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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  June 14, 2021 4:00pm-4:16pm CEST

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i me the news . double the news from the nato prefer to adapt the chance atlantic alliance to new challenges as leaders gather in brussels for this pivotal summit will examine that plans to tackle the rising influence of china and russia also on the program. and i'm hoping to succeed to them naturalist, chancellor of germany, d. w gets he's taken, pressing foreign policy issues. israel's new alternation,
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most prime minister, promised to end 2 years of political stalemate. but what can be bad? it's really achieve at the head of such a fragile coalition government a small town in practice, down with children of made victims of an outbreak in a tragedy that local se could have been avoided. chinese great novak chuck of rich hedges close to a drug slum milestone racks up yet another major title. bidding the french open evening him one grand slam away from equal the mens all tied ah until gale. welcome to the program. nato leaders or in brussels to meet the new us president joe biden was to reaffirm america's commitment to the alliance of his
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previous assa, describe just obsolete global warming and security. and i've got a standard on the agenda. nato countries are also expected to call on china to respect its international commitments. as the summit began, secretary general sultan burg clarified the alliance, his position on basically, what we have seen over several years is significant military build up by china investing heavily in new military capabilities. including new capabilities and also more advanced weapons systems. we see coercive behavior, for instance, for instance in the south china sea. and we also know that china does not share or values we see. oh, they're cracked down on democratic protest in hong kong. and also prosecutor minorities in their own country and use mold on technology, social media, facial recognition, to monitor and surveillance, their own population away,
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we've never seen before. all of these matters for our security. we are not entering a new cold war on the signers will not our at the certain of our and the me about. we need to address together ask the lions the challenges that the routes are trying our processes to our security straight to nate her age q in brussels and where we join d w correspondent terry shoulds. welcome terry. so we just heard yet, instead of saying no new cold war with china. so how will nato respond to china's more assertive nature? hi, phil. well, in the end, what nato has to work with at this point is words. china doesn't directly threaten nato. it is simply all of these different activities that secretary general stalsen burge listed that has allies, very concerned china spends on its military far more than european allies. it has
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the 2nd largest military in the world after the united states. and it already has the largest navy. so this is not something that a military alliance can ignore, as told and berg mentioned to they are not happy with china's anti democratic behavior. and the message in the final communicate will be to china. that if you are going to be a major after on the international stage, you need to act responsibly in line with international norms. ok, said with attorney, because of course china isn't nature's only challenge and we'll hear from german chancellor angler medical on the alliance. his other big problem and who named dorothy come to you who pleaded hybrid challenges are becoming increasingly significant, such as cyber attack, especially when it comes to russia. of course, this information campaigns pop, not many nato allies, including germany, also affected by this is in due to us. we will talk about the situation in ukraine while we are also seeing big challenges and about the co operation between nato and
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countries like georgia and ukraine. caught you know, event. and we will, of course, speak about the threat such as we are seeing in belgrade to a human rights all being trampled on them. so terry show. so you are saying that as far as time goes tough words from nato. what about russia? what form is nature's response likely to take? well, certainly with russia, it's a different question because russia borders, nato allies, several nato allies directly threatened by moscow regularly. so it certainly has a greater geo political stake in what moscow is doing at the moment. but again, there have been many, many very strong statements against russian behavior and it hasn't seem to have any impact. the relationship is going nothing but down. so in fact, at this point, they will likely reiterate those messages. but all eyes are really on this meeting . on wednesday between president biden and putin, and i can definitely say that as president biden heads into this meeting in geneva,
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he is carrying the wishes of european allies on his shoulders. they all want to see very, very strong statements from president biden, drawing some lines in the sand and telling russia it may not go further. it needs to stop these malign activities. so president biden is in europe over the next few days, essentially telling europe in leaders that they, the usa is back and is committed to its international obligations. so here at night, so we hearing about concrete actions from the us. so or is he just telling them more of what they want to hear? well, in terms of security fail, words aren't meaningless. the words that president trump issued against nato were really hurtful to the alliance and didn't fact create a lot of divisiveness. so when, when president biden comes back and says over and over again, the u. s. is back, the u. s. is there, the u. s. will defend its nato allies. it does mean something. it's not just atmosphere. if it does create more of
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a sense of security among these allies who are bound to go to war for each other if necessary. and, and the truth is that during the trump administration, he didn't make a lot of changes on the ground even though he threatened to. so most u. s. reassurance, measures physically are still in place and everybody is, is very much welcoming. these are the words from president biden that tell them if needed, we will use our defense mechanism to protect you our allies. thank you for that territory. show that nature headquarters in brussels. every year dw brings together media professionals and decision makers from a range of fields to discuss the most important socio political issues about time. german chancellor, i'm going to michael started this g as global media form with a special message. there was also an address from armand lasha party colleague who hopes to succeed her as chancellor disruption and innovation is the theme of the 2
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day meeting with conspiracy theories and artificial intelligence. amongst the topics being explored. google search or google use because it's on the w editor in chief. manuela caspar claridge spoke with armand lasha and questioned him about some of the foreign policy issues he would face if he became chancellor. mr. lashes . a new chapter in trans atlantic relations seems to be open. now, what's your take on this? the, with our key on the u. s. is returning to the walls, health organization and it's engaging at the united nations again, and it's reviving 7 processes we just saw over the weekend hub and aunt. and i believe we should cease this moment. the president's idea of a coalition of democracies around the world that work closely together is a particular opportunity for europe and for germany to be strongly involved. y'all shouts on, getting a clear us then poured towards russia. what does that exactly mean for you?
