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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 11, 2021 8:00am-8:15am CEST

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this is d.w. news live from the chat holds presidential elections with only one likely winner voters and now constant ballots and appalled the lot they say also are terry and lee that interest debbi extend his 35 year brutal critics call him a desk bob's supporters say dogs against extremists we hear from our reporter in chad also coming up one of the ironies falls quiet under a new nighttime curfew argentina is battling a 2nd coronavirus waves pushing the country deep into prostitutes. and goals galore
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as champions league contenders frankfurt involves books where else in the world this week is the clash. i'm rebecca written welcome to the program voting is underway in chad in a presidential election with several candidates spot the expected win a is already clear members of the armed forces have been casting their ballots it's widely anticipated the incumbent will win the 1st round authoritarian president idriss deby has ruled chad since he seized power some 30 years ago his main rivals have been barred from running or have pulled out claiming and intimidation. treadmill vanya reports from chad which is home to nearly half a 1000000 refugees and plays a key role in battling islamic extremism in the sun while region. interest
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they be is an experienced military man with the rank of martial officers have achieved this military our current. he came to power in 1993 in mi terry coup and he has stayed in power since they. are on at this campaign rally in the capital in jermyn or he jokes that he's been in power since before his supporters we're born for some like he's aid mom might there be is a hero. then it has come a long way. behind felipe built this country. president debbie has 30 years of experience and he had given 30 years of
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sacrifice for this country. but his critics say d.b. is a ruthless dictator $600.00 musta had hoped to be on the ballot paper this year to challenge interest to be but his dreams of becoming a president we had dashed because 2 should boys change so presidential candidates must now be 40 or older must come bit. i am 38 this year and he decided that because he don't want me to run for office he turned the minimum age required so he moved it from $35.00 to $45.00 and people started talking saying that this is not normal he decides to reduce it to 40 so the make a. run for office initially 10 candidates we are approved by the electoral commission some of them have already withdrawn from the race saying the recall process is
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neither credible nor peaceful. in the cotton jermyn are only one figure is not support huge billboards and long grieved interest. is the only visible campaign slogan this man has been in power for 30 years the majority of the people of chad have not seen any other president but president idriss deby now he's running for another time. chad's population is one of the poorest in the world young people complain they can't find jobs i do has a master's in political science but he's been unemployed for the last 10 years. to put them on the 100 plus. i would like the government to create jobs for the us because young people most young people are unemployed right it's not life we can't
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live without we're. sunday's election to go ahead without the participation of your position is making it right . who succeed in hughes be too extreme he's. let's take a look at some other stories making headlines around the world now peru is voting for its 5th president in just 3 years a series of crises and corruption scandals all 3 different leaders within a week last year this time 6 of the 18 candidates have come contracted the coronavirus as infections their school voting in peru is compulsory. a volcanic eruption has darkened the skies and blanketed the caribbean island of st vincent with ash thousands of residents have been evacuated after the most dramatic outbreak at loss of a mountain in decades scientists warning explosions could continue for days or even
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weeks. archeologists in egypt have uncovered ruins of an ancient city dating back in 3 and a half 1000 years the site in the valley of the kings in luxor is the biggest yet discovered in egypt experts say it's the most important find since the discovery of commons tony. argentina has imposed tough near a strict including a nighttime curfew a 2nd wave of corona virus infections has pushed case numbers above 2500000 resident alberto fernandez is among those infected and is self isolating and there's growing anger over rising poverty and unemployment. an eerie calm on the streets of burners as. people have been ordered to stay home between midnight and 6 am. the curfew is aimed at bringing a deadly 2nd wave under control. agitator is the 2nd worst affected country in
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latin america after brazil infections have hit a new daily high of 24. 1000 with over $200.00 deaths some agree the new restrictions including closing bars and restaurants at 11 pm unnecessary. people complain about the restrictions i respect their point of view but a lot of people made all the time and that generates more cases i think it's more a problem with society than with the government imposing restrictions. there many are frustrated with the seemingly endless lockdowns combined with a lack of government financial support nearly half the population are living in poverty during the worst economic crisis in 20 years. i see that we are asking for an emergency increase in financial help during this pandemic we are going into neighborhoods giving locals and the hundreds of workers who are losing their jobs something to. work with fewer than one in 10 have received their
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1st vaccination the curfew has come into force for an initial 3 weeks but that could well be extended. the story of the coronavirus pandemic has largely been one of suffering and loss while there are other outcomes from the pandemic in the nature is expecting a spike in births i mean economic hardships not everyone is happy about the baby boom and authorities are taking steps to discourage pregnancy. ladies and gentlemen announcers. keep your distance wash your hands stay healthy make sure you use contraceptives. and she goes on don't get pregnant until the pandemics over you can get married and have sex but be sensible and don't get pregnant. it's a pretty clear message that casting through the streets of the city of samarra getting pregnant now not
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a good idea. for. this pandemic is causing huge challenges for families we have an economic crisis there's no tourism business is bad the men are losing their jobs the women look after the money but it's getting harder and harder for them to feed big families and. children can be a blessing but that could be too much of a good thing too i'm with many people with time on their hands accidents happen 7. amber is handing out free contraceptives the city is actively trying to take control experts predict a 10 percent increase in perth during the pandemic. but. when you authorities say that we have to wash our hands because of the pandemic then fine but if they say don't get pregnant it's a bit weird. i think what they're doing is good the announcements.
