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the present day. and who's behind the. manufacturing ignorance starts may 3rd on d w. this is coming to. india. surpasses 200000 darkest hour of the pandemic so far shortages of medical supplies and hospital stuff compound the problem of infections tearing through the country. also coming up 5000 music. europe's biggest. since the start of the pandemic.
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a new exhibition of most acclaimed nazi hunter. who took all the establishment of his. good to have you with us. india's de code 1000 death toll has surged past 200000 this is one of the highest death tolls in the world the numbers are rising fast driven partly by a new more infectious variant countries around the world have begun sending medical aid to india including desperately needed oxygen as the wave of new infections overwhelms its health care system hospitals are being forced to turn patients away
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as authorities scramble to get equipment to those who need it most. in some indian hospitals the oxygen supply has run out for. people who might have survived the disease are dying as a result. of it there's no oxygen in all of town. let me know my mother was admitted 3 days ago i was told she was fine and recovering all the tests were done then last night they said they didn't have any more oxygen she passed away. for the full hospitals an i.c.u. units across the country are overwhelmed after weeks of a sharp rise in cases the health care system is collapsing. oxygen has become the most precious of commodities. i'm buying a coup then to put it aboard. you're order of the future come to that level.
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they are lowering the oxygen level. but it needs to be higher. so this is a problem. with oxygen and hospital beds running out the government is scrambling to get equipment to the areas that are hardest hit. we have compressed oxygen that's moving across the country using the country. to get it to the places that need it the most emergency supplies from the u.k. have begun arriving and more help as promised from abroad. but in the meantime many indians are left to fend for themselves. doing all they can to care for loved ones some drive for hours in search of oxygen. by going on that i have come from very far to collect oxygen from my father. that i'm scared that although the oxygen is
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available today what will we do for it's not available tomorrow. but until help arrives on a larger scale many people in india are left gasping for air. a delhi bureau chief. is following this story closely of course and joins us now good to see you and rita the health care systems across india it seems to be overwhelmed are people even trying to reach hospitals any more to get treatment. absolutely and tell you those people what critical to be rushed to hospitals by get relatives and sometimes it's a disappointing because they find the doors of the hospitals shot because they have no more capacity to take the than the number of cases but to give you a city like delhi have been so high that the poor medical infrastructure has been put on to human street to go to gyms that that in your report people are not
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running short of oxygen there is no good running short of bans many just don't plan short supply because of what will be tested by activists it was difficult it does because it meant it's not that it's between sometimes it's left hanging waiting outside hospitals languishing on footpaths waiting for medical attention and the thousands of harrowing stories where people just losing their lives waiting for someone to come and give them has this is taking a huge still on people here including doctors not i've seen doctors in middle interviews break down and cry and one doctor said. and looked to me for head and i had to just watch them die i'm so has this amazing you mention a lack of critical equipment that applies also to oxygen supplies have been reports of oxygen and essential medications being sold on the black market at hugely inflated prices is this problem being tackled by authorities. certainly been the
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need is great terry of course a black market restaurant especially for oxygen but also what grandson ventilator is and it's not he's had cracked down and taken some for this into custody but as i said before i'm desperate and then just so desperate to find a way to get this critical equipment that they want but they've not once and upgraded to be any crisis because this report i think often is the get go and so yes but he has an international aid coming in this giving a big psychological boost to india as a nation. that well it is watching the what it wants to have that each has not yet done on the 2 people heeded what's the true number of deaths from covered 19 and india is rumored to be much higher than officially recorded what do you think that is a rate of. you know it's difficult to say terry i mean national and local media
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is talking about the debt still being about 5 to 10 times more than the official that still i mean if you gets to is pretty high as it is one of the reasons is that many people who have died did not people who hate positive to stay there it's because of the form of peace and the cute picture and you don't even to this if you buy the basics so these people have been don't want the pool of its debts just yet you see images coming from predatory n.b.c. and it's coming from very grounds and that number has. gotten us right on this event and in fact one of the other indication is that there are no ambulances to take bodies to commission johnson betty if the current thinking in that american private with the bodies trapped on his roof heading down the street is density to a very blond or a commission done simply because he couldn't find an ambulance to take his number. or riffing scenes thank you very much that was our delhi bureau chief i'm richard
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shima. it was billed as europe's biggest indoor rock concert since the start of the pandemic a concert in spain that went ahead with $5000.00 unvaccinated music fans in the audience a month ago now the resort should results are out and the organization organizers say it did not trigger a jump in corona virus infections everyone wore masks at the indoor event but there was no social distancing here's how it works. on stage in barcelona one of spain's most popular bands indie rockers love of lesbian. law a crowd dancing swaying and cheering together wearing masks but with no assigned seating and no requirement to keep space free between the.
