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tv   Maybrit Illner  Deutsche Welle  July 2, 2021 7:30pm-8:31pm CEST

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climate change cost stores. this is much less the way from just one week. how much less can we get? we still have time to go. i'm doing all of the news. a sure coming up today, indonesia heads into a new corona virus lockdown. hospitals are starting to cope and cases are reaching record highs. the highly transmissible desktop variance is being blamed for the increased for quitting restrictions beginning on the weekend to be enough. poster. coming up to the variance was 1st identified in india and now a new desktop plus adding to son i thought is on the support from tele
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margaret bucker's. but among the hardest fits, when the indian government suddenly imposed its fast lockdown last year, even its fun for mister, turn their lives around him unexpected ways. ah . i barish benji. welcome to dw news, aisha. glad you could join us. the red cross is wanting that indonesia could be on the court edge of a over 1900 catastrophe. as the number of cases continues to rise on friday, the country are just of nearly 26000 infections. it's highest ever. it's hoped a lockdown beginning over the weekend will bring numbers down. non essential businesses will be closed and schools will hold online losses on the main audit of java and the tourist destination of bali. the restrictions are to last a little over 2 weeks. increasing cases has been linked to the highly transmissible
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delta variant. first identified in india, indonesia, on the brink of a covey 19 catastrophe. with more than 20000 new daily cases, hospitals in jakarta and across the main island of java, a filled to the brim. working 12 hours a day, if the medical staff stretched to the limit family, members of scrambling to buy oxygen for their loved ones, were being turned away by the hospital that tested positive at the hospital just to just give him some medicine 1st as the hospital because i'm not going to rec process, the new crisis, the been feed, but a highly transmissible delta variant and increased holiday trouble to cut the
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spread the virus. the government has been banking on most next venetians this single, the inoculation event has attracted thousands of indonesians eager to get a shot. but so far less than 10 percent of the $118000000.00 targeted populations have been fully vaccinated. as the situation threatens to run out of control, the government explains why the new code has to be introduced by the input from ministers, experts and also regional hub. i have decided to impose emergency restrictions to be a lot of july, the 3rd to july, the 20th 2021 only for java and bobby islands. 2 courses. the child doesn't valley but some criticize that the meshes a half hearted, as they don't appoint across the country. and people are still allowed to move
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around. they fear that this will not be enough to fend off to disaster in india on friday, across the milestone of 400000 deaths due to the nevada as much of it recorded in the last 2 months. when the delta vary and travel the country health care system, now a new delta plus variant has the government concerned. it declared it abatement of concern last month. even though case numbers astin below 100. the abs restrictions, but you once again after another, i don't know why this leave crowds are going to the freshly opened markets in india already. it is hard to imagine that just 2 months ago, the country was recording over 400000 k through the be but the indian government is warning that all is not ready yet. a mutation called delta has recently been
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declared a variant of concern. an unwelcome message for many at this deli market. we should live in the president instead of worrying about the future. i've been so long he will go based in one and a half years over. this is going to renew it every time explains why. so these are going to be there, so it's not like the place is something different from a normal over why this is the dental variant was protected in india last year and was instrumental in causing the massive 2nd beef of cases. here. it is now steadily gaining ground as a dominant bed and around the world. driving an upsurge in cases in a number of countries. the new mutation of the ready and the delta plot has even been defected outside of india. this time belly has been quick to react after faith and criticism of failing to anticipate the crushing impact of the earlier dealt of
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it. being it has ministry has worn said that this virus mutation is more transmissible. i'm more likely to do the antibodies. but experts say it is far too soon to tell dr. shaw, his senior biologist explains why this lead this red and it's causing concern. but it, because this mutation was 1st seen in the beatle gradient of concern, something that was only of cause the south africa, the detail gradient is able to evade the existing community. much better than all of the levy and some concern. but he also emphasizes that more detail will be needed to confirm if this version is more infectious. all the papers calling get some things that would cause the shouldn't be and are missed then more than one for now x 1st c vaccination are the best way
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to fight off like the delta and as up law. and after the sluggish couple months, the peace of india vaccine drive is showing signs of improvement. the government urging people to get innoculated as soon as possible. the people reading in this line sort of jap appeal to have got the message. but even if they get the jobs, how effective will these be against the new variance and see that most people, stevens reports, that is good news, but also reason to be cautious getting the 1st choice of in fact, scenic cove is 19, is likely to come as a big relief to those lucky enough to have one. are you what happens when you very come along? well the sides have some good news on this front. against the delta vary and by on tech was found to be 88 percent effective. it preventing symptomatic disease.
