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tv   Der Fall Wirecard  Deutsche Welle  April 26, 2021 4:15pm-5:00pm CEST

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the turkish government on the other hand sees the h d p is the political arm of the militant p k k which it considers a terrorist organization and. as an enemy of the state. his prolonged detention has been met by protests the 40 year old faces dozens of separate charges and the judiciary is under heavy pressure but no matter what happens at court we will continue our struggle for the truth. yes during a recent visit to uncurl e.u. commission chief funday line urged president add one to take action on a ruling by the european court of human rights in december the court again order turkey to immediately released from jail. we have been for example discussing the fact that the european court of human rights was clear and is clear. and in much cash. and that. as
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a founding member of the european council it is important that churchy respects the rulings of the european court of human rights. turkey has so far ignored such calls and while remains in jail has h d p the 3rd largest party in the turkish parliament risks being shut down. hollywood finally got to roll out the red carpet for the film industries biggest night of the year contrast of previous years the 93rd academy awards so i diverse line of nominees. 2 of the top prizes went to chinese. made history as the 1st woman of color to win best director a road movie struck a chord with. big. from the center of hollywood prepared demick to the main los angeles train station mid pandemic a nice room though where this happened. oh that was this year's
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oscars best actress frances mcdormand who had the star role in the best picture of 2020 no man's land a tale of down and out americans living on the road 'd. and they also coast to. glow is our moment round. it was directed by a china born chloe's out the 1st asian woman to take home the best director award. this is for anyone. who have the faith and the courage to hold on to the goodness in the south in a delayed intimate event in a socially distant space the winners were a diverse group far more than years past and the oscar goes to. take korean who took home the best supporting actress award. oh i'd like to thank to
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my 2 boys who make me pull out and. so. did our son oh i didn't know it. this is because mommy will. also picking up a statuette the movie judas' and the black messiah is supporting actor daniel kalu . who in his youthful way offered to wait for what moments including my mom that. it's amazing just. you mean so i'm so happy to be alive so who is that every that's not. you are probably at a diverse array of reactions to the top honors amidst a diverse array of nominees and winners. let's get more from t.w. movie correspondent scott roxboro who stayed up to watch the whole event so you didn't have to welcome scott let's start with best phil why what may know about
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long stand out for the academy. yeah i think no man's land i mean if you look at the year that we've all been through with this with this pandemic i think it has been a year of for a lot of people of introspection and a year of maybe feeling vulnerable and this film nomad land is an introspective movie about a very vulnerable woman up played by frances mcdormand who is a woman who's lost everything and is living out of her van traveling traveling as a modern day nomad through america and i think the members of the academy who go for the oscars i think they felt that this film just is more in touch with the world that we live in right now than maybe some big action movie or a or glamorous blockbuster. but surprises amongst this year's winners. i was surprised by the actual the last award usually that's the best picture but this year they shifted things around and they gave the last award to best actor and i think they were thinking as we all were that it would go to chad but bozeman the
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actor who died last year and was nominated for his final performance in ma rainey's black bottom but instead when the ask who was handed out it went to anthony hopkins so what was looking to be a sort of touching moment to end the oscars ended up being a bit of a damp squid especially because anthony hopkins wasn't able to actually attend the oscars so it sort of ended on a bit of a down note so this is an event that's previously been criticised for being too white i did this year see much of a change. yeah i think so i mean you had a best picture and best director going to be the 1st woman of color to win either of those awards we saw 2 actors of color. in the acting categories and even in the some of the technical categories we had a pioneers with best say own best makeup going to people of color i think it shows that the movement that started back in 2016 the oscars tries to diversify the
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academy awards is really bearing fruit but that said still the majority of people who won at the oscars were still as always white men good night for women last night. yes very much so i mean as i say she was the 1st asian woman to win best director the 2nd woman overall to win best director and she won it for a very female centric film the no man's land is really almost a female framing of the road movie or the american west or also another british a later emerald finale one of best original screenplay for a promising young woman which is basically a me to revenge story it's also a very female centered story and i think that's what's really different this year is not only are more women winning at the oscars but they're winning winning with really female stories with told from a female point of view good talking to you scott thank you so much scott. and. let's take a look at some sport will start with football in the german bundesliga title race
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has heated up unexpectedly how much stay $31.34 b. likes it leipzig knew that to anything less than a win at home to stuttgart win effectively how many league title to buy and munich going to have visitors were in obliging mood. the surprise last months on saturday meant that leipzig went into this one knowing that a win would keep the championship race alive for another much day. and their task seemed simpler than 15 minutes in stuttgart snowier a mother was sent off the young frenchman's one john palmer do haidara looked worse with every viewing leipsic dominated proceedings thereafter but fun stuttgart keep . an unbeatable form. the swiss made sure it was nil nil going into the break. my foot coble couldn't stop like 6 and taking the lead in the 1st place to see how it was my daughter showed no aftereffects of that but tackle to thumb pull
