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tv   In Good Shape  Deutsche Welle  July 12, 2021 3:30pm-4:00pm CEST

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america is not afraid to make a decision was not afraid to lead the kind person with a lovely song. and that's a person i got to know needs clues of interview with george w bush. july 14th at 1530 you tc on the w. w. news a show coming up today, 5 years of illegal chinese actions in the south trying to see despite the court ruling, china is still preventing filipino fishermen from accessing full time fishing grounds. why can the philippines do anything about it? plus, protecting the pollinators, be rescuers and militia, doing all they can to ensure the creators of foods don't die off. the news.
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i'm british energy, welcome to dw news, a show. glad you could join us some 20 to 33 percent of global trade by sea bosses through the south china sea. it is also home to rich fishing grounds. what if china controlled all of that? it's the core of international concern over china's actions in this body of water located in se asia, the south china sea is claimed almost in its entirety by china, through what is called the 9 dash line. this includes steady auto claims by other countries in the region. china has overtime militarized many low lying islands and coral reefs here. but 5 years ago today, an international court effectively ruled chinese claims were illegal. particularly over this part, scarborough show. a low lying rocky outcrop that falls within the philippine this
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territory. according to the court. the binding ruling by the hague, based feminine court of arbitration, wasn't responds to the philippines taking china to court. but china refused to acknowledge the verdict. as a result, to this day, filipino fishermen are prevented from accessing the coveted fishing areas. there were no let and i'm catching fishes like this and discover a show has become increasingly difficult. internationally, these filipinos writes to fish here are recognized that the fishermen, se, chinese coast guard have been chasing, and harassing them in the past years, threatening their lively hoot. but it was, i mean, they certainly not. the problem here is that, you know, fishing territory. we are the ones who are pushed away by the feel that as if we have a thief, every because the chinese coast guard doesn't allow us here in the non coming up
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with the commission, the monetary this was the guy. that's because paging never recognized a 2016 ruling by the hakes permanent code of arbitration. the route that china had violated the philippines to retire real integrity. in parts of the south china sea . a significant ruling given the china claims, almost all the waters in the region largely islands in the south china. we have long been china's territory. they are the legacy of all emphasis and we can't afford to lose a single inch of them. but the philippines also cleans part of the resource reach area. soon as taiwan gunite militia, indonesia, in vietnam, this decades long conflict has always been a flash point in the region. tension has increased at times since 2013. that's china started building a militarized artificial islands in the south china sea fronting protests like this
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one in manila. but the government's position has been less clear, alternating between rhetoric and restrained them all. so let us be friends, but do not touch a learn under other lights or their life things would be different. but the fishermen aren't convinced they say the country may truly to push back against paging while seeking investment opportunities there, which is very simple. take action. so they can fish freely in the show. again. let's get more on this. i'm joined now from manila by richard hid daddy, and he's an analyst, an author of numerous books. i'm, i say, including a shares new battlefield, us china, and the struggle for western pacific. richard,
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welcome. the 2016 ruling went in the philippines this favour. why has it not been able to exercise its sovereignty? was scarborough shoals well as far as international law is concerning, the problem always was enforcement. it's also question of diplomacy. how do countries that when international arbitration against super powers, like china, how the, how did they leverage that legal victory or legal warfare to gain actually concessions underground? so i think the probably in the case of the philippines was that it legally was able to invalidate the bulk of trying its claims across up to 85 percent of the south china sea and international water. we're talking about trying to 9 the line and historic rights claims. but the problem was that, you know, the arbitration case was initiated by the former been ignored administration, which are the liberal american friend the reform he said ministration. but when the result came out, we had a completely different person in charge in the philippines,
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which is present, or the good is there who by the way, try to p what the china so cautious the over the past 5 years, the president has downplaying and sometimes even denigrated, the philippines own legal victory in order to keep it chummy and close and intimate with his chinese friends. and how is that gone down in the philippines? filipinos buying that? well 1st of all, it hasn't gone down well with the terri. this own deputies on multiple occasions. we have been at the department of foreign affairs, the defense senior serve, the country, the foreign minister of the country. re treating that arbitration award. what final and binding by intern per international law, and no matter what anyone says including china. the fact is that this is already a part of the fabric of international law and in furnace to deter it this deputies all the time. and again, they try to actually solidify the philippines position on the ground, not much gains on the scar bar. so because of president a 3rd,
