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tv   Auf den Punkt  Deutsche Welle  April 16, 2021 7:00am-7:46am CEST

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contest of the cathedral starts. on d. w. . this is d w news live from berlin the u.s. secretary of state makes an unannounced visit to afghanistan blinken was in kabul today to brief afghan officials on plans to withdraw all u.s. troops 5 september a surprise stop came just hours after u.s. president biden announced plans to end america's longest war also coming up germany reports its highest number of new code 19 cases in 3 months doctors or hospitals
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are filling up people soon be asked to accept new limits on their freedoms to stop the virus. and thousands of images to tell the story of the pandemic but this touching photo captures what has been a dramatic year we'll get a close up of the winner of the world press photo contest. a mommy and use if it's good to have you with us u.s. secretary of state entity blinken has made an unannounced visit to afghanistan just hours after president biden confirmed that all american troops will leave by september 11th lincoln said that his visit was to demonstrate america's ongoing commitment to the country he told the afghan president that their partnership was changing but enduring ghani said he respects the decision and expressed gratitude
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for the sacrifices of u.s. troops. as the u.s. and other nato troops for a pair to exit afghanistan there's concern about a possible security breakdown and the resurgence of the taliban many afghan women are especially worried about what could happen next. parvana summoning is a teacher at a private school in the afghan capital kabul this is her dream job but now she fears her career and indeed her entire life are under threat. that he. said today they told us not to go too far from our homes what will happen when the foreign troops leave our country it will be especially hard for women we won't be safe even within our own 4 walls. i don't think. from the outside nothing much about life in kabul appears to have changed. but is people digest the news that u.s. and other nato troops will finally leave afghanistan there is growing concern.
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that worrying situation and people believe that if the foreign troops leave the country there will be a civil war. much of the anger here is directed at the taliban which nato forces had hoped to beat into submission. instead the islamist group now controls large areas of the country. our demand to the taliban is to come and make peace with the afghans and government. but many here are also pointing the finger at nato troops who have been on afghan soil for almost 20 years. before troops came here we didn't have any problems for their lives if the u.s. military pulls out people will be able to unite again and see peace restored. peace
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though looks alone way off afghanistan's security situation is dire many like teacher parvana samani now fear things will only get worse. i'm joined now by shafiq come dom a former advisor to nato who has also served as an advisor to the president of afghanistan thanks for joining us so as we heard in the report there are some afghans are afraid that once the consequences of the u.s. troops u.s. troops withdrawing from afghanistan that it might be a civil war what do you think i think it's a condition based you know what i mean by conditions peace is depends on the peace negotiations and peace deal hopefully there is a settlement before the troops leave afghanistan but if there is no settlement if there is no peace. before september 11th before the u.s. . germany or other nato and troops leave afghanistan i think unfortunately not only afghanistan will involve in
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a severe water but it will also i think the neighboring region and she and it can affect you know global security as well we have been witness 911 it was attacked it was you know originated it was planned in afghanistan and pakistan and osama bin that that was killed in pakistan so i think other than insecurity in afghanistan if there is no peace the certainly the migration the waves of migration will come to europe the mast drug trafficking in international criminal group will return back to afghanistan decides the $22.00 terrorist groups that are activated right now across the border between afghanistan and pakistan and that will create a big yes. now according to a survey last year on the other hand almost half of afghans want foreign troops to leave the country and a larger number of them said that they want a political solution rather than rather than a military solution was this part of biden's calculation. i think prison by then did not do any kind of coalition he's following this so trump steps
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and that's really as his desire because based on the calculation if you look at the conclusion as well as assistant he has received these intelligence assessments and military assessment which does not become an immediate withdrawal of unconditioned the trot and if it is that you have referred to 50 percent wants the u.s. troops to be out it's based on a condition they don't want them to out immediately they want them to be out only if it's you know aiding to peace in walk which will benefit not only have common sense but it will benefit all of nato allies u.s. allies and now the united states itself because as i mentioned before these 22 tourist groups they were not there before 911 but now they have one up and from south central asia from middle east from africa from you know pakistan and from other countries there are so many to this moves it's not only al qaeda anymore but some would argue that those groups developed during america's presence there the
