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tv   Europe in Concert  Deutsche Welle  July 3, 2021 4:00am-4:46am CEST

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the love and respects ah, this is dw news and these are top stories. us defense officials said the last remaining american and need to troops have left a bag or military base. and i can stand and hand it over to afghan forces bag room with the center of the u. s. in nato's war against the taliban and al qaeda. the usa, they're on track to remove most us forces by september. the german chancellor, uncle, american, and british prime minister boys johnson say their countries will work together
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closely just by britons exit from the u. right after face to face talks in london. medical said she hopes persons who've been fully vaccinated against corona virus was going to be able to travel to germany without quarantine. was her last official visit to the u. k. before stepping down later this year also abuse. spain and italy fans are celebrating after their teens advanced to the european championship since finals spain beat. under dawn, switzerland in a dramatic penalty issued out in italy and belgium, packing after $21.00. when in regular time, heavy weights, italy in, spain will face off on tuesday in london. when will the stadium? this is d. w. news from berlin. there is much more on our website. that's d, w dot com. the whole the,
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the creasing from berlin and a warm welcome to our latest edition, and heading into the weekend some food for thought on how cities can evolve to deal with the challenges of the 21st century. we'll look at some ideas and also in the pipeline. a long postponed exhibition of worked by british ours is henry moore, takes a radical post covered approach inviting visitors to touch the sculptures on display . while some of the worlds billionaires are busy racing to get into space, the rest of us mortals have to make do with living on this planet and increasingly challenging prospect in light of climate change with parts of the world burning up and the global population still on the rise, which is why utopian visions of urban planning and sustainable cities are a hot topic everywhere. the dream was
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to create a place where people lived, work, and play real, were living novice. the car manufacturer, toyota, is building a tiny prototype city of the future by mount fuji. the project was developed by danish star architect beyond getting sufficient amount of every project. the prototype is called woven city as it seeks to weave a multi layer transportation system. construction follows the latest environmental standards using wood, sand, and concrete. the foundations don't was just recently late. but your professor tatyana schneider says these futuristic projects are based on old ideas to your time, what we're sitting with city and similar projects. a lag, or moving labord traces they. corey just mentioned eve, the people who live in the city with the workers and classes. and this is in and actually off. and i found this is reminiscent of the classic industrial revolution
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. second, get over in northern saudi arabia. there are plans for me on the line, 170 kilometer long, 0 carbon emissions city. further, smart cities have been designed for dubai and abu dhabi, many of which are green, or at least pretending to be the, the 1st was my dar carbon neutral city in abu dhabi, which was supposed to be completed by 2014 the then came the financial crisis and the completion date was shifted to 2030 but except for the buildings designed by architects or norman foster, they're still little to see. the problem is that these utopias tarnish quickly a spanish architect to be sent there. i was in my star and my studies over these
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was a good idea. i ended year 2008 and they have a plan to do a c, d, w. as in fact, very expensive because he was elevated on the podium in the same way that these, the lines how the avia it will not be done because it's impossible to do. city that has a huge underwriting for structure. quite yard is planning his version of smart cities in the hills near barcelona. rather than transfer a motor vehicles into tunnel. his plan is to avoid them in the architect has just want to pay for a job on a new self sufficient city near beijing. recycling energy production and food production will all be taken care of within the city limits. ah, our city should ab source, instead of a meteor door. and in order to do it,
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we need to transform our buildings by that, and they should generate energy like i did 3, they generate their own energy. so the new globalization should be based on producing things locally. while we are connected with digital networks. the other thing tanks are looking to accommodate the entire world's population in one small state, leaving space for nature to develop on the rest of the planet. utopia ideas are booming because there's a desperate need for more living space than except years. more than 1000000000 people need to be would have an ice. and that means that we need to build a key balance of 150 or 3000000 people every mouse in the next 10 years. so that means that we are in the middle of a huge process. so for one session i,