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excited fans gathered a month ago for the eagerly awaited event the 1st big concert without social distancing since the start of the pandemic. concert goes were given a coronavirus test before they were allowed in an experiment to find out whether mass events can be safely held music promoters worked with one of person known as main hospitals to put on the concert and doctors say fears of a jump in infections have proved unfounded. noise when it was not a super spreading event that there's not been an excess of cases and in fact there is no sign that transmission took place during the event which public health experts believe that a combination of ventilation facemasks and testing can work the venue holds 17000 people but only 5000 were allowed in. because it was a move that we have detected 6 people who tested positive after the concert for
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have been able to identify the exact moment when they were infected. for example 2 who attended were later infected by their mother in law but if this is that this isn't going to kill it's now hope the event will be the 1st of many. if the good results that can help open up the cultural center again who want to. stake. a spanish study shows the european music industry lost 3 quarters of its income last year. its catch up on some of the other stories making headlines around the world today e.u. lawmakers have overwhelmingly voted to ratify a post bragg's it trade and cooperation agreement 660 m e p s voted in favor and 5 against it's the final step in ratification of the deal that sets out the framework for britain's new relationship with the e.u.
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5 years after a referendum leaving is. around 200 migrants have been rescued in the mediterranean by the ocean biking rescue ship they were found on overcrowded boats off the coast of libya when the vessel picked up distress calls on supporting the aid group s.o.s. mediterranean name and a u.s. navy ship fired warning shots at iranian military vessels in the persian gulf on monday 3 iranian boats came within 100 meters of a pair of u.s. warships the incident comes as world powers are seeking to bring iran back into a nuclear accord struck in 2015. australians are marking 25 years since a lone gunman killed 35 people in the tasmanian town of port arthur massacre prompted the government to tighten the national gun laws or than a 1000000 firearms were destroyed in a buyback scheme that followed the legislation. and the exhibition
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charts the life and work of one of germany's most distinguished nazi hunters for its power was the chief prosecutor at the trial in 1963 he's best known for his role in bringing holocaust architect to justice in israel. attorney general fritz powell was determined to hold the national socialists legally accountable for their crimes when most in post-war germany just wanted to forget the past imprisoned in the 1930 s. as a young jewish lawyer and committed leftwinger power fled to denmark and sweden years later he returned from exile to track down nazi criminals. after the war it seemed logical to bring about what we had dreamt of. though we were idealistic and probably over to mystic. power secured convictions against s.s. members for atrocities committed at auschwitz but only against considerable
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opposition. that's probably a move on the problem was that people holding senior positions in the judicial system had themselves be nazis and that meant he was facing institutional resistance and the geek national power had little trust in officialdom when he found out that out of a human one of the architects of the holocaust was hiding in argentina he told the israeli secret service rather than the german authorities he was driven by a desire for justice and accountability that it was a great humanitarian he fought for justice and democracy that power died suddenly in 1968 his unrelenting battle for a better germany took its toll on his own health. in football premier league side chelsea drew with rael madrid in their 1st semifinal match in spain chelsea struck early through christiane police itch but by the half
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hour mark the score was level at $11.00 thanks to lay odds karim benzema their next match is on may 5th at stamford bridge in england chemerinsky semifinal you can nothing is sure even if we had to win here everything is possible is half time and i need to fight for every for every centimeter and for every advantage that we want to have we need to fight and to serve at the. in women's football. has made history becoming the 1st women woman to coach french women's champions league. a former player for france previously coached at the olympic cademy her 1st task is to defend the club's domestic title currently own is 2nd in the standings with 5 matches to go the powerhouse has won the last 14 french league title.
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you're watching t.v. news just a reminder of our top story india's covered 900 death toll has surged past 200001 of the highest death tolls in the world the number numbers are rising cost of driven partly by a new more infectious variant. for watching news coming up next our documentary takes a look at how the entire planet can be provided with high speed internet from space i'm terry mark thanks for. trying to it's. a low flush weeks and glitter glitter glitter they're fighting against prejudice. oh boy. wrecking. ball little stores on the big stage.


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