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the news, the news, this is the w news coming to live from berlin. russia sounds the alarm over a new wave of the corona, virus numbers of new cases have reached record highs across the country. some regions are introducing tougher restrictions to stop the virus spreading. we take a look at why the pandemic is surging again. also in the program. vaccine trials for kids to run a virus by teen makers are conducting tests on young children. the goal is to
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improve heard immunity report takes a look at how one trial is going in finland and rescue team searching for survivors at the sight of last week's florida. apartment collapse say they are not ready to give up more than a 150 of the complexes. residents are still missing. plus an evening of suspense and surprises at the euro. 2020. yeah. belgium ends portugal. dream of back to back titles while the czech republic not excel, the netherlands. ah, ah, hello, i'm terry martin. good to have you with us. russia is in the grip of a 3rd wave of the credit virus that's threatening to overwhelm the country's health service. the capital moscow recorded 144 covered 19 deaths and 24 hours on sunday.
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that's the highest rate since the beginning of the pandemic, and an average of $20000.00 new infections are being reported across the country each day. authorities are imposing strict new measures to counter the search. as d w uri, rosetta reports st. petersburg city beach couldn't be busy with the temperatures about 30 degrees celsius. philistines of russians have come to the gulf of finland to escape the hot weather. and social distances. russia is in the middle of its 3rd quarter on a virus wave thanks to rapidly spreading. delta variance, the storage is astounding. the alarm is in you taishan accounts for almost 90 percent over the u. k. scale restitution with school with 9 explosives. you have had record numbers of new because mortality statistics are not
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going either because i've been here to record numbers of death within one day to switch. most officials are talking about more than 20000 new infections every day. most of them into must count to get the situation under control, the ration capital has re open field hospitals and built medical stations, especially for corona virus. all of the hospitals are quickly being re equipped to handle it 900 patients. but their main goal is to get more citizens vaccinated against profit. 19 russia was the 1st country of the world to get seemed to market with nick so far, however, only 10 percent of the population has been vaccinated. the government wants that to change by degree from now on. all companies in moscow must have at least 60 percent of their workforce vaccinate. and the other side of the mayor is right. everyone has to get vaccinated. stop the corona virus and i need to know the 7 year they
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shouldn't force on they should try to motivate us. because there was time for a lot of down in the virus will spread less quickly this way because everyone should be vaccinated at home. and to get money for food at the same time, and then we will all be healthy movies. restaurants are still open if only until 11 pm. but in the future, only people who have been vaccinated have a medical certificate showing that they have recovered or has a negative p. c. r test will be allowed to eat there. is there will have to scan a q r code issued by the moscow health authority with a trina. and of course, this means our turnover will be much lower, especially at the beginning until the customers have gotten used to it. but i think with each passing week will feel relief with more and more people getting vaccinated to your fatalist. but even though these unprecedented measures cry from
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tough lock down the government, imposed last year as an infections began to rise. biologists say it's a case of too little too late and is that the 3rd wave could be arrested. oil and d. w. uri russia, who filed that report join just now from moscow. you're a how well equipped is the russian healthcare system to handle this 3rd way? well, terry, i do hope people in russia also do hope that the national health system won't collapse. actually moscow survive to the 4th to corona, waves pretty well despite the quite high high numbers of infections. and this time, once again, all the resources are currently being activated. we thought in my report, but i have to say that the here in moscow will even kind of west on bubble with western medical standards and pretty well equipped hospitals. but not all of russia is like moscow. and the situation in the rest of the country was often much more
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dramatic last year. and now we are unfortunately, once again hearing about all the crowded hospitals where passions are placed on mattresses in the hallways because there are, there are no bats left. where hearing about exhaust book doctorates about the shortage of medicines, and even about the shortage of the vaccine against covet 19 in some region of russia. speaking of vaccines, here is russia, as you pointed out, was one of the 1st countries in the world to develop and export a coven vaccine. how can it be then that it's now so far behind many other countries in backs moving its own people? well, because there are different reasons for this, the russian vaccines put the v had long been considered unsafe when it came out. it was released onto the market to quickly before the clinical investigation was completed. the next problem is, terry, that the rational simply have very little trust in their own state and much of what
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comes from this state isn't necessarily considered safe. finally, the rational officials have been down playing the scale of the pandemic. consequently, in the past few months, the message has been the roster has almost achieved victory over the corona virus. ultimately, people here believed they would be spared a 3rd way for them or consequences like the once we have seen it easier, it seems now that that, that won't be through unfortunately. and so the 3rd wave is beginning to take hold . there, the russian officials are relying on vaccinations up in vaccination numbers to fight it. what about a law? do authority is really think they can avoid and lock them. i don't think so, even though the moscow city government has introduced to new measures against covet 19 virus. they're sort of say that as there is no way anymore that these merits all locked down will be enough to stop the 3rd wave. as the only thing they could do is to minimize the extent of the panoramic