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we need to find solutions that need to be applied not only to retrofit our cities, but to grow new. she do some to create new cities and i'm not sure those ideas of hyper urban ization are going to sit well with everybody but onward. now to a look at some of the other culture headline, starting with the arrival on thursday in new york of scaled down version of the famous statue of liberty from france. well, the peace comes as a token of franco american friendship, 135 years after the nation gifted its big sister to the us in sculptured in bronze. the new lady, liberty stands nearly 3 meters tall, and she'll remain on display at ellis island throughout the july, 4th weekend and then travel to washington dc where she will grace the gardens on the french and bachelor's residence for the next 10 years. russia
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famous was showing ballet premier to modern adaptation of the classic check of play . the c go, the belly is the 3rd joint work for the company. by composer in the mood sky, choreographer you leave for so half and director unexplained or more largely cost. and it was the final premier of its 200 and 45th season, a special one from both artists and fans alike, cuz it marked the reopening after proven 1900 knocked down in russia. and some classical moves, ic for cowards in denmark. when he was unable to perform during the pandemic, british cellist jacob sha, convinced a music loving farmer instead about an hour south of copenhagen to expose his beef cattle to classical music to improve their welfare while they experienced with so enjoyable that he's continuing it even after the reopening of the theaters accounts and reported a quite happy repertoire and calmer and much more relax since the concert began
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last winter. ah, well, after over a year of refraining from tactile greetings like handshakes and hugs were all very much aware of how much we've been longing for touch to be normalized again for a sculptor. hands are not only the artists main tool, they're also key for our connection to the world. so rather radically, this living hand, an exhibition of work by the british artist henry moore, invites visitors to touch. some of the displayed works a treat a reconnection for its curator edmund, edmund deval has created a spot for visitors to wash their hands. not so much a hygiene precaution as a tactile ritual. it's part of his invitation into the world of henry moore, in perry green, where britain's most important sculptor lived and worked until his death in 1986. me. where to begin with henry moore. when you begin with this living,
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they can be clenched open. they can offer solace, but they can also refuse solace cancer of central importance to the phone. a master potter, his hands shape the most delicate porcelain sculptures. and now he's able to bring the works of his role model, henry more closer to the public. when we see the show, i very much wanted to do this dangerous phase of inviting people to touch with sculpture. he's chosen the bronze statue called king and queen because of the beauty in the way the hands of the 2 figures are poised. hans were recurring motif in henry moore's work. for him, the hands were not simply sculptors tools. there are also frequent motifs in his drawings of himself. this was how he wanted to be seen, and how himself, with his living hands that allowed him to realize his artistic vision for 88 years
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. sebastian oberon, i see from henry moore foundation, says the living hand exhibition is very much true to the artists intention. and he appreciates that the works can be explored where they were created any more was a strong believer in the important sold a more santorial experience of sculpture i need. he certainly believe that touching sculpture is nonsense. the experience of his works, like the sound of the for you just want me to call knife edge because this edge knife edge now stands in front of the houses of parliament. other works of his can be seen a un buildings for the former west german chancellor in bomb. they're all of an imposing scale, but they started out quite small. all again, for the small idea physically small so that i can choose from all wrong and judge
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it from underneath the whole if in my hand, hold it against the ball shape a distance that is get a complete control over it, 3 dimensional visitors to the exhibition are also invited to touch this later abstract work sculpted from a stalactite. it depicts the mother protectively holding her child, so she must eventually let go. as a 3rd sculpture, deval has chosen a large bronze work. this is a figure court. why did he call it hand? you only find that out by touching it. ah, the exhibitions planned opening in march 2020 was postponed due to the pandemic. much also limited our physical interaction with the world. so edmond dissolves concept of connect through tactile experience has taken on new meaning
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we all have the private facility to do that with people, but also with, with objects. a significant visitors approach the sculptures respectfully appreciating the unique opportunity to grasp the complexity of moore's work that offered by being allowed to touch them strangely with not about the surface. how beautiful and seductive abroad, and might be or piece of stone might be discovering the story of the deep within the past, within the sculpture, the show was an invitation to get closer to the person, henry more and finally, he may not be everyone's cup of tea but the deep, mournful croon of jim morrison, the late poets and lead singer of the doors, had
