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this is home massive churches with towers that pierce the close like skyscrapers or create a. contest of the cathedrals stars of people 12th on t.w. . this is news and these are top stories u.s. president joe biden has announced plans to withdraw all u.s. forces from afghanistan by september 11th ending america's longest war biden added that the withdrawal will not be tied to conditions on the ground as announcement was followed by the news that nato will also withdraw its own troops beginning next month. the minnesota police officer who shot and killed unarmed black man dante wright has been arrested prosecutors plan to charge him believe potter with
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2nd degree manslaughter she faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted the incident has prompted several days of unrest near the u.s. city of minneapolis. the mastermind behind the world's biggest ponzi scheme bernie madoff has died in prison at the age of $82.00 he was serving a 150 year sentence for defrauding tens of 1000 of thousands of investors out of billions of dollars the former chairman of the nasdaq stock exchange reportedly died of natural causes he'd been suffering from chronic kidney failure. this is the news from berlin you can find more headlines on our web site that's d w dot com and also on our social media channels. this year marks the 20th anniversary of the $911.00 terror attacks in the united
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states today president biden set that anniversary as the deadline to cease all military operations and to bring all u.s. troops home with time running out tonight we ask have the u.s. and its allies finished what they began in afghanistan the taliban are ready to move back in their expected to bring terror back to the afghan people will they bring terror back to us tonight ending america's longest war with flashes of vietnam from the past and warnings of china in the future i'm burned off in berlin this is the day. we will work very closely together in the weeks and months ahead on a safe deliberate and coordinated the withdrawal of our forces from afghanistan. we've always said we go in together we go and together to look up what the afghan
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government respects the decision of the united states on the withdrawal of its troops from afghanistan with the american presence hasn't benefited us so it's better for them to leave. if the u.s. troops leave the country and their civil war or if the taliban takes power on is enough woman to be able to study or work. also coming up the shady side of the what sheree liquor brand that's long been a favorite of china's communist party elite. after they came to power i think turned the factory into a state owned enterprise. so you could provide them with. robots i'm going to fix procreated the factory. and the owner who refused to hand of reason because nys was executed. on survivor viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and to all of you around the world welcome we begin the day
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with a deadline to end the longest war in u.s. history today u.s. president joe biden started the official count down for all u.s. forces to leave afghanistan the deadline september 11th 2021 the 20th anniversary of the 911 terror attacks in the u.s. which were planned in afghanistan the date which triggered the u.s. and its nato allies to attack and overthrow the taliban the goal at that time was to ensure that afghanistan would never again be a launching pad for terror today president biden said that goal has been achieved but a u.s. intelligence report made public yesterday warns of troubles to come intelligence officials writes the afghan government will struggle to hold to tell about it bay if the coalition withdrawal support kabul continues to face setbacks on the battlefield and the taliban is confident it can achieve military victory the report confirms that the terror threat from afghanistan in the near term is low but in the
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long term afghanistan could once again become a nest for terrorists will this exit will be permanent will the u.s. and its allies be forced to return here is what president biden said earlier today we cannot continue the cycle of extending or expanding our military presence in afghanistan hoping to create ideal conditions for the drawl and expecting a different result. i'm now the 4th united states president to preside over american troop presence in afghanistan 2 republicans 2 democrats i will not pass this responsibility on to a 5th after consulting closely with our allies and partners with our military leaders and intelligence personnel with our diplomats and our development experts with the congress and the vice president as well as with mr ghani and many others around the world i concluded that it's timed and america's longest war it's time
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for american troops to come home will not conduct a hasty rush to the exit will do it we'll do it responsibly deliberately and safely and we will do it in full coordination with our allies and partners who now have more force in afghanistan than we do and that's all they want should know if they attack us as we draw down will defend ourselves and our partners of all the tools at our disposal. we have complete coverage of america's plan to wind down all military operations in afghanistan and then exit by this coming september here at the big table with me is my colleagues and repeats of months under a 1st reported on the war from afghanistan in early 2002 and has returned numerous times since teri schultz joins me from nato headquarters in brussels terry is a veteran nato reporter and was also in afghanistan to cover the war and from new