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my header when no leipzig. will produce more heroics to keep the score at one nil that but then soft and you'll force was a penalty within a minute of coming on after a clumsy tackle from constantino smothering panos. and the sweet itself too late sick after 67 minutes accounted for miss of the season by late 6 billy boy band meant to score state 2 you know what the result mean stuttgart european ambitions all but dashed well not goldman's many to win the remaining 3 games and hope by a drop point if they are to secure the unlikeliest of titles. alive co-chair you leonardo's man is in high demand german media reporting that he has to leave the club to take over from one c. flick a buy and munich according to reports the 33 year old could cost the defending one sleep at champions around $30000000.00 euros which would be
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a new record all faith from german league coach nigel since current contract with leipsic runs until 2023 he made history last season by taking them all the way to the champions league semifinals. for the coronavirus pandemic is at the routines and scoring of millions of school children around the world in some places students have been away from classrooms for more than a year one school principal in pakistan has found the right creative way to deliver the thrill of new ideas to kids in the country's poorest province with the help of a reliable camel at this steady pace roshan the camel draws closer to his destination. it's not russians 1st visit to this village the children here have been waiting impatiently for his return. they are eager for the precious cargo ferried on the camels back because this camel
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is carrying a large load of books. these kids have been out of school for over a year and are keen to learn new ideas from beyond their village. jello the school principal came up with the idea of the camel library as a way to bring these children some relief during the pandemic. jeff. when the corona virus spread the entire region and all the schools were closed. there was an atmosphere of depression for old and young alike. in the region where i live there's no entertainment for the children at all no place for outings. nothing to do. the only activity is the children going to school and then returning home. that just there. the children live in baluchistan pakistan's poorest province. literacy rates are low and
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education is chronically underfunded. small wonder that the children clutched their little treasures as they head home and wish rush on a fond farewell and a speedy return. this is did only news on from but it is reminder about top story at this hour medical aid is on the way to india as a country faces a devastating surge in coronavirus case just the european union the united states have sent supplies us hospitals are inundated with critically ill patients the oxygen most needs treatment is also in desperately short supply. this is coming up next in news asia under fire for its handling of the country's worst in corona virus outbreak in india's government asked twitter to block some tweets critical of its response so it's this couple of trying to decide.
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responders it will have that story in just a moment stuff gets better as more news and background on the big apple available from going up the tax code. it.
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dreamily adaptable and fond of travel to domestic markets. with business personality bred throughout the world. and made itself an ideal subject for evolutionary scientists taking a look inside the mox plant institute's most home. to morrow today. in 60 minutes on t.w. . how does a virus spread. why do we panic and when we'll all miss them trying to just 3 of the topics that we've covered and the weekly radio program. if you would like
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any information on the krona laroche or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast you can get it wherever you can get your podcast you can also find us at d.f.w. dot com look for him slash science. like dusty boots muddy tires and drums we deliver urgent lifesaving boxes we give our everything to reach those who need us the most every ball feeding their futures. boxes full of our hope of lifesaving food in the sun most small down roads with no names we feel asleep and never relentless in our promise to make every delivery special. not just next day but every day. thousands of children are still waiting for their delivery sponsor books today so
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together we can deliver features. from. this tuesday dr news asia coming up today india's true top crackdown under fire for its handling of the worst in koln of otters outbreak in the country the government also stripped out of the block some tweets critical of its response is the government pushing the sense. that if. the last crew of chaos for all tool interview show mourns the death of 52 sailors in a submarine accident off i mean. i'm
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british by magic welcome to be dubbed the news asia glad you could join us the world's 1st covered 19 outbreak continues to spiral out of control in india for the 5th straight day on monday the country recorded more than 300000 cases the highest global so. ever recorded the increasing cost though it has far outstripped available of medical supplies particularly of oxygen the u.s. u.k. germany singapore and the european union among others have stepped forward with help help that's badly needed to relieve the pressure on india's overstretched health care system has more from the democrats on the show dress well there isn't anything going on not to be so it isn't going to be to doctors and once again just shouldn't be seen in guests be able to go on supplies for singable or they're all small blissfully delete key saudi arabia and other. countries in the
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neighborhood as well even china. result is to support the e.u.'s the us school the now knowledge that we need to ensure that any supply maxime like actually i don't jest because this was what you know deception well democracy the us has been criticised what we all teams up like to shoot that scene from what you little the boss you needs but now i don't want to buy my specs and i'm going to have just accepted the what do you know i move prices much like india one of the us when it's right it's useless stretched during the bad ending and in the midst of the crisis in the country social media platforms like facebook and twitter have emerged as life savers literally indians are shedding pleas for help and information on availability of beds oxygen and other medical supplies but it's also prompted criticism of the government's response to the crisis criticism that the
