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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 26, 2021 10:00am-10:30am CEST

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oh. this is due to me is live from the world mobilizes to try and turn around the coronavirus catastrophe in germany and the european union have medical aid on the way so to the united states and britain to countries all standing oxygen and other supplies desperately needed to keep people alive also on the program. a historic night at the academy awards
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on the concourse. 0000 my resolves and nomad land blends speech at the 93rd academy awards to china bonsall also became the 1st woman to win 3 star except as a historic be diverse group of flynn is to cope with words. that's employed to speak a football rb leipzig survived a surprisingly bruising encounter the stuttgart to keep their slim hopes of title success alive. hello i'm christine linda it's good to have fuel cavity. medical help is on its way to india as the country has set a global record for new infections of the 5th. straight day the european union and
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united states are sending equipment like ventilators and raw materials needed for vaccines on the ground the situation is critical hospital beds are scarce more awful and the oxygen that is needed to save people's lives is short supply. grief outside hospitals in delhi. disinfecting the dead the fear of infection remains even when life has passed. makeshift cremation sites like these are springing up to deal with the rising death toll because karisma turion cemeteries cannot cope. relatives feel helpless as the coronavirus teds through the capital i have money i have everything but i can't get my sister. got me nobody that the thing
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that i know that is not forget no very good we can do good we can do. as a boy and hospitals have run out of oxygen and intensive care beds india's prime minister patients and caution. ah gobs of money i'm speaking to you on this radio show at a time when corona is testing our patience and that capacity to bear pay for many of our loved ones have left us too soon. at this moment in order to win this battle we must listen to scientists. for several days running the indian government has reported more than 300000 new infections. talk to us worry the recent search has been fueled by a new variant this one composed of tea while the more infectious and vaccine resistant versions of the virus health experts fear the result could be
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a virus that's faster spreading and less controllable several countries have offered help india's air force collected oxygen imports from singapore on the weekend and the u.s. and the e.u. are planning to send aid e.u. president on the alliance says the block is pooling resources to respond to india's request for assistance. but for the securing outside 4 hospitals in delhi the supplies caught come fast enough. and now we did have a correspondent in the fall is standing by how to misha so how quickly is international help coming in. christine in europe we're talking to what international help last week once has been significant already that has or comes to
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court that's been going more is expected but it was all this week the u.a.e. saudi arabia in botswana and china not how can it be more clothes of support you also have that you're jumping he has made a statement that it will ensure that the bottlenecks in the supply chain will last the manufacturing jobs law if we can leave it with india at sublight actually in fact doing that supply of vaccines as well as the u.s. invited criticism will last stop it will be explored just to do the supply of gromit used to have to shoot production in india this saying that it actually requires that the domestic production but not what president joe biden and by special guys have made statements that the u.s. will stand by india and also expedite the production the delivery of the song that you don't much like india where the u.s. doing it's so. yet and the coronavirus cases have hit a global record peak for
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a 5th straight day the number is 353000 i'll just point out that that's when over 300000 more cases than the next highest country but even then nimish it's been say that the government is under reporting the number of cases and ditz. most of the evidence or not this is still anecdotal but it is definitely a so i'm not what john lists have or it's saying that the. downs of cities of thought of up to did not last one regent people who did the not with me 10 times as high as the net. in addition and yes both the do but do you date incidentally hyde which holds the prevalence of that if the expanding internationally it's about 30 percent but all of this comes at a time when the indian government asked twitter to feet down tweets critical of its handling of the band and so free to offer information maybe hawk we expect.
