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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 16, 2021 11:00am-11:15am CEST

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i, i use this is d, w, use life for berlin, a moment of high stakes diplomacy at a time when us russian relations are at their lowest in your us. president joe biden is in geneva to meet the russian of lot in the future. the talks are expected to be tense and expectations are low, but can't they deliver any areas of agreement? also coming up the slide, the floating mass of cease not that threatening marine life and the fishing industry off the coast of turkey. critics and the government's cleanup efforts have come to like
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football championship brand fans celebrate their teams victory over germany in their opening. that's ah, i'm sorry, so it was kind of glad you could join us. us presidential biden is russian counterparts blood and we're putting, we'll meet for talks in geneva as relations between the 2 countries hit a low point bite in arrived in the city saying he was ready for a tough encounter with the russian president. he has promised to set clear red lines between washington and moscow, but says he hopes there will be areas for cooperation. the stomach will be put in and biden's 1st face to face meeting as leaders and is expected to last several hours. let's get the latest on the story. we have used alexander phenomenon covering the summit for us in geneva and your chateau was standing by in moscow.
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welcome to you both, alexander. let's start with you there in geneva. so talk us through the big points on the agenda today. there is a full range of pressing issues on the agenda. according to the white house you asked president joe biden wants to talk about most coast aggressive actions in ukraine. he wants to call out russia for human rights abuses. they had poisoning of the position leader. i'll explain nevada, but i think when the leaders come together at the villa ground right behind me, it's cyber security. that will be at the top of the agenda. there has been a few significant, far reaching cyber attacks in the u. s. lately, some of them having rush and fingerprints on them one targeted murray test biggest fuel pipeline. so the u, as once russia to do more to debtor, to deter such
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a text from within its waters. well, you know, allison's just a few months. a week ago we saw the u. s. president say when he was asked that let me put in is a killer. he's talked about drawing red lines in the meeting. so how tense do you think the summit is going to be? well, the fact is that the relations between the 2 countries are at the very low point, and you as president joe biden, he has made clear that he wants to be tough on russia. however, my impression is that he's also interested in lowering the temperature a notch or 2 and white house officials told us that the main goal here is to find areas where both sides can work to be ever on climate change. for example, on solving international crises in libya, for example, or in syria. and the big question of course is whether or not to be put in will play alone. jury that brings us to you there in moscow. this effort perhaps, to,
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to bring temperatures down a bit. i mean, we know that president biden will confront president pollutant with these allegations that russian hackers have been behind these big cyber attacks. so from your perspective, they're in moscow. how contentious do you think this is going to be while so my pretty contention, i think about some progress could be achieved as a valid this point because a half of the sun, it's both moscow and washing. you have already made some steps that might seem unusual against the backdrop of tension. in recent years, they've tried to smooth some of the shop edges of the relationship, avoid unnecessary signals, so that could escalate to the situation and they even exchanged already. what could be called some kind of compliment, the american president had that he is that he perceived his russian colleague at the board through arrival. and let me put in here in moscow for his boss, spoke very positively about biden's team, praising them for their professionalism. in an interview interview, when asked about cyber attacks, i gave the s and the possible expedition to the united states rational heck of have
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committed to both attacks. president putin admitted in an interview. it was a possibility, once appropriate agreements have been reached with washington, that was a kind of signal to the white house indicating the cram. it's good to bill enter it, and that's what i look at this point. and you just quickly, what do you think? preston put in wants to get out of this meeting, a direct direct dialogue between the 2 man, that's exactly what the russian president said he wants to establish russian american relations are probably already as a last point since that they call up. so this, i'll get the new and from here they can only get better. all of both sides, a warrant against hire stations, still with the importance of this meeting shouldn't be underestimated. the main thing now is to try to start salvaging relations from their current level and prevent and direct possibly aren't the glass between the 2 nuclear countries such as scenarios to me has become more and more realistic given the way things have developed in recent yes. first of all,
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because russia united states had stopped talking altogether and stage not reached even during the cold war. and both sides probably have a weak understanding of where the so called so called red lines on those lines that shouldn't be crossed under any circumstances. so he and moscow they convinced that neither of the 2 presidents will shake hands for just for the record putting wants to achieve results. even. that only means resuming the bilateral bilateral dialogue . under today's conditions, even that would be a lot our correspondence theory recess. are there in moscow, alexander phenomena in geneva? thank you. let's take a quick look at some other headlines now. israel has launched the air strikes on the gaza strip, the 1st military flare up since last month's cross border fighting is really military says it attack come off targets in response to incendiary balloons, launched from the palestinian territory authority say those balloons caused around 20 fires in open fields. socialist candidate, pedro castillo has claim victory and perused presidential election. he ended the
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lengthy vote count 44000 votes ahead of his rightly rival keiko for he moody. she is pledged to fight the result which election authorities have not yet formerly. and now. now in turkey, a slimy, floating mass of yellowish white ceased line is threatening marine life. and the fishing industry, especially in the sea of mar, mariah, and the water south of vist on bull. but it is also in the black sea and in the gmc as well, the so called cease not is caused by rising temperatures due to climate change and poor waste management. now the turkish government recently launched an action plan to clean up the slimy substance. many say these efforts are coming to late, our correspondence braved the water is of the sea of mamma. to send us this report . webs of seek yellowish slime, a covering corals wrapping themselves around crabs and sea urchins
