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thank you for the story this is my plan to bring home just one week. before i can really get. we still have time to. this is. coming up in the fight against. i'm the falcons losing their fight every day india's funeral services go into overdrive to cope with the devastating 2nd wave that strikes the country's health infrastructure to breaking point. and finding a way out of the price is. set to meet them in give me short the weekend. expect.
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i'm going to welcome to news. india is experiencing its most c.t.'s health crisis in yaz patients sick but covert 19 are struggling to get hospital beds drugs and treatment supplies of medical oxygen are running no and hospitals in the capital delhi and elsewhere are issuing regular appeals for supplies it's a human catastrophe with many causes a more infectious vital variant superstud to events like election rallies and religious festivals and complacency the result is evident in india's grounds. the funeral pyres are burning nonstop in delhi as the city grapples with the
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coronavirus predatory are working around the clock at 100 percent capacity. on makeshift facilities have been set up in places like door car parks to cope. children who were 5 years old 15 years old 25 years old i've been cremated newlyweds i've been cremated my heart filled with so much grief seeing such small children so many small children dying from the coronavirus are going to try to turn over to the. workers say the deaths already far i've number the peak of the 1st wave last year and with new infections breaking daily records the situation certain to get even worse relatives are often forced to search for hours for a space to cram a their loved ones. out into the
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suffering a myth there are very violent. in many other parts of india funeral services are also struggling with the rapidly growing death toll. even if it is night we will try to finish the last by the father day because no much abuse may keep the body full that is the reason we want to finish although then go home. across the country the virus is making its impact felt leaving behind camp le stories of grief. and you can find all the latest developing over 1000 situation in india on our website at. myanmar's one time leader senior general min on theone who deposed the country's elected government by force is expected to be in jakarta on saturday for a special meeting the 10 member regional grouping is gathering to consider ways to
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restore peace in myanmar the general's attendance has been questioned by human rights groups who say any participation by the honda legit allies as quote the genocidal slaughter in committed by the military regime activists say more than 700 people have died in the military and police crackdown on protesters demanding out of town to democracy in myanmar u.n. secretary general antonio good turner says arcee on has a crucial role to play to end the crisis a crisis which plays out on the streets of the country every day. they still have to leave in the en mass democracy. crushing the 3 finger salute a symbol of resistance citizens have been protesting since the february 1st coup. but the demonstrations have often to match with lethal force. it's
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a crisis step looms over the region and the united nations hopes this weekend's meeting could help bring a resolution. as a result is mark crucial than ever as the region faces an actual crisis in myanmar i urge and act as the leverage that if one's to prevent further deterioration and ultimately find that peaceful way out of this catastrophe but so far the response from the regional actors has been divided indonesia has taken on an active row it says it has been pursuing a solution through dialogue and is hosting the meeting. jakarta also sent its foreign minister to thailand for the 1st international face to face with the junta government after the coup. yes if he and well even if i conveyed that the safety and well being of the people of myanmar is the number
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one priority. we asked all parties to exercise restraint and not use violence to avoid casualties and bloodshed at. malaysia singapore and the philippines have also voiced similar concerns others such as cambodia a more reserved leader home sen has refused to comment on the situation in myanmar saying it's an internal affair. and then there is thailand despite feeling what it called gravely troubled by the casualties of the crisis the country has been criticized for turning refugees away. we have spoken to those who enter thailand and ask them if they had any problems in their area if they say they had no problem we just asked them to return we ask we did not use any force. similar criticism has also hit india
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a nonmember of ours in but a close neighbor of myanmar. it field is north eastern border after a steady stream of people try to flee into the state of missouri. according to you and at least 250000 people have already been displaced by the junta's crackdown this year. evonne luxman ies a political scientist and senior researcher of the center for strategic and international studies in jakarta and joins me from there welcome mr luxmore indonesia has been pushing for this special leaders' meeting for some time now and now that it's happening what can we expect from it well the best case scenario would be for the leaders to agree on a commitment to do one to do 2 things one is to ensure that there is an us and let mechanism to address the crisis in men mara number 2 that mechanism should include
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a framework to end the violence currently to deliver humanitarian aid and to potentially facilitate a myanmar lead and the myanmar on dialogue process among all the stakeholders about human rights groups over turbot talking to general mean on hearing is illegitimacy in his government to these people have a point i think what is happening right now is a recognition of reality not legitimacy legitimacy is something the people of myanmar has to decide from themselves what asin is doing right now is recognizing that currently the main goal of the summit is to end the violence and the one that's doing the violence is the military so therefore we called the military to the summit to get them to stop the violence you also said earlier that it's important that all stakeholders in myanmar sit down and talk speaking of those 3
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callers were talking about the ouster of democratic government would it not have been better to invite them as well to this r.c.n. leaders meeting. again the goal of the summit as it stands right now is to end the violence 1st and foremost the goal of the summit is not to negotiate a settlement just yet because for such dialogue to be taking place we have to 1st and the violence and i deliver humanitarian aid which was necessary to create the space that would allow such a dialogue to take place so it should be very in mind that the summit or the meeting tomorrow is not a venue to negotiate settlement just yet it is about ending the violence that can lead to debt settlement down the line how united are all see on member nations in their approach to myanmar mean the leaders of thailand in the philippines on attending and thailand is also a major treat patna for me in modern you also have our skin border and vietnam