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government has decided to go after last week following a request from the government twitter blocked over 50 tweets in india the for mostly critical of the government according to a media report the government found these posts constituted social media misuse. some of the posts censored but those of organizations and opposition politicians average show you some of these tweets but not in their entirety as these have been banned in india a member of parliament from the opposition congress party every month of it is tweet pointed to the collapse of the health care system in india due to the more than 200000 cases being recorded daily now minister in the state of west bengal molloy got awk lamented that the government had underplayed the coronavirus situation in the country west bengal is one of the indian states worst affected by the rise in cases and for more on this
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i'm joined now by prefixing our he's the co-founder of or news a fact checking portal in india for the joins me now from about unrest in india think you are focused on a daily basis on weeding out fake news and misinformation online in india did most of the tweets that have been blocked meet that standard not at all there was no misinformation these are people expressing their opinions about the ground situation for example one act of unequal massing saying that it is difficult to get medication other you know member of parliament from another political party saying that you know the prime minister should be held responsible. a journalist a senior journalist from organization call him to be news saying that you know you criticise the jamaat incident in which happened where the muslim community was criticised for walling a religious congregation but you're not doing the same for hindus who are who are similarly his congregation in something of camilla so these are all genuine
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criticism that the new element of misinformation i hate and does not at all on meet the standards of twitter as a platform to police these tweets so is the government then using its powers to block dissent on social media. absolutely all of these tweets which would be considered critical of the government and the government is forcing platforms and unfortunately the platforms are buckling as well but the government is forcing patents to adhere to certain lines where you know dissent is corrupt but you mentioned the platforms are buckling up to the government's instructions why. because in india if you have to do business you have to be friends with the government if we keep talking about ease of business but is ease of business of friends and of we have seen this in other platforms or even in
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facebook there are individuals who work in very high positions who at one point of time used to do propaganda for p.d.p. so this is not a case of just one platform all platforms in india social media platforms want to do business india is a huge market for them and for them to be successful they have to be friends with the government what exactly other legal powers of the government of india has that allow or to ask source for media platforms to remove content deemed objectionable. so in everything is not illegal read right there can we use things we have seen in india that. you know for example opposition political parties or media organizations recently they are subjected to income tax rates raised by the enforcement directorate and things like that so go home and can. pressurize business houses and multiple ways you know whether it's the mission for a new building new land there are multiple ways in which
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a government can love the progress of a business that is not only in legal realms are you know through though they have also used those kind of threats that as you know if you don't take down the set of trees in the past when there's another problem to hash tag that was stranded government you did use legal threats as well but that is not the government has more means than that to intimate it distances us but overall our social media platforms are helping in the current crisis i mean the number of tweets that we have seen for example you have citizens who are meeting and organizing amongst themselves trying to find responses to this nationwide crisis is that major positive to come out of this. it does but these are 2 distinct issues definitely twitter especially has been a huge platform for you know this kind of crowd sourcing resources and or use as a not for profit organization every month we do get our funding and twitter is one
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of our biggest platform to be able to do that and that is the nature of the platform and we appreciate that appreciative of that but but that that is a very distinct matter from the policing or from their inability to take down heat speech there are multiple times when you have written to twitter about accounts which have been suspended which come back and continue to put out hate speech and which is not which is against the policies and they don't act at all so these are 2 distinct possibilities distinct issues that you know a platform in useful and our platform is buckling under government pressure speaking of buckling under our government pressure do you see in the midst of the present coronavirus crisis is there actually an increase in misleading information and deliberate or fake news that is being spread absolutely there's a huge increase in both medical misinformation as well as political misinformation the last one year has been just. in you know any less amount of political and
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medical misinformation political misinformation is very closely linked in india to current affairs and it is organized that is it is used to set narratives so and a lot of it comes from the right wing government so if things are going wrong then false negatives are created using social media so and it is done in a very organized manner and we have seen a huge uptick of it projects that are co-founder of old news thank you so much for breaking that down. thank you and this force continuing updates on the evolving coronavirus situation in india on our website to double dot com and on facebook and twitter as well. people across indonesia are in mourning after the country's military confirmed that all 53 crewmembers of a submarine that sank last week are dead photographs are from the wreckage of the 4 or 2 submarine lying on the sea floor off the island of bali at
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a depth of more than $800.00 metres the cause of the sinking is yet to be determined. the crew of the sunken navy vessel in happier days singing the well known indonesian song some part meaning by. little did they know that it was a prophecy of their fate. good day kartik one of the 53 crewmembers aboard the sunken submarine. now that he's gone his family hopes that at least his body can be salvaged. since they've been declared dead according to our believes we pray to god almighty so that the body of our nephew can be immediately removed from the sea that way our family can perform rituals according to our teachings.