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india said to be launching a larger rollout off its vaccination campaign that's native this week will vaccines be quickly as a novel for everybody. this logic a lot of mark has put the body above your b.g. so this is going to be on massive dumont already something. i would put the approval on the for vaccines have the job offloaded it does show what may have been improved in addition the government is needed more on speaking news to major manufacturers it specially those will the box floyd astra zeneca are seeing how it operates on safaga high price point of use that seems given that the states and prime force now have to buy these back for use at a higher price for manufacturers and this is me actually affect and impact the access that mean you're going to get what we have to these vaccinations however it was important to note the thought of actually being given out we were given all of
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by the central government falls 3 right that's new research as well reporting for us from daily thank you mischa. and here's a look at some other developments in the penn demick bangkok has extended its coronavirus restrictions as it deals with a new outbreak pox gyms cinemas and take a census have been ordered to shut on kong and singapore have confirmed their role in chain a travel a bill in may travelers will be allowed to fly between the cities without going into quarantine once they meet strict conditions and israel's health ministry say is it's examining where the cases of hot information are linked to the bio on take 5 days of vaccine most were reported in men and the age of 30. iraqi officials say the massive fire at a baghdad hospital treating call that 1000 patients was most likely caused by an exploding oxygen tank on sunday funerals were held for some of the 82 victims of
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the blaze the families of the victims say negligence and corruption contributed to the disaster and have painted the response. well. burying their loved ones they desperately tried to save but couldn't this man's brother was one of many covert 19 patients at the hospital when a massive fire broke out she rescue teams deployed quickly so his nephew tried everything he could to save him from the blaze by himself. how could i leave my uncle who raised me i stayed with him i tried to drag him out but i could not because he had lost consciousness. all that suffering and many iraqis believe it could have been prevented with a timely emergency response and had the hospital been better maintained on top both already conceded in flammable ceilings and no fire protection system many impromptu rescuers say it's the government's fault. a way to manage the negligent from the
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largest to the smallest to be held accountable house of. iraq's health care system has struggled to cope with the coronavirus pandemic and now this as the public rage over the blaze grows the government has promised it will hold people accountable the prime minister has suspended the health minister and the governor of baghdad province. but it's unclear if that will be enough for all the families grieving the loss of their loved ones in a place where they were supposed to find healing. let's turn now to some of the stories making headlines around the world relatives have been holding the morial all the victims of indonesia's submarine disaster the military officially announce the death of all 53 crew members on sunday the ray cage was found at the bottom of the bali sea off to a 4 day search it is not clear why the navy submarine sank to the ocean floor chile
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has expelled $55.00 in this way and from the north of the country to caracas as part of a new deportation program that's been widely criticized by migrant aid organizations be government aims to deport some 1500 people this year and has released commercial aircraft to carry out the flights. ukrainians have been marking the 35th anniversary of the chernobyl nuclear disaster they lit candles and laid roses at the memorial to fire fight is in the town of teach some 50000 residents near the plant we relocated to the town of fish and nobles reaction and before exploded in the early hours of april 26th 1986. huge wildfires erupted in siberia off to dry grass court fire and gusts of wind caused the fire to spread rapidly and have paid 5 fighters as if it's to put it out thick smoke temporarily restricted traffic on the highway near by no victims have been
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reported. now to turkey where a trial for a prominent pro kurdish politician has begun center who teen dimity h. was the leader of the h d p party that destroyed president richard type at a once parliamentary majority he has numerous charges against him and has been in court several times now the opposition politician has been behind bars for more than 4 years despite consistent international pressure and a ruling by the european order of human rights ordering his release. 2015 at the height of his political success a free man as co-chair of the kurdish h d p party he delivered a dramatic blow to president wretch of type. b. h d p one enough seats to destroy the parliamentary majority of everyone's ruling party . he was arrested the following year beginning an odyssey of court cases and
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appeals that have kept him behind bars ever since. my husband is in jail because he and his party have been fighting for equality for democracy and for peace here in the country he mounted an effective opposition this is his only crime. the turkish government on the other hand sees the h d p as the political arm of the militant p k k which it considers a terrorist organization and. as an enemy of the state his prolonged detention has been met by protests of 48 year old faces dozens of separate charges ranging from being a member of a terrorist organization to quote destroying the integrity of the country. he faces multiple life sentences. it's not possible to predict what will happen because there is no rule of law in this country and the judiciary is under heavy pressure no matter what happens in
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court we will continue our struggle for the truth. during a recent visit to ankara e.u. commission chief. urged president to take action on a ruling by the european court of human rights in december the court again ordered turkey to immediately released from jail. we have been for example discussing the fact that the european court of human rights was clear and is clear. and. as a founding member of the european council it is important that churchill respects rulings of the european court of human rights turkey has so far ignored such calls and while democrats remains in jail his h d p the 3rd largest party in the turkish parliament risks being shut down.
