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present day hoaxes this is. who's behind the. big business the good radio is an exception to the of the. manufacturing ignorance of george mason on g.w. . this is g.w. news and these are our top stories brazil's covert 900 death toll has surpassed the 400000 box this comes as the country struggles to secure enough vaccine doses brazil's president also narrow it with currently under investigation by the senate to determine whether his administration has made the crisis worse. kremlin critic alexina valley has appeared in public for the 1st time since ending a hunger strike the jailed russian opposition figure was seen on video for
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a court hearing at the same time the valleys political network announced it was disbanding after a court imposed a ban on the group. germany's highest court has ruled that climate protection laws don't go far enough to protect future generations the ruling is considered a victory for environmentalists who argue that greenhouse gas reduction targets must go well beyond current legislation focused on the 2030 the court has given the german government until the end of next year to reform the current small. this is g.w. news from berlin you can find watch more news in our website that is d w dot com. or. for. before u.s. president biden delivered his 1st speech to congress last night history had already
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been made behind him seated side by side the speaker of the house and the vice president the 2 people in line to become president should anything happen for the 1st time ever we're both women it wasn't making history but rather repeating history that the president warned about in his address last night america as the guarantor of freedom american jobs stopping climate change and even preserving democracy biden says it all depends on the united states staying ahead of its 21st century rival china i bring golf in berlin this is the day. with their competition in the future we also need to make a once in a generation investment. in our families and our children but it's time for corporate america and the wealthiest one percent rich that just began to pay their
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fair share our best future will not come from washington schemes or socialist dreams not a single thing nothing nothing beyond our capacity. to do whatever we set our mind to if we do it together. also coming up joe biden sees his presidency as a once in a generation chance for america will he be a transformative president a 21st century franklin roosevelt it's a legacy that biden seems comfortable leaning on when a democracy is tested franklin roosevelt reminded us in america we do our part we all do our part. that's all i'm asking. to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and to all of you around the world welcome we begin the day reading president joe biden last night the u.s.
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president delivered his 1st address before a joint session of congress instead of a packed house pandemic restrictions meant the president had a captive audience of only 200 people and yet the moment retained that a mistake a bill or of a right of passage for new presidents biden's task last night convince congress and the country that his unprecedented legislative plans totaling 6 trillion dollars are worth every penny biden one of the most experienced new presidents in u.s. history relied on a familiar construct to execute his argument america's success in the 21st century as it had been in the 20th depends according to biden on an unwavering commitment to defeating freedom's nemesis in 1951 or 1981 that would have been the soviet union in 2021 red is still the color but the challenger has changed to china
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we begin tonight on capitol hill. joe biden spent decades in the u.s. congress as a senator. he was back with an ambitious program that could see him becoming a transformational u.s. president. good to be back. he began by drawing attention to the historic fact that for the 1st time ever the 2 people behind him where women madam speaker. madam vice president i. know you measure this. has never said those words from this podium no president ever said those words. then a grim summary of his 1st 100 days combined with a note of optimism 100 days since i took the oath of office left in my hand off our family bible and heritage nation we all did it was in crisis the worst
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pandemic of the century the worst economic crisis since the great depression the worst attack on our democracy since the civil war now after just 100 days i can report to the nation america is on the move again. offering a wide ranging vision of jobs prosperity and a new big government with big spending plans biden said he would pay for it all with higher taxes on corporations and the super rich continuous cycle growth things worse 20000000 americans lost their job in the pandemic. working the middle class americans at the same time. roughly 650000000000. saw their net worth increase by more than one trillion dollars in the same exact period my fellow americans trickle down trickle down economics has never
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worked this time to grow the economy from the bottom in the middle out. on international policy biden focus on adversaries russia and china linking america's ability to conquer them to the success of his domestic policy agenda. america's movie. moving forward but we can't stop now. we're in competition with china and other countries to win the 21st century were great inflection point in history. the circumstances of biden's speech were unlike any previous presidential address members of congress were mosques and were seated apart because of condom make restrictions. but we have complete coverage tonight with me tonight is a veteran of the obama campaign julie is funded largely as knows president biden