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the submarine went missing last week during training exercises of the island of bali. ships and aircraft from various countries search frantically. until the navy discovered the ship's wreckage over the we can meaning there is no chance of survival. while experts try to find out the cause of the sinking president joe has offered condolences to those who lost their loved ones. but. the navy members by promoting them one rank higher. with a star medal for their services and contribution. but none of the awards can bring the victims back. retrieving the wreckage and
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remains will be challenging if it happens that. family members will have to be patient while hoping at least their price can reach their loved ones. there's more updates on our website it ever dot com forward slash despite rising numbers of coronavirus cases india continues to hold local elections some 8600000 voters eligible to cost their ballots in the state of west bank gold today the state is one of the worst affected in the current 1000 outbreak in the country massive election rallies here in the past few months have been blamed for this we leave you with these images and needs you to more of the same time.
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the fight against the corona virus pandemic. has the rate of infection in developing what does the latest research say. information and context the coronavirus update 19. on t w. one continent. 700000000 people. with their own personal stories. explored every day life for. what europeans fear and what they hope for.
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g.w. . it's tough being a teenager at the best of times during the pandemic it's so much worse home schooling no hanging out with friends massive stress all because of code 19. in fact more and more young people are getting infected in germany the number of cases among teens rose 11 percent adolescents have until recently been tested less because they aren't as impacted by the virus but they could be. asymptomatic areas recent outbreaks have been linked to them spreading the virus. doctors say vaccinations for kids are key to achieve the levels of immunity we need in our community. welcome to our covert 19 special i
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want to get jones and like millions of us i'm still waiting for my shot now the good news is worldwide more than a 1000000000 doses have by now been administered and teenagers in the united states have a clear advantage those aged 16 and up can now receive the biotech prize a shot and anyone 18 and up can get the modern a shop for all of them this means the days of isolation assumed over. daily training during the penn demick that's how these 2 brothers have gotten through the last month both. get vaccinated yes as promised teenagers a jap the new future being that age is hard enough with the code restrictions it has been even more challenging i think for me it's a mental health and of course like school that thing i was worried like getting back but then i went to school and debbie hine but i think that ways to catch up
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with academics might with growth and socialization you know it's that's high that the school has been moved into the living room the boys convoyed to get their bikes and. i think. so that keeps the people my people around me safer and i don't keep myself safe to think so when we bring a little normality back i don't miss school exactly but the people in school because you know it's really difficult not to interact people and talk to people. and yeah i mean he's an awesome guy he's just my brother. you know friend. them an additional obstacle mosques. it's very hard to see people's expressions and it just gives a sense of like you're talking to a wall. it's just
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a body you. know you look at the us this quick group of extreme asians but what if as in other countries restrictions remained i would definitely obviously my social skills. already played very well the more social i'm going person. side. i think i would not really be good for me that's what i'm trying to go back to school b.c. brown is a social worker and sees the huge opportunity in teenage makes the nation teens need to be with their peers and need to be taking social risks and doing things on their own outside of the confines of their family home for a teenager to have the opportunity vaccinated i think is tremendous to give them that freedom to move about with a lot more confidence but for both themselves and for their parents that they can go about their lives and do the things that they're developmentally supposed to be
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doing right now outside of the u.s. most teenagers don't have access to the vaccine yet they have to find other ways to keep going. so the question is how long until young people can be vaccinated on a grand scale let's ask him k. he science communicator of the german association of research based pharmaceutical companies that's the. a good to have you with us now as you know case numbers among young people are rising here in germany of a number of new cases among teenagers actually know equal to those of older people of over 60 and so far as i know there's no vaccine in sight for the younger age group is there bearskin use one company has applied for approval for its vaccine for adolescents so it seems we're only weeks away from an approved vaccine for this age group also some other companies of developing their vaccines for this age group
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and even for younger children so most likely within the next months this year we will get 4 'd more vaccines which are approved for this h well that is good news indeed but i wonder why can't we just use the existing vaccines on teenagers just like they now do in the united states we need not change anything in the composition it's all about safety so we can use those vaccines when we know that it's safe to use them in the as this age group. also with children we can use the same vaccines but we need to know what is the good appropriate those things. so what are the risks that we know about teenagers and children getting vaccinated well most likely the risks will be no.