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and its cross of a team of correspondents who is in istanbul good to see so. much he has faced several trials and number of charges what exactly is he accused off in the trial that has begun today. mr damon is the most prominent of more than 100 people who are on trial today in the turkish capital ankara many of them all members of the pro kurdish opposition party here in turkey the pm there being trial to something that happened in 2014 in turkey's mainly kurdish south east the so-called ko bonnie protests back then the town of course bonnie just across the border in syria was and to see isis militants and the h.e.p.a. had called for protests in support of the people of course bonnie these demonstrations quickly turned into violence between protesters and police and dozens of people
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were killed back then and now to fish authorities and queues at the h.t.t.p. of having caused the deadly violence the defendants today of being charged with let me quote disrupting the unity and territorial integrity of the state that's a very serious charge they have faced with multiple aggravated life sentences should they be sentenced at the end of this trial mr de matusz and his h.p. on the other hand say this trial is politically motivated and it's an attempt by prison edwin and his government to keep misted day matusz in jail and to silence the entire potty. and talking about the policy we're hearing that there is a possibility that it might be bad how likely is that you. well this party is the 3rd largest party in turkey's parliament the 2nd largest opposition party and some observers say it's actually quite a miracle that the party still exists because the h t p has been targeted in
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a years long crackdown thousands of its members and officials have been jailed many new makers and mayors have been unseated this is because the turkish government says the h t p is supporting the militant p k k which is designated a terrorist organization here in turkey but also in the e.u. and by the us and then last month prosecutors even failed a filed a closure case against the party that trial hasn't started yet but it's very likely it will critics say this is because prison adlon and his ruling a.t.p. are losing popular support mostly because of the bad economic situation here in the country and they are no now going after the opposition in order to remain in power right that is a correspondent reporting for us in istanbul thank you it's. hollywood finally got to roll out the red carpet for the film industry's biggest night of the
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game and in stark contrast to previous years the 93rd academy awards will a very diverse lineup of nominees and win 2 of the top prizes went to the chinese born she made history as the 1st woman of color to take the best star break to trophy the road movie no matter and struck a chord with the academy who turned her into the evening's biggest winner. from the center of hollywood prepare demick to the main los angeles train station mid pandemic a nice room though where this happened oh. oh oh oh oh that was this year's oscars best actress frances mcdormand who had the star role in the best picture of 2020 no man's land a tale of down and out americans living on the road 'd. and the also coast to. glow is 00 momenta round.
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it was directed by china born chloe's out the 1st asian woman to take home the best director award. this is for anyone. who had the faith and the courage to hold on to the goodness in themselves in a delayed intimate event in a socially distant space the winners were a diverse group far more than years past and the oscar goes to. take korean years union who took home the best supporting actress award. oh i'm allowed to thanks to my 2 boys who made me go out and work so. did our son. this is the reason that because mommy work so hard. also picking up a statuette the movie judas and the black messiah is supporting actor daniel kaluga
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who in his youthful way offered to wait for what moments including my mum but that you have 6 it's amazing just. you mean so i'm so happy to be alive so as a result tonight. you are probably at a diverse array of reactions to the top honors amidst a diverse array of nominees and winners. and from on hollywood's biggest night it's bring it into the same agenda matthews who's joining us from los angeles good to see katie what a moment for the south but just tell us more about this the space film why was it so convincing for the academy. you know i think it is resonating with so many people really across the country during the pandemic this movie has a number of things it deals with the loss of a spouse deals with the loss of a job it deals with the loss of your kind of identity in just traveling not knowing
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you know where to pick up your life after so many things fall or fail in life and so i think this movie really resonated with a lot of people even people living academy particularly during this time in the pandemic and it was just so well done so many of the people in the film were actually rovers were actually homeless so it was just really had that bit of authenticity in a way that most films don't it's talk about some of the at the when is al where they any surprises there. yes i would say the best actor category the best actor oscar going to anthony hopkins for the father was very surprising i think many people thought the late chat with bozeman had it in he was pretty much 99 percent of the people in hollywood thought he would win the award posthumously so when he didn't want it was really an upset because i think people thought that we would be able to hear a tribute to him perhaps his widow would accept the award and that was not the case