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you didn't have to keep calling for a tougher approach, need to say what they mean by that approach happens i'm, we have sanctions of breaking off diplomatic relations or anything like that will be wrong when, when things get difficult, you have to talk more not last of this is, that's why it's a good thing that joe biden, the american president, will be meeting president putin in the next few days when the american and russian presidents meeting again at last. and that's more important than never in times of crisis. denton, bass polk, discarded he's inside there talks between the u. s. and germany about not trying to what are the preconditions so that not for him to can actually go online. these are pipeline high play must not be used to black male ukraine or the bell takes a day to poland, poland. but once it's been billed, it will be an additional good part of free energy supply was all the waters and the
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pipeline will go into opperation this year name. and when the gas starts flowing, we need to keep a close eye on these geopolitical rules. and the protection of ukraine, and that's been agreed on a european level to the human rights abuses and below rows. that part of the discussion as she says, meeting you met settler, not you are not personally, she's the opposition leader levels and she's asking for tougher sanctions. what could tougher sanctions look like? the s's and soon do you have the 1st sanctions that we decided on band, the below rationale and from flying over european union territory. because asia like, why not flying from our side over bella, ruth, which also hits the state financially, was up to then putting officials involved in human rights violations directly or indirectly on the targeted things. unless you think some of these officials have their own business interests, including president crushing or himself,
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these are in their activities that companies need to come into the european union sanction regime, activity, and film and listen, wanted us as soon as they seem double that hasn't happened yet, but that is what i would like to see expanding the sanctions to increase targeted pressure on president gushing call of president lucas shinkel. mr. russia. thank you very much for the interview israel. where for the 1st time in 12 years, people are waking up to a country or run by a prime minister who is not benjamin netanyahu. lawmakers narrowly approved a new coalition government led by a former netanyahu ally enough tommy bennett, even further to the right than mister netanyahu and promising a fresh start. after 2 years of political stalemate. the on the streets of televi eve celebrations to mark the end of an era and the dawn of a new one. after
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a frantic round of deal making the increasingly unpopular prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been pushed from power by an unlikely alliance. i celebrate. i me and my friends celebrating the new government because it's something new, something fresh, good people, and all the sides of the country. i mean the right side, the left side, not only side, i think it's agree with every child. netanyahu is replaced by enough, tallied bennett, who is a party government was confirmed by the connected on sunday. and the few clumsily were at the start of new days, hardships, and it's not an exaggerated word. the hardships of establishing the unity governments are behind us. now the eyes of the people of israel, of everyone are on us and now we have to prove ourselves.
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bennett, who made millions in it. he was a netanyahu protege, the right when nationalist has dislodged the dominant israeli politician of his generation. netanyahu served as prime minister for 12 consecutive years after a 3 year term in the ninety's. the new government was forged by centrist leader, yet you're lucky. it includes era lawmakers, a 1st for israel, they say joining the government is ricky, but worth it. when again, we are aware that this step brings with a lot of written and difficulty via the opportunity for us. it's huge to change the equation and the balance of power in the method is in the new government. even as the fragile majority pledges to heal the countries deep divisions, netanyahu aim to stoke those divisions in search of a come back. but i will leave you on
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a daily fight to overthrow this dangerous left wing government. and with god's help, it will happen much faster than you think. you must shut down. the departing prime minister's most pressing battle might be the corruption charges . he's facing charges that have already played a big part in derailing his premier ship. now we'll take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world. starting in men, malware protesters have taken to the streets ahead of the tribe of austan civilian leader. our sons, who chief, who faces a raft of charges brought by the ministry jumps, is convicted mister g a could face more than 10 years in j. a gunman in italy has killed 2 children and an elderly man in the town near rome. it taca was later found dead in a nearby house in an apparent suicide. say he was known to be mentally unstable and threatened to kill residents before such shootings are extremely rare in italy.
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switzerland has not only rejected a new law aimed at cutting greenhouse gas emissions. 51 percent of voters voted against the legislation designed to help the country meet its parish climate agreement targets. it would have increased a surcharge on cost fuel and imposed and the 1st cases reported in 2019 and most of those affected were babies and children in later emerged that the majority of cases appeared to be linked to one. dr. authorities did take action, but many families say that tragedy could have been avoided. this full year old girl, it's one of many 100 still contracted h i v, near the town of raw to darrow's, in southern pakistan. her mother came ashore is now also h i v positive. she said they're getting some help from the government, but it's not enough. and she's afraid that he isn't begging about how can.


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