds of journalists question how was this allowed to happen why did child michel not give
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up his chair immediately to or from the line now we can't answer that question and the you commission sort of around and said oh we rose above the occasion but seriously shot me self one in this that i mean what a foolish thing to do to let this situation go ahead he will never learn of this and then on the other hand maybe also a certain lack of grit. from the line because she could have just walked up to the turkish president and said oh mr president is a possible that we lack charity should we maybe ask someone what would actually have done that he would have been made to look really bad so the 2 of them sort of didn't really manage the occasion and the 2 of them are now very angry with each other and drop both sort of having a big laugh of of course the continuation that politically this is just a stupid thing to happen. thank you so much.
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israel is marking its annual holocaust remembrance day in honor of the 6000000 jews who died in the genocide led by nazi germany. sounded across the country for 2 minutes this morning as israelis stood in silence and traffic came to a standstill the country's leaders took part in a wreath laying ceremony. at the height of 43 rosso ghetto uprising one of the most significant acts of jewish resistance to the holocaust israeli and german air forces have been cooperating to on the holocaust victims at one of the camps where jewish people were once but one israeli pilot shared his experience of taking out. a joint flyby over germany and the dohar concentration camp last year for the 1st time the german live in the israeli air force honored holocaust victims together for this young israeli pilot it was
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a very personal experience. i mean specifically the fly over over and over nish was probably the most important thing definitely wasn't holy thing that i've done in my army service and one of the most important things i've ever been a part of in my whole life and it was such a such a great symbol of how humans can get over even the worst and the darkest conflicts and the worst things that can happen. especially for me as well my from my grandfather was a pilot in the british air force and in the 2nd world war and on my other side obviously my family was. murdered in the holocaust so for me it was very very special as an active fighter pilot he can't be fully identified he emigrated from steel yet to israel one of his grandfathers was a suspect fire pilot in the royal air force in world war 2 a scorching raids on nazi germany he survived and moved to israel his grandson followed in his footsteps and when you think about. the past and what happened you
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know in the darkest times 70 years ago. you know i guess the worst enemies almost now we're flying over germany together as a tame but i think it really really shows the best side of humankind how we can forgive each other and you know we still remember the storm and what happened and learned about it but. we can move on together and be friends meeting with other young germans was an important part of the joint military training austere another we keeping the memory of a shared past a lie there's still people in the world who want us to be destroyed as a country and as a people and i think that remembering what was in the past is the key so that word it won't happen again in the future. a man must ambassador to the u.k. cause why man has been locked out of the london embassy it's all british media that
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military figures are occupying the building and embassy staff are being threatened with severe punishment if they don't comply with the authorities and side the embassy building there's been another day of protests over the ongoing crackdown on dissent in minot at least 13 people were killed by security forces in the country on wednesday. on mount zion he is a nice activist and co-founder of the organization forces of renewal south asia he joins us from london welcome to the w i what more can you tell us about the ambassador's situation. well i think the standoff continues and the british government has not made any decision one way or the other and i am quite worried about the british government did the ring at a moment of crisis like this that this happen on the british soil you know the
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rather reasoned act by the the burmese military leaders whom britain has poor on sunk sions list and the military attaches obviously. you know complied with the orders from the need paedo of the capital he reports directly to the commander in chief. the military intelligence services the so this kind of action must not be tolerated especially when britain has a very clear policy of not recognising the military coup regime in nehemiah what britain has said the foreign secretary has condemned what he called this bullying behavior of the british foreign office is also sad that they recognise the state and as part of that recognition of the state of me and ma they have to accept. that that is appointed by the government you clearly believe
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the vet is insufficient. oh it is clearly insufficient because you know we do no have a state we do not have a government inside the country there is a you know elected board each called committee reps representing people's parliament as you know permeates hippie down suit tall and banta 40 issued a statement continuing to read mine said joe's 1000000 who himself is an ex-con a war and even the ex-con awards moved to issue official a statement calling for the release of on son suchi and other detained leaders and said you know to stu continue to treat me emma with this situation is descending so very far as to you know 2 words that so molly or c.b.s. situation with russia and china backing the military that is most universally
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rejected by all ethnic community used and by all clauses and so you know the fact that there is no functioning state is is for all to see you know for the last 200 half months this state has been the forgive me but its reserves are here but the time is against us so so what is your call than to. the government of great britain to do about this situation with me and my boss and what are you calling on them to do. what they need they need to deal recognize a military attack and their deeds d. recognize the new shah g.e. that is you know appointed by the burmese military and the same cause. to all european union government even has a similar policy of not recognizing the military regime without the functioning state and so you know 3 weeks ago i call on the e.u. governments to d.
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recognize military attaches because i cut in anticipated this kind of scenario across european union city and their capitals and so i think the e.u. should to you know take heed of what is happening here in preempt a similar situation by de recognize the military attack across the european union capitals thank you so much that's very clear burmese activist m i was ami in london thank you thank you thank you they say they are marketplace going digital investors are spending enormous amounts some artworks that exist only in digital form until now digital was so used to copy it didn't make any sense financially but that has not changed i mean implications for the market huge. the magic word is n f t or non fungible token and it's revolutionizing leonhard market this technology
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records the owners identity in a blunt change while the work itself remains publicly visible on the web for anyone to see. so and it is a technical stand there to meet the work of art where any any. essence you need so you get that till then well to me that was the artist's what was the. and that you bought it and you are the rightful owner in this online gold rush a flying cap sold for $650000.00 a tweet for several 1000000. crypto cats or virtual basketball cards sold for millions. and now christie's has got on board auction ing every days from artist people as its 1st tokenized piece. the sale not only meant
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recognition for digital art but it's helped christie's reap millions in a win win situation. job or just get him of us but i think when there's money at stake people take things seriously so many people who used to not really take this art form seriously are now having a closer look and that's great and of course the artist who created this work will go down in art history on that side so i don't so i'm not a conspiracy so i'm sure. the buyer was a singapore based fund that had made a fortune with cryptocurrency 90 percent of the bidders at christie's were unknown is a new crypto elite divvying up the market. people they're all so right now. that . onto the market and other forms will really open i don't have much knowledge of the art market and are our enemy. and just really go by.
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that could and the traditional dominance of art galleries and museums when it comes to determining what art is valuable and important for crypto art could turn out to be an unprecedented speculation bubble but even if that bubble bursts it's still likely to shake up the art market. in sports a 2 champions league quarter final 1st legs were played on wednesday night parry savage amount be defending champions by and munich 3 to thomas muller level the scores for the title holders but i can i'm back a goal settle the result for p.s.g. and thomas to host chelsea at the perfect night in porto a to know when has them perfectly positioned for the return leg in london. now that you're up to date i'll have more world news at the top of the hour up next on the w a focus on europe we'll take a look at how to know what he's coping with i mean function of king crops.
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one continent. 700000000 people. with their own personal stories. we explore every day life for. what europeans fear. and what they hope for. some kids in the room. next on d.w. .
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more than 1000 years ago you're a witness is a huge construction boom. with christianity firmly established there is a greater demand for housing some to worship. and both religious and secular leaders are eager to display their power so churches become palaces. the race begins who can create the tallest. structure. stone masons builders in the market compete with each other. and carjacks.
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this is how massive churches it's towers that pierce the clouds like skyscrapers are created. contest of the cathedral starts to 12th on t.w. . it's another edition i'll focus on europe with me liz show thanks for joining us today let's start with some good news from britain a short while ago the nation was still in the grip of a strict lockdown now it's seeing some rapid progress since the government in london the stepped up its vaccination program well then 60 percent of the adult population in england has already received.


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