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that's according to a study by public health, england. astrazeneca was 60 percent effective. as for the delta plus the variance, not enough day through the vailable to know how to interact with immunizations. scientists in india and worldwide, and looking into it. research just say it's unlikely it'll out folks the current jobs, as well as the vaccines effectiveness against the variance. another big question is how long the shots protect us for. according to a nature paper, it could be a good while. that's for m r and age apps like phone tag madana to figure of the immune response found in some bio tech vaccinated people was fed by research has to be a strong indication that protection could last for years. that's against cove at 19, as it looks at the moment, his desire changes out of recognition. it might be a different ball game that that may or may not happen in the future. so now the
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vaccines available are best way after this. panoramic depend demik has hit one group of people in india, especially hard migrant labor as tens of thousands, but suddenly forced to leave the cities they worked in and returned to the home. villages. when the government impose the 1st lockdown last year for many, this was a traumatic experience as to face the prospect of life without a job. but as we report a training center in one village in northern india, the dr. just tongue fate is offering hope to some of the attorneys. the pandemic cost in his job. ken around garcia was working far from home when the lockdown came talking 4 months to get back to his village and registered the state via he had family but no paid work. then he heard of training courses for migrant labor, is in the nearby city will die poor. now he's learned to operate a sewing machine and put it on for the lockdown. i worked as a stonemason,
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it was greenwich in the city of threat. i was there from 2012 to lockdown, announcement came so suddenly everything was shut down. and prime minister, moody said the government would take care of us, but nothing happened. we weren't even allowed out on the street. the police would beat us with their batons as soon as we left the house when the market for a 1000 routine or 11 euros the stiff academy provides a one month training course, including accommodation and meals. as well as textile work, the school offers a wide range of courses from head dressing to electrical installation as well as repairs to mobile phones and cars. school director believes the return of migrant workers is good for the local economy level, which i don't think they will go over today because of the pen gaming. we've trained
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around 2000 young people. many of them have found were locally, are open businesses is creating jobs because employers and business owners are returning to the villages and it will be an order that will be gone with the certificate to me. also partners with local enterprises who provide on the job training like here on this construction site. and the government of the trainees are in a minimum wage and can be fully qualified in 12 months. that's. i got gone, got the. i worked in a kitchen and good you're out and then 5000 rupees or 55 years a month. i had to work non stop even night. i came home just before the lockdown and plan to stay here. the work is better and so the wages i'm home in the mornings and evenings so i can help out with the housework songs that we're going to pay, that the teacher ram is happy to be back on the land. despite the hardships he and his wife live in a remote village which they can only reach on foot. god, it is
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a certain length i will let you know the cities are okay, but the loud and dirty. i'd much rather live in the village. that's better here, ken around garcia's months of training is coming to an end. he's now contacting local taylors, who might offer him a job. he's determined to stay close to his family and not returned to serat or any other large city to seek work. oh man, i went far away again. i couldn't look after my children. so i'd rather look for work close to my village on nick nick. and after a visit to a local shop, he's hope so high. the owner wanted proof of his sewing skills and things to his training, kind of ram garcia was able to show him once he's causes over, he's been promised to be a job waiting for him. that's it for today to discuss more
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from the region on our website, dot com, forward slash asia. and you can follow us on facebook and twitter as well. we're back on monday. at the same time, we'll see you then bye bye. ah ah. every jersey begins with the 1st step and every language with the 1st word, pinnacle rico is in germany to learn german. why not with him? simple online, on your mobile and free w e learning course, nico speak, german made easy, was right in front of them. they gave it then suddenly, we agreed to postpone the olympic games that tokyo with $22021.00.