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u.s. troops presence there so doesn't that speak against the argument that the troops should stay even after 20 years of trying to make the situation better in afghanistan. i love that when we talk about 20 years of the troops presence in a harness and it's kind of shocking numbers for so many people but for me you know i lived in germany in europe and in the u.s. and i have traveled around the word u.s. it has been in germany for decades after world war 2 and they are in asia you know that in south korea that in japan they're in middle east of course their presence in afghanistan is now not involved in a counterinsurgency mission it's an afghan what afghans are fighting there were so used presence is required to maintain and contain and fight these terrorists we haven't witnessed i mean 911 attack since 2001 it's mainly because of the u.s. and nato presence in afghanistan otherwise the situation would be would have been different and i'm afraid if there's not
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a peace settlement which i'm optimistic and i hope it will happen then you know the situation not only in afghanistan but in the west in general would not remain as it is so i think i'm done thank you thank you for having me. let's take a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. the united nations is warning that conditions are worsening as a result of the conflict in the northern ethiopian region of to grab un says people have begun to die of hunger and sexual violence is still being used as a weapon of war. u.s. president biden's administration has announced a new round of sanctions against russia including the expulsion of 10 russian diplomats this is in response to a legit interference in last year's presidential election and the hacking of u.s. government agencies russia's foreign ministry has condemned the sanctions saying a response is quote inevitable. chicago police have released body cam footage of
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the moment a police officer shot and killed a 13 year old boy out of toledo police said the teenager had a gun a lawyer for the boy's family said he had complied with demands to show his hands when he was shot hong kong pro-democracy advocate jimmy lie and other activists are due to be sentenced on friday for their roles in a protest march in 2019 they were convicted for taking part in demonstrations against a bill that would allow suspects to be extradited for trial in china. germany's coronavirus vaccination program is picking up pace on thursday the country saw a record number of daily vaccinations but it's also seeing its biggest rise in new infections since january new national controls have been approved but the country's cabinet by the company country's cabinet but this could take another week to pass through the parliament now with hospitals filling up fast doctors are warning time is running out. on german is intensive care ward this is what the 3rd wave looks
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like more than 29000 new coded 19 cases were reported on thursday the highest number since early january doctors are warning that in parts of the country only 10 percent of intensive care beds around filled the head of germany's public health institute is a long. list the reason. it is clear that we need to act now on all levels above all the decision makers need to take action we need to reduce our contacts now break the infection chain now and save lives and the health of many people. but not all decision makers share that sense of urgency in particular some regional leaders have been reluctant to implement tough restrictions now chancellor merkel is introducing a change in the law to grant the central government temporary powers to enforce lock downs in areas with high infections but even for the health minister this
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could be too little too late. i already said a week ago that we needed extra measures and that we needed to take firm action time is not on our side and everyone already has the option to be taking measures they need not wait for the law to be finalized but. the new nationwide regime mandates school closures and contact restrictions when infection rates hit defined levels much of the public support staff action but critics say the focus is too much on limiting personal freedoms for instance with the proposed introduction of night turn curfews. a lot of people of my age will just meet at home in secret curfews won't get this under control people will meet privately. that's my guess and i don't like it you can't do that with people marking that's you know
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it's. all i also like to be outside and meet people but i think we just need to shut things down for 4 weeks and. those who didn't follow the rules before won't listen to these new laws but those who did a very feel they're being treated like foals restrictions in some parts of germany have been light for much of the pandemic but as laws are tight and people here having to face the fact that coronavirus not only costs lives it corrodes liberty as well. how do you capture a year's worth of emotion and drama anxiety and loss in a single photograph judges of the world press photo contest has selected the one image they say tells the story of the unforgettable year that was 2020 it was taken by a danish photographer and a portrait is the power of the human touch. the many aspects of the coronavirus pandemic top photographers around the world captured their impressions of exhausted
