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tv   Kulturzeit  Deutsche Welle  April 15, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm CEST

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well. it's controlling your thoughts and. the great books of the 20th century. present day hoaxes. whose behind. starts may 3rd. this is. a preview of the meeting between the leaders of japan and the united states. china. to the threat. across the country.
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welcome to news asia it's good to have you with us japanese prime minister you're she said to be the 1st world leader to visit u.s. president joe biden on friday reports suggest an increasingly assertive china will be a key theme of the talks japan is also a security ally of the united states and both have defined the nation as a quote cornerstone of peace security and prosperity in the indoor pacific region i'll be discussing that further with an expert in a moment but 1st this report. and presidents and a prime minister new to their leadership roles but each with years of experience treading the fine line of tough diplomacy. increasingly the main
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tools of such diplomacy look like this. u.s. exercises with asian allies meant to deter aggression. aggression especially from the chinese who have just this week sent fighter jets to skirt taiwanese airspace. taiwan itself proclaims its strength by showing off new naval hardware. all this as u.s. diplomats diplomatically tell the people's republic of china the p.r.c. to back off our commitment to taiwan is rock solid we've of course taken note. with great concern the pattern of ongoing p.r.c. efforts in attempts to intimidate in the region including in the context of taiwan taiwan will likely be
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a major part of prime minister sukkos talks with president biden in addition to the topic of what to do about china's disputed and military backed claims over islands that japan claims in the east china sea. under which no country can protect its peace and security by itself amid such a complicated environment. and cooperation among allies and friendly nations is essential. given that. just as japan needs assistance from the likes of the united states the u.s. needs to maintain japan as a strong ally. japan is course the world early largest economy the most powerful democracy in asia and a critical advanced tech. knology partner with whom the united states are going to be looking to both you know deter china from threatening taiwan punish chinese aggression or human rights violations and prevent china from accessing some of the
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world's most dance technologies that it could use to build additional military power the japan-u.s. summit follows hot on the heels of frosty high level talks between the u.s. and china late last month in washington japan's sukkot will be pressed to firmly support the u.s. but he'll have to return home to life as a neighbor to the americans global rival. and joining me from washington d.c. is she last month he's author of the book rearmed the politics of military power and a senior fellow for japan studies of the think tank the council on foreign relations welcome a smith is china and its activities in the indo-pacific going to be a focus of talks between prime minister so go on president biden well thank you for having me i'm delighted to be here yes of course china has large in the region and lives large in us thinking about the region and of course japan sits right next to
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our already as you now are going to sit in a meeting quad be very rich japan in the united states attending in situ class to meeting in tokyo secretary of state linked in if you can't defense austin so the alliance is already charged if you will to have a fairly in-depth conversation about how to move forward on japan in the united states to have a security alliance but how exactly does washington see talking with her or 2 in the region. well the interesting thing about the alliance today is not it's not just how washington sees tokyo but also how to go sees washington that matters and i think that the japanese have been very astute and very active in the 4 years during president trump's tenure as president to build a coalition in the region to really make it necessary for the united states to step into a coalition approach the free and open indo-pacific approach as they call it so i
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think washington is looking to tokyo for ideas but tokyo is also looking to washington to be consistent and persistent in the way in addresses regional tensions how exactly does talk a one progress report on something then the pacific. as you know took as wrong a longstanding prohibition on the use of force so japan is not ready to have a very hard power response to china's rising military power nonetheless the alliance is the primary guarantee here guarantor of japanese security and so it hopes to send the message to china that while tokyo wants to have a dialogue across the region maybe cooperate on a variety of issues including building infrastructure investing in energy resources it also sees chinese activities especially maritime activities as being really counter to its interests and also to the interests of its. spoke about modern time concerns that it does that explain the dialogue that has existed between the u.s.