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a foundational influence on rock music history. saturday mark the 50th anniversary of his death that just 27 years of age in paris. and so will lighter figures have candle but some bars of their hit riders on the storm. all the best you and hope to see you next time just in in the day
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we got some hot tips for your bucket list. the magic corner hot spots and some great halter, the more to boot. the w travels off, we go. the bowling was right in front of it. then suddenly we agreed to postpone your game, said tokyo with 2020 for me. of course, during the qualifying ground for sports heroes, count down during lockdown starts july 19th on d, w. ah,
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in, in the heart of berlin there stands once again a palace. it is a reconstruction of the old prussian royal palace that was damaged in the 2nd world war and later demanded the today. it is home to the humbled forum, the most controversial, hotly debated, and with a price tag of 680000000 euros most expensive project in contemporary german culture. his mom was the star, one faction, one of the facts, while another one of the board for whom, for reconstruction, never innocent garcia, middle it is the center of the center of the center to dedicate the best spot, the most central not to itself, but the world is mind blowing the nuclear possibilities in the home, but for him are english. these all this talk of having
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a dialogue as all of our just maybe they were look down on it before. sometimes the past to hell is speech by good intentions. the collections from around the world are very difficult, but they're here. they exist and we now have to decide what to do with them. we spent years documenting the creation of the humbled forum, starting with the main, the foundation stone in 2013. and we were often full of conflicting emotions. the palace with 2 faces and 2 identities as quite an unusual story. the news i who this story begins with a far fetched idea, languishing,
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and she's my was a merchant for agricultural equipment in sheila's big holstein. i sold tractors to pharmacy and then this palace became my hobby for the next 28 years. i couldn't say why, but my enthusiasm never waned, and i became an expert on the place. 6. if not 4 vill home from bo dean, there probably wouldn't be a new old palace in berlin. he spent decades researching the history of the architecture of the rock original. this winged victory throwing the rece once graced one of its holes. dean drummed up more than 100000000 euros and donations for his project. but why? 9. so. i know they say 1961. i was 19 years old about to finish high school and i was the politics editor of the student newspaper school commissioned me to do what was later called a wall newspaper about the construction of the berlin wall. i spent 2 weeks in
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berlin watching as the wool was built in it as one chief shut and it was a deeply disturbing experience. i was there when an old woman jumped out of a window and ban. ella strauser from thank god she landed on a sheet. people were holding out for her, and then i went to east berlin and the further east i traveled the more desolate and decayed to city looks off. eventually i reached a parade grounds with a tribune that was before the palace of the republic had been built. and it's sabrina. they told me this was where the old royal palace had stood until 950 before it was blown up to make way for the parade ground. oh me, me and my paper had 20 pages on the wall going up and 4 on the palace coming down
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in its place. east germany, the g d r. eventually built its own palace of the republic. it was a multi purpose building and house to parliament or folks calmer and doubled as a leisure center with a restaurant, disco, tech, and bowling alley. it came to be known as eric's lamp shop, honoring the many lamps and the then leader of east germany, arizona. car after the iron curtain fell, the people's palace faced unrelenting criticism as a symbol of the division of germany. once more, it was contaminated with as best as berlin was reinventing itself as a single unified city. many projects were proposed across between the g d r's, palace and a reconstruction of the old prussian palace. something entirely new and radical. a large public space with a beach volleyball pitch around the time of german reunification. the mood was to
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move beyond the painful legacies of world war 2 toward a bright new future. meanwhile, the home phone bo dean was busy assembling the parts needed to make his dream come true. sometimes quite literally a number of ornaments of dawning allotment gardens turned out to be fragments of the old borough palace, parts of its original facade. the grandest find was this prussian crown the fill him from bodine, the champion of reconstruction, also proved to be quite a treasure hunter. guy guy, it's a secret, but it's insatiable. that's a lot of thing sensational.