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i didn't know. but now the telling is officially and we should listen. part of the problem is that the pandemic did cause a shortage of contraceptives at 1st those shortages have now been overcome but the fresh supplies arrive too late for some. alina is pregnant again her doctor says everything is going well but she knows her patient isn't happy. and pregnancy is on wanted an accident and this will be her 4th child and that's going to be difficult financially. despite her pregnancy alina is still running her small food stall the family is more dependent than before on the income she earns they were barely scraping by already now they'll have another mouth to feed. what i'm worried when i heard i was pregnant like right our business isn't doing as
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well as it used to because of the pandemic my husband can only find casual work it's hard. the pandemic brings with it all kinds of risks and side effects in indonesia one of those is a baby boom. britain is mourning the death of prince philip the husband of queen elizabeth the 2nd his funeral has been set for april 17th his grandson prince harry is expected to return from the private sector for the private ceremony at windsor castle philip served in the royal navy and the military led the tributes to his long life of public service. gun salutes ron go to cross the united kingdom in honor of prince philip who died on friday if the age of 99 from what each barracks in london. actually hills precocity in belfast. cardiff castle.
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and edinburgh castle. 2 full full corners of the nation press the pause button for a short while to remember the prince who also held the title of the of edinburgh gun salutes were also held at sea on british navy ships in honor of prince philip who served in the royal navy during the 2nd world war the prince found a special place in the public's heart. i wanted to bring my kids here a i was they grow up you will remember this. the royal family i would call the royal so we wanted to come here i play all right so what i've seen just obviously from doing history in the past started i think it's absolute rock. and i enjoyed watching the cranes in the village and she says of the user up to her as well say i think it's just lovely just to be near near the the atmosphere you know
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going in to seeing all 4 pairs. that live for great learning buckingham palace announced that the juke of edinburgh burial is shared you will to be held at st george's chapel in windsor the palace also said in a statement that despite this time of sadness the coming days will be an opportunity to celebrate prince philip's remarkable life. so sport now and the when this latest big games of all spurred travel to frank both teams have been in fine form this season so it was no surprise they served up a cracka. has added firepower to an already potent frank 1st attack. on the other hand have one of the league's best defenses back to coach them in front with just 6 minutes gone. the lido lasted 2 minutes. she can modify it in simi style rection needed to trick that stop and visiting
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defense. frankfurt had the momentum their top scorer entre silva muscled his way down the right. the only new rich to direct just sharing his parent club ray out madrid walk they're missing. a defensive mix up had wolfsburg back to level the media after half time to vow fake horsed. but the hosts were relentless fast silver scored his 23rd of the season to make it 32 before another punishing attack was eventually finished off by eric. paul 2 and still 30 minutes left to play. a brief goal truce was broken in the closing stages frankfurt defended pushing through his own net. but it was nothing more than a consolation for wolves work as frankfurt held on to the way in the hooters side
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cementing their grip on the champions league places. this is data news coming up after a short break our post series on the trial of the story of the trial here in germany brother of an alleged serial torture up to that one is headlines at the top of the hour i'm rebecca resist don't go away. their story.


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