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this downplaying of the, for the legal victory, including over who should have access to precious resources in the scar marshall. but the philippines, in fairness, over the past few years, thanks to the efforts of defense minister started in zinah. in the philippine minutes, i was able to fortify its position on the ground in other dispute the areas including the island and destroy bradley. so the picture is quite mix, it's not an unmitigated disaster. but of course, the big question was, how could the philippines have done better in leveraging this legal victory to get more concessions on the ground including getting access for the fisherman there in the scar or so which is just over. busy 100 not to go most away from the philippine coastline. correct. what could the philippines have done better? well, many things. right. i mean, the expectation was if we had a different president or so on, closer in terms of india, logical outlook and strategic out look to the previous president or the late president bidding god quino. the philippines had many options. one option was to
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take this issue, this legal victory. also the unit you in general assembly take it to the parliament to get to all the different for, to put pressure on trying to comply. we did, of course, china will always say we don't recognize the jurisdiction of this body, but china also wants to be a respected leader. doesn't want to be seen as an outlaw or bully. so a true multilateral pressure, the philippines could have got some concessions from the philippines, not to mention bilaterally. the philippines could have said, ok, maybe we'll not put that much pressure on you. multilaterally will not try to embark you by the, an exchange. maybe you can give our fisherman more access to resources in the scar bar, so maybe you can stop harassing them. so there were many scenarios that we could think about how to leverage these awards. but none of that happen because you have a president like that there is a who priority is i prioritize is good relations. we china per up above, you know, the interest of the philippines, the times of the us position of the south trying to see, has also been seen as crucial to this ongoing dispute. and just over the weekend,
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your secretary state anthony blink and re today us support for the philippines. if it comes on the attack in the south, china say, i'm wondering, based on what everything that you've said. if that is a boost that the philippines needed to press home its legal advantage. right, i mean this is the synchronicity problem, right? when president keno was pushing ahead with this arbitration where the philippines was not getting as much support from then president bark obama was very cautious, was very reticent to take due to, to the chinese. right. and if i went arbitration to work out in 2016 to 5 years ago, president obama immediately sent these top national security advisors and right to china in order to bring down tensions that have been the position of his successors . donald trump and biden are taking very tough stands and standing by the philippines. the problem is that they cannot be holier than the pope. the film itself has to stand for it. so before alice can stand for it,
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and this is the problem we're facing today, which i had that in thank you so much for joining us today. ah. from geo political issues to issues of our food supply. imagine a world without coffee. apples automate toes. according to the un, this isn't entirely unthinkable, given the steady decline in b populations the wild over. what's the connection? well, bees actors, pollinators, for many of our favorite troops less it means means less of foods. it's what prompted a new breed of b. rescuers and militia, whose main job is to save rather than destroy bees. it's not a job for the faint of heart when he's not working his day job as a software developer. oil and shares often hands deep in a swarm of bees. or without a protective suit. he's just one of the volunteers that might be savior. a group of
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environmental activists rescuing hides from destruction. the volunteers handle up to 10 relocations a day, acting on people from the public, local officials. in malaysia, those calls usually go to the fire brigade, who often towards the entire nist might be savior provides no tentative to killing the insects, but changing attitudes remains a major challenge. so yeah, for me reading, just so the moment is they see me immediately try to find some way to to remove the bees bees of vital to our food systems as pollinators of major crops. but the un is warning of rapidly declining numbers due to habitat loss. pollution and pesticides. there's a huge crisis in us and europe where they are having a problem. we'll be going almost i think. so before that happened
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here, i think it's important that we continue to go piece of the b and make sure that doesn't happen here. and yes, these volunteers do get stung, but it's a price they're willing to pay to save the small, but vital creatures. one swarm at a time. you buy and that's in for today. of course me on our website at the w dot com forward slash asia. i will leave you today with these pictures of one families eat preparations in pockets on the wrist capital on the rooftop of their cut out your home to be slaughtered on either of which is in a week's time. but what goes up must also come down, and it's quite an operation will leave you with those images and through tomorrow. the
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news, the news the fight against the corona virus pandemic. how has the rate of infection in developing? what are the latest research information and context corona virus, not because it's 19. next on d w. can you hear me now? yes. yes, we got you and germans counselor, we bring you back or you've never had the right just so what is
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who is the medical really want me and want and also talk to people who follow along the way. admirers and critics aligned, and how is the world's most powerful woman shaking her legacy? join us the macros blocked me. the covered 19 it's complex, can affect the nervous system leading to language disorders, strokes and seizures. scientists are still trying to understand why 75 percent of people hospitalized with a virus continue to suffer from secondary symptoms at least 6 months after they recover. many find it hard to function in their daily lives are such as hope understanding of its impact on the brain. could people wait for treatment?