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reconstructing the baroque palace was envisioned as the ideal complement to the complex of museums directly to the north, collectively known as the museum island. dom home from bo dean went to great lengths to win over public opinion. in 1993, he has scaffolding built that supported a full scale mockup of the 2 facades. as remained in place for a year and a half. andrea shooters, baroque masterpiece, proved appealing, and the 1970 s, palace of the republic came to look stale. berliners got used to the new scenery and started developing a certain eagerness for this retrospective future. the decisive vote in parliament took place on the 4th of july, 2000 to the tower. there were more than a 1000 to plans to redefine this space over the course of 12 years. and nothing better emerged than this rehashing of the old broke berlin. and that's at least the
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facade facing last. they still use, i still plan a $384.00 that vote sealed the deal to create a new royal palace and to demolish the palace of the republic. the east german remnant may have been symbolic for a checkered past, but many in berlin still felt more connected to it than to some bygone prussian edifice. to rebuild iraq palace would not, however, be a replica. the eastern facade and the interiors were to be modernized. rebuilding the palace was never popular with the wider public and the 5 percent were in favor. 5 percent were against it. 90 percent didn't care one way or the other 90 percent of on tele into land or death interest. if the mockup hadn't gone up, we wouldn't be talking about it today. that was the turning point. if you tried the
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vacuum stuff, one bardeen was among those who press the start button. when construction began, the site was challenging for the engineers. the soil was boggy and unstable. the old palace had been built on 5000 oak trunks, rammed vertically into the mud. the foundations of the new old palace were to be of a more modern kite. before they were built, archeologist studied the original foundations. parts were saved to be put on display in the humbled forum. in 2013, the cornerstone was laid foam in the home by forum in the reconstructed royal palace, experienced lively encounters with the cultures of the world in
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a place to explore cultures from around the world. that vision was 1st articulated by close to the layman at the time president of the prussian cultural heritage foundation. several years later, we talked to him i am really, i have to get your concern. there are, there was a heated debate in berlin about rebuilding the palace was like nobody thought about what should be inside at all. it's $4000.00 and he's in the year 2000. i got the idea to move the museums for non european cultures at the edge of the city from dial them into the heart of berlin as a continuation of the museum island. give a quick to and in that way, some world cultures could be seen as part of a larger context, a new region because the idea was met with great enthusiasm. and the goal is to show everybody saw it as an opportunity to create a dialogue among cultures is equal to and all her while germany was still divided, the museums and don them were in what was in west berlin. whereas the museums on
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museum island were in east berlin. the idea of bringing the collette of the museum of asian art and the ethnic logical museum into the city center was appealing. but housing stolen objects acquired in germany's colonial misadventures in a palace where imperial rulers, once resided, caused critics to shudder to them. this was the central and in the luck to both law of the entire project. ah, mom, i'm sorry, it was all just on the start high one faction, one at the royal palace back. and i got another one at the home board forum instead, when you're talking about this, was that and it took it. it was the spirit of pragmatism that parliament, the 2 together in the him, with the home board for him, in the museum shrinking behind the facade. and that's how they gathered a majority in favor. high humbled forum comprises the ethnic logical museum and the museum of asian art,
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which are both part of the prussian cultural heritage foundation. and a lot more of berlin exhibition. the humble lab of the humble university spaces for events and special exhibitions, as well as areas devoted to the history of the place. the total source base amounts to 44000 square meters about the same as all the museums of museum island put together. the roof of the foil is made of steel and glass. geothermal energy is used for heating and cooling and construction terms. the building is very modern, but traditional craftsmanship has also had an important role to play. for a long time, it was hard to imagine what the interior might one day look like. to
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collections of the 2 museums exhibition about the history of the site all have to be presented to the public in an appealing and engaging manner. that's the task of the see no golfer, tim than to media and st. just any of those he meant to see no growth is someone who designs and give form to an exhibition to clean it involves many disciplines. interior design, communication design, graphic design, media interaction design. for me, it's about telling stories, bringing them to life, story and seeing. it's a complex project to try to bring together so many different and overlapping stories and histories. the palace does not merely house exhibits. it is an exhibit in its own right part of the original foundations feature. in the exhibition elaborating the sites long history. the whole here was formed when the palace was
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blown up. dynamite was placed, he has to bring it down. how do we share this with our business if you come and see us in brazil house it was a real explosion. i think the way to presented it through film to miss josh didn't get planned that we were planning to put a walkway over the old floor floating a little bit above it. so visitors have a pop to follow through the sellers because we joined tim than to amelia, to visit the 2 museums in the dallas district. moving the displays to the humbled forum was also meant to actively address the often problematic history of the collections and phishing. this on responders standing and respecting other cultures is important for all of us on what role de museums play in that understanding. and that's what interests me into as yet, the only koenig specializes in these crucial questions. she was appointed director of the ethan logical museum in 2001 and asked to develop