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thrown off course during the fine round sports heroes. i'm fired up and ready count down during lockdown. lock you go to tokyo, starts july 19th on d, w. i the greetings from berlin and a warm welcome to our latest edition and heading into the weekend some food for thought on how cities can evolve to deal with the challenges of the 21st century. we'll look at some ideas and also in the pipeline. a long postponed exhibition of worked by british ours is henry moore, takes a radical post covered approach inviting visitors to touch the sculptures on this play. while some of the worlds billionaires are busy racing to get
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into space, the rest of us mortals have to do with living on this planet and increasingly challenging prospect in light of climate change with parts of the world burning up and the global population still on the rise, which is why utopian visions of urban planning and sustainable cities are a hot topic everywhere. the dream was to create a place where people live, work, and play real. we're leaving the car manufacturer, toyota is building a tiny prototype city of the future by mount fuji. the project was developed by danish star architect, getting them out of the prototype is called woven city. as it seeks to weave a multi layer transportation system, construction follows the latest environmental standards using wood stand and concrete. the foundation stone was just recently late. next year professor
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tatyana schneider says these futuristic projects are based on old ideas to your time. what was city would and city in sooner projects a lab living laboratory, bakery different mention div living there will be workers and classes. and this isn't actually often an art for mrs. reminiscent. the classy industrial revolution reached at over in northern saudi arabia. there are plans for me on the line, 170 kilometer long, 0 carbon emission city. further, smart cities have been designed for dubai and dabby, many of which are green, or at least pretending to be the, the 1st was a carbon neutral city in abu dhabi,
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which was supposed to be completed by 2014 the then came the financial crisis. and the completion date was shifted to 2030 but except for the buildings designed by architects or norman foster, they're still little to see. the problem is that these utopia tarnish quickly as spanish architect be sent there. i was in my star and my studies over this was a good idea in the year 2008. and they have a plan to do a c, d, w. in fact, very expensive because he was elevated on up all the on the same way that these, the line is how the avia it will not be done because it's impossible to do. city that has a huge underwriting infrastructure. quite yard is planning his version of smart cities in the hills near barcelona rather than transfer motor vehicles into tunnel
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. his plan is to avoid them in the architect has just want to pay for a new self sufficient city near beijing, a recycling energy production and food production will all be taken care of within the city limits lose, our city should absorb instead of a meteor door and in order to do it, we need to transform our buildings by that, and they should generate energy like i did 3, they generate their own energy. so the new globalization should be based on producing things locally. while we are connected with digital network. the other thing tanks are looking to accommodate the entire world's population in one small face, leaving space for nature to develop on the rest of the planet. utopia ideas are
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booming because there is a desperate need for more living than except years. more than 1000000000 people need to be eyes, and that means that we need to build a key balance of 150 or 3000000 people every mouse in the next 30 years. so that means that we are in the middle of a huge process. so for one session, i need to find solutions that need to be applied not only to retrofit our cities, but to good own new cities tend to create new cities. and i'm not sure those ideas of hyper urban ization are going to sit well with everybody abroad . onward now to look at some of the other culture headline, starting with the arrival on thursday in new york of a scaled down version of the famous statue of liberty from france. or the peace comes as a token to franco, american friendship,
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135 years after the nation gifted its big sister to the u. s. built in sculpted in bronze. the new lady, liberty stands nearly 3 meters tall, and she'll remain on display of ellis island throughout the july, 4th weekend. and then travel to washington d. c. where she will grace the gardens of the friends from bastard's residence for the next 10 years. russia and famous was showing ballet premier to modern adaptation of the classic check of play. the siegel valley is the 3rd joint worked for the company. by composer in the mood sky, choreographer you leave for so half and director annex under more logic cough. and it was the final premier of its 200 and 45th season. a special one from both artists and fans alike. as it marked the reopening after covered 1900 lockdown in russia, and some classical moves for
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a coward in denmark when he was unable to perform during the pandemic, british tell us jacob sha, convinced a music loving farmer instead about an hour of copenhagen to expose his beef cattle to classical music, to improve their welfare. they experience with so enjoyable that he's continuing it even after the reopening of the theaters, accounts reported a quite happy with repertoire and calmer and much more relax since the concert began last winter. ah, well, after over a year of refraining from tactile greetings like hand shakes and hugs were all very much aware of how much we've been longing for touch to be normalized again for a sculptor. hands are not only the artists main tool, they're also key for our connection to the world. so rather radically, this living hand, an exhibition of work by the british artist henry moore, invites visitors to touch. some of the displayed works a treat