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and then on top of that base which things around you don't normally at the end of the 3 hours at the outskirts ceremony usually it is the best picture that is announced not this time it was the best actor category and it was announced that it was anthony hopkins that won and he wasn't even there knows you know in person so that was kind of odd too in the show on that note right. in the pos the oscars have been heavily criticized for not being diverse enough this year we had when somebody pointed out that it was the blackest oscars yet it's has a change finally comes to hollywood. yes you know it was a great year for also for her performance of asian descent not just chloe's now but the best supporting actress one as well she was the 1st korean woman to win an oscar period so there was a lot of diversity to go around i think they thought violet davis would win the
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best actress category that was not the case and went to frances mcdormand but you also had you know judas in the black messiah at think you winning one category with daniel clooney and then you also have my rainey's black spot on winning for makeup in costume so there was a lot of diversity and more than 70 women were nominated for an oscar in front of and behind the camera so a lot of diversity we still have a long way to go though because remember no one has won. in the best actress category at least an african-american woman hasn't. very won decades ago so we still have a long way to go but we are moving in the right direction i believe here in hollywood when more of their kitty came to how did the ceremony and the conditions of the pandemic. they did the best they could and i believe just because you know we are living in a pandemic and they were very concerned about colvin so the number of people were decrease you had very few people in a red carpet and they were 6 feet apart they also took out musical performances at
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the show it happened at a train center where you had trains coming and going and then you also didn't have a host so there were a lot of things that were missing i think people probably really do miss having a host and having that host interact with the audience in previous years you had musical performances and you see the celebrities get up and dancing you have the host interacting with the audience one year they even order pizza so all those nice fun spontaneous going to we're not happening this year so hopefully they'll be able to kind of integrate that into your future years but what i said i probably would give them a be minus this year if i had to grade the oscars. thank you. and some sports now they have been to see the title race is unexpectedly heating up on match day 31 of 34 live 6 knew that anything less than a win at home to start got what effects if you had the lead title to buy and you
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know luckily for them though the visit says with an an obliging. putting byron's surprise last month on saturday meant that leipzig went into this one knowing that a win would keep the championship race alive for another much day. and their task seemed simpler than 15 minutes in stuttgart snowy ruin mother was sent off the young frenchman's launch and i'm a do haidara looked worse with every viewing quite sick dominated proceedings thereafter but fun stuttgart keep a cool and unbeatable form. the swiss made sure it was no going into the break. my foot coble couldn't stop like security can lead in the 1st place to see how i should know after effects of that but tackle to some pull ahead or one mill leipzig. will produce more heroics to keep the score at one nil that but then sub and you'll force was a penalty within a minute of coming on after
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a clumsy tackle konstantinos microkernel us. under swede by himself by 2 late signals to 67 minutes accounted for missing the season by late sigs believe or been meant to score state to know what the result means stuttgart european ambitions look all but dashed well michael's men's men need to win the remaining 3 games and hope by or drop points if they are to secure the unlikeliest of titles. so what does all that mean for the bundesliga standing by and still looks set to win the title frankfurt and thought meant an atheist special for the champions league in the bottom off teams are still not safe cologne move to the pale spot but has have 1000000000 have played 3 feel like games and will have the chance to catch up. it watching the t.v. is here's a reminder our top story medical aid is on its way to india as the country faces a devastating surge of coronavirus cases speak european union and united states
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have both same supplies as hospitals are inundated with critically ill patients the oxygen most needed to treat them is also in desperate need child support. you watching news live from for an absent stay stay tuned up a steep one join me at the top of the next out seems. odd. to have.
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the a hit. song . smart kids. how does digital media consumption the brain neurologists behavioral experts and
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addiction experts discuss the latest scientific research on the screen generation. in 45 minutes on do double. in the us of climate change. or sit. ups and soon people. are going to do years do they have their future. g.w. dot com for coming to see if the men can give us a clear cut or. the fight against the coronavirus
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pandemic. how has the rate of infection been developing. measures are being taken. what does the latest research say. information and context. the coronavirus of data the coated special monday to friday on w. a possible shot the arm for europe's tourism industry the european union is preparing to welcome american travelers again beginning the summer as vaccination campaign in the u.s. it's tried. also on the show german companies remain cautiously optimistic about the coming months but they're not without their doubts look at new figures on business sentiment in europe.


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