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oh. this is data over the news live from chad hold presidential elections with only one likely winner authoritarian leader interested in music spectator to extend his 30 year rule critics call him a desk top spot supporters say he gals against extremists we hear from our reporter in chatham also coming up goals galore as chad hensley contenders frankfurt and voles folks wear off in the in this latest big clash.
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i'm rebecca ritter's welcome to the program voting is underway in chad in a presidential election with several candidates the expected when a is already clear members of the armed forces have been casting their ballots it's widely anticipated the incumbent will win the 1st round authoritarian president idriss deby has ruled chat since it seems some 30 years ago his main rivals have been barred from running or has pulled out claiming intimidation to double his freedom of a new reports from chad which is home to nearly half a 1000000 refugees and plays a key role in battling islamist extremism in the saddle region. idriss deby is an experienced military man with the rank of marshal. he says have achieved this military our current well do worried. he came to power in 1993 to any terry
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coup and he has stayed in power since then there. was at this campaign in the capital in german or he jokes that he's been in power since before his supporters we're born for some like he's 8. did. then the others come a long way. behind felipe built this country. president debbie has 30 years of experience and he had given 30 years of sacrifice for this country. but his critics say he's a ruthless dictator 6 had hoped to be on the ballot paper this year to challenge interest to be but his dreams of becoming
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a president we had dashed because too should change so presidential candidates must now be 40 or older musser the incumbent i am 38 this year and he decided that because he don't want me to run for office he turned the minimum required so he moved it from 35 to 45 and people started talking saying that this is not normal he decide to reduce it to 40 so they're making sure that to run for office. initially 10 candidates we have proved by direct to commission some of them have already withdrawn from the race saying the recall process is neither creative book nor peaceful. india captain jemima only one figure is not support huge billboards and long greve interested bt nor is there only a visible campaign slogan this man has been in power for 30 years the
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majority of the people of china have not seen any other president but president idriss deby now he's running for another time. chad's procreation is one of the poorest in the world young people complain they can't find jobs i do has a master's in political science but he's been an employed for the last 10 years to see us basically to put them on the 100 plus and i would like the government to create jobs for the us because young people most young people are unemployed it's a life we can't live without we're. over by the vera. sunday's election is said to go ahead without the participation of key opposition figures making it unlikely that they'd be who succeed in his bid to extend his 30
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year rule. and joining me now is the author of that report from the venue from chad fred the winner of this election same's clear already is there any point to this election. well the opposition says that there is no point of holding this if you actually are told because they think that i mean it's their owner can do it and they know the results so they're saying that there's no point of holding this effect as a matter of fact to did their actual planning to protest as others are voting but then the supporters of president idriss deby say that yes there is a point to actually vote because it's one of the duties that they have to do as i mean they think that this is a democracy contrie and they have to to do democratic process as i mean exercised democratic process as as usual and i have to tell you rebecca that
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a moment ago president idriss deby just arrived and you will be voting casting his vote in a 2nd. right what was the city security situation like there on the ground fred. i can say that i mean this week you could see that they kept on german it's like a war zone so because of there is a lot of police and military here in the country too because they were just expecting or suspecting that there will be terrorist attacks to disrupt this voting process but in general they're i mean to situation for now it's it's there's no reported incident but i have to say that these teams tense right now interest me is praised by supporters for his efforts against islamist in the region but how popular is he among the 10 general population.
