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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  April 17, 2021 12:03pm-12:31pm CEST

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that's because mumbai went into a 15 day lockdown on wouldn't stay after coronavirus numbers exploded. india has recorded more than 2000 infections per day and that has serious consequences for its hospitals. and. there has been nationwide criticism that the week's long religious festival has not been cancelled millions of hindu pilgrims have been taking part many disregarding coronavirus restrictions. of course were afraid of the virus but happens only once every 12 years and we've taken time off. less than 10 percent of india's 1400000000 people have been vaccinated to date 2 vaccines are being produced in
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india and facilities exist to produce even more but the pharma companies have so far refused to sign patent waivers saying there's no evidence that would boost production and a new struggle lies ahead ever more aggressive mutations. so there are 3 the number is right secondly the human behavior. it's proving too much for none and millions of others who find work in the big cities they are forced to look elsewhere during the lockdown. but. my money has been completely used up i don't even have anything for the trip home i hope to at least earn a few rupees in my parents' village. if they can get but last year in food was
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scarce they are to the family don't know how they will cope this time as they again drive into the unknown. and for more on this i'm joined by due to be a correspondent in europe choudhry in delhi near we just heard that horrible number 3000000 deaths around the world india accounting 417-5000 of those test can can we trust that number for india well the last few days we have seen will study out suggesting that is not an. issue when you see it alls which say that the why are ground not going to join that actually running us there are of course a mismatch at least a case of some states that we shouldn't be full of it. and i don't. have to go to the playground still there is the possibility that number of others. and our hospitals and medical facilities in india able to cope.
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well i have actually looks at the brief but entirely all and at the moment if we go back through all this you get a read on hospitals running out of gentle beds out of i.c.u. out of oxygen supply out of medicines fissions are not. even those who are in dire need of finding species they are not able to do that and they don't want to lose shooters i need to help them fight it but there is still a struggle happening that whether the government is making it wants to live medication to increase. but it is a struggle the doctor that i have met in my reporting just been thinking about what an established they clearly see that it's not the moment it's not under clinton. you know as you know india produces a very big chunk of the world vaccines they just have the labs for and the pharma companies were to waive their patent rights given these horrible numbers that change the situation and could the companies step up to the plate and produce the vaccines well yes when it comes to the production of vaccines and there have been
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that we haven't seen the full. cost of the manufacture adding that to match the growing domestic one and yes i've been reading about young meat you know. beat it we've had increasing access basically around the whole production plant at the little there are industries that are companies and get nations why not if it were not in support of the articles in this scene that just you know. i could be loving not been increasingly active as such because the process is actually quite more complicated i don't even think it's going to be a place to feel like. my absence might in a little bit but it will not ringback act in the magic bullet at the end of the ok a complicated situation indeed and getting more worrying by the minute near a choudhry in delhi thanks so much for that insight. time now to take
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a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. american president joe biden has called on congress to pass gun restrictions after another mass shooting he ordered flags to be lowered at the white house and other government buildings in honor of the 8 people killed at a fed ex warehouse in indianapolis on thursday biden describe u.s. gun deaths as an epidemic. hundreds of people took to the streets of chicago after chicago after city police released body cam footage of an officer shooting dead 13 year old adam toledo protesters held a vigil in solidarity with the boy's family the shooting is being investigated by the civilian office of police accountability. nasa has awarded a $2900000000.00 contract to elon musk's company space x. to supply the spacecraft that will run its 1st meant mission to the moon since 1972 must be 2 other competitors including amazon founder jeff bezos to secure the
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contract. the final preparations are being made for the funeral of prince philip the husband of britain's queen elizabeth which takes place in just a few hours the nation will hold a minute's silence to honor the prince only 30 close relatives will attend the ceremony at st george's chapel in windsor due to coronavirus restrictions the event will reflect prince philip's close ties with the military. and charlotte chelsea until joins me now from london to tell us more about what's planned for today what's happening in windsor now. nick in just a few short hours the nation will fall silent that minute silence to mark the songs of the service of remembering prince philip now this service has been very carefully planned by the prince himself he requested that it didn't have
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a lot of the pomp and circumstance often associated with royal funerals he wanted much more of a no nonsense that that what we will see the number of links of nods if you like to his service in the military and his lifelong association with the military as well as his lifelong public service is britain's longest serving royal consul they will be peppered throughout the ceremony what we're expecting to see is the royal members of the royal family his children into his grandchildren following behind especially designed huss which is getting a lot of attention here it was designed by the prince and so it's a landrover that's been modified to accommodate his coffin which will then take him to send george's chapel just behind me for the ceremony to begin so in a lot of ways this really is royal funeral service like no other. it's search songs
