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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 9, 2021 8:00am-8:16am CEST

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d.w. dot com african american cities for the multimedia. click. this is news coming to you live from berlin clearing myanmar's violent repression many people in myanmar targeted by its military rulers are heading across the border to india what kind of life awaits them there refugees say delhi has shown little support for their plight also coming up fears of more violence in eastern ukraine as russian masses its military forces along the border the white house calls the
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escalation deeply concerning. god and while it is news country these are tempted to me. that after a recent spate of mass shootings president joe biden announces his 1st gun control measures he moves to tighten some regulations but warns much more is needed. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us the number of refugees fleeing the military's violent crackdown in myanmar is rising india should india shares a 600 kilometer border with me on mar with strong ethnic and cultural ties between local communities on both sides so india might seem the natural destination for those forced to leave their homes but can those who end up there feel at home we
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meet one woman and her daughters who have settled in the indian capital delhi a warning some viewers may find this report to starving. for the last 6 years and her girls have felt safe here in delhi but it didn't come easy to get here they had to leave everything behind in their need of man much when he says her husband was tortured and killed by the military. later they were forced to run for their lives after they were caught sheltering students protesting against the military now the situation in myanmar is bringing back painful reminders from home again last month when his brother was arrested for demonstrating against the group he was released a few days ago but this still isn't good news. right now he's in the hospital because when the military arrested him they tortured him so much that we're told his face isn't even recognizable. protests broke
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out across non-modern right after the military coup in february this year. since then hundreds have been killed vested and 18 for opposing the armed forces. and the numbers are likely to rise. india myanmar share a long border in times like these people have often fled across the border into india to escape the authorities but the indian government is not happy with the influx of refugees it has ramped up border security to stop them. here in delhi thousands have sought asylum since the late eighty's refugees are disappointed by india's lack of support the valuable friends and relatives back home as internet shut down slow regular updates to just a trickle. requests for information have been pouring into james.
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who heads a refugee support group here the group has written to indian prime minister nadeem to move the urging him to condemn the putsch as a democratic country. they are shocked by his silence it is in the other side how things are you know all. the violin's. human rights violations you know the way the military tortured the people just looking at them in the street and dead bodies and all but india is doing nothing. henny feels helpless in her safety because she can do nothing for those back home but she believes that the international community should speak up when. asked sisters and brothers have to defend themselves against the military with their bare hands they don't have any cv as please i
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beg other countries to help my unmarked citizens even before the cool henny knew me on my would never be safe again she was to use that if things remain as bad as they are far too many people in home country will end up feeling the same . joined by did. while in delhi 1st of all should do we know how many people from myanmar have fled to india since the coup started. well terry cottoned to me it's range between a 1200 people who have fled across the border into india but even there the country and even estimates come from the states themselves not initially was to look police officers because there's a few to align themselves with the military instructions to crack down on their
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fellow citizens but now there are also others instrument in children who are fighting alongside them we see images of some of them in our story the houses now which os changing some of these people especially in the state of things that are so you've got safe houses there but tell us india's government in general treating those who have fled. well there is a divide between the national government and the states blunderings young lad because the indian government has put pressure on issued by families do these deeds asking them to do in a way that they will still exempt up the curity along the border trying to seal it it was also fun to watch it but i think he ought to be able to put it like he just uses that sense to just use being into india but this was quickly with john major the seeming because of the backlash he does from the steve leaving me and my which have deep ties with the began but i can tell you there's going to listen she died
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happened just cannot stand by and watch one of them pulled into prime minister one of the things we can all just leave to watch such violence is breaking out in our own backyard feel as if you belong. that india has issued statements condemning the violence in myanmar but not the coup itself what is the indian government's position on the military junta in myanmar. my diary are the only magic statement that has been issued by me and yet the threats are deep concern about the political morlock hasn't even spoken about gold as you mention but it does seem that internet is willing back because of its efforts to build ties with the military for about over the last 2 and a half decades this wasn't always the case as one dying industry supported just the democratic movement but didn't do the factors which live be got into in sync