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i'd mean it's very different i mean when you come in the cup to it is not that popular he was just joking that he's been in power for. most of the voters actually had not born when he came to power but that's in the cup to where people are very critical but there is of the. outside because. he's he's pull through and he's not old and he's seen as a strong possibly. or i did a reasonable correspondent fred and a very nice speaking to us from chad thanks very much. thank you let's turn now to some other stories making headlines around the world now security forces in man ma have killed at least 80 people in the latest crackdown on pro-democracy protesters rights groups expect the death toll from the clashes in
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the city of boggo to rise and has been in turmoil since the army sings power from the civilian government in february and. 8 people have been killed in an earthquake on indonesia's main island of java the quake damaged buildings and injured victims it is the 2nd natural disaster to hit indonesia in a week hundreds died in flooding and mudslides on another island east flores. volcanic eruption is duck in the skies and blanketed the caribbean island of st vincent with ash thousands of residents have been evacuated after the most dramatic outbreak at loss of him mountain in decades scientists a warning explosions could continue for days or even weeks. germany's right wing populist alternative for germany party is holding a convention before national elections in september hundreds of delegates are meeting in person in the eastern city of dresden despite shopping rising cases of
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the coronavirus embracing pandemic skepticism is now part of the strategy. that the biggest opposition party in germany but on saturday they mostly stood in opposition to each other. alternative for germany's election campaign launch was sidetracked by internal power struggles the party shying away from choosing their top candidates for september's federal election those wanting to topple current leader for being too moderate will have to wait. partner for good we are now going into the election campaign internal struggles for positions or disputes will have to rest and we have to deal with the opponent outside. we as a party want to bring a different spin to politics. their lead candidates will be chosen in the coming weeks the far right party was founded in 2013 focusing on euro skepticism but in recent times though they've been capitalizing on anti immigration views one
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thing that's remained constant is the turmoil at the top with the leadership often riven by very public factional disputes that's something they're hoping to avoid this time as they meet in dresden to agree on their policy platform this election they're looking for votes in dissatisfaction with coronavirus restrictions they also stated a desire to leave the european union and reject action on the environment. we in germany are not able to have a big influence on climate change. when you look at the program of the green party if we achieve that that is the destruction of our industry and of our industry that's not what we want. with polling around 12 percent and most parties are already refusing to join a coalition with
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a limited role seems likely to await the a.f.d. in the next german parliament. muslims around the world are preparing to celebrate the holy month of ramadan which starts on april 13th so the 2nd year running traditional rituals being adapted because of the pandemic followers of islam normally get together to pray and 8 after fasting between sunrise and sunset gatherings are once again being styled back through preparations are in full swing this mosque in islamabad is being cleaned by volunteers. and there's plenty of hustle and bustle at this market in the city this is another wave of coronavirus cases wallops pakistan making preparations for ramadan this year a struggle. this is the 2nd year of coronavirus under its affected our business we're bankrupt and the reason is that the markets shut down early in the evening shopkeepers aren't open so people don't come to buy the markets are businesses
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depend on people. here in iraq street markets are quieter than normal to covert 19 is raging through the country and many people are staying away from crowded places another muted ramadan awaits so little the pandemic has forced us to stop visiting each other during ramadan and deprived of our iraqi traditions and customs like visiting our relatives after we break our fast it's a painful situation for us and on top of that it will be a curfew when we break our fast. in indonesia the country with the largest muslim population cemeteries are busy with families visiting the graves of loved ones a tradition on the last weekend before the start of ramadan the holy month begins in just a few days' time and lasts for 30 days. now in the bundesliga is
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big game so vols travel to frankfurt those teams have been in sign phone this season so it was no surprise this match was a goal frenzy. has added firepower to an already potent frank 1st attack. on the other hand have one of the league's best defenses back who coached them in front with just 6 minutes gone. the lido lasted 2 minutes. she can modify it in simi style rection media to trick that stop and visiting defense. frankfurt have the momentum their top scorer entre silva must on his way down the right. be on loan you rich to direct just sharing his parent club ray out madrid won't let me sing. the defensive mix up had wolfsburg back to level the media after 5 half time to vote fake horst. but the hosts were
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relentless fast silver scored his 23rd of the season to make it 32 before another punishing attack was eventually from the stuff by eric. for 2 and still 13 minutes left to play. a brief goal truce was broken in the closing stages frankfurt defender to pushing through his own match but it was nothing more than a consolation for wolfsburg as frankfurt held on for the wayne already hooter's side cementing their grip on the champions league places. meanwhile bonus lay their champions behind munich were looking to maintain their 7 point lead but this it is union berlin had other ideas and words of play said by injury and suspension but some misty footwork. put the varians in front thomasville it did well to set up the shot and the youngster. did the rest i was just minutes left to play marcus
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involves an equalized on a win for 2nd place lots of cuts by ends late to 5 points. this is date every news live from berlin world stories is coming up on for a short break there's much more news and analysis on our web site d w dot com sees that. we have an important new. smoking news healthy post decides our good for the. global warming doesn't exist. will not yet come from the. industry is controlling your thoughts here.


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