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a reconnection for its curator edmund, edmund default has created a spot for visitors to wash their hands. not so much a hygiene precaution as a tactile ritual. it's part of his invitation into the world of henry moore, in perry green, where britain's most important sculptor lived and worked until his death in 1986. me. when you begin with henry moore, when you begin with this living, they can be quenched, open. they can offer solace, but they can also refuse solace. pans are of central importance to dissolve a master potter, his hands shape the most delicate porcelain sculptures. and now he's able to bring the works of his role model henry more closer to the public. but when we see the show, i very much wanted to do this danger of inviting people to touch his sculpture. he's chosen the bronze statue called king and queen because of
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the beauty in the way the hands of the 2 figures are poised. hans were recurring motifs in henry moore's work. for him, hans were not simply sculptors tools. there are also frequent motifs in his drawings of himself. this was how he wanted to be seen, and how he saw himself with his living hands that allowed him to realize his artistic vision for 88 years. sebastian oberon, i see from henry moore foundation, says the living hand exhibition is very much treated the artist's intentions. and he appreciates that the works can be explored where they were created anymore was a strong believer in the importance of a more santorial experience of sculpture. i need, he certainly believe that touching sculptures enhances the experience of his work. i like the sound of the for you call knife edge because this
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finance knife edge now stands in front of prison houses of parliament. other works of his can be seen or un buildings or the former west german chancellor in bond. they're all of an imposing scale. but they started out quite small again for the small idea, because the small so that i can see it from all wrong on judges from underneath whole, if in my hand, hold it against the ball shape a distance that is get a complete control over the 3 dimensional visitors to the exhibition are also invited to touch. this later extract work sculpted from a stalactite it depicts the mother protectively holding her child. she must eventually like go. as a 3rd sculpture, deval has chosen a large bronze work. this is a pick a court. why did he call it hand?
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you only find that house by touching it. i see exhibitions planned opening in march 2020 was postponed due to the pen demik, much also limited our physical interaction with the world. so edmond devolves concept of connection through tactile experience. has taken on new meaning we all have deprived solely to do that with people, but also with art, with the object significant visitors approach the sculptures respectfully appreciating the unique opportunity to grasp the complexity of moore's work that offered by being allowed to touch them strangely. it's not about the surface, how beautiful and seductive abroad, and might be or piece of stone might be discovering the story of the
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deep within that in the past, within the sculpture, the show was an invitation to get closer to the person, henry more and finally, he may not be everyone's cup of tea, but the deep, mournful croon of jim morrison, the late poets and lead singer of the doors had a foundational influence on rock music history. saturday mark the 50th anniversary of his death that just 27 years of age in paris. and so will lighter figurative candle with some bars of their hit riders on the storm. all the best. you and hope to see you next time, just in the world
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like the me ah,
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go ask for more weight than water. decades of inaction has blood shot the water infrastructure in ruins. water that goes underneath they. so again, just a big derek and goes immediately to the democratic republic of congo tributaries, b eco minutes on w. w. crime fighters are back africa. most radio drama continues the seasons. the story focus on his speech, cholera, prevention and chuckling production. all episodes are available online, and of course you can share and discuss on e w, africa's facebook page, and other social media platforms, crime fighters, tune in now. the
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case probably feels the jewish life in europe. what film producer, argues, phone and journalist, these are exploring, building into history and the present a nice that i would never have thought that can be live so openly and so freely and company have to remind myself i grew up in a completely different way. i brought the jewish in years, the 2 port documentary starts july 5th on dw.
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ah ah ah, the daily news i am going to mack will pay the last official visit to the u. k. you haven't chance no problems who's close cooperation despite the u. k. the departure from the european union and hence the news. the travel restrictions for people arriving in germany. also on the program. the last us and nato troops leave the main advice mass galilee found the background is now empty after 20 e. m. missions against the taliban and hotline is louis comes to a collector. we'll estimate anything to cheer about when they take on belgium in
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the euro's basis, belgium, graphing with fitness, what is over to a desktop players. the preview that quote and the me i'm so galle welcome to the program. anglo metal is in britain on her last official visit before stepping down the german chancellor. after wide ranging towards for the prime minister barak johnson, the 2 ladies said their countries would work closely together, despite britain's departure from the european union. chancello so said she hopes people who have been fully vaccinated against corona virus will soon be able to travel to germany without quarantine. but losing it must be done. we are continually reviewing our travel restrictions on i assume that in the foreseeable future, those that are fully vaccinated will be able to travel again without going into quarantine, britons a high incidence area,
