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acts that way and it's i'm come from a family and the entire caroline is for laci. 6 . it's their story their very own personal drama. the people who survived the catastrophe remember. and they share private footage with us that has never been seen displayed back to chernobyl storks people 26 on t.w. .
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thailand where buddhist tradition meets the urban future and nothing embodies that better than thai boxing known as moyes high the traditional martial art has been thailand's national sport for centuries. i was long considered a sport for real men where women rarely took part but not anymore women and the queer community are claiming it's taken more time they say thai boxing shouldn't be exclusive. and they're ready to fight. bangkok the capital of thailand with a population of around $15000000.00 the metropolis on the child prayag river is southeast asia's biggest and it's a center for martial arts he. more tie is more than
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a fighting technique it's an art form a way of keeping fit and a form of self-defense i. fear you can find high boxing matches at all kinds of festivals and arenas large or small. fighters use their fists and shins to strike their opponents upper thighs or torso. in certain professional matches a boxer can also use their knee to strike the opponent's head. tran's boxer known to man as an icon in the world of noise high. point high time made me who i am today iow everything i've achieved to this sport why type discipline and self confidence and showed me how i could assert myself in life and think yeah like a lot of. time is also known as
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the art of 8 limbs in the past centuries when warriors could no longer use their swords and spears they resorted to their fists elbows knees and shins. i mean it was like i was the 1st clear boxer there was nobody else i was aware of at the time and i know that if that makes me an inspiration for other transgender people and women then of course that fills me with pride. but. i'm. known to man caused a stir in the 1990 s. when she took to the ring wearing makeup not all opponents were willing to fight what they called a lady boy unimpressed she went on to collect enough prize money to pay for gender reassignment the. story inspired an internationally acclaimed film beautiful boxer and made her a celebrity. in my is the biggest city in
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northern thailand it's thailand spiritual center dotted with mountains monasteries and temples. it's also home to 17 year old p. milan she's training with a friend for an upcoming match. spends around 3 hours at the gym every day after school. she's already fought in more than 60 kick boxing matches and shows great promise. ambition is crucial for anyone wanting to make it in the world of professional more time. but a lot of it if you want to be successful you have to give your best whether it's in sports or something else i always want to do my best. and the milan trains with latina she's been running the moyes high school here for
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20 years her pupils have won countless competitions the 60 year old cares for her boxers like a mother and that includes providing dinner lot and i used to be a fighter herself even against men. one map we i mean my opponents were often women but i was only 15 when i was 1st challenged by a male. he was my age but a behavior that no one thought i had when i hadn't been training for long but i beat him how the fight didn't count i didn't receive any channel flush anything. less lethal it today there are a lot of pushy female boxes back then there were hardly any women in the sport just tomboys and very masculine lesbians i mostly did it for the money i think that. santos was also a professional before he joined latona in training than. next generation of
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fighters his path is not unusual in the boxing world. it's an awful lot of large 30 years now my entire life has revolved around boxing what i started out as a kick boxer are so and now i work. i get up in the morning and clean up the studio to get things ready for the day. because i wait for the students to arrive and i train with their boys that's all i ever do. for every when the boxing school gets a portion of the prize money the trainer is employed by the school and earns an hourly wage. parents pay quite a sum for their daughter's lessons. and a few days before each find people and take some time off to relax so she can focus and prepare herself mentally. it doesn't matter how physically fit you are if your mind isn't ready and your scared of your opponent line you cannot win about them i . don't know. what was the
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age like for youngsters of simple means more toy offers the chance to earn money for their families by the milans parents however were less than thrilled i hope that this my parents were dead set against me doing y. tie the crowd in a few days and i couldn't stop crying for a week finally they gave in on the condition that i won at my school it's not probably time. many pros started training at their local boxing center when they were just 7 or 8 years old most parents are quite supportive c at least that way their kids stay out of trouble and more entirely as part of the time way of life. to latona her boxers are like one big family she cooks for them every evening after training some come from very poor families students who have travelled to shang my specifically to train with her can rent rooms here.