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and vice president. he is now a campaign strategy consultant here in berlin also joining me is. she is on assignment in the state of texas to both of you it's good to have you with us julius let me start with you one of the spoils of being president is that you get to construct the narrative when you give a speech like this so let's dissect this a little bit as a european what did you hear as biden's main message last night. and he said america is on the move again and i thought he made a compelling case that you know he brought america back 1st of all of course shots and arms 220000000 shots into america's arms i thought that was a helpful you know just just market that he laid down the other thing of course is that no president in the history has ever created that many jobs in the 1st 100 days is office but as europeans i think there was also a message in there that was still an america 1st message and we saw it over the
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last 100 days that joe biden of course has put america 1st i think we in here have also noticed. i want to stay here with that with the notion of foreign policy i want you to take a listen to what the former u.s. president don't trump said about biden's foreign policy in particular his policy on china in an interview on fox news take a listen they're going to give our country away to china china will take over this country if they don't do something very quickly and they've been very very weak and china and we beat john that so badly and then cover it came along and it was back to step one now as you know there are obviously problems with the truth there and what the former president is saying but despite that there are people who will not buy biden's tough stance on china how do you keep how do you get through to those people what thought he laid out
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a specific example in the 2nd part of the speech when he said i don't see why we should be producing wind turbines or why should we should actually purchase any of those wind turbines in china we can actually build them in texas or in pennsylvania or in west virginia and i thought that was a compelling case that he continued to say well we got a purchase in america but we also got to build an american i think the way to sell that is actually say this all has to do with american jobs and american infrastructure and we can't rely on the chinese anymore we've got to buy and purchase at home you know that takes us to domestic policy and to you carlina biden last night called for an end to america's war on immigration so what's his solution to the crisis in american southern border. indeed and he called to and that war on immigration here in the united states but he did not actually address the crisis here in the south and border of the word to mexico and
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me instead called on congress to pass his immigration bill a bill that includes a path to citizenship for around 11000000 undocumented people and this issue of the felder border crisis has really overshadowed his 1st 100 days in office so people who were expecting to see him to address this incident that you travel today to atlanta tomorrow he is going to be and philadelphia and it's not in his plans to come to this how the our border by now we have been talking to people here and for example help for they act president to address a more humane immigration policy that is exactly what he promised and also the ones who are not for immigration the ones who live here on the border who have this wall on their back yard they expect him to have a regulated lorem on immigration that means they're not against any grants that they wanted to come in or regulated in a legal way let's take a look to the report we did today. at the u.s.
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border next to mexico and texas lately they have seen more and more immigrants arriving on the u.s. side many of them across their front and even knock on their door they come in our . food anything in any way that they can get help. it's scary because of the fact that one could get into problems. another one who we say we don't know who they are. once a week they get to the other side off the wall to the river fishing and the rio grande the natural border between texas and mexico has been a tradition in their family for generations there they enjoy a beautiful landscape and a peaceful activity at a river that for many on the other side looks dangerous and life changing. simply don't mean the. men will meet with trump we saw less people crossing the border
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since biden they are more. my parents if they are from mexico so i do understand them but we just can't help it or we can't do anything for the down but he is still pretty much what. helping undocumented immigrants is against the law in the us helpers can even get a respite many of the people who cross the river are from central america they escape from life threatening situations a toe or criminal activities are part of everyday life for many paying a car you already to get to the u.s. is their only option close on the ground to where they crossed the river and response mark their path from here it's only a 5 to 10 minutes right to cross of the rio grande the river gets really narrow here this is why around 700 a meek rents cross the river from mexico to the united states seeking asylum every day specially during the night according to the u.s. customs and border protection this number is going to increase during the next
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months a huge challenge for president biden who has promised a more humane immigration policy. instead the streets in rome are packed with national guard state troopers and police officers thousands of immigrants have been arriving every month in a city of rafferty 12000 residents the mayor is concerned he knows the number is most likely going to increase we're on their side as far as. we understand why but at the same time we wish that there was a better way of better way for them to come across a more legal way and i think that's going to. immigration reform for a better policy because right now. open border type situation is not the safest for anybody and every day concern for people like that made a family who know there is not an easy solution they just want freedom and to live without fear just like the ones who cross the border you know