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according to our classification done. and we want to encourage people to get boxes and they said, well, you know, you mentioned i went on to him from philosophy in the beginning. we didn't know much about this barrier and we wanted to wait and see what we're looking into. and i can also tell you, you know, this area to spreading very rapidly in germany, 200 transitional oath dw correspondent berg masses at windsor castle outside london. i asked what we've learned from the news conference about the state of relations between the 2 countries. bilateral is really the buzzword feel for the u. k, because not having a seat anymore and brussels having just left the european union. the u. k. really need to form strong relationships with its partner. and germany is of course, one of the most important strategic partners for the u. k is the 2nd largest largest trading partners, but also in other issues like foreign policy and security. the interests really
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align say we've now seen that a joint declaration and foreign and security policy was just published. and also much more that, that intending to do cultural exchange between germany and you can also use exchange. so really acknowledging that this relationship needs to be worked on for it to stay stable while britain has left the european union. now that the northern protocol came up in questions after their statements and mr. jones and had claimed this as a big breaks it victory. but it is a source of huge friction between britain and the new it definitely is and not just between britain and you, it's a huge concern for people in northern ireland. i've just been to belfast and this is really what people are talking about. it's the trade between the rest of the u. k and northern ireland is the more difficult now that britain has left the european union, northern ireland as economically still aligned to the you and that causes friction
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. and uncle american, i think, was just white, careful not to wait into this road too much. she said, well, we have to look for a pragmatic solution, but she said that's not over, stretch ourselves. so i think she really made a point of leaving this with the european union and, and the way adjent johnson also to have a sensible and good relationship. not just with germany, but also with the you. and i going to back has been having tea with the queen and when's the castle left behind you? was that just a courtesy visit or something more substantial for i'm going to america. i would think that this would have been really important, maybe the part of the visit that she enjoyed most who know she would be too polite to, to say, but we know that she's definitely a fan of the queen and she had invited the queen to berlin she also was a guest of the queen in buckingham palace twice already,
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but that the she finishes this farewell visit in the u. k. with is tea here at windsor. i think she would have been very pleased about that. she told us when she came here over for the g 7 summit, that it was the highlight of that visit to cornwall just a few weeks ago to meet the queen and meet other members of the roles family. so i can think that this was definitely something that she would have enjoyed mass and windsor. thank you. so the last remaining american and nato troops have left the background military base in afghanistan. and it's not been handed over to africa. and forces by graham was the center of the u. s. and nato's war against the taliban and out came to the 100000 troops station at its peak, 20 emissions now coming to an end. and a complete withdrawal of all foreign forces for the country is go to the eminence. i've got a sense security situation is precarious. the taliban has welcomed the departure and there are rising fears of
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a civil war as the taliban and local warlords battle for power. by the afghans and i wanted about what'll happen when the foreign troops have all gone a journey through a war zone here and the scanner, stones, capital, cobble, barbed wire, and high walls protect not just embassies and government departments, but banks and hotels to fear is ever present here, tara attacks take place daily government districts and residential neighborhoods. this western district is one of the cities most dangerous, mainly his czar, is live here. the sheer minority group is under assault from a ton of an 85 people were killed in an attack on a school in early may. most the victims were girls between the ages of 11 and 15.
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after 20 years of foreign age, afghanistan is one of the poorest and most dangerous countries in the world. people at this bizarre, tell me, they're afraid the situation will need to tear. we're rate when international troops withdraw enough to make the mind they are going. i think the situation in afghanistan is getting worse. by the day. we thought it would get better off to 20 is done, but do the habit. nothing has happened for good and we're heading for another wall . what are they on a stone as the jungle they go up. this trader says he used to work with the u. s. military, like many afghans who worked for the foreign forces, he fears revenge, attacked by the taliban. i want to out from here is because my family and i am not saying that the here the i won't
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get any country is actually i don't have money to go out for my son because in here is very danger, place to cost us private security has risen sharply here, especially in recent month businesses of stepping up that protections not just out of fear of the taliban. and also growing crime. entrepreneur lay, he has a call center and an employment agency and cobble the 46 year old says he's determined to stay in the country, but the poor security situation is a problem. and he doesn't know what will happen when all international troops withdraw. they don't know about to court tomorrow because in some provinces, we sleep at night. but even in the morning when i wake up, this is the office is closed because i live on the uncertainty and fear that vain this country are only growing as the sole withdrawal of all foreign