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it's hard to see where bangkok starts and where it ends. there's a festival at the temple in the suburb of bong plea today but it's not just an occasion for quiet reflection religious festivals in thailand are always accompanied by a market. transgender boxer known to man has come to the temple with her 17 year old foster daughter bang to offer a sacrifice at the shrine here. on holidays there's always plenty of food and drink for weary travelers visiting the temple. in buddhism offering sacrifices of incense flower petals and money is part of the philosophy of accumulating merit it's a way of giving thanks for one's good fortune or a positively influencing your future known to me took bang in as her daughter not
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long after she was born with thought i feel like a woman and to me having children is an important part of having a family since i can't bear children i wanted to take one in and give him or her the opportunity to grow up in a loving environment my younger brother fathered her but he and the mother were so young and they separated shortly after being was born now i feel like her mother. known to him has always had the support of her family. but without my would i want to live in one i was lucky to grow up surrounded by a family and parents who love me for who i am it. being my brother and sister understand. keep in mind when you're transgender finding your place in society can be difficult and a loving family can be the most important thing of all doing me hawkman that want you to someone calls you a bad thing. then
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a loving family can talk to the blood. flow through about. buddhism has also helped her find her way in life. that i use a lot of making up i even lived in a monastery as a novice for a while the monks taught me so much and that's why i enjoy coming back as often as i can here i feel calm and say i crossed buddhists the sacrificial offerings are a tool a way to connect to the spiritual world that's really important to me and my family . i hope that. in buddhism transsexuality and homosexuality are treated somewhat ambiguously on the one hand they are thought to be the result of missteps in a previous life but as such they are also the fate one is dealt and so must be accepted and the vigils can work towards an easier future life with good deeds and this one. at the center of the
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temple grounds another highlight awaits. this temple is famous for its washrooms. the elaborate decoration is a popular backdrop for tourist photos. many come especially for this. long tomb and her daughter bang want a shot to. katmandu i'm used to people recognizing my mother but some say nasty things about her that makes me angry they don't even know us. i some visitors have spotted. the former boxing champion is a celebrity in thailand. i.
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and i have always felt transgender and have been quite open about it ever since i was. and some people are fine with it they accept me but others mock and insult me much and i'm not high society has gotten better in many ways but we're still not equal in the eyes of the law and even after gender reassignment i still have to refer to myself as mr according to my passport and document i'm still a man yeah. he is getting ready for its flower festival the main parade showcases one of the provinces most important exports decorative plants as an up and coming kick boxer something of a local celebrity she too will take part in the parade but in a completely different role and before she does she still has
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a fight to win. it's morning just after sun up outside monk's collection charity the malone and her opponent come to be weighed in both have hardly eaten in the past few days every pound matters. it's pretty even weighs 116 pounds today her opponent is a bit taller and weighs 2 pounds more but both are in the same weight division that's what counts. after the weigh in father takes a photo of her and her opponent. parents run a small restaurant and shown mind their boxing daughter provides great publicity for the family business father high and the mother not place huge value in their daughter's future they even sent her to private school that's why they were disappointed when she picked up boxing in the meantime however they've come to support their daughter's passion. they pay for multiple trainers and drive her to
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all her competitions. the 1st i hope she quit to lose interest she didn't lose a single fight until. now she's competed more than 60 times to the training doesn't hold up. tonight she's go to the chong said what she can look out for herself. i'm a good boxer because i'm patient and don't give up i do think she'll not be out. there you know alone plans to take it easy until the boxing match tonight there won't be any more training before the contest. and bangkok's bunkley boxing legends known to man has opened her own studio its focus is on fun and fitness rather than discovering the next big talent 1st students are mostly kids teenagers and housewives it's unlikely that any of them will make it as a professional. toon runs the studio with her partner song. he's
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also a former professional they've known each other since long tunes early kickboxing days. so. i was 10 when we met and we both trained at the fair tax training center she was already famous and i admired her. time passed and 10 years later we met again. when her text moved up a tire and we both had students here in bangkok so we decided to rent this place and open a boxing school. a school for everyone not just for me. but for fitness to be now.


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