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india is breathing a sigh of relief with the infections falling. but the havoc from the 2nd wave is fresh in people's minds, and many patients are still struggling with the knock on effects of covered the double use, many or a calorie met. the puck guy was from daily after losing 25 killers and still very weak. b plus is now slowly trying to get back to a state of normal seat and the life he had before it was disrupted by a c vehicle with 19 infection. the only issue was came to mind, the 16th that i will be able to win up on this battle or not. after struggling, initially, the book managed to get admitted to a hospital when his workplace intervened. off the 50 days he spent that 40 was spent in the intensive care unit. the worst thing was happening at the end of $10.00 to $12.00 day. my legs i, i found that my legs are not working. they are,
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they are not part of my body. i was not able to cope of the oxygen mask while they have put and i was really feeling helpless. i said, there is no point in living though, because i can't cope of a discretion. i left a message to my cousin brother that i'm not going to stay away. i think the lot is going to be my last day. each day he could hear people screaming with pain and discomfort. and each the he saw some one dying. the book knew he was fighting this infection at the time when the entire city was struggling hard to cope with it. it was his 2 children he says, who gave him the card. she needed the 1st feeling that was bare with me. 247 was the feel fuel of moving him. you want to return back to normal. you just want to see with 4 members of your family together on the dining table. konica says the experience with their father and the site they saw at the hospital have made all of
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them stronger as a family was covered by him is more tougher than the covert thing. i really finding it very difficult to cope with me the recovery time because there's already one month, there's already one month. i'm not able to walk even the dentist capital 30 p. what doctors are telling it will take 6 month. one small slow step at a time. he's trying to move towards full recovery. but with every task still a challenge, he knows it will take a long time. can we limits? kodiak is a professor of cognitive, new psychiatry and joint from copenhagen university hospital. patients like the one in our report and suffer from cognitive impairment half a year after recovering from cove. it. how often does that actually occur though? because the general lumber we found was 75 percent, which sounds extremely high. this is a very good question. so studies so far show quite varying results. we've conducted
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a study university hospital in copenhagen, where we found that 65 percent of people who've been hospitalized with cobit continue to show cognitive difficulties for month after that hospital discharge. this was quite a small study, but still it is consistent with other studies in the field. so generally studies show that over half of patients who've been hospitalized continued to show cognitive impairments after them recovery. and i guess you won't have that much daughter on this, but it's worth asking how much longer could that sort of thing go on for, for these patients. so we don't know yet because it's a very new illness and we've only started recently to study the long term effects of co beat on cognition. so that based on our study and also other studies in the field that show quite consistent findings, we think that at least up to 6 months,
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that that, that these cognitive impairment last up to 6 months. but we can be conducted follow up studies of the same patients for one year after they got discharged. and i know that other research groups are doing the same, so hopefully we can give a better answer to that very soon. what sort of other patterns are evident? in patients in your studies so regarding the patterns of for cognitive impairments we have found and this is also quite consistent with other studies in the field. we found that it's mainly verbal memory. so the ability to remember words as well. 2 as concentration and planning abilities that seem to be affected. now it's was noting that the cognitive functions after cobit a highly variable, and actually there is a large proportion of people who don't have any cognitive impairments after they've recovered from cobit so our findings only, you know, they only representative of people been hospitalized. and even in these people,
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one 3rd or up to one half or at least one 3rd, i have no comments if difficulties but, but those who have cognitive difficulties, they do have memory problems, concentration difficulties planning difficulties. and this is if we look at the brain, this is mainly related to the frontal dope and campus where the hebrew campuses structure and the brain that is really, really important for memory formation and is also very sensitive to oxygen. starvation could be a logical reason why we, for, for these difficult that we see in these aspect of, of cognition and what are the problems associated with, with these impairments. so again, this is something that we only just beginning to study. and in our study, we found that that the cognitive impairments were related to greater degree of