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york city is andrew one can senior analyst for afghanistan with crisis group and you lived and worked in afghanistan where he was with the u.n. assistance mission to all of you welcome we now know when the united states plans to end its longest war in history who is cheering who is upset if you let me start with you you're in the united states i've heard today too added to one is that this withdrawal is long overdue the other is that this is another vietnam what is it thanks for having me the truth is the situation is a bit of both. there are certainly echoes of vietnam and in particular the united states's attempts to exit to extricate itself from the war there the paris talks resemble in many ways the way that the united states has tried to negotiate with the taliban in what many critics dene not much more than
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a withdrawal plan not really a peace plan on the other hand there are plenty of critics not just in washington but around the country it was say that enough time has passed and that it's very clear that the united states isn't really seeing returns on its investments. the fact is it's the afghan. and their reaction which shows much more alarm and concern i think is the focus for today. we're going to talk about that in just a 2nd terry let me go to you and ask you about native nato announcing today that its forces are also planning to withdrawal from afghanistan along with the americans is there united about this earlier is there a sense of mission accomplished they are at all. well tonight we just heard from secretary general stilton berg flanked by u.s. secretary of state blinken and defense secretary austin and they very much had had
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the same script saying in fact they echoed president biden's words and so they definitely are portraying this as mission accomplished but they're changing the goals that we've been hearing about in recent years and going back to the killing of bin laden for example and saying well that happened 10 years ago so you know we're ready to go they also point out that there hasn't been a major terror attack launched from afghanistan in the time since and they say well that was another of our goals but they're worth until until now there were 3 conditions placed on the taliban for u.s. and international troops to pull out and those conditions haven't been met so definitely the rhetoric has been changed along with the timeline you know it's a very interesting point sandra the u.s. president he spoke of the thousands of u.s. soldiers and their families who paid the ultimate price in these past 20 years we know that there were thousands more afghans who also perished in this war to the u.s.
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have an obligation to them i mean the estimated figure of civilian casualties there alone in afghanistan for the past 2 decades stands at it's an estimation at least 100000 i think that gives you. the figure that really indicates that we're looking at one of the bloodiest conflicts and it still continues to be that so i would argue yes the united states its nato partners they do have an obligation towards the afghan civilian population as well and ok so now we have heard today u.s. troops would be withdrawing latest by september 11th what does that mean in terms of diplomacy what does this mean in financial assistance if that then decreases as well one really has to feel. for what is going to happen in afghanistan the worst case scenario would be full blown civil war increasingly. the best case scenario would possibly be a rather bloody road towards a political settlement but that is going to take years if you ask me president we
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remember when this war started the talk was you know stopping the terrorists in afghanistan but the us military quickly found out that this was also about state building helping girls who weren't allowed to go to school building a civil society what is going to happen all of to all of that after september 11th 2021. if the country will be able to keep the constitution that it has now which obviously incorporates democratic principles nobody can really say because as of now the taliban haven't really edged out what they perceive to be the future state in afghanistan what kind of constitution they want in visits they say they want a more islamic system but what exactly does that mean with girls be allowed to go to school and if yes under what conditions will women continue to be allowed to work if yes under what conditions that is really something that we don't know and
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how do we get then the 1st place what would a possible political settlement look like i mean obviously we have these 2 blocs the taliban and the representatives of the islamic republic as it stands now but there are divisions in itself you know we see in militias really arming itself we see infighting within the afghan political elite and that again is pointing towards more bloodshed in afghanistan and i mean how do you trust the telly bun republicans in congress they're already criticizing this plan by the u.s. president to take a listen to what senate minority leader mitch mcconnell said earlier this evening. ministrations decided to abandon us efforts in afghanistan. which will help you grow to call islamic terrorism and shock and bizarrely they've decided to do so. for the 11 apparently were to help our adversaries running on the anniversary of the non 11 attacks by gift wrapping the country and i got right back
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at them and through you're in the us me ask you is this true what mitch mcconnell is saying and does it even matter to americans who after 20 years are simply tired and fatigued with war. well the fact is afghans themselves are doing the majority of fighting in afghanistan and they have been since the drawdown of the majority of u.s. and nato troops in 2014 and afghan officials themselves will tell you that something close to 98 percent of all combat operations are carried out by afghans and afghans alone and indeed u.s. and nato support has grown extremely limited in the past years so it's not clear to me that a troop withdrawal actually is handing the country over either to the taliban or anyone else it's not that dramatic of a change what would be dramatic and will be vital to afghanistan's future is to