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like it and you mentioned the prince and so not wanting a lot of pomp mourning a sort of low key affair but i imagine there would have been a public demand as a coronavirus change the situation and made it such a relatively low key event. very much so as i'm sure you can imagine events like this a planned long in advance and this service had to be hastily scaled back to remain in line with restrictions here in the u.k. so we know that only up to 30 people are allowed at the funeral so it will just be a very very close family and friends and we know as well that space last will need to be worn by members of the royal family during the service social distancing will be maintained as well and crucially the public is being also to stay away from windsor caulfield just behind me and all royal residences that's why you are seeing huge crowds of people as you might often expect for a royal funeral like this 11 very poignant moment again in line with kovan 1000
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restrictions will be the queen herself will sit alone at the service i think a lot of people will be watching that very closely a lot of people there's been a huge outpouring of support for the queen who's lost her husband of 73 years. and it was i did have used some pill in london thanks so much. and we will be bringing you live coverage of prince philip sooner or later in the day right here on t.v. news. broke castro has announced his resignation as head of cuba's ruling communist party putting an end to 6 decades or rule of the country by members of the castro family role who took over as president from his brother fidel in 2008 has said he is passing on leadership to a new generation. as for me my task as 1st secretary of the central committee of the communist party of cuba and
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with the satisfaction of having fulfilled my duty and to his confidence in the future of the country. with those words to the communist party congress will custer announced his retirement from the frontline of cuban politics it has been 6 decades since i was prouder of fidel castro came to power following the cuban revolution of the 1950 s. and i will cuss through has played most of his life the 2nd string to his product 1st as a good commander later as a senior figure in the socialist government. after fidel fell ill in 2006 became the face of communist cuba. the country's top position will be now filled by meek l.d.s. cannon who has served as cuba's president for the past 3 years he's
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a party loyalist who has advocated reform of the ailing economy without altering cuba's one party system. cuba's ongoing economic crisis presents a stiff joplin's for the new leadership last year the economy shrank by 11 percent on the heels of new u.s. sanctions the coronavirus pandemic and domestic mismanagement have only compounded the hardships of daily life on the island. let me turn to german football now and life 2nd hoffenheim left it very late to provide the drama on friday night bundesliga action it was the last minute of injury time at leipsic finally found the back of the net it looked like use of polson had stolen 3 points in the very last 2nd of the match but the referee ruled out as the ball had struck paulson's arm on its way to goal that means the points for split and leipzig give byron munich the chance to widen their league lead when they play well spurred on saturday. and you are of course watching due to the news
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from berlin up next shift tracks and digital nomads who travel the world don't forget you can always get the latest headlines on our website and see w dot com on exposure thanks for watching. it's their story their very own personal trauma. people
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have to chesterfield remember. and they share private footage with us that has never been seen before. back to channel starts april 26th on d w. a shift special how digital moments are trading in the office for the beach. needed best man teaches english and german. she works on line from wherever she happens to be at the moment she and her son nicholai a touring greece. this is my office i can set it up wherever i am today i'm at this
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gorgeous place and i can't imagine anything better and better that wash day after that business studies jenny in question the russian found good jobs with a steel company and a family suitable fan but 3 years ago they threw in the towel and began an in the life they had with a travel blog now their own grand canaria. got up from the 1st day of my job training i realized that i needed to be my own boss and that's what i was doing there wasn't me because wearing a suit and toy was never my thing so that's what many of them i do best in the audi has gone into business for himself as an online entrepreneur for 5 years he's traveled the while his favorite protocol is thailand after a botched me surgery for. asked him to give up his hotel job he suffered a crisis. i think that happens quite often that often the motivator or the real triggers tell you what about whether emotional or physical you can just keep on
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going on that drives you to change things and drive across and out here in the thai capital bangkok the german entrepreneur has rented an apartment but bastion probably won't stay long he is a digital nomad most of his business is conducted online so he can work from pretty much anywhere in the world like millions of others. and something you tell them on social media especially in platforms like instagram digital moments are often depicted with those classical cocktail at the beach pics a look at my life it's a resume and of course or that's not the case for me but i'm dealing with everything else in life you have to work hard for it in the 1st 3 years i worked like mont 12 to 14 hours a day but you know what you're doing it for and that's the point no one else is making you do it if you're pursuing your own goals. in 2015 he started traveling visiting 30 countries in 3 years at 1st he traded goods on
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procurement platforms these days he earns his living mainly by giving n one courses about how to work from anywhere. my own bustin brahmi i show you a business model that lets me live and work all over the world for me his latest business venture leasing apartments and homes in asia vanishing them and renting them out to travelers over internet platforms. never lives in one place for more than a few weeks at a time once a year he visits his parents in germany here he is on its way to the north of thailand to chianti my and meeting place there to tell nomads like himself. on the ground an area. jedi and christian you're a shake have rented a house for 5 weeks. the 30 somethings are reporting on travel in the coronavirus pandemic for that blog. and when we have time off i want to jump in the pool we do
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that when we want to work we do that too. so we do the things we sew toto. for us that's what freedom means. us at the good over the last 3 years jenny and christian have lived in what tech los to 30 different locations on their travel blog post tips for popular travel destinations around the world they make money primarily through ads. for the certainly out of luck of course. but they instead always go smoothly in 2017 the bad barely survived after their scooter collided with a car in thailand after undergoing several operations that they were transported back to germany and spent 8 weeks in rehab christians for it will probably never be like it used to get 13 months after the accident the couple returned to thailand.