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anxiety and depression, and also to problems with functioning at work and also poor quality of life. but we don't really know what the direction of these relations, what the direction is. so we could be on one hand that depression is causing the cognitive problems. we know that from, from, for example, patients who have depression, that they also have cognitive problems. so those symptoms can cause cognitive problems. on the other hand, we also know that if you have cognitive difficulties and difficulties with functioning in your daily life, then this can also cause stress and depression and anxiety. so we don't really know what the direction of this, of this relation is of this association, just that they seem to co exist and also influence each other. and what we know about the prevalence of these types of complications of acute illness from cobit. so the prevalence of, of cognitive impairments,
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this is the cross studies. so we've conducted studies in the study in hospitalized people. so the more severe cases and these findings, not really a political to a broader category of people who've had cobit, we know from several studies that the severity of illness seems to be related to a greater risk of long term cognitive impairments. so that people with mild illnesses seem to not be at risk so much for, for these kinds of complications. lastly, but definitely not least what, what sort of therapies or counter measures can be taken? this is the $1000000.00 question and we are all wanting to study this. so i'm not aware of any treatment that has been shown to be effective yet based on research. but we are currently looking into this several research groups that are investigating this and also until then until we have an evidence based treatment
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for cognitive impairments in these patients. clinical psychologist applying techniques from other diseases. so for example, traumatic brain injury where people also have cognitive problems. so they use, for example, cognitive rehabilitation techniques and so on. so we will just have to wait and see whether these methods also effective for cognitive impairments, after coo, it can go back copenhagen university hospital. thank you very much. thank you. and here's a question. i've been asking myself about immunizing as i had no reaction from either of my shots. over to derek williams. oh, not having any side effects after vaccination. mean you have a weak immune system. oh, this is a great question because it's about much more than the immune system. it's also about the psychology of immunization,
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which i've experienced in an up close and personal way. i had 0 side effects after either dose of my messenger r n a vaccine. my are didn't even really hurt close family members, on the other hand, were, were pretty uncomfortable afterwards with chills and fever, and headaches and fatigue. really, the whole 9 yards they moaned about the side effects of course, but they were actually almost happy to feel as lousy as they did. because for them, it meant the vaccine was working and they were kind of concerned for me and maybe even felt slightly superior because i didn't have at it. after bracing myself for the worst, i admit that i felt a little let down and maybe maybe even a little bit worried that somehow my immune system was getting something wrong. but
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all the experts say, i shouldn't worry. the truth is, we don't really know why some immune systems go into overdrive briefly after vaccination. and others just seem to kind of coast through it. the interactions between all of the different elements of the immune system are so convoluted that knowledge is compare it vividly to, to all of spaghetti, but as far as we can tell, experiencing powerful side effects after vaccination is mostly about how your own personal immune system works rather than about how effective the vaccine as, as a broad rule of thumb, women and younger people experience side effects more often than, than men and elderly people do. and, and more people have them after the 2nd shot than after the 1st. but if like me,
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you didn't feel a thing afterwards. don't sweat at all the evidence we have indicated strongly that you're just as well protected as someone who had a miserable couple of days. mm. thank you, derek. now i'm feeling better. thanks for watching. stay safe. as you again, the news, the me
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the the, the the ah, the out like you can have german robotics researchers are developing to release green on the body. neck and shoulders back. how does the skeleton fair when tested the tomorrow to minutes on w. ah
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me oh oh, i can because you isn't oh no, no. in
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december 2019 the european councils new president show me shows embarked on a ground breaking mission. i job to make sure the 1st time it's it's i don't see the planets value 2050 but not all member states supported and some persuasion is requiring a surprising glimpse into the very heart of power negotiations, appliances, lettering and incentives. but best laid plans often go astray who will win the game of diplomatic poker. entry power plays and the lines behind the scenes of the climate summit starts august 5th on dw
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me the news . this is the news life from berlin, south africa, the rubs in anger. and unrest, the nation sees deadly violence and widespread looting after authorities jail former president, jacob's whom, the army says, is this the point troops to quell de violence? also coming up crisis in cuba as thousands take to the streets to protest food shortages and rising price.


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