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and japan over taiwan. yes and so taiwan is an old issue in the sheep han china relationship in the u.s. china relationship as you know it goes all the way back to the 1970 s. and both countries normalize their diplomatic relations so taiwan has a relationship with japan but not a military relationship surely there is no taiwan relations act which is what we have here in the united states that allows tokyo to be a partner it's high winds in the security however if you look at a map taiwan is very very close to the southwestern islands of japan proximity makes taiwan a real consideration when japanese defense planners if china were to up the pressure or continued the pressure on taiwan and there was some sort of military confrontation then japan would be immediately affected because it would be in its in its maritime borders not very far away from territory and margaret talk about
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dropping his concern there is another japanese concern is there not just to balance its trade relationship with china is the biggest export market for japan how does japan walk this line. well that's cheering for every country of the region and even for the united states the economic engine dependence of china is part of our strategic challenge at the moment i think japan has felt the brunt of beijing's ability to use that trade interdependent stint to its advantage and that was back in 2012 when the 2 countries had a dispute over the islands in the east china sea. island and that point the chinese halted supplies rare earth material suggesting are very important for manufacturing in japan but you see the increasing use by china of this economic engine dependence and other relationships as well so tokyo and washington in addition to camera and new delhi have been talking
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a little bit about how to build resilience how to be a rising rich standard pressure may emanate from asia. a lot of talk poverty have to leave a tariff of the time being should us move from the council on foreign relations thank you so much for a time thinking rationally. or just as india thought it was easing its way out of the pandemic the country has been hit by a 2nd wave with a record high rate of infections controversy has erupted over the vaccination drive with the hardest hit states saying the government is not giving them enough vaccines as the issue threatens to get politicized fears grow that india may be running out of jobs afford a vaccination festival the government proclaimed earlier this week appears to be more of a drop in the bucket. add to small private hospital people who are struggling to register against 1000. that the sheriff is one of them
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almost 70 he has. told us. and. even if they become. hard to. get in prepared or at least. was a crowd is larger than usual. one staff member called it. this hospital in gaza one point had to turn people because they had run out of. the. many hospitals in this area including the one right behind me in 1000 vaccine shortage. but down on the number of people they were vaccinated every other stuff the vaccination process entirely for a few days. several states in the country. including
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at the moment. the hospital did receive its stock in fact seem to day after having gone for nearly a week without. they can get the job. well there was some hesitancy to get vaccinated earlier the past few weeks have seen demand increased rapidly. and maybe . we didn't have the rock scene available for a short while i don't know why we weren't getting supplies. can we have started more people and started coming progress missions like. before this there wasn't such a rush. india is recording and alarming number of new coronavirus cases every day and infections are now spreading much faster another hospital in the area which also faced a vaccine crunch has its hands full with a spike in cases because of the surge of infection we have included what about capacity to beds of cord and knowing your father increasing it to 122 bands are we
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are also working on our human resources manpower narcing but on medical staff to deal with our present situation as hospitals scramble to increase capacity there are clear signs the indian health care sector is again coming under severe strain. is dr. who founded a chain of hospitals offering affordable cost the 2nd be a tsunami the numbers are mind boggling the medical infrastructure is completely over but beyond struggling to get medicine struggling to find oxygen patients are struggling to find beds. for days 7. birds and other means they're needed and that means the doctors needed to provide the facilities that are. necessary to combat this dynamic but josh says he is disappointed that the lessons from the past year have not been learned adequately. for the
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people waiting here there is some really at least for now. they are getting their shot. hoping that he'll give them some protection against a corona by this. and that's it for today you can of course find more information on our web site. and you can check us out on facebook and twitter as well we're back to moral at the same time. what secrets lie behind small. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. g.w. world heritage 360 get here now. how does
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a virus spread. why do we have it and when will. you just through the tax and weekly radio. if you would like any information on the prong of virus or any other science topic you should really it's . our pod cast. your part cast you can also find us. on this show a film that's making a splash under study of its lead actor we'll take a closer look at one of the contenders for this year's best film oscar also coming up. it was a ship that. takes on ocean additions turned a postman living in a backwater town into an internet sensation. and how
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a photographer is capturing everyday life in germany during the coronavirus pandemic. welcome to arts and culture it's award season and in 10 days time is the biggest of them all the oscars sound of metal is nominated in 6 categories including best actor and film it's inventive use of sound design gives hearing audiences an insight into what it might be like to go deaf the film's main character is a musician who like beethoven loses his hearing in the prime of his career. heavy metal drummer reuben stone is in the middle of a tour when it happens suddenly he can't hear anything anymore. frustrating then he panics.
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and then comes the diagnosis. your hearing is deteriorating rapidly. the film by darrius model lets the audience hear exactly what that means. rubin disregards his doctor's advice. or come back to learn the we just keep going you know the norm to see what it's like ok i'm going to be like him could track you complain to me. it was quite an intensive process you know just on an emotional level was very war script very small and. broke something really really heart rending and so just
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going to that place on an emotional level was was quite involving but then of course there were these technical elements to the role as well. riz ahmed says he 1st had to learn to play drums for the role but this isn't really the story of a musician it's a very sensitive film about people with hearing loss. trying to save one life. or those people when they can be a day out cruel place. moments still some of the biggest lessons for me on a personal level i guess learning about. community understanding that deafness isn't a disability for people it's a culture so a way of being in the world. and we can learn a lot from you know i always say deaf people have best listeners other than because listening isn't just about you you is about your attention focus your energy. the title sound of metal takes on a new and surprising meaning in the film's final act this is
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a remarkable movie in every way riz ahmed has won several acting awards he could add an oscar as best actor in a leading role that would make this actor with pakistani parents the 1st muslim to win in that category. and good luck to him and life in lockdown has been a challenge for all of us but as they say every cloud has a silver lining some people have discovered new talent or no change existing ones the subject of our next report was a postman living far from the bright light before his tiny take on traditional music made him a star. see there. was a simple rhythm and a centuries old melody has changed nathan evans live forever.
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well a man is a sea shanty evans rendition of this maritime work song has earned the scotsman a spot at the top of europe's pop charts. and just we hope. that that's because until recently nathan evans was a postman in the town of airdrie new glasgow in his free time he'd uploaded videos of himself performing pop or folk songs to tick talk at his followers request he started covering sea shanties like leave her johnny well we do. see late last year evans landed a surprise hit when his version of the new zealand wailing song soon made the wellman come went viral. and that i expect it would go great.
