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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  April 11, 2021 4:00pm-4:15pm CEST

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present day hoaxes. and who's behind the. menu structure in your current shorts may 3rd on d w. d w news a live from berlin the battle to replace on the americal heats up the 2 rivals expected to run for chancellor make their cases in front of germany's conservative lawmakers our political editor tells us who's got the best chance also coming up in the show chad holds presidential elections authoritarian leader idriss deby is expected to extend his 30 year rule just like growing public anger over his
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handling of the country's oil wealth. and what's behind the flare up of violence in northern ireland we meet one youngster in belfast who was arrested after this week's riots. hello i'm claire richardson welcome to the show here in germany the race to succeed angela merkel as chancellor is heating up the 2 most likely candidates both say they are willing to leave the conservatives in this autumn's general election they've been making their cases to their party colleagues arming lash it had long been viewed as a favorite he's the leader of merkel's c.d.u. party and the governor of germany's most populous state north rhine-westphalia but some are now urging him to step aside in favor of marcus's ota he's chief of the c.d.s. conservative sister party in the state of the very. yeah and his national profile
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has grown it during the pandemic. let's get straight across to w.'s chief political editor michelle who is standing by in front of the german parliament mark was there and i mean last it have said they are both prepared to be the party's chancellor candidate so how will it be decided who will now enter the race. but essentially what we just saw there is a political showdown with both sides vowing that they want to demonstrate unity by throwing his hat finally into the ring the various state premier is signalling readiness and he's in a combative mode basically telling the big sister party c.d.u. that it needs to make up its own mind and we also learned that behind closed doors he once again pulled out those opinion polls which see mark was not seen as natural success of angular machall riding high in the opinion polls so as we stand.
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here there's a lot of you know party fighting and debate already beginning and we expect to learn whose name will be on the ticket over the coming days if not hours to mentioned mark as it appears to be ahead in opinion polls i mean last it has been positioning himself as being the most committed of the 2 to upholding angle americans legacy i think that is having an effect on his ratings. but it did initially because that basically made him the person to succeed he was seen as the heir of that brand of stability politics more recently he tried to put a bit of distance between angela merkel's handling of the corona pandemic which was heavily criticized and his own approach which saw more openings while marco sudha who showed remarkable political instinct was very fast to then pledge. angular
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machall who he's criticized in the past he says there's no way one can become. by not being endorsed by on good america so clearly there's a fight over her legacy already also going on and there's an understanding that the political brand of machall approval is what could carry the cd hugh elections to calm the elections are coming up in a september and party members are surely impatient for a candidate to be named how soon do you think we can expect a decision. i think it will come very fast now there was a lot of confusion after that press conference i just attended what the actual process will be now initially was supposed to be the leaders of those 2 parties the c.d.u. . and marco suit of the see you soon bavaria basically talking behind closed doors instead we've now seen a very public showdown and it will now be up to the c.d.u.
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to make up its mind whether it still backs its own past. enough and trusts him enough to bounce back from those opinion polls that look pretty bleak at the moment to actually have his name on the ticket these are very decisive hours potentially days here in germany to learn who will actually run in those elections on the conservative ticket and we'll of course be covering that story for you here on the news our political editor thanks so much for your reporting. well voting is underway in chad in a presidential election in which the expected winner is already clear authoritarian president interest debbi seen here casting his ballot today is expected to win a 6th term in office davie has ruled the chad since he seized power some 30 years ago other candidates are standing but the main rivals have been barred from running or have polls out claiming intimidation. travis home to nearly half a 1000000 refugees and it plays
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a key role in battling islamist extremism in the region our correspondent fred movie is reporting for us from chad with the latest on the man critics call a ruthless dictator. interestedly is an experienced military man with the rank of martial officers have achieved dismayed to occur it. he came to power in 1993 in military coup and he has stayed in power since then there. was at this campaign rally in the capital in jermyn or he jokes that he's been in power since before his supporters we're born for some aid might they be. then the others come a long way. behind felipe built this country. president
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debi has 30 years of experience and he had given 30 years of sacrifice for this country. but his critics say d.b. is a ruthless dictator success musta had hoped to be on the ballot paper this year to challenge interests to be but his dreams of becoming a president we had dashed because 2 should change so presidential candidates must now be 40 or older must income bit i am 38 this year and he decided that because he don't want me to run for office he turned the minimum required so he moved it from 35 to 45 and people started talking saying that this is not normal he decided to reduce it to 40 so they're making sure that to run for office initially 10 candidates we have proved by the
