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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 22, 2021 8:00am-8:16am CEST

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ok. this is the the views live from berlin rallies across russia meet with a tough police response more than 1400 are arrested as people turn out in the files demanding freedom for. me the jailed kremlin critics house is failing after 3 weeks on hunger strike also coming out germany's parliament passes a national lockdown law to contain the covert 19 pandemic health minister calls the situation if stream is serious but opposition parties want the lordships by the constitutional court. plus the race to stop global warming the u.s.
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prepares a virtual summit to tackle climate change on the day when over 5 decades ago people 1st rallied to sound. as welcome to the program rights groups say police have detained more than $1400.00 protesters in dozens of cities across russia demonstrators marched for the release of jailed opposition leader alexander vanny whose health is said to be deteriorating the protests were held on the same day as president vladimir putin's annual state of the nation address. a forceful message delivered on a grand stage at his annual state of the nation address russian president vladimir who. warned western powers not to meddle in moscow's affairs. we just
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wiggling you could usually must we really don't want to burn any bridges. but if some mistake our good intentions for indifference or weakness and intend to burn or even lower those bridges themselves. russia's response will be even more forceful quick and tough. as was. in recent weeks russia has been building up its military presence on the ukrainian border and in crimea pouring fuel on a simmering territorial conflict between ukraine forces and russian backed separatists this escalation was met with condemnation from abroad. but as he delivered his warning to the west was facing headwinds at home across the country people gathered to protest at news of the deteriorating health of imprisoned opposition leader alexina found. a heavy police presence was supposed to deter
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those protests like he ate in a valley was snatched from the street in moscow and locked in a police van on the grounds of the interior ministry. is just this just that i think that everything that is happening is to scare all the other people quite i was literally detained just for the thought of showing up at the rally that this was this i will be detained until the late evening in this police van. but you know perfectly well what you should do. that you shouldn't be afraid to let. those these children get at you but yet said. the crackdown could not prevent protests even in far flung parts of the country like here in the remote siberian city of day. and i came here on purpose to raise my voice against future and ongoing repressions you see 3 against the killing of alexina valley in jail and you know they gainst
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having many political prisoners. just disappeared. the rallies were met with mass arrests. that did not stop thousands from gathering in moscow as night fell brute force has not caused dissent in russia just yet but highly recommend child was. ended up using militia and joins us now from a moscow evaleen avali supporters want to set him free but how likely is that to happen in proteins russia. i think we've lost connection to moscow and we might emily can you hear me now no it appears that emily is not hearing me and so we're trying to reestablish that connection later in the show becomes our next topic germany's parliament has passed
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a national law imposing coronavirus lockdowns on areas with high infection rates and ends a patchwork approach to tackling the pandemic by germany's 16 federal states opinion polls showing the jordie of german support the new legislation but wednesday also saw its opponents take to the streets of the capital. chancellor angela merkel campaigned long and hard for the new legislation but on wednesday she let others take the floor there was heated debate down to the very last moment opposition parties such as the right wing populist a.f.d. try to have the vote removed from their genda drawing harsh criticism from the coalition government various kinds it's given if there's no law then there will be no emergency measures and if there are no measures people will get sick and die and the fact that they are now clapping reveals the truth nature of this party is not to go to start the business friendly f.t.p. say they'll challenge the law in the courts. well why did i want to add this there
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is no scientific evidence which proves that curfews prevent the spread of the virus and to just hope that they will actually make a difference is not enough to justify such a serious infringement on citizens fundamental rights should be every bigoted want i think if so they should tragic but in the end the majority of parliamentarians voted in favor of amending the infection protection act. the changes affect all cities and districts registering more than 100 cases per 100000 residents over a week and nighttime curfew will be imposed from 10 pm until 5 am contact will be limited for residents from one household to just one other person when the 7 day incidence rate exceeds $165.00 schools and shops will be closed currently most cities and districts are seeing infection rates well above these figures meaning the changes will take effect almost immediately. surveys show that
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a majority of people in germany approve of the measures many are in favor of even tougher measures but that didn't stop a minority from taking to the streets around 8000 demonstrators gathered outside parliament to protest what they see as an unjustified attack on their constitutional rights they now hope that the new law will be stopped either by the 2nd chamber of parliament the been a scot or the courts. i will come back to our top story demonstrations across russia to free kremlin critic volley for that. show and joins me now from moscow vali supporters want to set him free but how likely is that to happen in putin's russia. i would say that the chances are pretty much slim to none that he will be let free after all from the point of view of the russian state vining is in prison on embezzlement charges