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a more sensitive and open approach to dealing with the colonial history of the collections. she is not happy about how it turned out via for a long time, we kept hoping that we will be given an empty wide space. outside was the palace facade, and inside we just wanted a white cube. but as planning progressed, the palace took up more and more space. we often saw how the people developing content for the humbled forum struggled with the projects internal contradictions. tensions and complex structures. month is august, us humbled for under sign of some say the humbled for him is such a challenging project because of its size. for me, it was more because of the structural management, the bosses who kept changing as the institution develop, eons these institutes young emma, under the foreign in hardly. sometimes there was
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a lack of direction of photography, an absence of clear goals as a failure of communication with various communities as to what the project was really about. the process does act. that was all supposed to change in 2015, surrounded by bare walls and scaffolding. federal commissioner for culture, monica waters presented niel mcgregor. the popular former director of the british museum in london was meant to win over public favour. as head of the humboldt forums founding director it, but in the end, even he could not provide what the forum needed a new way of doing museums. also that of all people, the former director of the world's biggest imperialist colonial museum, the british museum, was appointed head of the humbled forum. i don't know what he had in mind or if he had anything particular in mind. but the one thing that was central to our agenda
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was what he couldn't provide. and that was a change of narrative, a presentation of multiple perspectives. what you perspective, i don't know how many times i explained this to neil mcgregor and words and images . i always had the impression he didn't care by then any major changes to the humbled forum. we're pretty much out of the question. as plans for the interior had been almost finalized. mcgregor stayed on the job for 3 years . he did not fulfill the high expectations. the history of berlin is also featured at the humbled forum a species curator of the berlin exhibitions. he's from the netherlands and used to be director of the amsterdam city museum. so he contributes an outsider's perspective. he has followed the critical discussion in germany about the humbled forum already could become somewhat for college. i can appreciate all
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the criticism of the humble forum carrying down the palace of the republic with no efforts to restore any of it. and i understand that his maintenance and then deciding to reconstruct the old palace how annoying, why not build something new and modern. why build a face? on the other hand, how amazing is this unusual grand gesture on the part of germany to devote its best site at the center of the center of the center not to itself, but to the world. that's just, that's mind blowing. it's easy for me to defend that decision because i'm not german. as an outsider, i can say, well done my compliment. as to content, i am responsible for 4 and a half 1000 square meters. of the idea is that me outside is berlin. upstairs the world, we are the bridge between berlin and the world. lean on the weights as we track the development of the project, we couldn't help thinking that there wasn't really one single humbled forum, but many different humbled forms with different protagonists pursuing different
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visions. that's just given this is what all the buzz is about. this is the space for the berlin exhibit for it has 3 side with big, beautiful, high ceiling rooms must be up. i could the my best. we can think of this area as a unit. the exhibition starts here. here is the university, then comes the berlin exhibition, then upstairs the logical museum asian art and the roof terrace. this creature has come to explore its new home. after completion, it took up residence in the humboldt lab. voice when the teeth via the roots of what university can be found in the early modern cabinets of art and curiosities in the old royal palace that stood on this very
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site in. we're not interested in visual appeal or how attractive an object may be. but in knowledge almost have any in austin, on many visitors will be coming from the berlin exhibitions. exiting it. they are involved. and here is the entrance to our exhibition of any official. many people will come and see fish. the deeper meaning of this swarm of fish is that in a playful manner, it shows how we are part of the world around us. and what we do is human has an impact on the world. and the interactive swarm represents current research into swarm intelligence. the concept has found application in areas such as researching social networks, intelligent traffic control, and even the behavior of museum visitors the humble lab of humble university hopes its movable displays and complex video projections
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will get the public interested in the science behind it. since finite, providence possesses table with a great fan of the palace of the republic, and i think it's really regretable that not even part of it was preserved. but i consider that a great crime company moves, but i'm also excited about the opportunities of the home board falling onto to dream up and create new kinds of exhibition noise in the high tech inside fake the rock on the outside from kirsten was commissioned to recreate the ordinate decorative rock crests above 2 portals. it took him a year and a half. his enthusiasm for the beauty and craftsmanship that goes into every element of the facade is contagious, was the top priority is vitality bringing the baroque era to life for the visitors
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. he had no original plans to work from. none had survived as a bench for those to me for him. i have photos that show what i have to do with it and they are my reference point. as i think about volumes and their impact. photos are 2 dimensional, not 3. so i have to work out the depths and volumes myself because he started by creating a model with clay. this was coded in silicon to create a mold which was then cast in plaster, to serve as a model for the stone sculptures. the reconstruction project gave a boost to various artistical trades. 3000 blocks of sandstone had to be sculpted for the new old facade all financed by donations. she has a difficult task. we don't only have newly sculpted pieces for the reconstruction. we also have original fragment of the problem is will they fit together given all the fine differences that the edges were talking about?