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troops. news, colonel richard, campus ministry analyst and former commander of british forces in afghanistan. i asked him about the challenges facing the country following the withdrawal of us troops from background base. i think the, the problem that we face now is to the fact that the talent about have been research and have been seizing territory all around afghanistan, particularly in recent weeks in the north. and that they've been launching deliberate campaign of attacks on anyone who's been cooperating with international forces. and anybody who potentially could provide the leadership to work against that rule with a view of taking over the whole country or most of the country and bringing down the government in couple. and that's an unfortunate consequence of deciding to leave without any security conditions being taken into consideration because
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effectively we're leaving now on the basis of a random date line. not on the basis of any conditions or any other considerations . i will take a look now, some of the other stories making news around the world. one in 2008 was formed a human chain in northwest and syria, stretching from the border with turkey to the rebel held city of atlanta, opposed to russia's efforts to close the remaining border crossing that allows a into aris, held by syrian insurgence. and after the destruction of a bridge essential for delivering food to eat, his tea gray region, the government has rejected accusations that it is using hunger weapon aid work a say almost a 1000000 people face to face. and after 8 months fighting cutterson data, alexander lucas shanker has ordered the complete closure of these countries, a border with neighboring ukraine, claiming the rebel groups are planning a coo and weapons weapons coming from the country. i better assist become
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increasingly isolated from last year's contest to the elections, which western countries sag fraudulent clashes of broken after parish to show the goal and ford that brought the passport control zone, as they protested against paid cuts by police 5 pepper spray passengers caught up in the chaos, flights were delayed the football euro to inspect the quarter finals are underway. belgium's class with actually later is perhaps the most intriguing italians failed to qualify for the last major tournament that had been on fire this summer. raising hopes that they could win their 1st european title a more than half a century. link photography from dw sport he didn't unique where the match is taking place in center face. assessment of the teams. does him again, italy in the quarter finals here inside the arena in munich. much me expect
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a class of tightened. at least, dynamic elite is playful, belgium, almo experience, and this squad had been playing together for a long, long, italy, on the other hand, on beaten in 31 matches. and if only conceited, a single goal, this match perhaps could come down to the better defense. that's because belgium, to have a very solid defense, they to have only conceited one single goal. but there's a lot more to take for belgium. that's because this is after all the countries golden generation, but they haven't won anything. so the pressure is a lot higher and time is running out because this quote isn't getting any younger, but one thing is certain it's, i will never for belgium, but they will have it not easy against an italian side that keeps going from strength to strength at this tournament, lima. attacking now, let's ex us french sure carry. richard said one of the sports on his prospects has accepted a one month ban. after using marijuana. it means you won't be able to compete in
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100 meters at the tokyo olympics. tested positive for the drug after winning the us . all the trials in oregon this month to find is $21.00. you know that you've used it. nation us, marijuana. what coping after the death of a mother, the drug is banned by the world anti doping agency, but fans a mess. severe if athletes can prove that the drugs didn't enhance performance and we'll stay with athletics and at no cost and vow home as pres, one of the longest standing records in sport. that's for the mens 400 meter hurdles . and he did it in front of a restricted but vocal crowd in oslo. diamond league athletics, here's our home and his whole crowd were ready to make history. as the norwegian turned onto the hung straits, the 400 meter hurdles. well, the record was within reach,
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and when he powered across the finish line with a time of 46.7 seconds, the stadium erupted again. are a man who ready has to well turning to say his name. this was a moment of special significance. and his supporters in the sense couldn't have been happier. why just a 100 of a 2nd home had beaten wolf record that had stood for almost 30 years and was set before he was born for him and 5000 others in the study. and this was the night the will live long in the memory. yes. yes. as a reminder of our top story is our gym and chancellor, i'm going back. british prime minister bar is johnson's last time during i've turned the office. john's list says she expenses for the events from a few people to be able to travel to germany without quarantine in the foreseeable
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future. i set you up today. world news at the top of the hour. rob was, will be here in just a moment with the w's business update. the news . the secret why behind the scenes was the discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage site. the d. w. a world heritage 360. now can you hear me now? yes. yes, we can hear you. and her last is germans house that we bring you on going to a mac or and you've never had before. right?
