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tv   Reporter - On Location  Deutsche Welle  May 16, 2021 8:15am-8:30am CEST

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on the hunt for the all time bundesliga goal scoring title match up house borg will be glad not to have to when. you're watching data mckinney's coming up after the break report that goes to me a lot more headlines for you at the top of the hour don't go away. i'm scared that volume or not hard and in the end this is a me you're not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers what alliances of the what's your story ready. i mean one of them isn't women especially in victims of violence. take part and send us your story we are trying in all ways to understand this new
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culture. another visitor nothing yet you want to become a citizen. in for migrants your platform for reliable information. new york a global metropolis brimming with culture energy life and of course money but behind the glitz and glamour there's a different story. one in 5 new yorkers is living through the pandemic in poverty. last year's 6000000 barrio lost her jobs and one of her sons now she ekes out a living collecting. models. bridget
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harris wants to help she collects food donations for people in need because the things wealthy new yorkers throw away are desperately needed by the city's poor. it's payday for 6 tilly on barrio she has an entire week's worth of work in these bags and every cent counts. that if there are $144.00 cans in here each once worth $0.06 what or that's a $0.16 for each bag. so that one i get $0.14 and i have 5 of those it should be $230.00 total. come out of the emperor thank. since then has lived in new york city for 34 years
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she immigrated illegally from mexico her husband left the family and 6 there raised 5 children all by herself. before the pandemic 6 they had 4 cleaning jobs now she only has one in order to pay the $600.00 rent for her room she collects bottles every day. for the medicaid am i am what kind of early in the morning or at night after dark since the pandemic lots of people collect bottles even the men come at the supermarket cuts full of bottles yet it wasn't like that before but now with the pandemic it's the only way we can survive we don't get help otherwise they must already be a bit but. we're not the number one graduate or. put another one on top. after all. off. was. the recycling contractor
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that buys sixty's bottles is waiting a few blocks away. across the east river in manhattan project harris and her team of volunteers are also collecting not bottles but cookies to give to new yorkers in need. these cookies are among the most popular in the city chocolate and peanut butter chocolate chip and walnut $7.00 apiece and the boxes are full. today cookies these are pieces of loaf look like a lemon loaf it's almost always their cookies a lot of leftover cookies muffins whatever they don't sell from the the night before we take them and it's a pretty good stuff it's not stale or anything if the team didn't take these baked goods they'd be thrown away like so much food in the city. that's going to
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be really heavy. that's. going to get better i think so yeah the whole we can stop if we need better bridget's main job is delivering meals by bicycle for delivery app but on the side she collects food donations all over new york city for the nonprofit rescuing leftover cuisine her family's originally from liberia for her fighting hunger is personal but when i was there i was going to a civil war and i would die from starvation so ever since then i have. hated the sea the amount of food that gets wasted and then just seeing people on the streets hungry right here in america it really hurts to know that people are wasting food when it's hungry people out there. today they drop off the donations at the bowery mission in southern manhattan. it's the oldest christian relief mission in the city . it all gets carefully weighed.
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it was a total of $182.00 pounds of africa today. very good. here are you proud 50 yeah i know i knew it was going to be over 150 i just didn't know it was going to hit 200 but this is still pretty good. the barry mission has been helping the city's poor for 140 years even in the days of the spanish flu it provided food and a place to sleep and today thanks to bridget and her team there's a delicious cookie for dessert 2. back in brooklyn 60 has arrived at the collection point she has fewer employees than usual that's because she's been on a hunger strike together with 14 others she's been calling on the state to finally
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help immigrants like her because they're undocumented they're not eligible for most government aid. your member. i took part because there needs to finally be justice yet there are so many immigrants hired and most of us pay taxes yet but why because we thought that was the only way we would eventually get a residency permit by paying taxes on the border my mom had in the belly of the family but. the protest was an act of desperation she says eventually she no longer felt hunger to know that i'm not what i was we were given coconut water to drink and a vitamin pouty to keep the body killing them i lost 61 days if. i want them i go on to say the. it was a success new york state is now promised $2100000000.00 to help people like 16
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she's one of more than half a 1000000 undocumented immigrants living in new york city the success of the hunger strike has given them courage. to them remember it was a victory and fairy happy because we didn't have one it's great for us but everything is going to get a much better nice country where the money will come don't help us i think people even get residents don't. get the money from the state is not yet here and neither are other documents but at least the recycling contractor has arrived 6 tickets a little less than she hoped for but she's still happy. oh. yeah i got he paid me a 193 does he get. back
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at the bowery mission i should put on he is making sure everything is ready for lunch soon the clients will be arriving. we're going to start packing up at about 11 o'clock. so in about 5 minutes. they distribute 2 to 300 meals every day impossible without the help of volunteers. so whatever we have out now we can probably just wrap them up and start fantasizing and getting ready to pack up ok thanks guys. you guys are all the time back there so how about the flex star bringing back the crates of living cookies and i'll show you where you can put them. before coated people ate in the dining hall but now it's all takeout for you very very. most of the people here are regulars. here
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a very few people from. my cuny also comes here on a regular basis. let's see there's watermelon. looks like a beef stew. with some cabochon rice. some bread. mike is a trained x. ray technician he lost his job and home before the pandemic it's a difficult time to find new work and get back on his feet he appreciates any help he can get. those good love watermelon save the rest for later. because so many people are homeless during the pandemic the city has temporarily put them up in hotels my friends some of them are in homeless shelters so they move them to whole tells motels then they have lost their pay for their phone bills they lost their jobs unemployment took a long time. so i lost contact with
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a lot of people that i consider friends and family a lot lot of the people that work there just sitting and talking to them for like 45 minutes. just got me out of the deep space you know space and became. optimistic instead of pessimistic. he never thought he'd be in this position relying on help from others. cheung 1000000 waving. but it's humbled me because i did have a good paying job and relying on someone i've never been used to that i don't like relying on people. but until he finds work he has no choice last year has taken its toll for a while there i was really not. doing anything i was just depressed
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gave up the city was like dad i mean i was just laying in bed and there were nothing just getting more depressed mike wants to leave new york as soon as you can to go somewhere where life is easier and cheaper. 6 is also getting a snack the pandemic hasn't just made life more difficult it also took away her youngest son unemployment alcohol depression he was only 30 years old. let the i'll bang you here in melbourne you went into the bathroom and died within 5 minutes and i was downstairs i was going to get the car to take him to coney island and that's when my other son said mom quick my brother isn't responding he's asleep i run like crazy up the stairs. but by then
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he was dead. my son was dead. i was gonna make it all you want to live here i've been here for 34 years until the moment i don't want to be here but i want to go back to my brothers get through this year and then i'll go back to mexico go to a leg work when i'm not marketable none of that they are just going to meet their. family. for many new york is a city of dreams for people like 60 of the pandemic has turned it into a nightmare. a nightmare she wants to escape from as soon as possible.
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diversity on your own mouths this episode is all about celebrating differences and advocating equal opportunity it doesn't matter where you're from what you believe in whether or not you have a disability or who you love diversity in riches our modern society we are against discrimination and for except your romex. next on the d.w.i. . is code. challenging species. an expedition. looking to design for the secret language of whales plus the exciting part of underwater listening is here and getting
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a window into their their life that you would never you never see. you. see a company a research team to the pacific to. the language of whales storage to force on g.w. . carrots additional gender roles are being turned upside down. how and why.


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