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which are essentially one party states so i'm wondering how united is this grouping it is certainly not all united i thing a different members have different urgency to the crisis they certainly have different interests and stake with the crisis right now so it is certainly not unified as it stands right now which is why i think the process of convening this meeting took several months since the coup it hasn't been easy but i think we are at the precipice of a potential breakthrough if all the negotiations leading up to some it goes well you belong to a thing turned does liers or not with the indonesian government and indonesia has been one of the promoters if i can call it off there is also a meeting trying to get everybody together especially the indonesia malaysia singapore grouping what exactly is indonesia's game plan. well our hope is is obviously that any kind of solution to the myanmar crisis should
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take place within an os and framework because i think this allows some acceptability by the parties in man mark and that we can hopefully solve this without external parties but of course the ideal goal of getting there would require that the violence to be ended and we can deliver aid to that effect and we've done this before so this is not our 1st stance which is why we always try to make sure that our 1st option is to try to solve this within the afghan family framework one last question so no throughout its history also member states of germany tended to focus on economic cooperation more than political issues is this a pivotal moment for the role that ends up playing here i think it is certainly the case that the meeting itself is not scheduled that this is not a normal asan calendar year the fact that engine president has to call for
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a special meeting shows you the gravity of the situation so it is certainly on the one hand not our 1st stance in terms of dealing with problems for myanmar but also the gravity of the situation makes it unprecedented so which is why i think we should have to see what happens tomorrow everyone looks upon a pleasure talking to you thank you so much for this and you are having me. before we go this weekend a rare painting by chinese art is sure is expected to fetch the highest price ever . slave and. in the story from. the painting is viewed as one of the most important in chinese history the artwork was painted not in asia but here in berlin in $1024.00 it could go for as much as $60000000.00 u.s. dollars. so.
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that's it for this week. on facebook and twitter. from the entire team thanks for watching. the fight against the corona virus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing what does the latest research say. information and contacts the coronavirus update. on d w. x x. express feelings. very creative yet to be considered an artist mandate looking for new
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perspectives real to him to be replaced by a 30 camera doing things differently. come to the place where we reflect on society. the world health organization says vaccine has a 10 c. is among the top 10 threats to global health. skeptics around the world have taken to the streets to protest against code 19 jabs. half the french are hesitant about getting the shot. in germany it's a quarter of the population. but experts agree will only beat the virus with vaccines. well despite all the skepticism the bigger
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problem has been getting enough doses but not in serbia it has such a vast surplus that they had been inoculated nonresidents still the abundance of vaccine doesn't help when many people just don't want it they don't use funny reports. but yet it is the next person in one's turn about 40000 doses are being administered here today at the biggest coffee vaccination center in the country has procured some 15000000 vaccines for a population of 7000000. serbia has more vaccines on offer than serbians to want them in fact there's a surplus of russia and all the chinese and. other vaccines so the country had been inviting foreigners to take the japs the emphasis is on pad on the 9th of april the government decided to suspend the vaccination for a nurse on to food
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a notice about 30000 had received a vaccine so far a lot of foreigners came back to now it's impossible because of the permission of the government so they need to be a resident here or get married here or something like that. for for now the announcement came after infection rates began rising again the government had apparently realised he needed to convince more of its own citizens to get a jap 1st at least one in 3 people in serbia believes to some extent in conspiracy theories that claim they are unsafe. there's a new governor and he will see everyone who got the vaccine will soon die teen. cleared in 2000 i think of it scene is not safe enough and that's why i don't want to get it is to 2 days and that skepticism is also apparent on the great streets restaurants are full open and almost no one is wearing
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a mask epidemiologist so don't buy the vinyl each says the government focused too much on positive news about procuring vaccines why not doing enough to actually stand the spread of the virus because of a populace the government and our leader was. all for demonstrating that is here's more able than anyone on arrows any idea really there to provide what is needed and he ignores the fact that it 1st in our society to educate people so far about 1200000 people have been fully vaccinated in subiaco according to official numbers a high percentage by comparison with other countries in europe but far from enough to be a spent in an effort to increase immunizations the government has no storage focusing on its own citizens instead of foreigners if you could understand serbian you would be able to read the message on the side of this local bus it says get the facts and
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. let's talk about vaccines skepticism with renee college of physicians of philadelphia the fact we have a vaccine is a blessing why then all the nonbelievers. why the number leavers it's a really good question i guess it's part of human nature to question things around us to see risk in other people and assume that it's the same risk for us and so you know you're going to have a spectrum of people who absolutely believe in the science absolutely even vaccines and then you're going to have a on the other end people who will not get a vaccine no matter what you tell them or are you explain to them because they have this proceed risk of it no matter what they see i mean it's great to question things i'm a journalist i have to do it every day but that same skepticism is as old as the vaccine itself has there been a was there some sort of specific historical incident that had justify the skepticism not not one specific and there's been