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a bit in restaurants in moscow starting today. only people who recovered from college or people who have been vaccinated, i allowed in. then all employees in the service service sector in moscow must be vaccinated with no exception. and 30 percent of all employees in companies must work from home. but the most important factor is time and it seems that the authorities may already have lost it and that they are now playing catch up. jury, thank you so much. r moscow bureau chief, yourself stay look at some other stories. and other developments, rather, in the pandemic, several australian cities are reintroducing restrictions to try to contain new covered 19 clusters. some links to the delta various sydney and darwin have begun new loc downs. other cities are reintroducing mass wearing only 5 percent of the population has been fully vaccinated. south africa has also reimpose to run a virus restrictions to combat a surge in the highly contagious delta variant. president 0 rubber band all
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gatherings except funerals and ordered travel restrictions and a battle and alcohol sales south africa. the vaccination rollout has been slow with less than 5 percent of the population having received a jet. evidence indicates that children generally suffer mild symptoms from the credit virus, but most scientists believe vaccinating children is required if a population is to achieve heard immunity and staff out the virus with that in mind . pharmaceutical companies are currently testing vaccines on young children, the w's on the service. so sent us this report on a trial, it's taking place in finland off. i'd lottie is starting her summer day in an unusual way. here at this vaccine test center in the finish capital, helsinki, 10 year old, is taken apart in the next stage of the global effort and the covert 19 pandemic. i
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stay with this. we need more information on this vaccine, so children can get the job to. we need to know it's safe if they had so i was one of hundreds of finished children, age 12 and under taking part in the trial to see if the vaccine cause side effects and how well young immune systems cope with the job around a 3rd of the trial participants receive a placebo jap. while some parents are still unsure whether they would back later children of us, mother is convinced it's the only way out of the demick. but again, i think that the lapse looking to get on to get on if it's important the vaccine is child and children. i'm going to see him. they need their own means to fight this virus audio at the rate of, and i trust finish authorities to only start child children. once there is enough information about the safety of alexia on may,
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the advocate for this family pandemic meant that at times both parents worked from home, while the children for boredom and asian covered and the valley. i couldn't meet my friends as much or see my grandparents open. the bun demik taught me more patients. i learned that sometimes things just were closed or that i have to wait on the situation get better. and then they owe him one of the number of countries trialing, the bio tech vaccine children. the researchers hope that a safe exceeded will help prevent a few rare cases. where did this, these took us to be a form in children around 4 percent of them develop long term cobra terms. the question is whether the vaccinating children would contribute to the, to the, to the heard immunity. so do we really need to vaccinate the children in up in an
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optimal situation? we will to vaccinate everybody and the virus would no longer circulate and there would be no new variance, vitals variance emerging. so i could see the clear benefits of that. our hopes that life could soon return to normal. in the meantime, she has an appeal to everyone here. guess if people need to keep washing their hands and keep safe distances, and we need vaccines for everyone. it will be 6 months before she finds out. if she got the actual job or just the placebo in the trial, until then her free time is limited to exploring the outdoors of more, now i'm joined by your dirt. she's the president of the german society of pediatrics and adolescent medicine. thanks for coming on. the program doctor, what's your position on this? should children feedbacks needed against covered 19 or not chosen should be all set and next, next the nation at any event,
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especially those that are suffering from chronic diseases that this post them to a harder course of the cold infection they should be vaccinated. above that any other church and that can be vaccinated because there is an agreement with b a the, the authority that actually is responsible for the authorization of sections as long as that is possible, children should be back on individual basis. so one should discuss with them and their parents, whether it's sense that whether it makes sense to connect them or not. are you confident that the current trials on children will deliver enough evidence for authorities to make an informed decision about whether to vaccinate them or not? that's a hard question and it's it will enable the authorities to 1st of all,
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make a decision whether the vaccination can be used as such. but we need to have as much data from the ongoing vaccinations to be sure that direction the explanations are safe. and the same was, for instance, the case with the stress, any kind of explanation. nobody knew beforehand, even after the authority said, decided whether any serious flight events could come up, such as being a strong, both in the brain. and they did only occur or only show after a certain number of patients have been vaccinated. okay, what about the role of children in fighting the pandemic overall? do you think that societies can achieve sufficient protection against carbon 19 without children being vaccinated?