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for adults this is something we need to know and that's why clearly call trials a mate with various age groups to see if the risks indeed. and the benefit is high now of course this takes time i mean you say we're just weeks away from at least one vaccine for children which is brilliant in the meantime however do those risks outweigh the risk of catching the virus which as we know by now can lead to severe inflammatory reactions in children known as. or also long covert well that's what trials of all they are designed so that you can see that indeed back scenes are safe and once they are approved you can off of them to. parents and their children. with. safety. and who is actually investing in that scene trials for children well
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all the companies that have. far they've all up vaccines for covert 19 they invest in such trials right from the start they expected to develop vaccines for all age groups and the e.u. also expects a company to do so you just mentioned earlier and i have to get back to that because that is good news indeed is that we may have a vaccine ready for children in just a few weeks from now and there are several other trials underway. will this vaccine only be available for children here in europe are we talking about a vaccine for kids all over the world these vaccine trials that are have being carried all of just being carried out they will lead to safety and efficacy data which can be used all over the world to apply for provable and that's what the
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companies have in mind also the chinese companies which have developed vaccines they have also included children in their trials so that they as well it can offer vaccines are suitable for children so hopefully within the next moments we will gather the set of vaccines that are approved for all age groups and then it's to politics and the logistics to get them out to every child in the world all right well let's hope that politics and logistics are not getting in the way to get everybody vaccinated. from the german association of research based pharmaceutical companies thank you so much for your time thank you. so vaccination is one way to train our immune system against the virus another
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is catching it and recover again but there's there's always that time to ask that rick. do asymptomatic people develop weaker immune responses than people who have more severe disease. ok this is going to get probably horrendously complicated because we're still so far from unraveling the immune system which which immunologists compared to to a ball of spaghetti which is a really brilliant image even understanding just why some people can be infected yet show no symptoms is a really complicated task early in the pen demick studies that focused on antibody levels in patients and former patients indicated that people who got severe cases of coded 19 might have longer lasting immune
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responses and that asymptomatic people might be at more risk of getting the disease again at some point but but antibody levels are just one aspect of immune response a recently published study has no helped fill in some of the other gaps it looked at blood samples taken from several 100 male migrant workers in singapore who lived in densely inhabited dormitories during an outbreak there last spring and its findings agree with other research in one sense that levels of some antibodies against cuba 19 and the men who got it a symptomatically did indeed fall more after convalescence than in those who had symptoms other immune responses how the. including ones involving what are known as t.
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cells they remain fairly robust even in the asymptomatic group and that's being carefully interpreted as a sign that immunity by 8 generally remains strong for some time even in people who caught the disease but had no symptoms so so lots of ifs ands and buts like i said it's complicated. talking of complicated the relationship between the e.u. and astra zeneca it's anything but easy the european commission has just announced its launched legal action against the british swedish drug maker for not respecting its contract for the supply of kobe $1000.00 back scenes $180000000.00 vaccine doses were agreed to for the 2nd quarter of this year but astra zeneca said it would aim to deliver only one 3rd of that to the block. kitty akitas the commission of the health and food safety explained the decision on twitter saying every
4:56 pm
vaccine discounts every vaccine dose safe lives. and that's all for this edition thanks for watching.
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dreamily adaptable and fond of troubled domestic mouse. with this personality it spread throughout the world. and made itself an ideal subject for evolutionary scientists taking a look inside the mox plant institute's most home. to morrow to day. in 30 minutes on d w. the
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all section to go beyond the obvious. as we take on the morrow. we're all about the story that matter to you. what the 1st 6 months going. to be on fire made for muslims for. the new year mean there are years and years we can hear you and how last year's judgment starts now we'll bring you an angle a man caught as you've never had to have before the surprise to self with what is possible who is medical really what moves that i am part of who talks to people who follows her along the way i admire those and critics alike how is the world's most powerful woman shaking her to get diagnosed the metals last the.
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skin the they were more than tired and in the end this is a me you're not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers were alliance and. what's your story. 'd on what numbers of women especially of victims of violence in terms of take part and send us your story we are trying in all with to understand this new culture. another visitor another yes you want to become a citizen. in for migrants your platform for reliable information.
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