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a song that would bend the charts and all of all. this song made a big splash and soon the internet was flooded with people singing well a man during the corona pandemic the sea shanty clearly touched a nerve as it tells of the loneliness at sea one. called all in the digital age the internet community has taken the place of abode could using tick tocks duet function virtual sailors courses have sprung up all across the globe. even prominent musicians like us violinist lindsay stirling and british guitarist brian may have gotten. dark in the shanty crazy. i was speechless when i phoned but i made joined and. enjoyed were able to join. in
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got it by a lot like seeing all these people to see shanice and join in and it's just incredible it's. me i would never imagine that the same. with a recording contract in his pocket nathan evans quit delivering mail to concentrate on his musical career he's currently working on his 1st album and eventually hopes to go into a. market. and in the studio with me is my colleague adrian kennedy quite a remarkable success story they adrian arctics talk an instagram wheels creating a new generation of music stars yes indeed perhaps the most famous example of the power of the short form video platforms came about
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a few months back you possibly remember fleet max in 1970 s. hit dreams really entered the pop charts after it after the nathan after dark was a video of himself writing his long cord while lip sync into the song went viral. think word of the band joined in the fun he said with 6600000 followers on tech talk ok so he's an internet celebrity but how 7 often does an online singing star break out and transfer that success to the music charts not so often the short form video platforms are more something that can give a song old or new a boost uses lip sync to it they share the videos they invite other people to make videos using that same. song for launching a career perhaps the best option is you choop still making a cover version is a very good way of getting attention on turbo based systems callahan and cassandra starr armstrong uploaded a version of hallelujah just
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a month ago. and hallelujah they've got $5000000.00 hits they've got the attention of the industry you can now buy a song on i tunes and spotify the rest is up to them us words and i think that might be the hardest part but it's not just people who can become stars right no talented animals can apply to meet chico the parrot from the do to channel frank mario chico and the man the cure's version of ac d.c.'s a whole lot of love has not stopped 2000000 viewers for speculation in. the whole world lots of school and exactly what the internet was possibly might for
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maggie revere do or it does look as if the parent has found their vocation great chatting to you as ever adrian thank you. now we've all had our own responses to how the world has changed over the past year german photographer noting saw it as a call to action he just finished his studies when the 1st lockdown hit undaunted he took up his camera and journeyed 9000 kilometers across germany capturing the transform a sheen of daily life as it happened. a man dressed up for carnival alone injured. musicians playing in a few. a church service in a drive in cinema. would use kamila dog i was interested in seeing what way society would find to cope with the situation. since march 2020 talk of. his travels some 1000 kilometers to document life in
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a country under state of emergency trying to cope with the coronavirus through a measured approach nolting has title to project measure and middle. daughter mum's museum of art and cultural history has now bought some of his photos for its permanent collection. gold said she would be in favor of proceeding in a measured moderate way and that's a good description of the german political style in recent years and maybe also the feeling that got to successfully through the 1st wave 25 year old somewhat reserved photographic style is perfectly suited to capturing the atmosphere in a country keeping its distance. he set out right after completing his photography degree capturing moments to encapsulate the crisis. empty makeshift hospitals during the 1st lockdown in germany. beaches during the euphoric summer of
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east restrictions. intensive care units at full capacity. graphing with low contrast and high definition heightens to documentary style scenes making farmworkers and right wing protesters seem like figures than oil paintings nolting also photographed artists such as organist cameron carpenter seen here at one of his 1st streamed audience less concerts and berlin's concept house. in them of us to think it was a pretty tense situation for him. because it was a very different way of performing and about this i really enjoyed it because i noticed how much i missed going to concerts and being able to enjoy life music. i had thought of. it is a musical life who. no matter how long dependent continues in managing wants to keep taking photos until the coronavirus no longer play some role in society it's likely to be a long term project. it's
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very important to document the times we're living through let's hope one day those photos will serve as a reminder of what we collectively overcame don't forget to check out our website that's g.w. dot com. thanks for watching and coach to rob. it
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was 26 feet that's like a bunch of the queen because i want to see your germany was for me the last few years have been quite over a day early. and learned all my homework when it comes to be as and of course always look right in the eyes virgin is perhaps the biggest guns a new hobby of mine i'm going on the road i love to be in the news there are pros in the recall but when you feed them off the building they realize it's called just another way of never they are you ready for me because i haven't been very me right through it. imagine how many push polls lots of us turn out in the world right now climate change for an awful story. faces much less leeway for just one week. how much worse can really get. we still have time to act i'm going
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to. be successful. it's a scribed for more news like this. who's. the more. i cannot sleep the 1st year or 2 zuma then. in those schools lol one. who knows lol the rules. is no use no lol good for the wicked. doesn't. work using the for the.
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good story. come from her roots. this is the every news line from berlin a surprise stop the u.s. secretary of state makes an unannounced visit to afghanistan anthony blinken arrives in kabul to brief afghan officials on plans to withdraw all u.s. troops by september just hours after the u.s. president announced he will end america's longest war also on the show and out of control doctors say brazil.


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