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absolutely. it depends on us, it depends on the adults. i mean, look at your meaning. for instance, we have 68000000 adults and we only have 14000000 children and adolescents. so the age group between 12 and 15, it's only 4 to 5000000. i mean, it's a method calculation if let's say only 30 percent of the adults are not vaccine to because they don't want to get vaccinated. you have 20000000 people that are not vaccinated. so at the end of the day, that makes all the difference, whether the adults are vaccinated to, to 909 percent degree or not. the children don't really change the course of the pandemic doctors. thank you very much. that was your dirge, president of the german society of pediatrics and adolescent medicine. thank you very much. now to florida in the u. s. were rescue workers are coming
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through the rubble of a collapsed apartment block. and they say that they're still, they still have hope of finding survivors. more than 150 people are still unaccounted for some 4 days after the 12 story complex collapse. the death toll was now at 9 relatives of the missing had been allowed to visit the site to see rescue efforts for themselves. mike noriega came looking for his grandmother, a 92 year old, living alone my grand. when he got the, the devastation was right before him. and yet he couldn't believe it. we rushed over and got here around 2 30 am. and when we saw the scene, it's just it was so hard to process them in the debris. they stumbled across a card, and it happened to be my grandmother's name hilda. and it was a birthday card that was given to her a couple of weeks ago. mean,
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what are the chances that that would happen? many others in miami, dade county florida are desperate to find signs of life at the sight of collapse. on sunday, some family members were shuttled in buses after the demanded to visit the site. rescue teams have been working through the wreckage for dave's international units from mexico and israel are assisting as well. but people are frustrated that the rescue mission appears to be to slow the refill now scattered throughout and it's compact and extremely compact. so it's a very slow process where we have to sure we have to stabilize the best we can as we're moving through the area. because again, if there is a void space, we want to make sure we're given every possibility office of items. and that's why we can't just go in and move things radically, because that's going to have the worse outcome. over the next days, miami dade county says it's going to audit every building older than 40 years to
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ensure that there won't come crashing down. under all this ruin, noriega doesn't know if his grandmother is still alive, but he sees her birthday card as a sign. i just feel like it's really god's way of comforting off to say either way . whatever happened with your grandmother? she's okay. now let's take a look at some other stories making headlines around the world. today. you as president, joe biden has authorized a 2nd round of air strikes against iranian back militias in iraq and syria. the us says the strikes targeted operational and weapon storage facilities. after drone attacks against us personnel in facilities is comes in by and tries to revive the international nuclear deal with iran residence in the german city of votes for have held a funeral service for victims of a brutal knife attack. they laid reis and candles at the scene where 3 women were
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killed. the suspect of 24 year old small immigrant was shot in the leg by police and arrested friends in the far right, national riley party has suffered a severe blow in sundays regional elections. the party again failed to secure control of any of frances elect, oral regions. the outcome deprives maureen le pen of the chance to show her party is fit for power ahead of next year's presidential race. these were the scenes in brussels as belgium dumped reigning champions. portugal out of the european football championship in the round of 16 oregon. those are made the difference with a superb, a long range goal. in the 1st half, the one needs to be main sports. we'll relinquish their hold on the european championship trophy. well to talk more
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about the exit of the title holders younique's speeches here from the w sports. good to see you. when did you see this coming? i didn't say portugal exiting the torments. so really i had them down to make the semi final i do have a very good scored, but then again, i came up against a very, very good belgium side and sometimes that's how it works. and these knockout torments in portugal, they have a very, very good score this talented plays, but there were always question marks about the coach finance center. and i think they probably got punished for playing to conservatively in the 1st half. they did try to open up the game, bring on the creative plays in the 2nd half, but by then already a gold down. and they did have a bit of bad luck. they hit the post a, the keeper, belgium, cape cook, made a few good staves. they could say because they are unlucky, but at the, on the day this belgian teams to good. i think they got their tactic spot on and they're the ones going through the next round. so the belgians have knocked the
