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tv   Reporter - Vor Ort  Deutsche Welle  April 28, 2021 4:00pm-4:15pm CEST

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this is. 200000 across the country. supplies and hospital staff. say.
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russia's military buildup near ukraine. 2015. to. the program. well the 200000 people in india have now died from cope with 95 the numbers of new infections and deaths are rising fast driven in part by a new more infectious corona virus variants medical supplies have now begun to
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arrive from abroad but distributing them to areas most in need is a challenge for hospitals across the country are confronting diet shortages of oxygen. the heart sidewalk contest the physical limits of a healthy person for someone sick with cover 19 it can be a death sentence the hospital beds an oxygen unattainable for desperate patients and his health care system is failing. a new variant has taken hold. you want it has got a. primary and i start. to understand more but it seems these barriers as well as the capacity of potash. humans are. easily dr obvious. fact and next.
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punishable to keep up with the daily death toll city parks have been turned in the crematorium and scientists are pinning the blame squarely on the country's leaders . bork our political and religious leaders have been telling us that the the iran has gone down this was the key is from december genet what do you think you are saying that we have conquered be infection on the back of the r.p. have backfired. many indians are left to fend for themselves through all they can to care for loved ones. some drive for hours in search of oxygen. going on monday morning have come from very far to collect oxygen from my father i am scared that although oxygen is available today well we do have it's not available tomorrow. until help arrives on
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a larger scale and if people in india are left gasping for air. saying a closer look at this with shalini who is a community organizer in delhi helps organize resources via social media a welcome to g.w. what are people most in need of when they contact you. please contact us partner of the last week it was at home collection desk this week it is oxygen cylinders are free to see now it's mostly are there is a cry for help or our brain till it does and hospital admissions are bad guys you know with their dollar and there's only so much that after the system down our support right now so all are the are still trying our best that we are identifying our dollar need i go or i don't apply time then we don't have. to
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get or do worsen and are sore that we can you know just tell them our mehndi needed and when it can actually have them there's no point in getting an oxygen cylinder to dense are when the test your levels have to drop to 40 saw that that's something that is very distressing to even other people like us we're helping our people to sort of media. that's one thing that we are finally have set ourselves are ready are distressed about right the people. crying for help and it's a it's a shame that people are dying not just because of but because of the lack of treatment and resources for the 1st and most unfortunate part of this crisis and as if to make exactly a valid point i'm aware that you've recently lost your own grandfather to kobe that
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he was he was quite a man. yes he was he was our the past president of us national president of danger and medical association which is the only national percentage of quality on tonight's edition for the doctors of wanted medicine and he has art he had dedicated likes to all our public service their cousins a lapse of patience and he has cheated and 0 hour he was 90 years old and i don't know how long he would have to lift our it's unfair to even. see it that he would have you know meet god as i wish and it worked on our side in being was that of a man asserts that he had dual are even less and in such a sad man not the class father not lack of oxygen i myself must have while they are to the other numbers and helplessness that which still renders apply oxygen in
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filling up my ass are something that i can't even believe or don't have oxygen man to do a good strong bands do they get to do needs rock saw that was a very unfortunate thing but i walked. it when to somebody was star. who was not in need and my grandfather would have gone to the grave seem to. be a duty to someone who was mourning no we've who wouldn't need more use of it the faith that you can indeed that was sort of feel lost and thank you so much for joining us astri to show me. and you so much. we talk about more developments in this pandemic now bomb techs co-founder has voiced confidence that the vaccine works against the indian variant of the virus and says tests are continuing brazil's senate has opened an inquiry into whether president is diables an arms government committing criminal negligence or corruption in its
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handling of the pandemic and south korea hopes to encourage more people to get vaccinated by granting exemptions from quarantine measures to people who have been inoculated currently anyone who's been in contact with a confirmed patient or return from overseas as the current team for 14 days. other stories making headlines around the world now a new lawmakers have voted overwhelmingly to ratify opposed trade and cooperation agreements $660.00 in favor and only 5 against it's a final step in the ratification process of a deal that sets out the framework of the u.k.'s new relationship with the e.u. 5 years after britain voted to leave the bloc. british prime minister barak's johnson is facing a formal investigation into the costs of being furbish in his official apartment to downing street he's denied any wrongdoing insisting he pay for the renovations himself and the country's electoral commission says it has reasonable grounds to suspect an offense has been committed. australians are backing 25 years since