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your report speaks to the fact that there have been kill lists fruitless attempts by both republican and democratic presidents to reform immigration law in the u.s. is there any reason to believe that it will be different with. the thing they need the republicans on board for that and about is exactly the problem the democrats as you know you have a razor thin majority and the house of representatives they don't have a majority and it's an ad but a tie breaking vote vice president can all of harry's so the question is how can you get republicans to support a day has it be gratian all these years you made integration and that is a very difficult buying specially because as you know migration is not a popular issue it divides people it invites american texans that that's what we have to know anything and with a view to the to the midterm elections and this is of course not a popular not
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a good issue for joe biden to address. julius let me bring this back over here to us here in germany and to climate change and i have to ask you about the green party they could win big in the election here in germany in september the next german chancellor could be a 40 year old green party co-leader and she will have a lot in common in terms of policy with this 78 year old moderate job i. that's right and i mean i think it's remarkable to see what's happening over here in germany i mean for the 1st time in 16 years the name on the bells and i could be angela merkel again i mean there is exactly 150 days to go until german election day and you mention the polls right now the greens are in the late i think there's still a lot of runway for the city view to continue to come back but at the same time you're absolutely right germany is facing some of the same issues to determine how
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to bring back the economy how to get ready for climate change and i think what the green party has laid out so far is that they also want to spend big not just on the economy but also on green technology and green jobs and i think that's one path forward for both joe biden as he laid out yesterday but also for on the line up of up in the green party yeah i think we can say would have no problems with having a green government here in germany julie is under law here in berlin an entirely new turmoil our correspondent in texas tonight to both of you thank you for. well as i said one of the spoils of being president is getting to set the narrative my next guest is a veteran in decipher and dissecting presidential and political narratives frank sesno is a former white house correspondent and former c.n.n. washington bureau chief he is now with the school of media and public affairs at george washington university frank it's good to see you again it's good to have you
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on the show again what about this president last night he presented his blue collar blueprint for 21st century america he obviously has surprised speechwriters does he have a message to ensure that his plans become wall well he didn't plan to be sure that they're going to become law because they have to get through that 5050 senate and plenty of other hurdles but that he's got the plans at all and that he's articulating them in this way as you indicated is a very very big deal joe biden in 100 days has carved out a narrative around his president that is as every bit as ambitious as l.b.j. or franklin roosevelt before him you know i covered any mention i was a white house correspondent i covered ronald reagan i mean for member when ronald reagan brought the republican revolution the reagan revolution to washington he remade washington and conservative him and he affected generations of presidencies
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after that such that when bill clinton was president he famously stood before that same congress where biden was last night on new day and it was full and he said the era of big government is older. democrat bill clinton said last night joe biden said the opposite 6 trillion dollars of federal spending in his various packages that have either been passed $1.00 trillion passed or envisioned a role for the federal government that no democrat has really dared speak certainly from that has since the time of lyndon johnson and so this is a very very dramatically different time and though joe biden is speaking softly he's carrying a very big government stick and i think everybody is still coming to terms with this yeah and you know he's being compared to what they'll be jay and with f.d.r. but based on what you're saying it sounds like maybe he's becoming i mean he may not want to get this label but he's becoming the anti ronald reagan is that
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correct you know in some ways because what reagan did and what in the way he influenced the party and even in some ways through donald trump although trump departed very dramatically from much of reagan style with the republican party since the time of reagan has been a government is the problem party that's what reagan himself famously said in one of his state of the union addresses to congress government isn't the solution to your problems government is the problem but joe biden is saying very clearly whether it's climate change or infrastructure or education which in the united states is a hyper local issue whether it's a minimum wage whether it's education which he proposes to almost. you know overhaul the government not only can make a difference but should make a difference so it's a it's a it's a it is the anti reagan position you know we've had candidates who have run away