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india's decisions right now one is that the can run military what india in countering will along its own border as specially insurgency and then get india not things to do themselves and secondly india is trying to counter chinese influence in the region as well india russia and 1600 cannot with the border we are not and would be a consultant but if china is already great influence continues to grow emissions thank you very much mr johns while there in delhi. german chancellor merkel has called on russian president vladimir putin to pull back his forces from russia's border with ukraine the white house says russia now has more troops there than it at any time since the conflict broke out in eastern ukraine in 2014 the buildup has fueled fears of new fighting but russia insists that it is the victim of western provocations. the russian state
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television offers a different way of looking at things it reports that ukraine and nato pose a threat to russia and not the other way around. the narrative present ukrainian soldiers as the aggressors and shows video footage of moscow's response russian troops engaged in military exercises in crimea. what to the west looks like saber rattling is viewed differently by russia. it's a necessary reinforcement of its defenses against the west. the majority of the ukrainian military understand the fatal consequences of any actions that would lead to conflict. you know i hope they won't be provoked by politicians who in turn are being provoked by the west especially the united states . the ukrainian president volodymyr selenski sees western troops especially those provided by nato as essential backup for his own forces on. the mission here just
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as opposed to starts now there's an escalation in the donbass region it's a bunch of everyone can see it when our soldiers are attached and there are casualties obviously we must retaliate i mean if you put it that. a few days ago zelinsky paid a visit to nato secretary general and stoltenberg selenski stressed that the western military alliance is ukraine's only way to end the war in don't pass experts in moscow say that statement would not have gone down well in the kremlin. any cooperation between ukraine and nato any help from the north atlantic alliance is a red flag for the kremlin. but that doesn't mean that all members of the alliance welcome ukraine's desire to join nato as soon as possible right no further steps towards membership are not on the agenda. a clear statement that gives many in
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russia hope that a war is preventable. the people of donbass are less optimistic though the pro russian separatists insist they don't want war either. useful if ukraine takes the 1st step nobody knows where it will end the muslim nicholas witchell from . the kremlin is doing all this to blackmail ukraine and the west. of. truth reinforced if they ask elation continues even a small provocation will be enough to set things off with unpredictable consequences. russia's defensemen. if the situation escalates. the real thing. the stories making headlines around the world today help has come. to indonesia the
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country's navy delivered supplies to the hardest hit area of the. authorities declared a state of emergency until early may after. stated small communities the death toll has risen to more than 200 people most of them lived in the poorest provinces. and. petrol bombs of police and fire. spread parts of belfast crowds have ignored lawmakers pleas for calm the unrest began last week in pro british communities tensions have been fuelled by the pandemic and. trade. of st vincent and 16000 people to evacuate increased activity has been observed. in 1979. president joe biden has announced new measures
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to tackle gun violence acting on the issue was a key campaign pledge in a spate of shootings has increased the political pressure but the power of the us executive is limited and biden also urged lawmakers to do more. flanked at the rose garden by vice president comma and attorney general merrick garland president joe biden didn't mince his words what happened at. gun violence in this country is an epidemic we said again gun violence in this country is an epidemic and it's an international buyers. and he sent a clear message to the u.s. is deeply divided lawmakers shoes but there's much more of the congress can do to help that effort and they can do it right now they've offered plenty of thoughts and prayers members of congress but they passed not
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a single new federal law to reduce gun violence. enough prayers time for some action the vice president also appeal to congress. real people on both sides of the aisle want action. so all that is left is the will and the courage to act. paul biden announced 6 executive orders including tougher regulations on homemade firearms and legislation that would make it easier for states to adopt what are known as red flag laws they allow for individuals to ask a court to permit police to confiscate weapons from a person deemed to be a danger to themselves or others the changes come just a day after the latest mass shooting in the u.s. this time in south carolina 5 people including 2 young children were killed it follows 2 other attacks in colorado and georgia in recent weeks. an estimated
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11000 people have been killed so far this year because of gun violence in the united states despite the stock growing number of deaths president biden faces an uphill battle to implement significant gun control laws. you're watching d.w. news coming up next my colleague chris cover will be here when he looks at joe biden's spending plans i'm terry martin thanks for watching. more than a 1000 years ago europe witnesses a huge construction boom. christianity from established itself. both religious and secular leaders more eager to display their power. to trace the.
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concrete the tallest biggest and the most beautiful structure.


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