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a lone gunman killed 35 people in the tasmanian town of port arthur the massacre prompted the government to tighten national gun laws more than a 1000000 firearms were destroyed in a buyback scheme that followed the legislation. for the european parliament is to debate its response to the increased tensions between ukraine and russia after moscow began to withdraw some of its troops from their joint border russian forces have been massing along ukraine's border in these weeks for no obvious reason western powers have condemned moscow for its military buildup and voiced their support for here that the tension is high between the 2 countries since 2014 it's certain russians to withdraw won't signal any lasting peace between the 2 countries . tens of thousands of russian troops along ukraine's borders aircraft and missile systems in place unannounced exercises action unprecedented scale and all of them
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within striking distance of ukraine russia's military made no effort to hide what was going on as the reports piled up day after day ukraine and its western allies group palpably nervous all the while the kremlin remained silent and then suddenly as they appeared officials announced that the. troops returned to their bases what was this show of strength meant to achieve and what is it the vladimir putin actually wants from ukraine water water rushing is becoming part of everyday life in crimea the region russia seized me crane back in 2014 climate change and a growing population of made things worse but the main problem is this canal or what remains of it much of crimea as water used to come through here from ukraine's new pro river but after russia's annexation of crimea ukraine pulled the plug moscow is now demanding kiev restore supplies this is victor meldrew to a multimillionaire ukrainian politician media mogul and crucially
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a personal friend of let him in putin's in recent months he and his partners have faced investigation over allegations of illegal business deals with pro russian separatists reason enough for ukraine's government to take medved chooks pro moscow t.v. networks off air analysts agree that saving madrid you can prosecution returning his networks to the airwaves is a key kremlin priority if selenski wants progress on donbass putin insists he should go and talk to these to the leaders of the separatists in eastern ukraine financed and armed by russia it's all part of the kremlin line that russia is just a mediator an internal ukrainian conflict not an active participant selenski were to agree to direct negotiations with the separatists russia would be off the hook diplomatically and ukraine's president would himself being extremely hot water at home potential win win let's go all day w. our correspondent marina strauss in brussels welcome marina so what can the european parliament to do if it decides that russia does need to be punished for
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exactions against ukraine especially given that russia is already under sanctions by the e.u. and others. members of european parliament are preparing a so-called resolutely to impose new sanctions on russia this time if russia for the escalates a situation at its border with ukraine or even considers an invasion but it's actually not the parliament that decides it's e.u. countries and last time their foreign ministers met it's not a long time ago a couple of days ago they decided not to impose new sanctions on russia they only ask russia to further deescalate but there's one thing many people here in brussels can agree on and that's the fact that the relations with russia are are at an all time low and many fear it will further escalate. i do wonder sometimes what is the point of the european parliament give you just said the decision is not vest it
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belongs to the heads of state. and if they are going to sanction is there any evidence that anything that the e.u. has done to sanction russia has had any effect at all of the role of the european parliament is to put pressure that's one of their roles to put pressure on member states they can decide on sanctions they can just say we want sanctions and then you member states have to go forward and put sanctions in place but let's look at russia for example that you and others imposed sanctions on russia after the annexation of crimea a couple of years ago and yet russia did not necessarily change its behavior but it had economic repercussions and that mounted the pressure on lady mary putin inside its country his country for example. why is this the business of the european parliament given that neither russia nor ukraine is about. well the e.u.
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has the power to impose sanctions on any counter erode the world to safeguard its values or to for its own security that's what you said yes that's not what i'm saying so it's imposed for example sanctions on myanmar after the military coup there and like security plays an huge draw when we're talking about ukraine this is russia because you're crying it's not an e.u. member we know that but it's on the european continent and imagine a war broke out in ukraine again or a conflict it would pose a huge threat on the european union. it's very distrusting in brussels thank you so much. the u.n. secretary general antonio turner she's holding meetings in geneva with the leaders of the divided island of cyprus to try and find common ground between the 2 sides the island has been split along ethnic lines between greek and turkish cypriots for
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decades the hope is to use this summit as a springboard to resume peace talks that have been stalled since 2070. time seems to have come to a standstill and for russia it's largely greek population fled during turkey's invasion of cyprus.


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