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what degree the financial assistance and supports continues to flow from the united states and other european donors and partners the afghan state is incredibly poor and is dependent on the donations of foreign states most of them western this is really what is going to make or break the future of the afghan government as they've been carrying the burden of the war for a long time we know that there had been a lot on money from the european union in andrew you testified earlier this year to the european parliament's delegation for relations with afghanistan and you told lawmakers that the taliban are the aggressors in the conflict that we're seeing today and that they stand in the way of a lasting peace in afghanistan what response did you get. i. didn't get much of a response from the parliamentarians that day but i suppose that's emblematic of
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the position that the european union and many european states of found themselves in the the structure of the nato mission in afghanistan like many missions elsewhere around the world is that the united states and the security umbrella it provides is really essential to the continuation of the mission and so not just militarily in terms of nato troops but politically as well many european states have felt themselves playing catch up with what the united states decides and how it is trying to move forward not only in the u.s. withdrawal but in a scramble of different u.s. efforts to set up some sort of a peace process europe still finds itself i think this week scrambling to sort out and make sense of not only how to continue its mission and support but as we said. to help the afghan government in its continued fight against taliban that is
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deportee brings me back to you terry the u.s. president mentioned today that the u.s. and its allies have to prepare for the 21st century challenges such as a rising china was bite was he speaking to nato when he said that we know nato was worried about an aggressive russia. well i think that he was trying to justify returning some resources to the united states to turn them in another direction because they have decided i mean this is justifying his is conclusion that this war is not winnable and so the united states has spent a fortune on the war in afghanistan and it believes that there are some other challenges that it really does need to turn its attention to but i also want to return to the point of view of the previous guest and point out that that when they're talking when nato is promising to continue funding civil society and
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helping the afghan government reform those tasks are only possible under the security umbrella that is provided by these troops when they pull out how are you going to protect your embassies how are you going to protect the united nations compound there are a lot of services that will be provided that are now being provided to the afghan government and the afghan people that will be severely affected by the pullout of troops even if they're not in a military mission and we've heard today senator from several people that you may be leaving but you're going to come back so look in your crystal ball will the americans will they at some point be forced to return to afghanistan i mean we contrast it that. the government is collapsing that we will return to full blown civil war in the country probably with foreign spoilers there are a lot of snow players that have a keen interest in what is happening in afghanistan and so the poet vacuum that was
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once there could easily be fooled again by outfits not just the taliban or remnants of al qaida remnants of the islamic state there could be future threats that we don't even know about yet and also i mean just keeping in mind that the very north east of afghanistan is bordering china it brings the big competitor. as perceived by the united states also into into the view much more than it might have been in the past do you see that is something that could happen the us president he implied today that the challenge could come from china can you imagine the us going back into afghanistan not necessarily defy the taliban but to contain china in the afghan theater probably not i think the 1st choice would maybe be the south china sea but you cannot rule anything out because right now we just don't know what will happen to afghanistan in the likely scenario if you asked me today is that we would
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see much more bloodshed and that puts the question to what kind of legacy are we going to leave behind in afghanistan especially for the civilian population that ballots general for the united states many did it and nato allies and european partners do you feel like this afghanistan is another vietnam. remains to be seen. i sort of dutch that answer for tonight because a lot will depend on like n.g.o.s pointed out on how much diplomatic and financial aid will continue to go towards afghanistan how big the leverage will be to really initiate and then keep momentum for a peace process which is really stored at the moment into i heard from people who live in the united states saying we haven't learned the lessons from vietnam is is the withdrawal from afghanistan is the proof of their. i think the withdraw from afghanistan though it does tie into lessons learned from vietnam it
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also is drawing from lessons from the last 20 years itself as sundra just noted that there is a question of legacy here the united states has been deployed in afghanistan longer than anywhere else including its war in vietnam and what we have here seems to be an admission by the biden administration that the legacy of u.s. involvement was itself already perhaps not for the better what we heard in biden's speech and the remarks of other senior officials is is less about giving up any hope of being able to provide more for the afghans in the future or to lead to better results either on the battlefield or the peace table and it sounded more like and it knowledge meant that that that hadn't been accomplished thus far and the question was baghdad if not after 20 years then how much longer.