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just so what is, who is medical really well packed and once we talk to people who follow along the way, admirers, christian, how is the world's most powerful woman shaking her leg is be joining us for macros . last me the a global break through the taxing corporations. $130.00 countries signed up to overhaul the international taxation system. the a, to shift the balance away from powerful multinational. here from germany, finance. all women's getting a fast share of african e commerce market. the boss of nigeria, the biggest online retailer, the drums must, will tell you which base subsets 1000000000 areas plays to last themselves out of
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the state of your business and robots in berlin. welcome to the program. $130.00 countries have agreed to a global minimum tax on cooperation, including around 15 african nations. the deal at a meeting of the c d is part of a broader plan to overhaul international tax and show multi nationals pay their fair share of taxes in countries where they operate in washington for the meeting, germany's finance minister described it as a colossal step towards justice, the 50 and the minimum rate aims to end the practice of corporations shopping around for the lowest tax jurisdictions for their headquarters. experts say the reforms could raise an extra $150000000000.00 in taxes globally. each year we caught up with our shots after the meeting in washington. he told us the agreement is unimportant breakthrough. and it's also
8:18 pm
a huge success for democracy. because the race to the button was also something which produced a situation where we could not decide on our national democratic level about the right way of fair and moderate taxation of cooperates. we have had to look at what the others were doing and now we can do it in a common way and we understand that there is no chance for big companies. for instance, to avoid being text. we have to work on this agreement a bit more, but it is not something that cannot be avoided more we will have to now, and this will give us a chance for a better income for companies that fund a lot of money, but forgot to pay taxes and they will have to have not there are still some big hurdle the head for the tax agreement. 9 countries refuse to sign up including orland, kenya. nigeria is to provide a loophole in the new tax plans. also,
8:19 pm
each of the $130.00 government has to find a way to introduce legislation putting the agreement into law. finally, many countries demanded special exemptions. the u. k. wants to exempt its financial industry. for example. others asked for carve outs for the likes of manufacturing machinery and shipping. some economists, the skeptical one. again, 15 percent is not a little. and there will be the new rules that apply only to the biggest companies across 7000 in the road. and it's maybe not as easy as one would need to call the clock. now let's take a look at some of the other business stories making headlines. the m f, as it's optimistic about the look to the u. s. economy. if it's the growth will hit 7 percent this year, much higher than previous forecasts. the fastest pace in a generation government spending us. i'm stimulus measures driving the growth on this. chinese regulators have band ride hailing giant dd from signing up any new
8:20 pm
uses. it comes just days after the, the went public in the u. s. the regulators that they were investigating the security of the app, but didn't say how long that review would take. africa is e commerce market is booming, but the problem is, facing women entrepreneurs are holding back the market for from even bigger growth . that's the least the take away from a new study by the international finance corporation at the world bank. it estimates e commerce markets could be nearly $15000000000.00 larger by 2030 in africa. if the gender gap between male and female sellers were closed in nigeria and kenya, women already make up the majority of sellers on africa, largest e commerce platform. jimmy at the ivory coast, women sellers are still lagging behind. men and women own e commerce. businesses tend to be smaller, focused on less profitable sectors like fashion, and have less access to financing. result is male sellers are seeing higher average
8:21 pm
sales and female sellers on line. so let's discuss this further with henrietta coke . who is over saw this research for the international finance corporation and is well and also chairman of the junior at nigeria website, juliet, another. thank you for joining us, henrietta colbert. i consult with you. the fact the female sellers are in the majority and some african ecommerce market is something to celebrate right? to the indeed it is. however, if we look across the african continent, what the potential could be if we were to bring not just more women entrepreneurs onto the platform, but into higher income sectors. we would just need massive benefits both for the platform for the white economy. and then of course the woman entrepreneur, but there's several accounts that hold women entrepreneurs back. one you just mention is clearly one of the key constraints access to fineman. but i'd take it
8:22 pm
one step further. it's not just financial services in this and the credit, insurance product, it's housing finance and certainly start up capital. in fact, one of our research findings is only 7 percent of volume in financing instead of capital is going to women entrepreneurs. then combine that with the additional challenge of child care responsibilities. and everyone around the world has seen 1100000000 kids out of school. the majority of the care were being picked up by women are the entropy, nurses, employees, that unpaid work is really most of the show that by when i and then lastly, we still have this so they buy. so women are less likely to access in your business opportunities on the internet. juliessa. now let me just bring you in because you have great experience in this both as a woman, any comments about chair of jamia, nigeria, what's your view on whether women are suffering
8:23 pm