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electoral commission some of them have already withdrawn from the race saying the electoral process is neither credible nor peaceful. india captain joe mina only one figure is not support huge billboards and long grieved interested bt nor is there only a visible campaign slogan this man has been in power for 30 years the majority of the people of chad have not seen any other president but president idriss deby now he's running for another time. chad's population is one of the poorest in the world young people complain they can't find jobs i do has a master's in political science but he's been unemployed for the last 10 years to see us. to put them on the 100 plus. i would like the government to create
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jobs for the u.s. because young people most young people are unemployed it's a life we can't live without we're. over by the were some i'm poor. sunday's action is it to go ahead without the participation of key your position is making it too likely that they'd be succeed in his bid to extend his rule. and that report was from d.w. fred movement who has been visiting polling stations today and says voter turnout appears to be low with many heeding the opposition's call for a boycott i asked him why despite civil rights concerns debbie remains a he ally of western states does some international partners see president is to be i mean day incumbent as the guy as the person who has got people over fighting that to hard to stay in this region i mean if you compare with other that is 4 countries
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in this i hear region is the most powerful they have most powerful m e m d c president as a capable person who can try to fight the jihad these so for the international community he has the support and regional support i mean from other prigs presidents in the in the region but of course in charge the people charged they want jobs they wanted bitter like. our correspondent fred movie reporting for us from chad there now we can turn our attention to some other stories making headlines around the world hundreds of young many's have protested against worsening living conditions in the war torn country protesters blocked off a major road in the southern port city of a done there demanding action on continuing power cuts and high prices yemen's internationally recognized government is battling iran back to the rebels who control the capital sanaa in the north. and people in kurdistan are voting in
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a referendum on changing the constitution to greatly expand the powers of the country's president the reforms would reduce the size of the parliament and give the president the power to appoint judges. the president's side of says the changes would increased stability his opponents are calling it a power grabs. the number of civilians killed in myanmar is military crackdown has climbed to over 700 people on saturday security forces killed more than 80 pro-democracy protesters in the city of go family has been in turmoil since the army seized power from the civilian government in february. and 8 people have been killed and more injured after an earthquake struck indonesia's main island of java the quake damaged at least a 1000 buildings it's the 2nd natural disaster to hit indonesia in a week after hundreds died in flooding and mudslides on another island.
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and irish prime minister me home margin has warned of a spiral back into sectarian conflict in northern ireland saturday marks the 23rd anniversary of the good friday agreement which ended the conflict known as the troubles but now violence is flaring again a week of rioting has rocked the british province and drawn in many young people. the head on attack with a burning car. it's hard to say how many rioters there are some disappear down side streets and others come out these young unionists threw stones iron sheets and molotov cocktails at police on friday night for over 2 hours law enforcement advanced with caution to avoid provoking thank you. on saturday cooper mcclure walked us through his neighborhood he teaches young people here how to box he says many of them feel angry at the unwanted. the seeing
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and are sort of like. thought all that out of the road through the really mean much to the other laws or bob effect that will put up part of right now a more. united ireland so they're stopping the bad let nobody wants them so i think there's a lot of anger called that a lot. in pro union neighborhoods many feel betrayed has cut them off from the rest of the united kingdom even though northern ireland is still part of the u.k. many people feel they've been cut loose from their homeland. some radical groups are encouraging young people to take to the street like joel who was arrested after the riots. all right down to they is under attack i'm in a hear those words when they hear about stuff and then they're told all right on the way that you can help is by going on through one ball most stacks and stones of people they're more than well in the day so in many pro-union neighborhoods young
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people are dealing with poverty and hopelessness violence is also an outlet for frustration. cooper mcclurg has tried to offer a place where local use can feel like they belong but his boxing club normally they would be training eating and chatting but they aren't allowed to because of coronavirus restrictions he's worried about losing them to violence. i don't think anybody is an entrance at all of these young lads and i actually think there's an element so holder was personally young dogs forward you know but also as a club here we were close because a covert we have no face to face interaction with our dogs really hard that we conquer tell them just do not go to these hot spots you know. no one knows where the violence will lead but it's almost certain people in northern ireland haven't seen the end of the rest. and mission controllers have delayed the 1st flight of
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nasa as many helicopter on mars technical issues emerged during testing of the rotors before takeoff by the 2 kilogram ingenuity the helicopter is set to make the 1st powered and controlled flight on the planet other than earth ingenuity travel to mars attach to the rover perseverance faster has pushed back a flight.


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