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caregivers people dying alone social distancing and loneliness. the winning photograph shows an 85 year old woman receiving her 1st hug after 5 months isolation and her son paolo nursing home through a plastic curtain which happens to resemble an angel's wings. she had to be the jury viewed this photograph as one of the pandemics few positive images this picture suggests vulnerability loss grief and death but above all survival for. brazil has been especially hard hit by the pandemic 350000 people have already died there nursing homes were closed on for months to protect residents. and the split of a 2nd that we see the images we feel. how it must be it's good that all the person
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get a sense of. what you're nights as the jury looks through nearly 75000 images. but disposable surgical mask even made its way into the winning photo in the nature category. to some buddhist legal news now the entire head to team has been ordered into isolation following 3 positive code code 19 tests at the club head coach paul gardai has his assistant coach and striker de luca back you are quarantined at home after testing positive for the virus the rest of the squad and staff have been ordered to isolate together until april 28th they are only allowed to leave their common quarters for training and matches. zookeepers and have been to cuba are celebrating the birth of 4 bengal tiger cubs including a rare white tiger in new arrivals are the result of 2 decades spent trying to
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bring the endangered animals at the zoo white tigers are a genetic variation of bengal tigers which are usually orange numbers in the wild have dwindled in recent years due to poaching deforestation and excessive hunting. you're watching news live from berlin up next a stock film about women competing in thailand's traditional martial art you get the latest on what our website that stevie dot com thanks for watching. we're all set to go. just. as we take on the. we're all about the stories that matter to. replace a policeman following. a whole new fire makes. thailand
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where buddhist tradition meets urban future and nothing embodies that better than thai boxing known as. the traditional martial art has been thailand's national sport for centuries. i was long considered a sport for real men where women rarely took part but not anymore women and the clear community are claiming a stake and more time they say thai boxing shouldn't be exclusive. and they're ready to fight. bangkok the capital of thailand with a population of around $15000000.00 the metropolis on the child prayag river is
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southeast asia's biggest and it's a center for martial arts here more tie is more than a fighting technique it's an art form a way of keeping fit and a form of self-defense i think. here you can find high boxing matches at all kinds of festivals and arenas large or small. the fighters use their fists and shins to strike their opponent's upper thighs or torso. in certain professional matches a boxer can also use their knee to strike the opponent's head. tran's boxer known to man is an icon in the world of more. boy i saw one time made me who i am today i owe everything i've achieved to this sport why ty taught me discipline and self-confidence and showed me how i could assert myself in life and
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think that like i want to. tell you is also known as the art of 8 limbs in the past centuries when warriors could no longer use their swords and spears they resorted to their fists elbows knees and shins. i mean it was like i was the 1st clear boxer there was nobody else i was aware of at the time. that if that makes me an inspiration for other transgender people and women then of course that fills me with pride. and. i'm. known to man caused a stir in the 1990 s. . and she took to the ring wearing makeup not all opponents were willing to fight what they called a lady boy unimpressed she went on to collect enough prize money to pay for gender
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reassignment. story inspired an internationally acclaimed film beautiful boxer and made her a celebrity. shot in my is the biggest city in northern thailand it's thailand spiritual center dotted with mountains monasteries and temples. it's also home to 17 year old p. milan she's training with a friend for an upcoming match. spends around 3 hours at the gym every day after school. she's already fought in more than 60 kick boxing matches and shows great promise. ambition is crucial for anyone wanting to make it in the world of professional more time. but a lot of the thing if you want to be successful you have to give your best whether
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it's in school or till something else i always want to do my best. me milan trains with lots ana she's been running the moist high school here for 20 years her pupils have won countless competitions the 60 year old cares for her boxers like a mother and that includes providing dinner lots and i used to be a fighter herself even against men. one map we i mean my opponents were often women but i was only 15 when i was 1st challenged by a male. he was my age to be heavy that no one thought i had when i hadn't been training for long but i beat in. the fight didn't count i didn't receive any channel for shit. this leaflet day there are a lot of fishy female boxes well back then there were hardly any women in the schools just talking boys and very masculine lesbians i mostly did it for the money
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. santos was also a professional before he joined lots and in training the next generation of fighters his path is not unusual in the boxing world. like a lot of large 30 years now my entire life has revolved around boxing what i started out as a kick boxer are so and now i work. i get up in the morning and clean up the studio to get things ready for the day. because if i wait for the students to arrive and i train with their way that's all i ever do. for every when the boxing school gets a portion of the prize money the trainer is employed by the school and earns an hourly wage. parents pay quite a sum for their daughter's lessons. a few days before each find people and take some time off to relax so she can focus and prepare herself mentally. it doesn't matter how physically fit you are if your mind isn't ready to