a disadvantage in the sector? because the figures in terms of the number of fellows in your businesses in nigeria, can you suggest the not thank you very much. yeah, i think it's less a question now. suffering a disadvantage in terms of access. it's moral. there are a lot more opportunities that women can take, that currently exist in the fact that men are taking some of the findings from the savvy. for example, if men take more of the training opportunities, men take more of the landing opportunities which we have already under those lending opportunities available to women as the out to men. while men just tend to take those opportunities more, we men also sort of reflect the traditional categories that they are currently in offline. they sort of reflect that online as well, which is why you find women in fashion and those kinds of products that left in
8:24 pm
terms of average item price. whereas men have traditionally offline being electronics, why goods and higher value categories. and they have also reflects about online as well. so the key message for women is e commerce gives you an opportunity to, to bring down the barriers. right? no one knows whether it's a model and we may not onto we do these kinds of disaggregated data to see who's a woman and man. so when consumers buying online, there is no difference. there's no where, where it says that he does a woman sterling or man. shelly. so now is a great opportunity for me to expand the access through e commerce. women can have as many online stores on jeannie as she wants because the big what it was replied set up a stall on junior is very little literally registering would have few inventories
8:25 pm
you can stop. so that if i could have been to that they can have as many accounts if they want today. are you doing anything to me or to encourage people say use female vendors ahead of mail vendors? no, we're not. we're not. it's not something that you could conceivably do. i don't think what we want to do. i don't think the be the objective of this survey, an objective or what we want to achieve is to disadvantage men as well. the whole idea is what the men are currently dealing with, all the resources that are available on that platform. we want to encourage women to do the same as well. and if it takes training, if it takes, having workshops with women, encouraging them showing them how to manage doing it. that's what we want to do. that's how we're going to achieve the gender priority. we're not trying to disadvantage one gender against the other. we're just trying to close the gap. okay . thank you. i'm henry, it's
8:26 pm
a co worker and just ask you briefly the pandemic has this made this problem with unanimous. the analysis. yes. where we've seen huge progress before, pandemic. in fact, in terms of women in some ways out competing men on platform, we've seen this decline very deeply. we've seen that not just an e commerce, the current, but media across all of the well tangled research and beyond. and there are couple of key reasons. one indeed, i briefly mentioned that care care with one's ability to increase, locked down and increase, decrease in mobility, additional increase in gender violence and sexual harassment online and offline because of the stress of the panoramic. and then of course, oftentimes we have seen that women entrepreneurs and not just looking for their kids, but they're also taking care of the parents. henry s a call from b international finance corporation and juliet and now much women of junior nigeria . thank you both for joining us on your business. thank you. thank you. now has
8:27 pm
provided some distraction from all the madness these days. the question of which billionaire is going to blast themselves off into space 1st. jeff bays, also who's leaving his places. amazon boss on monday was long expected to become the 1st private citizen to leave the atmosphere. but turns out he might miss out by a few days. it's the last test for the v. s. s. unity followed by us authorities approving the space ship for manned missions. the 1st trip is scheduled for july 11th, and it will include mission specialist, richard branson. the british billionaire has been reading himself for a while. when they tell me that i can go to space, so i will, i will be ready to help you. i'll wait to wait until like well, he can go now pending weather and technical checks. virgin galactic is on track to
8:28 pm
be the 1st company to fly private man space travel, interest release, which puts the world's richest man in the back earth. amazon founder jeff base has been working on his blue origin series project for years. he will personally pilot the 1st flight and expecting also on board based on the brother martin and 82 year old wally funk. come back down. we led jelly on the desert surface. we open the hatch and you step outside. what's the 1st thing you say? i was saying, honey, that was the best thing that ever happened. i sunk, went through astronaut training in the 1960 s, but never made it to spaces as women were not yet approved for nasa mission. our 1st flight on new origin is scheduled for july 20th. i need no date has been set for the 3rd billionaire and the space race counselor. sandra musk has recently
8:29 pm
focused on launching satellites for online services for now using space to make money. not offended. and that's all for me that a w business team promot you had to our website dot com slash for the the fight against the corolla virus pandemic. how has the rate of infection been developing? what does the latest research say information and contact the corona virus? the 19th special next on d w. africa in more ways, water decades of inaction has bless you have the water infrastructure in your water
8:30 pm
. the goes underneath you to be direct to come out and it goes immediately to the democratic republic of congo tributaries be 60 minutes on d. w. o, who, who wants children? when the future is uncertain. the pandemic threatened everything. health jobs, lifestyle, bad times for offspring expert want us including on our show about a year ago. we will birth rates really full. i'm sure there will be some luck on babies born. that as a made a trend to effect future fertility rates, it's extremely unlikely. and i would say yes birthways.


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