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a serious several one throughout history right because you know the vaccine science has. has been advancing for the last 200 years and now along the way there have been incidents that may or may not justify some of their feelings the most the most recent one was i mean explained phenomena with the h one n one vaccine in which people had markel epsy and we know that that happens to people who are predisposed to narcolepsy or exposed to a viral the disease and so whether or not it would have done it for the vaccine or who are actually getting flu you know that that could have it in in the 1950 s. there was a choir incident here in the u.s. with the polio vaccine were a very filtered properly field oh you iris and ended up costing about 200 cases of paralysis from polio on what should have been an otherwise safe vaccine so yes along the way there's been incidents that have been amplified if you will by the end the vaccine that's something that happens very very often when in fact it's
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actually very rare explain 12 us how anti semitic conspiracy theories also play a role in the anti vacs movement. yeah so you know it's not just anti semitic but anti minority anti anybody who was marginalized through excluded and so you know throughout history jewish people have been persecuted and they have been the minority ethnic minority religious minority and so when it comes time to find somebody who is guilty for whatever ails a society in this case with with vaccine adverse vaccine reactions then they turn to to those those conspiracy theories in more modern times who have been spirited theories about jewish people controlling bio bio security or controlling pharmaceutical companies and then well why don't you just make money that's one of the tropes of the semitism and not going not curing if you will about children getting hurt from the vaccine so it's a combination of historical factors of persecution of these kinds of groups combined with conspiracy theories and now in modern day so media where one small
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lie can spread very very big can you also explain why in some countries it's the ethnic minorities that are especially skeptical about vaccines. yeah because you know it you have the colonizers right the western european powers even when spain spain in the case of the in america in the case of north america who have colonized. ethnic minority groups in foreign countries and in doing so have used used in abuse in the united states we have the original sin of slavery and so you have a history of hundreds and hundreds of years of the authorities the government the dominant political force are dominant people abusing the minorities and so they see anything that comes their way as a mandate as something that they they must do for whatever reason they see it as yet another imposition on them by this whole colonial power or this use of
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insulating power and so they they get skeptical and in many cases there are some small instances in that justify so for example in the united states puerto rico they had a they have an island there be a beautiful island that was bombarded by the u.s. navy for years and a lot of the people in puerto rico are skeptical of the u.s. government because of that and other abuses that took place on their own island and so now when they are being told by the same government that to them to get a vaccine they're highly skeptical so rene give me the hard sell as a scientist how would you convince anti vaccine. we found through science through research through surveys and through focus groups that the best way to get at somebody is by having one of their peers not somebody who's superior to them not somebody who is inferior not somebody who is smarter more educated rich or whatever so many who is there appear at their level explain to them the benefits of
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vaccination explain to them the side effects if any of getting a vaccine and we've seen it with the coven and seeing that scene where we had a lot of skeptical people at 1st who are now turning turning around and wanting to actually never seen their peers their neighbors or friends getting the vaccine having a little bit of a side effect afterward you know a little bit like illness for a day or so and getting much better and then also seeing that the the people who are vaccinated are not becoming sick and they're not becoming part of outbreaks when the see that thrown their peers especially they change their minds and so that is one of the signs and evidence proving ways to get out somebody who is skeptical about vaccination i don't mind at all if a white means i get in line quicker right here a college of physicians of philadelphia thanks for being on the show today thank you for having. and for the last time this week here's our science correspondent derrick williams with another of your question about back say.
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i was back in a to few days ago my own didn't touch and i didn't have any side effects is that normal. i talked a lot here about vaccine side effects so it's great to hear from someone who had none because that's actually really common i haven't been vaccinated yet but among friends and family who have i'd say roughly half told me they didn't notice a thing afterwards although the statistics will vary from from vaccine to vaccine it looks like for most of them at least a 3rd of all recipients don't report even the mildest of side effects like like injection site pain or or a little bit of swelling there's no way to predict in advance exactly how you'll react but but experts say 2 factors clearly increase the likelihood that you'll feel some kind of discomfort after getting the shot the 1st is your
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sex recent c.d.c. gave his shows that around 4 out of 5 reports of vaccine side effects have come from women with which doesn't come as a surprise really since that's also been observed in the past with many other types of vaccine a number of biological and and possibly even social reasons seem to contribute to that phenomenon the 2nd factor that plays a role is your age younger people are a lot more likely to report side effects than those over 55 which is another result backed up by experience with past that it seems the theory they are is that . because the amused response in general declines with age so in a nutshell having few or no side effects after being vaccinated isn't particularly
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rare and apparently even less. if you're like me a man who's no longer a spring chicken. or mine i could get my next week thanks for watching i say.
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much much. much. much. money. all we can be the generation that ends it for good malaria. so millions can live.
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this is here we news live from berlin a new life line election of ali ends his weeks long hunger strike the jailed kremlin critic made the announcement in an instagram post doctors told him carrying on would put his very life at risk where moscow for the latest also coming up a covert catastrophe india's ever worsening khulna virus crisis sets another global record for highest daily infections hospitals full of supplies running out mass cremations as the death toll surges and now more countries are banning travel in.


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