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eat and your scared of your opponent when you cannot win the 1. 8010. 000080004 youngsters of simple means more tie offers the chance to earn money for their families by the milans parents however were less than thrilled that this my parents were dead set against me doing why tie the crowded movie days and i couldn't stop crying for a week finally they gave in on the condition that i won at my school it's not really high. many pros started training at their local boxing center when they were just 7 or 8 years old most parents are quite supportive c at least that way their kids stay out of trouble and. morry tie is part of the time way of life. to latina her boxers are like one big family she cooks for them every evening after
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training some come from very poor families students who have travelled to shang my specifically to train with her can rent rooms here. it's hard to see where bangkok starts and where it ends. there's a festival at the temple in the suburb of bunkley today but it's not just an occasion for quiet reflection religious festivals in thailand are always accompanied by a market. transgender boxer known to man has come to the temple with her 17 year old foster daughter bang to offer a sacrifice at the shrine here. on holidays there's always plenty of food and drink for weary travelers visiting the temple. in buddhism offering sacrifices of incense flower petals and money is part of the
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philosophy of accumulating merit it's a way of giving thanks for one's good fortune or a positively influencing your future known to me took bang in as her daughter not long after she was born with all i feel like a woman and to meet not having children is an important part of having a family since i can't bear children i wanted to take one in and give him or her the opportunity to grow up in a loving environment my younger brother fathered her but he and the mother were so young and they separated shortly after being was born now i feel like her mother. you know until now has always had the support of her family. without a lot of things when i was lucky to grow up surrounded by a family and parents who love. me for who i am it helped i feel a little my brother and sister understand. keep him pocket the one you're transgender finding your place in society can be difficult not to demand
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a loving family can be the most important thing of all doing me part of that if someone calls you a bad person or a loving family can soften the blow. quite hopeful about. buddhism has also helped her find her way in life. that i don't want to have i even lived in a monastery as a novice for a while the monks taught me so much and that's why i enjoy coming back as often as i can here i feel calm and say i crossed buddhists the sacrificial offerings are a tool of the way to connect to the spiritual world that's really important to me and my family that. i love that. in buddhism transsexuality and homosexuality are treated someone ambiguously on the one hand they're thought to be the result of missteps in a previous life but as such they are also the fate one is dealt and so must be
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accepted and the vigils can work towards an easier future life with good deeds and this one. at the center of the temple grounds another highlight awaits. this temple is famous for its washrooms. the elaborate decoration is a popular backdrop for tourist photos many come especially for this. trip. to mend her daughter bang want a shot to. catch one man i'm used to people recognizing my mother but some say. nasty things about her that makes me angry they don't even know us. some visitors have spotted. the former boxing champion is
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a celebrity in thailand. who have always felt transgender and have been quite open about it ever since i was. some people are fine with it they accept me but others mock and insult me i try society has gotten better in many ways but we're still not equal in the eyes of the law even after gender reassignment i still have to refer to myself as mr according to my passport and documents i'm still a man yeah. sure my is getting ready for its flower festival the main parade showcases one of the provinces most important exports decorative plants as an up and coming kick boxer
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something of a local celebrity she too will take part in the parade but in a completely different role and before she does she still has a fight to win. it's morning just after sun up outside monks collection charity the milan and her opponent come to be weighed in both have hardly eaten in the past few days every pound matters. it's pretty even on weighs 116 pounds today her opponent is a bit taller and weighs 2 pounds more but both are in the same weight division that's what counts. after the weigh in father takes a photo of her and her opponent. parents run us. restaurant and. their boxing daughter provides great publicity for the family business. and the mother not to place huge value in their daughter's future they even sent her to private school that's why they were disappointed when