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raining champions out of the tournament. do you think the belgians can go all the way? yeah, definitely. they definitely have the talent. they've got romilly leacock who up top who is just a big force in scoring goals, but also bringing the other players into play. and then they've got a great mid field as well, but there are injury concerns over kevin brewing and it and. and so missing 2 of the best players going into the next match against italy is going to be pretty tough. they've also only been tested in this torment so far by conservative or defense 1st minded teams against italy who play a more attacking brand of football, a lot of movement, a lot of intensity. i think the aging backline is going to have a tough time. so this will definitely be the biggest test the belgium have had so far in the torment. thanks so much looking forward to all that experience and d, w. sports well and sundays. other game, the czech republic reached the quarter finals after a surprise when over the netherlands in budapest mathias,
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the legs red card in the 2nd half turned the game and the checks favor. and they capitalized on their advantage to win to nail. that was just a couple of hours by car, from the check border to budapest, so it's no surprise that the fans traveled to hungry in their numbers and later celebrated their teams performance huge. the triumphant walked from the stadium. the check invasion, celebrating the sweetest, the victory. oh, perfect. ah, regardless. i think people perfect down very good much i like these my 1st much in chick or players were just as ecstatic. that's their goals from too much honish and puts a chick with the dutch to the swords. then excuse me. is unreal? no, it's a dream. but i'm yes,
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and it was the best game of my life. this is the euro's on the check national team, though it just came out a lot of funds in the stands and it was a great game. i enjoyed it, the little plus symbol disclose our bossa. how does the same story? the dutch struggled after mathias the legs red card for them. it was another bitter disappointment and their weight to win. the 1st major trophy since you 88 goes on we were very optimistic, but no, we're ashamed. losing to new to the check, the public shouldn't be possible. funny. it's a shame we didn't play well, i think we are finally allowed to watch football from the stands again. and then this happens. but the night belong to the checks. we played denmark in the quarter finals and will know surely fear no one. and this weaker half of the draw the south african. now we're starting. fever has broken out once a year, millions of sardines swimmer along the country's coast,
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followed by birds. sharks and fishermen rushing to get their share of the catch, or corresponding adrian crease joined the fishermen of cause zulu natal province to experience the fever for himself. the. this isn't an oil leak, it's a shawl of sardine fishermen. gerald michael and his team a waiting for this one. okay. yeah. within seconds everything suddenly gets very hectic. i think it's the most important one to go to school thought in view. everybody's got to read and check. yeah, it's more just right and re year between june and
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august, the saudi and move along the east coast of south africa following the cold currents in the indian ocean. bigger hungry fish, follow them. and so do the fisherman. the close of the shoals of sardines gets to the coast, the better the chances of catch a leather pocket of sardines in the middle. there are a thing on the rock is huge disappointment when the net gets caught and breaks. most of the sardines get away with a corporate a few kilometers further on. another team has more like throw in catches 150 crates worth of sardines in a net 2 thirds of the fish i sold for more than 2000
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euros. the rest goes to the team that took a chance to gamble and paid off. and like you can see the vaudeville. but as you know in this game, it's very dangerous. as you can see. having to myself, i had a cable, go through my leg. and that's the name of the game. we play with shocks, rocks net, rough seas, everything. but if you can get the fish, you can make some money. for geralds bucko and his team, the 1st thing to do is repair the net. and then go home, empty, end it, bed the bed. 3, bad luck everybody. i suppose a name gets to turn it according to buckle saudi fever should be around for a few more weeks. just reminder, the tell story we're following for you here today on d. w and here's rushes. 3rd wave of the current of virus pandemic is surging with
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record numbers of cases and dads from covered 19 being reported. several regions are tightening restrictions in a bid to stem the bottoms who's watching the w news from berlin. coming up next to morrow today, the w science program, including a report on alternatives to testing products on animals. i'm terry martin for me and all of us here. thanks for watching the news. the news, the, the who's, [000:00:00;00]
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who's who's the the the the, he's to understand the
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world better. we need to take up for certain experience knowledge lose money. right now in the world right now, the climate change in cost, the story. this is much less the way for me just one week. how much was going to really get we still have time to go. i'm doing all the scribe for more like it's about billions,
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it's about power. it's about the foundation of the world order. the new silk road. china wants to expand its influence with this trade network also in europe. china is promises partners rich. in europe, there's a sharp warning wherever accepts money from the new super power will become dependent on it. china's gateways euro starts july, 1st on dw me, parched forests and dying trees. germany is feeling the heat of climate change.


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