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yeah that's the question excellent analysis from all of you sandra peterson here at the big table with me teri schultz in brussels and drew what kinds in new york to all of you thank you for. well it's not just $100.00 days until the summer olympic games in tokyo which were postponed from last year due to the pandemic host nation japan itself a ceremony to mark the countdown with organizers unveiling the olympic rings at the top of mount. west of tokyo the international olympic committee says the games will go ahead despite concerns about the cone of virus and says it has taken measures such as banning international spectators to prevent any surge in infections organizers are also keen to proceed despite calls to postpone the global of it yet again. at the swimming and diving venue the high tech starting blocks for the
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tokyo games and the starting gun stand idle as though they were paused after the on your marks set bit of a starter's commands but 100 days out as the so-called test events continue to iron out possible wrinkles and event organization it appears the olympics are back on line. that. pandemic precaution will be a priority and only domestic fans will be permitted to attend now but there will be competition. you know and i think you'll be cheered that you must have been having discussions now so personally as much as possible i want the athletes to really feel that we're prepared to host these olympic games in japan when the get ready to go all these discussions here have demonstrated that we are putting safety 1st. not every japanese is happy the olympics are scheduled to go ahead in
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fact pollsters say 70 to 80 percent believe it's a bad idea to hold the games with a pandemic still raging in the country. even event volunteers at this online training session have concerns. and could learn yet again what i'm worried about is what will happen with the new variants. and how will they spread. the japanese have invested more than $15000000000.00 to host the tokyo 2020 olympic and paralympic games as they will still officially be called. but $100.00 days from the opening ceremony when excitement is normally reaching fever pitch cold at 19 and its variants have washed much of that excitement away. it is the liquor of chinese elite and powerful mel tie that famous brand of chinese distilled spirits it is the preferred drink for high powered communist party
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officials and features regularly in private gatherings now that closeness to the party elite gives the company advantages when it comes to expanding its business interests. follows a chinese journalist who's investigating mail ties alleged violations of the wall. you'll normally expose this crime and corruption cases now the investigative journalist is on his way to china's most famous to. do you know you can already smell the alcohol here at. the southern chinese town of multis also the name of the liquor produced here the maltese tillery is china's most valuable company worth more than the country's biggest back china's political elite is partially to it and us some of the butlers cost several 100 euros you says they are the perfect gift to greeks the wheat to judge how well b.r.c.
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corrupt officials prefer multimeters they only drink the most expensive brands. this alcohol is the most expensive and their love for it lets the prices rise even more jaguars with the walk down. the lake effect or it takes up large swaths of multi-ton and many more trying to profit from the big name within sight of the state owned giant is the distillery a family business. customers and people in the industry know that there's a limit to the production capacity of matai so that's where we come in the government lets us follow the lead of the mt i company in profit from them that brings in some wealth to us people here of what. his company uses this same distilling techniques grain is for meant it in earth it's the pits give it a pungent aroma minnes and of soy sauce many people outside of china find hard to swallow. mattias fermented in
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a dry state during the distillation process steam passes through the mash and releases. says the liquor mostly to individuals as well as companies they produce special editions for weddings and company and a verse or. intimate relationship between china's communists and the spicy liquor began in the 1930 s. when communist troops hid in the area from their nationalist and sarees. after they came to power they turned the factory into a state owned enterprise so it could provide them with liquor. to about falun gong expropriated the factory. and the owner who refused to hand over his business was executed for. these close links to the ready lead have called whose attention he's been tipped off that model type also produces in a neighboring town
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a violation of the rules on geographic origin so he goes to take a look. he finds the company is constructing vast production facilities there. near england and nobody cares what they do here and it's as if the government agencies which should control him don't exist. it's another piece of evidence for the book he is planning to write on china's most valuable company. well the day is done but the conversation it continues online go find us on twitter news or you can follow me at brant go t.v. and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody.
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comes. into the conflict zone to sebastian the fist fight fresh diplomatic talks the 6 year war shows little sign of ending my guest this week from the yemeni capital sana'a is who shall be shut up foreign minister of the self-styled food governor of his forces down the kids used to policing shocking crimes to kill indiscriminately why would face complex hope that the. next on top of.
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the dark side of the human experience. the subject of choice for our boss. the sunshine rainy and photojournalist was known for documenting political crises and religious conflicts. just pictures of the main revolution make you feel . bossed by a box. in 45 minutes on d w. i subscribe to g.w. books you meet your favorite writer might object to what i write is to share we're going to find beautiful. books on you too. until i was rolled up my dignity 77 percent takes on modern slavery and shining a light on the fate of the many nigerian women in the. obscene next woman where.
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one source into prostitution stories 'd must be told to hunt you force me interesting stories. exclusive video of the 77 percent starts april 17th on t w. get the international media to york i would show you in big books what is happening to you haven't we are not the ones who are making all this mess in the world isn't buying your denials with the shop we will continue the war if they don't withdraw from our country despite fresh diplomatic talks the 6 year war in yemen shows little sign of ending the lady agencies are warning of a humanitarian catastrophe as food supplies dwindle and the covert pandemic takes hold my guest this week from the yemeni capital sanaa is he shall be shot up.


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