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she picked up boxing in the meantime however they've come to support their daughter's passion they pay for multiple trainers and drive her to her competitions . first i hope she quickly lose interest but she didn't lose a single flight and. now she's competing more than 60 times to the training doesn't. go to. she can look out for herself. i'm a good boxer because i'm patient and don't give up i just think she'll not be out. there you know lawn plans to take it easy until the boxing match tonight there won't be any more training before the contest. and bangkok's bunkley boxing legend has opened her own studio it's focuses on fun and fitness rather than discovering the next big talent 1st students are mostly
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kids teenagers and housewives likely that any of them will make it as a professional. runs the studio with her partner song. he's also a former professional they've known each other since early kickboxing days. i was 10 when we met we both trained at the fair tax training center she was already famous and i admired her. time passed and 10 years later we met again. when fair tax moved to. students here in bangkok so we decided to rent this place and open a boxing school. school for everyone not just for me. but for fitness too now if. my long way home with i wish i think it's great
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that so many women practice more tie these days you don't have to want to become professional and all white tie is excellent to stay fit and defend yourself and anyone is welcome to come here. for everyone it's part of thai culture. so the. man on my own will stick me on the sofa i'm really happy to hear it was always a dream of mine to open my own school allow him to go. and now that dream has come true in sync with the point. and i love. the person i am today. and i'm and. i enjoy that and i look forward to coming here every day. and her school isn't the only dream known to man seen come true outside bangkok she
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bought some land where she hopes to have a farm one day she's already set up a small vegetable plot and she's building a house now to her mother and a cousin are overseeing the construction site. hopes to grow her own fruit and vegetables here one day and install the fish pond she would eventually like to be able to live off the farm but she's not quite ready to retire from boxing just yet. the one. when i was a kid my family had a small farm in the countryside near shanghai i was 13 or 14 when we moved to the city but somehow i always missed
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a country like. the air here is cleaner and it's much quieter life around the country suits me much better than in the city. i love being surrounded by nature it's really. how much time. right now is busy breeding chickens not just any chickens these are bred to fight. fighting is part of time culture the same way that. most thais grow up with boxing and cock fighting. i check the birds to see whether they're too thin or too fat or too many. chickens are like boxers their bodies have to be strong they also have to train to fight when. they wear a kind of so their spurs don't cause injury. cousin
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helps breed the birds in thailand it's a big business the winning rooster will go on to breed with equally promising hens . she shows us her prized fighter. this was. funny i saw him training and i thought he is the best he is the right choice for breeding. i also found the right hands to pair with him i think he's going to produce some great offspring. 6 6. a good fighting rooster isn't just for winning high prize money they also make a promising investment. young women tying it you can make
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a lot of money with cock fighting a winning bird can touch on 1000000 baht sometimes even 2 or 3000000 i. think that's more than what i'm worth. paying for what we got. the prices of up to 75000 euro that's a fortune not just in thailand here with her mother partner song and daughter bang as everything she needs to live a peaceful life in the countryside and one day she could lease or rent out the boxing school in bangkok. to keep some kind of what i really need is a simple life with my family around what i hope that one day i have enough money so we can all stay here together growing fruit and vegetable oil on our own land on my
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own farm about poppy. back in shanghai the fight junior kickboxer pima lawn is hoping to win will take place at a nighttime market there will be matches going on all evening as spectators come and go. the location isn't exactly top notch but it gives the young boxer a chance to show professional trainers and managers what she's made of. i decide to get a lease you know a. lot. a regional a a form of close combat warfare has become a spectator sport popular with locals and visitors alike. to milan and her mother
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knock wait backstage for her appearance came along can't afford to get injured today she has to be in shape for the flower festival tomorrow. the head of the match the fighters are oiled and massaged their faces are covered with a thick layer of vaseline so their opponent's fists slip off glove. i a caretaker carefully bandages the milans hands to protect her joints on impact i. think. is. a german kick boxer is also making her 1st appearance in the ring tonight more and more foreigners have been flocking to the birthplace of my tie to train they cations at boxing camps are increasingly popular. parameter boxers
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taking part in a real competition is the ultimate challenge. i. i i. i. i. i want to carry on and keep pushing myself. for a beginner a bloody nose is part and parcel of any fight. 2 more matches and then it's people lund's turn her thoughts may already be on the next day's parade but during the massage she tries to meditate and focus on the fight ahead.