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10 or 12 tons and it all has to come together as one piece in the architect of this hybrid building. be italian, frank costello, he says people need to see the royal palace in order to fully experience berlin's historical cityscape that was centered around it. in a hot mark adorned a middle courtyard of 3 prong costello designed them so that 2 of them were accessible at all times, making them part of public urban space. oh, the courtyard. the roof for the entrance hall for visitors. oh, i. eastern facade is modern design. and made of pre cast concrete components. postwar prefabs, are common site in berlin. but the juxtaposition of prefab and brock is new
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in ah, husband directed both of the modern architecture of the building and that the detailed reconstruction of iraq elements, the reconstructed dome, is not made of bricks. its frame is composed of 242 tons steel girders. at the technical level, old and new function together. well, but the modern parts of the building simply co exist with the rock looking parts, letting them basking glory without any commentary or even tension. we consider that a major failing of the humbled forum the who's the architecture should have taken up a question of what it means to display artifacts from other cultures here. if it had somehow subverted the imperial pomp, perhaps with powerful modern elements,
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the forum might have acquired a different, more open symbolic significance. and perhaps us wage those critical of the idea of reconstructing the old palace in the 1st place. directly beneath the dome are some of the most spectacular spaces and exhibits buddhist wall paintings from caves in what is now china? yeah, yeah. yeah. even here to see are these are equal, you are the reconstructing but incomplete. have you heard of the visitors will have the feeling they are actually inside a cave in either really busy. that's right. that's the challenge we face on. how do you exhibit a case? a cave is a negative space, and that's why we came up with the idea of recreating the landscape and displayed in what looks like their original setting. the beautiful paintings inspire a sense of all one rarely feels in an exhibition buddhist monks meditated among
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these images. one and a half 1000 years ago. even in a museum, the cave of the ring bearing doves feels deeply spiritual. the 2 museums started migrating from dallas to the humbled forum in 2016. what was left behind was re fashioned into the dollar research campus. more than $20000.00 artifacts were moved, including anything from southern pacific boats to tea cups. when this bode was moved to the humbled forum, it was not yet commonly known that its acquisition involved, colonial era crimes. slowly the interior has been taking shape. street artists created graffiti at the entrance to the berlin exhibition. their work covers all the major seams of the forum from
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alexander fun, humbled travels to bismarck campaigns to seize colonies. i fit, wow, this room is the starting point for expeditions through the history and stories of berlin. enhanced with digital and interactive technology. this is the late 19th century kaiser panorama looking through the i pieces, visitors, enjoy vivid 3 dimensional color images of the world. or at least of what they were meant to see if the world dates to the period when the german empire sought to expand its territory. capturing colonies by force along the way. artifacts from around the world were pillaged to be put on display back home. that too often involved force. it's a difficult legacy to humbled forum has yet to address the ethnic logical museum
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was founded in 1873 my ad off boston. as a ship's doctor, he witnessed the brutal eradication of indigenous peoples. through the course of colonialism. he considered the museum as a way to secure the material legacy of endangered cultures. hard because they are their spirit. this in, from today's perspective, it's very, very hard to appreciate the mindset of the key players back then. they were no doubt motivated by scientific curiosity about people and cultures around the world . but those who financed it all were motivated by the colonial is to drive to appropriate the world for raw materials. and they set the terms of reference even for those whose aims were noble and color lease leisure. taylor half town cut off bossy, and wanted to create a museum where human kinds common heritage could be researched. sadly, he failed,
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but what he sought to achieve resembles the basic idea behind the humboldt for him . can that vision still be fulfilled today? and if so, how? in 2017. we met jonathan fine. who would later had the eschatological museum when he was curating an exhibition entitled beyond compare. it posed the uncomfortable question, whether it was a colonialist mindset that led us to characterize african art as cult objects, and christian cult objects as art. these collections are things that when we look at them today are very difficult. i want to say to colleague who said, if we looked at these museums today, we would probably never billed them. and if we looked at these collections today, we would probably never assemble them,
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but they're here. they exist and we now have to decide what to do with them for the interview. so what will the humbled forum do with the problematic collections? it has been built to display to find out, we toured the exhibition space in the humbled forum in 2021 with jonathan, fine and tim than to media. so this is the pedestal where we're going to be putting the throne from the bottom kingdom. remarkable object is, brings to a point, a lot of this sort of questions that people have about the colonial era cation point. a throne is degrade the new old palace. but it did not come from the whole southern dynasty, rather it belonged to king, enjoy of bar mom of western cameroon. i always thought it was a gift to the kaiser is that not the story? well.


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