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which he himself says are politically motivated letting him free would essentially mean that the russian state was admitting that there isn't any rule of law in the country that's very very unlikely that they would do that but if you're asking me whether street protests can have an effect in russia i think they can they certainly put pressure on the kremlin the kremlin is afraid of street protests i think we're over an overthrow by people more than anything at all and people yesterday across the country took to the streets public opinion matters to the kremlin especially before the elections in september so i think there could be some sort of a concession from the kremlin it's unclear what form that could take people yesterday were demanding that now finally be able to see his doctors perhaps we could see that though perhaps not right away so as to make it as if it's not
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a response to these protests so big turnout then these demonstrations across russia does the russian opposition think it has enough support from the international community multiple the united states and the european union. there has been a lot of vocal support from the west and i think that's something that's nice to have for the russian opposition but it's not the key factor. these team has managed over the last few years to build up kind of a network of offices across the country and they yesterday we saw were able to mobilize crowds not only in moscow and st petersburg which traditionally protest here in russia but also in many other cities across the country including in siberia in the far east that could potentially and as early as next week there's a court case a hearing looking into whether or is anti corruption fund could be declared an extremist organization that would essentially make any activity of the organization
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impossible and it might make them make it impossible for them to organize protests and organize their activities in the future going forward as well emily sherwin from moscow to thank you emily for u.s. president joe biden is set to open a global climate summit today marking the united states' return to international if it's to cut greenhouse gas emissions the summit opens on earth day which is also the in the environmental movement back in 1950. humankind is pushing the planet to its limits the exploitation of resources the pollution of the oceans the air the soil and rivers as well as the climate crisis of bringing eco systems ever closer to collapse scientists already pointed out the dangers of the 50 years ago. this planet is threatened with destruction. we are in
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a crisis of survival on the 22nd of april 19th 70 millions of americans mostly students took to the streets to demand more environmental protection on it was the birth of earth day and an important step towards what has become a global environmental movement the endangered species act they had improvements to they had toxic controls they have pesticide control they had clean air clean water the list of environmental laws and regulations that passed over that decade after earth day wait by a growing environmental movement is quite historic nevertheless 51 years later today's environmental problems are even more serious mostly due to climate change. since the beginning of industrialisation that earth has heated up by one degree it could be well over 2 degrees warmer by the end of the century the result of all frequent weather extremes rising sea levels storm surges and droughts the world
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southern most regions will be particularly affected today it's once again mainly young people who are taking to the streets this time it demanding a drastic reduction in global c o 2 emissions that when young people have had enough we say you know who are. just like back in the seventy's today's youth have created a global movement in 2015196 states signed up to the paris agreement which promises to limit climate change. the paris climate agreement has been signed. it was a historic moment and when air traffic was reduced to a bare minimum during the early days of the coronavirus pandemic it was clear that things can change but even that's not enough say researchers and environmental activists. i think the most important thing is that we hold government leaders and
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corporate leaders accountable and that we. should not underestimate the power of an individual to cause a commotion and get results change is possible both day is demanding it because the climate clock is ticking. on us being a footballer now and want kept the champions league hopes alive after a 2 nil win at home to. the victory sees them cut the gap to the elite competition slots to 4 points with 4 games of the season remaining. dortmund as usual turned to the youngsters with champions league qualification hopes hanging by a thread their opponents on young what also chasing a european spot. and it was that i almost got off to a flying start with just 13 seconds of macaque marcus in votes and killed a shot against the crossbar and early let off the dortmund but the hosts grew into
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the game talking as our fed marker royce and the captain should have put goldman to head but his short role thomas lee wide. grace made amends though in the 25th minute when he won a penalty there seemed to be a little contact from on young keeper players looter and although he said holland spoke kick royce followed up and bundled the full length of bits of pill to swallow for the visitors who thought the penalty was harsh and almost managed to clear their lines. in the 2nd half they went agonizingly close to equalising when max cruz's free kick can and off the post by replace showed dortmund keeper marvin hits got a feather light touch on the ball to turn it on to the post and keep his side. with time ticking away dortmund made the win site with only refuge counter-attack rafael guerrero doubled his side's lead with a smart finish pass the stubborn loser. dorman's more experienced stars
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delivered to know when it gives them a fighting chance of making the top 4. and that's it from me and the news team don't go away though stephen beardsley is up next with the business news i'm going to office in berlin thanks for watching. their story their very own personal drama. people have to chesterfield remember.


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