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in the lotion contains warming essential oils to stimulate her circulation it's a great way to warm up. and mom's there for extra encouragement. boxing champion low money has often experienced the tough side of the sport. despite her current injury she's come to watch came along fight. like a body like i was injured at the sea games the southeast asia championship i was fine she hit me my spot she hit my shoulder to head a bad hangal and i had to undergo surgery but i finished the fight. while recovering from her injury blow money and lives with her girlfriend and her dorm at the sports university in lampung about an hour outside of. the 2 women are open about their relationship coach girls fembot boys transgender men and women
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gender fluidity is nothing unusual in thailand and it's not unheard of for women who largely see themselves as heterosexual to have relationships with tomboys especially in the morning thai scene. show. low money has fought in many competitions and championships and as a member of the time national team her girlfriend is a successful rower. well i grew up around boys and as a child i knew i was a tomboy i've always felt like a boy it was no secret my parents treated me like a son else on the outside society seems very open but often we are not accepted you always have to be a bit better than the others and when you get recognition that when you. blow money
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hopes to return to boxing after her shoulder heals. no wonder no one will work hard to get back into shape for me more time is easy money but you korea can be cut short in an instant so you have to be. careful of them and their foreign folks who still fight when they're full i always want to take good care of my body. that i think most people accept us as a female couple university to as well if you're a part of society it's fine especially among athletes we're both on the national team and even my mother is ok with our relationship and. after all we're not doing anything wrong. but. the 2 have special plans today no money wants to give her girlfriend a very special tattoo a sacred symbol a sock young. these traditional tattoos are very popular among boxers and believed
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to hold mystical powers. the sock yarn tattoos have their roots in hindu and buddhist mythology and are carried out by a sock yarn master for. master watan you uses a traditional needle made of silver and bamboo to pierce the skin by hand. it injects the ink in a procedure that's much more painful than modern tattoo machines. no money already has her own. 2 tigers on her back that stand for strength and courage. that. this is beautiful she consists of 2 elements if the design was 5 elements is too expensive you can just get one with 2
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elements and you should look these 5 lines mean the new. tattoo masters are often former monks. mammon what in pa or no. well i learned the art of tattooing of the temple where they train you in the buddhist ways. i was taught how to meditate to understand the spirit of sec your knee and you then you look for a master who take you on as a people you might be and so it goes on that there is no formal education of the which you formally declare yourself a tattoo master you can pass on me when a watch argument you need spiritual abilities to fill with meaning. the design with 2 mythological birds is meant to bring professional success more
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than just a physical adornment the tattoos are said to offer magical protection and powers some boxers say the right sucky and even helps deflect their opponent's blows goal might in was all about absorbing the powers attributed to the tattoo say you have to speak to the person getting the tattoo 1st iraqi looking for protection a. job. many are fixated on that after more than an hour the sock yarn is finished it's a classic go your tattoo with 9 magic shapes symbolizing the peaks of the sacred meru mountain. now it's time for low money and her girlfriend to get their consultation master what her new recommends the design with the 2 mythological birds and then again you know this will help you to focus and to be successful is there anything you
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shouldn't do is 2nd or. you must respect commandments so no stealing no lying no sexual misconduct and if you do it you know how. life some designs are really popular and the fighters often choose the target for strength and power while. the gun will fly on the site. and. what have been the gol york with 9 pieces in combination with the song that looks like a necklace of a protection in many situations. going on we think she should decide for herself which one she wants everything to. say i'm told what the highlight was good for my career and brings good fortune i lost the muster if you can do that one next time. before they leave the tattoo master gives low money a blessing she's already received a magical tattoo from him the ritual is meant to revitalize the tattoos powers.
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back to the arena at the night market.


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