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will return to old lives pretty fast simply because it was one that we wanted to return to. since the accident and the birth of their son louis than a magic existence has changed somewhat their baby needs regular checkups and vaccinations and christian also nice to see his doctor regularly these days most of that travel destinations are in europe and that way they can quickly return to germany where they legally reside and pay taxes for a digital though months the boundaries between work retired and family life are fluid the restaurant by the beach becomes their office jenny produces their reports while christian takes care of the bookkeeping and marketing the more clinics that troubled look at the move revenue they make from the ads on. their website. we usually go out that's usually 3 hours from the restaurant or a cafe generally we're most productive at home 1st not peaceful. but i was.
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i. not far from athens in greece need a best man and has son nicholas i have spent the night in that camp of and. i am working on. that whole pack everything up and move on as i mentioned by nina's work day is starting if their technology plays along ok i have an antenna that improves reception a bit so 98 percent of the time the internet connection works up to the middle c. at a moment if it's strong enough to get psyched up stock in august nina currently has 15 students around the world i have a website there but private lessons for 40 euros per session and pay online africa then why good morning how are you. absolutely they have until after nina is 4 hours a day on average. every day is
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a window to another well my students are elsewhere they're from another culture and have other topics other interests so it's never dull that's much fun as nick and i started school half a year ago nina bushman can only travel during the school holidays so she's considering teaching him herself in the future. when they travel mother and son rarely spend more than one night in the same place. nina basemen likes to seek out spots she's never been to before. like almost every life this one isn't perfect it's tiring because every day you have to think he'd want to buy daringly but where am i going bust how should i organize my life so this freedom requires a lot of effort and i thought it's that simple i like it this way and i wouldn't change it being a soul but it's certainly not for every one of us. nina bushman has been travelling the world 1st savageness in that time she's visited over 100 countries.
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after her son nicholas i was born she simply carried on when he was 13 months old she flew with him to me and and they've been on the road together ever since victor is here so this is to me it's simpler to be happy but also to know that things are working for those around me that my son who's now 7 this if he still pretty much does what i tell him to do it is important for him to have fun too he should have been forced to live my life just because i want it that way mind leaving something in what he doesn't like to pass him by rami has a new project. he's rented this building and plans to turn it into a meeting place for digital no matter what i've got it's in future they should be able to live and. together here many digits were never meant and then living by creating websites doing online advertising writing text this blog only if you have
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suffered big losses due to cope it now has been living in thailand for several months this job and i think in the future more people are likely to go the route of becoming digital because many have seen that their secure job isn't so secure after all especially metal mess at hotel and tourism which is why so many have lost their jobs most or really getting 60 percent of their wages at the high school come here young travellers of all nationalities can live and work together for a while that's timber romney hopes that a sense of community will develop because digital nomads often feel isolated. from and that's people fairly fast but always in the superficial level hopefully that will change with the folks here that something which develops to something more intense real friendships this off points off them should make my city to
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nomads bastion takes advantage of the benefits of globalization his visa for thailand is valid for a ged and the cost of living is lower here than in germany our paramount i don't want to know when i. passed him by rami has an international health insurance plan and registered his business in canada where he only pays little tax . he invests much of his and since dollars cryptocurrency his and real estate. jamey in christian year russia can also live from there were in fact they and more from their travel luck than they did with their own jobs in germany. the coronavirus pandemic has slashed their income by 80 percent so now they need to find another way to generate some. ash. up there i'd rather with the way your ball got my friends who were working on an i phone
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course to teach people a bit more about i phone to talk to 3 and we think it's pretty promising because american models of worked well so. even if things are tough right now the couple has no plans to give up their lifestyle they intend to keep traveling with their notebooks in tow in recent years they've learned to deal with new situations and take advantage of opportunities they might not even have recognized before. the new best friend has found another campsite with a view. every day as the live holiday moments and new adventures. books also means is to me you know what luxury is precisely what i have here. simply being free being creative decide where i want to be when i want to be there and for how long. i'll post it to give the.
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past in brown is nomadic life is also no longer just about money now he can on occasion afford to take a few days off and gets away from until. he started to learn tie and to meditate. and he wants to explore life beyond the digital wealth. somebody might be schoolyards just living life on the line has taught me the value of thinking outside the box and just trying things out. and that we should simply enjoy the short time we have on this planet and use a lot. ok
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i want to raise. you know water is never far away. water and will and what the people of all the book made of it that's going to be the coming beam from my tour of the city today and it's always have a lot on my list and tour would be complete without a trip to oak spokes famous marionette theater chain again. next on t.w. . devastated close this up to our weekend live monsoon colors here in. effects of climate change i mean focus on the large the forestation and the rain forest continues carbon dioxide emissions come bristling at. young people all over the
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world who are committed to climate protection. so much impact will the. biggest change doesn't happen on its own. make up your own mind. w. made for minds. welcome to this new special edition of check in this time we focus on 3 cities in bavaria that are all home to unesco world heritage sites look at stake explores
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