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from the l. word liberal or of not one of the rest of us because of this the growth of the conservative movement started with great. maybe by new change that will see his poll numbers aren't overwhelming but there's there solid and there in the you know in in positive territory if you look a bit about foreign policy the threat from china was the president in last night's speech and the mega narrative if you will was the cold war do you agree with that i mean were we getting hints of another cold war for. well i think what what biden is trying to do and trump did it in his own way before that is to say that china is the 21st century figure in trunks were threat or enemy and biden's word competitor or adversary so biden tones the volume down them the temperature down a little bit but his is fundamental narrative is the same china is who we need to
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worry about whether it's the south china sea whether it's taiwan whether it's climate change whether it's economic competition whether it's espionage so yes i think that we've got china and as the framing device of where the competition law is and what biden was saying very directly last night is that you know the money that he wants to spend in infrastructure on climate change is jobs and is a way to counter china's influence so it's it's going to be interesting to see whether that is galvanizing force that he needs you know this is not the cold the cold war really drove policy and that's and weaved it was said that you know public it politics stopped at the water's edge both parties agree that about how to go after the cold war they don't about how to go after china or writes frank sesno as always frank it's good to get your insights we appreciate your time tonight for
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example joining us tonight from washington d.c. thank you frank thank you. when joe biden moved into the white house last january he had a portrait of president franklin delano roosevelt placed prominently in the oval office in the last few weeks washington d.c. has begun comparing president biden to f.d.r. president roosevelt is best known for the new deal dozens of government agencies including social security established in 1933 to lift the u.s. out of the great depression the new deal transformed america reengineering the relationship between the people and the government and it was a product of f.d.r.'s 1st 100 days in office last night president biden talented his own new deals 19 relief modernizing infrastructure and boosting america's middle class with investments in education and childcare the total price tag $6.00
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trillion dollars a story and say this easily surpasses the cost of the programs f.d.r. put into place in his 1st $100.00 days so are we witnessing a new transformational president at work or what we can see is a president trying to redefine the role of the state in the lives of its citizens and there isn't historical evidence flows that biden is tapping into it is 1961 inauguration speech president john f. kennedy described the government as an ally of the people and the people who should gladly serve take a listen and my fellow america. not. what your country can do for you and what you can do for your country are at a partnership between the people and their government 20 years later another
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president ronald reagan began the official dismantling of that partnership you know this is the line that we remember most from reagan's inauguration speech in 1981 government is not the solution to our problem government is the problem. of government as a problem for the next 40 years republicans and democrats would trade 10 years at the white house but this paradigm stuck it had various names such as small government or trickle down economics the belief that tax breaks for the wealthy would free up capital and that entrepreneurs would then create new jobs been a fitting or trickling down to the middle class and the poor in 2021 the middle class is smaller the gap between rich and poor wider and this is where president by comes in my fellow americans trickle down
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trickle down economics is never were there is time to grow the economy from the bottom in the middle out. ah whether biden will transform america like the 21st century f.d.r. that remains to be seen we do know this joe biden the oldest of presidents in bodies a notion of governance that is completely foreign to america's youth the idea that the government is an ally of the public that the government can be should be part of the solution not the problem. well the day is almost gone but the conversation that continues online you'll find us on twitter in the news or you can follow me at brant gough's t.v. every member whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see that everybody.
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to the point. clear position some international perspective. it's the ultimate cover catastrophe storing infections hamas at breaking point a death rate the. shattering records are missteps by the government to blame coronavirus in india out of control that's our topic up to the point to the point. next to the t w. investment suicide rate journals get.
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domestic violence and racism. question to beheadings on the rape of babies just. think there's a. big wet kiss when you consume a cleanout. invisibles. 45 minutes on d w. trench it's. a lot of fun she will extract a good outfits and glitter glitter glitter. some of. the fighting against prejudice i don't hold cable like i did nothing of just
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dancing up for britney. your little stars on the streets to. stretch the seventy's come to. india is in the throes of the ultimate covert catastrophe recording more infections per day just short of $400000.00 at the moment officially than any other country since the pandemic began with hospitals at breaking point forced to turn patients away and oxygen running out the debt. climbs relentlessly sick people and their families search desperately for help and for answers how did it come to this is the government to blame coronavirus in india out of control.


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