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suffocating marine life. but this isn't a horror movie. it's on the water footage from the sea of mara, off the coast of the stumble. the so called sees not in sine speak. marine use village is produced by some of the slime, has been spreading for weeks, thriving on warm temperatures and pollution. it's a man made disaster. his man i could do most of the seas not is very difficult to grab, hold off this stuff so slimy. it slipped through your hands and back into the water . it's really revolting. an aerial view illustrates the extent of the environmental crisis. carpets of mucus, along the coast line, clogging ports and beaches,
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as well as affecting the sea of mom moran and the metropolis of a stumble. this line have overtaken over parts of the adjoining a g and, and black seas. it's a threat to the local fishing industry. and swimming is now impossible in many places in china, and i had heard of the seas not, but now i can see how bad it really is. i tried swimming with there is less of it, but my skin still felt 18 question. so just make sure that off the phone again, we usually come surfing here every week. but now we are really worried that we have to go further out because the slime is all over the short. but you can just say that again, it's authentic. i've been diving here for 10 years, but i've never seen a natural disaster like this, so it's been, there was c, not when i was a child, but it was never as bad as the kids lush, though the turkish government has recently started to tackle the problem the environment minister launched
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a massive clean up operation. dressers are pumping out the slime and workers are bringing the muck assure for disposal. it looks like an impossible task, and many experts say it's already too late. you know them. here is what we see on the surface is very worrying. but it's just the tip of the iceberg. the real problem is under the water. this is where the slime is spreading. and it's getting worse every week. after that, as humans that are marine biologists, like most of a sudden say the scourge of cease not is not just a turkish problem, but a stock warning to the world that climate change is pushing a plan of life support systems to the brink to europe in football championships, now germany hosted world cup champions, france and in the end it was decided by an own goal maximum of deflected
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a pass into his own neck. and that was all france needed. they had to go taken back on all side calls, but they still got the victory, one know, and jonathan crane from d w's 4th is watching the game. of course, jonathan, tell us what we saw of this match. well, i think we much deserved for more than one mill. there were sent me more to it than the one know 4 lines suggest it was what spies? 14000 fans inside. i mean, it's the answer in a pretty k g. start really poor. talk. brilliant france image failed, as you say, a match who moves and go the flailing and diverting it, pass manual around. 20 minutes with a brilliant pope with pass is set out. who is really got into a bit of a master though. i think if he hadn't put it in the net kill him back, pay was waking behind him to do so. franz had to go was just about in the 2nd half as you said, they hit the post. so mabry maybe could have scores for germany, but i think on balance france perhaps could have won by far more than one nail.
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well, there were 14000 fans allowed in the stadium in munich. let's listen to what some of them have to say after the match. when they, when they filled up 20 percent of the stadium, but we know how to make noise and we know that it works like clipper. can you? oh, just like it was fabulous. there was a great atmosphere. in fact, i filled the fonts for the home, things that were lots of french people, lots of energy, lots of cindy. oh yeah. you know, it was really incredible. the team was great. graceman was on top of that. i was on top. i really think it's a great sign of things to come. they would have a great the veterans, one of the jaga. it was a pity gemini had so if you scoring opportunities, but i think we'll do better in the next game against portugal. that will be important also how portugal play against france, that will be decisive for edward over that type they paid better next
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time. okay, johnson optimistic germany fan there and jimmy really has been up and down since they crushed out of the last world cup. did you see in this match an improvement? a no, not really. i mean, they're really share that optimism to be honest. and if you listen to the coach in the lab and some of the players, there are also quite pleased happy with the approach to the game, happy with how they forth and putting the defeat down through. and i go, but i didn't know i didn't really fit on the plus side. they didn't get thrashed. so confidence wise they can say, okay, and mary, when they were to feet against about champions. but i really thought they lacked a cutting edge. they didn't really threaten here, laurie, it's all in different, go, relax a bit of a plan. if you come back to france, you know how from a, going to set up, they're going to try and hit your accounts or tack. use that pace, that pace going forward. the movement, the accuracy of that past is it's just a cut above germany, basically. and when you have a play like kill you and there was an incident in the 2nd half way back pay started
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about 1015 meters behind not similar. and he caught him up. it was incredible. show pay. i think jeremy, just don't have that weaponry in that austin. i'm afraid. well, germany left the world cup and rush after the 1st round. is it too soon for fans to be nervous? the fact that happened this time as well now is nazi soon because this is a group of 14. as you play 3 matches, they've already lost one. and they've got portugal coming up and 4 to go out. the rain and champions, they beat hungry 3 mail yesterday as a team packs with talent that starting ivan has 6 family players, and that's not to mention christiano, but now they are as well. so that's going to be a very difficult match and then hungry as the last match and hungry made life difficult to portugal yesterday they defended really well. took portugal until the last 10 minutes to finally break through and break hungry down. so i think, you know, it's germany can get through the portugal match without losing then the fancy that chance is because they should be hungry. the saving grace is the 4th best place
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teams go through as well. so that could be germany's way through to the knockout. stages i think they were really nice to improve their performance. alright, jonathan craig from d. w for thank you. you're welcome. and thank you for watching d w ah m. as in so many portions of lunch turn out in the world, climate change very restored. this is my class the way from just one week how much was can really get we still have time to go. i'm doing all.


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